Health 101 — Male Oral Ch. 02

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Health 101 — Male Oral, Part II

The next class period came around and attendance was 100%, as expected. Students do NOT cut my class.

“Good morning, Class,” I began.

“Good Morning, Professor Crumpet,” they dutifully replied.

“Does everyone have a review of the last homework assignment?” I asked.

Murmured assent and the rustling of papers. “You may pass them forward,” I instructed. I quickly matched names with the attendance list. Quite good. Everyone had submitted the required report, signed by their homework partners, except Andy, who glared at me sullenly from the back row.

“Where’s your report, Andy?” I demanded.

“Didn’t do it,” he mumbled.

“Perhaps you could explain to the class why you could not complete the assignment?”

“Because I’m not a damn queer!” Andy blurted.

“The assignment did not require a change in your sexual preference,” I snapped. “It merely required participation in an exercise designed to help you understand oral sex techniques.”

Andy shook his head stubbornly.

I sighed. I probably should not have admitted Andy to my very select class list in the first place. I thought that I had detected some potential in this sullen man-child, but I may have been wrong. Just because all my students were over 18 chronologically did not mean that their maturity had kept pace with the calendar.

“I see that you did not have a problem with assisting Amber with her assignment,” I noted. “Because here is your review of her performance.”

I held up the paper, signed by Andy. “Let’s see…it says here that Amber gave you a blowjob last night…that it made you come…and that you rated her performance as “sub-standard.” No further explanation. This is unsatisfactory.”

I turned to Amber, who appeared to be on the verge of tears. Amber is the quintessential cheer-leader prototype — long russet hair, well-developed body, and dressed to display it.

“Completion of this assignment earns you an “A,” Amber, regardless of Andy’s comments,” I said gently. “I know you tried, and perhaps you would like to tell your side of the story?”

Her lower lip trembling, Amber began. “I wouldn’t have asked Andy to be my partner but I waited too long and everyone was already committed and so I had to….” She sniffled. “And he was really mean about it. I tried to make it nice for him but he, he, he wouldn’t….” Amber broke down and sobbed.

“I’m so sorry, Dear,” I crooned, touching her shaking shoulder gently. “We’ll arrange a session with someone more appreciative so you can rebuild your confidence.”

I glared daggers at Andy. “You are about a hair away from being expelled from this class, Mister,” I began. “You have obviously abused Amber and I doubt that she will ever forgive you. Nor do I blame her. As I have stressed from the beginning, if you cannot or will not complete every exercise in this course you will be reassigned to Professor Dullard’s class for the remainder of the semester. Is that what you want?”

“Bitch wanted me to kiss her and she had come all over her face,” Andy retorted. “And I ain’t –“

“He came so fast I didn’t have time,” Amber blurted. “And my pussy was hot and I just wanted him to hold me for a minute so I could get off too, but he wouldn’t even look at me…”

“I believe that was your come on her face, Andy,” I broke in. “If you think that’s so disgusting, why do you expect casino siteleri the girls to want to do it with you? Or maybe you think all girls are disgusting too?” I slapped my lectern resoundingly. “Decision time, Andy. Do you want to stay in this class or not?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll stay,” Andy mumbled. “Whatever. But I don’t see why I should have to –“

“You may step out into the hall to consider this for exactly five minutes,” I announced sternly. “If you choose to stay, you will then come back into this room and you will attempt to complete the assignment in front of the class. Is this clear?”

Andy stomped out of the room, but I sensed that he intended to do whatever he had to do to stay in the class. If it made him feel better to be coerced into it, well, that’s just part of my job.

“Now, Class. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Is that perfectly clear?”

Mumbled responses. Good enough. “OK, so let’s talk to the boys for a minute while Andy thinks about his future. Did everyone enjoy this assignment?”

Boys looked at each other slyly. “Anyone? Anyone willing to explain what they liked or did not like?”

No volunteers. What a surprise.

I picked the least embarrassed-looking boy I could see. “Justin. Michael’s report on your performance was quite good. Let’s see…” I scanned the report. “It says here that he had some trouble getting it up. Not unusual. But when he started remembering Jennifer’s class performance yesterday….VERY good, Michael. You are not required to develop a preference for homosexual activity. You are only required to experience it. And finally…yes, yes, Justin was careful with his teeth, good tongue action, and when Michael jetted his load Justin swallowed it all without complaining. Excellent. So, Justin, how did you feel about it?”

“It was OK,” Justin mumbled. “I don’t guess I want to do it again. But I might,” He added quickly. “I liked it more than I thought I would. At first I thought I didn’t want to let him come in my mouth, but then the first shot went right down my throat and it didn’t taste bad, so I just took the rest too…,”

“Did your cock get hard while you were doing this?” I inquired gently. “Did you go back to your dorm room and get yourself off afterwards?”

“Oh, I had a rager, all right,” Justin chuckled self-consciously. “But I was Pamela’s partner for her assignment and she sucked me so good I thought the top of my head would come off.”

“I nearly drowned,” Pamela remarked primly. “I swallowed as fast as I could, but I had come dripping out of my nose and all in my hair and…” She giggled and hid her face.

“Did Pamela by any chance observe while Justin was doing Michael?” I probed.

The three of them nodded vigorously. “Excellent!” I announced. “Although that was not specifically assigned, it worked well for you. What did you do while Justin was sucking Michael off, Pamela?”

Pamela blushed. “I played with my pussy,” she said. “You said it was OK…”

“Of course it’s OK,” I encouraged her. “It’s more than OK. And what were you thinking about while you did that?”

Pamela blushed deeply. “I, I guess I was thinking about how much fun it looked like. And I guess I was thinking about how nice it would be if, you know, maybe somehow I could do both Michael and Justin at the same time…Oh, I don’t know. It was just really hot and when I started coming it just wouldn’t canlı casino stop–“

At that moment Andy slammed back into the room. “OK, I’ll do it,” he snarled.

“Your choice, Andy,” I said coolly. “We’ve just been learning about how including a girl in the exercise can help relieve some of the homophobia. Do you think that might help you?”

“Whatever,” Andy muttered. “Let’s just get it over with.”

“It’s too bad you treated Amber so badly,” I continued. “Otherwise she might consent to help you. But now I wouldn’t even ask her. So maybe we’ll try it this way….Stand up here in front, Andy. Now turn around.” I slipped a blindfold over his head and cinched it tight. “Now, you’re in your bed, back in your dorm room, OK? Just imagine that. Now open your pants. Good.”

Andy hesitantly unbuckled his jeans and let them drop to his knees. I examined his drooping cock critically. It was about average, but more than adequate. “Now, Andy,” I said, “I could have that little thing hard in about two seconds if I wanted to, but I think I’d rather see you do it yourself, just like you do every night when you’re in bed alone. Begin.”

Gingerly, Andy grasped his cock and began squeezing it. I signaled the class to keep quiet, and beckoned James to the chair at the front of the classroom. Obediently James tiptoed to the chair and dropped his drawers, then sat and began massaging his own limp member.

Andy wasn’t gaining any ground. “Why don’t you think about Jenny’s performance in class yesterday,” I suggested. “Remember how she held that fat cock in her little hand and stuffed as much of it into her mouth as she could?” Oh yes. I could see that Andy did indeed remember, as his rod lengthened noticeably. “You have quite a nice cock yourself, Andy,” I continued. “Did you imagine that it was your cock in Jennifer’s mouth?”

Andy began stroking his meat more vigorously, the muscles in his thighs tensing. A glistening drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his now fully erect member. “I think you would like to come already, wouldn’t you, Andy?” I said. “But I’m sorry to have to tell you that you are not allowed to just yet.” Andy groaned and I quickly grasped his tightening ball sack and squeezed, just hard enough to cool him down a little. “You can imagine coming. But the only way I would let you really and truly drain that monster is if you could suck your own cock. How about that? If you could suck your own cock, would you do it?”

Andy moaned again and nodded his head. “So you’re really not prejudiced against sucking cocks, are you?” I pressed on. “I think you’ve imagined this, or dreamed about it, before, haven’t you Andy? Haven’t you woken up with come on your sheets after a dream where you just bent over and sucked that juicy cock of yours right into your own mouth?”

Andy’s body spasmed and I grabbed for his nuts again. “You don’t get to come until you show me how you would suck yourself off,” I told him firmly. “Here, over here. Now kneel. Good.”

Andy’s cock had begun to go droopy on me, but I was ready for it. I snatched a tube of KY off my desk and squeezed a generous dollop into his hand. “Pretend your hand is your mouth,” I instructed him. “Show me how you would take your cock into your slippery mouth.”

Andy clutched at his cock and gently stroked it with the handful of lubricant. Instantly it returned to its full glory. “You’re sucking that cock, Andy,” I intoned. kaçak casino “And it feels SO good, doesn’t it. You don’t really want it to stop, but you do want to come…you want to feel all that hot come spurting up through your hard cock, and right into your mouth.”

As I continued to chant hypnotically, I gently pushed Andy’s head towards James’ raging boner. James was really doing quite well with this. He had his head flung back across the chair, his eyes squeezed tightly shut, and I had no doubt that he was recalling Jennifer’s sweet performance and how he had filled her rosebud mouth with his steaming spunk. Good for him.

“Oh, my God, Andy,” I exclaimed, “You really can reach your own cock to suck it! And here it is right in front of you!” I pushed more firmly on Andy’s head until James’ engorged cockhead bumped his lips. “You’ve always wanted to do this, Andy,” I told him. “Gobble it up. See how much you can take.”

With a shudder, Andy opened his mouth and let the spongy head of James’ oversized tool invade him. “Such a nice, big cock you have, too, Andy,” I said approvingly. “It feels bigger in your mouth than it looks in your hand, doesn’t it? And it feels nice in your mouth too, doesn’t it?”

Andy was not exactly in a position to answer me, but he moaned around James’ invading meat stick and began pumping at his own slimy rod even faster. I didn’t want Andy to come just yet, and I knew he was awfully close. “I don’t think you need to use your hand anymore, Andy,” I said. “I think you can use just your mouth to finish yourself off, don’t you?” I reached down and grabbed Andy’s wrist and pulled it behind his back. “Now if you still want to come, you’re going to have to do some serious sucking.”

Tentatively, Andy forced his mouth down over James’ throbbing meat, taking in about half of it, then pulling back until only the head remained. “Good technique, Andy,” I encouraged. “Now don’t graze your cockhead with your teeth. Swirl your tongue around the head. Excellent. You should be tasting a little pre-cum now. It’s nice, isn’t it? Now let’s go down on it again. Good. Very good. Just let it touch the back of your throat. Now back up. And — breathe. Don’t forget to breathe. Now back down. You’ll want to get into a rhythm now, unless you’re not ready for the climax.”

I looked critically at the state of Andy’s erection. It was bobbing in front of him with each stroke and beginning to leak copiously. I hoped to time this exactly right…”And now you’re just on the edge of coming, Andy,” I continued softly. “You THINK you can, you THINK you can….good, good; you’re speeding up a little. Jaws getting tired? Work through the pain, your reward is coming, coming, COMING! And here it IS!

James bucked and howled as his boiling load erupted into Andy’s mouth, and at the same moment Andy jetted his own spunk, which splattered under his chin as he knelt over James’ spurting staff. Their spasms came in unison and the whole class could see Andy’s throat convulsing as he did his best to swallow every drop of James’ salty emission, even while his own cock continued to spew its thick wads for all to observe. James gave a final shudder and I pulled Andy back so that James’ spent cock came out of his mouth with an audible pop.

“Class, let’s hear some appreciation for Andy,” I declared. “I, for one, think he did a fine job.” The class clapped dutifully. “Come on!” I chided them. “Andy got James off, and he got himself off, and I SUSPECT,” I leered at them comically, “he got some of you off too.”

I got a round of giggles there. There wasn’t a dry set of underpants in the classroom. Including my own.

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