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this is my first solo attempt at writing for submission.

An arm went around my shoulder and I heard the loud words, “Hi, beautiful.”, in my ear. Startled, I looked not to my left to see who it was, but rather across the little round laminated table at my friend, Sandra, whose face looked like she had just seen a spider running across my forehead. Sandra is also my business partner, and former lover.

Successful 40-somethings, neither of us had been married, and quite well integrated into the lesbian community of our mid-sized city. We own a small interior decorating business, I am more talented there, and she more talented in obtaining clientele. I often spend 12 hours each day in the shop or clients’ homes, while she is nearly constantly on the move.

When we were younger we had decided only femme or even ultra femme women appealed. We are not snobs, neither of us, though I have heard soto voce murmurs of ‘snooty bitch’ when declining offers to dance or for a drink from some, for lack of a better word, ‘masculine’ appearing woman. So when she looked so sour, I just knew who was at my side.

I had car trouble a week before, as my schedule is so hectic, I called the dealer, and they said someone could take me back to my store if I could drop it off in the morning. It pays to drive a Lexus. While making the arrangements for whatever needed to be done, I heard a call over the intercom, “Harry, come to the service counter.” The dirty hands on the counter did not make an impression, but when I heard the voice, I turned to notice the stitched name was Harri. “Yes, sir?” a much softer voice than I expected asked.

Bob, the service manager, said, “Harri, this is Miss Bowers. She will give you the address of her shop. And, I think I know what is wrong, so wait there for a call, you may be bringing her back soon.” It also pays to wear short skirts and silk blouses when dealing with tradesmen.

Harri wore the usual service person’s uniform, but I noticed, her hands were only superficially dirty, nicely trimmed fingernails, and her hair was actually long, looped in braids pinned to the sides and tucked under the ubiquitous cap. She scooped up a set of keys to a car from the desk and turned to me and said, “Hello, Ms Bowers. I’ll take good care of you.” She had a hint of a crooked smile as she said that. I noticed what I thought was a look of recognition. When I saw the name stitched over her left breast, I also noticed she appeared to be extremely flat chested, abnormally so for someone with her obvious feminine hips. Rather than bra straps, or nothing, under her shirt, I thought I saw a binding, from her underarms to just above her diaphragm. No makeup, that would be absurd in her job, but the lack of even lipstick confirmed my impression in my mind. She held the door of the sedan open for me and lingered a but too long as I settled into the contoured leather seat. Harri sat in the driver’s seat, and I consciously pulled my skirt down over my knees, no sense making it appear I was in any way trying to attract her attention..

I gave the address to my store, and she immediately started to drive with abandon. I told Harri there is a private space reserved for me in the rear and she seemed to know exactly how to approach the rear of the strip mall. Sandra’s car was in her space. Harri opened my door for me and bowed as she said, “I hope the ride was comfortable, Ms Bowers.” I suddenly realized we had not spoken since I gave her the address until I mentioned the private space. Swinging my legs out of the car, I felt my skirt ride up, and Harry’s eyes on my knees. She let out a low whistle, and murmured something I could not hear.

I told her there was a small coffee shop just next door, and she was welcome to wait there until Bob called. “No, Ma’am. I should probably wait in your place for the call.” I was somehow disturbed, but also somewhat attracted to her raw manner. I have never, ever, felt this way with so rough a woman, and as we went through the rear door, I could hear Sandra audibly gasp. She looked Harri up and down, sniffed and grabbed her portfolio.

Looking at me as if to ask, “Where in the world did you lose your mind?” she swept out the back door.

I had to laugh at that, certain she saw the dealer car with the magnetic sign prominent on the side as she drove off.

Just then the telephone rang and I answered, “Designs by Les Femmes, Claudia Bowers speaking.” It was a client who expected her decorating designs in one hour, I tried to explain I had no car, but she insisted. Just then Harri caught my attention and I asked if I could put her on hold for a moment. Harri told me she would be happy to chauffeur me if my car was not ready soon. I agreed and informed the client I would be on time.

Harri flipped open her cell phone and called Bob to say there was an emergency casino oyna and that she would not wait, but had to use the car to help me. After disconnecting she informed me that the problem was more complex than thought and I would be stuck with her all day. Somehow this did not disturb me as much I thought it might. I caught myself looking at her hips in her tight uniform pants, and at her thin unpainted lips. The odd outline under her shirt seemed to hold her breasts, and I found myself wondering just what they might look like. Shaking my head, I spent 30 minutes gathering the swatches, drawings, and other items for the client. I had given Harri the address and she simply nodded to acknowledge she knew where it was.

I felt her eyes follow me as I moved. We placed everything in the car and as I bent to place the display easel in the trunk I felt her hand on my hip. I paused, and leant into her hand, I did not say anything, but simply finished what I was doing and waited for her to close the lid of the trunk. She hurried to open my door and settle me in my seat, she lifted my skirt onto my thigh, and again, her touch was more thrilling than annoying.

As we drove the ten miles to the client’s upscale home, she startled me by asking, “Ms Bowers, have you ever been in prison?”

At a complete loss, I replied, “No, never. Have you?”

She chuckled and told me that she had spent 30 days in the county jail for disorderly conduct, and had resolved to never go back. It was a fight over another girl, she said. I am not sure if she wanted to shock me, or simply inform me that she knew something about me I do not keep secret. Nevertheless, I turned to watch her as she drove skillfully, and for some reason hiked my skirt up higher. I was becoming more attracted, and the bad girl image had never been something I cared for in the past. This young woman was exciting me beyond my wildest imaginations. We talked freely now, I learned she was actually 25 years old, she looked younger, even without makeup.

The day passed easily, and I felt a bit bad to ask her to stay with the car as I went about my appointments, but she seemed self contained. She even stopped at a fast food place for lunch while I was in my second appointment, so we did not have to stop. I offered to pay, but she would not accept even my share. Even though she is much younger, she seemed to take charge, and I became a bit more dependent. During lunch in the car I felt her hand on my thigh, squeezing, her words were a blur, but I felt a sexual arousal.

Just then her cellphone rang, a jarring ‘chirp-chirp’. She handed me the instrument and the spell was broken.

It was Bob, my car was ready, and he wanted to know if we were nearby to exchange autos. It was actually inconvenient, so I told him that I would prefer picking it up at the end of the day, that I would be happy to pay Harri for her time.

We finished my appointments earlier than expected, and returned to the store. Unloading the trunk, I felt her actively running her hands over my bottom. I pressed back to her and felt an unfamiliar ‘something’ under her pants. Realizing what it was I quickly took the easel and she gathered the rest of my display items.

I could not believe my response when we had finished unloading and taken everything into the store. She took me in her arms and kissed me vigorously, a little shorter than she, I lifted my lips and ran my arms around her back, feeling the unmistakable outline of her ‘boi’ against my thigh. She ground against me, her lips open, her tongue probing knowingly. A groan escaped my lips as she slid her tongue over my palate, the softer underside of her tongue gliding over the raised buds of mine. Her hand slid easily under my skirt and her fingers ran over the silky feeling pantyhose. She cupped my mound, sending a shiver throughout my body. My nipples crinkled under the silk of my blouse and the soft cups of my bra. I pressed against her chest, felt the severely confined outlines of breasts held by the tight binding.

Harri held my butt in her hand and squeezing my mound released the pent-up quake of a suppressed orgasm. I held her tightly as the waves of overwhelming bliss throbbed and quivered.

As I recovered, I expected to see a smug expression on her face, but, instead was greeted by a look of concern, a tenderness I never expected from so mannish a woman. Had I been wrong all these years?

As if on cue, the back door opened and Sandra rushed in, Sandra always rushes. Harri moved her hand and my skirt fell, though it caught on my knees, not completely covering either.

“Is that one still here?” asked Sandra, her tone holding contempt. She looked from me to Harri and wrinkled her nose, as though there were a stall odor. The only possible odor was one she had at one time found quite pleasing. She looked at canlı casino me and nodded at the door to the storeroom.

I excused myself from Harri and followed her into the room neatly stacked with paper, cloth, the usual office supplies. Her eyes flashed, and she immediately said, “How could you?”

“How could I what?” was my reply, fully aware that Sandra found “butches’ as difficult to fathom as I ever had.

We had a long, quiet discussion, and throughout the point and counterpoint of how we, as leaders of the lesbian community, needs be maintain our higher standards actually made me resolve that my attraction to Harri was not simply the effect of overwork and lack of sex, but something I viscerally felt. I admitted to myself that I was attracted to the younger woman.

With no resolution, we returned to Harri who was answering the telephone, normally the machine picksup and relays the notice to either Sandra or I. She was not exactly brusque, but the caller did not appear ill at ease when I took the call. It was my first appointment of the next day, explaining that it was impossible to keep our arrangements and begging for reschedule. Harri had already flipped to the next available date and hour and had it ready for me to make the arrangements quickly. I also noticed that for once, I had nothing scheduled for the next day, though there was plenty to do in the shop.

Looking at the antique wall clock, I realized that we just had time to retrieve my car, and took Harri’s hand and rushed out the door. I called back to Sandra to lock up.

Once again in the substitute auto, I turned to Harri and ran my hand over her thigh under the rough twill trouser leg. That is when I discovered, for the first time, just how she managed to keep her “boi” from jutting out permanently. It was actually a small vibrator tucked in her pocket, the pleats of the trousers somewhat hid it, but allowed me to have felt it in our embrace. Chuckling, she said, “You want it, don’t you, Claudia? You want me to fuck you.” Mesmerized by her piercing eyes, I was only able to nod, but she persisted.

“Say it. Say you want Harri’s cock in your lesbian pussy. Tell me how much you want to suck my cock.”

I shook my head, I never, had never, had no desire to put a dildo in my mouth, to suck it in simulated fellatio…until that moment. I could only quietly whisper, “Please, Harri, I want you to fuck me. I want to make you happy.”

“No, babe, I will make you happy. I will fuck you so hard and long you will be crying for my cock to never leave you again.”

.”Now say it. Tell me you want to suck my cock.”

Licking my lips, I swallowed and said, “Harri, I want to suck your cock.”

She gripped my hair and pushed me down. My eyes bulged, afraid I might be forced, though compelled by my desires, to perform just there, just then. She simply pushed my lips over her trouser pocket and laughed as I kissed the small plastic vibrator buried there.

My heart was throbbing in my temples, my breath coming in quick gasps as we drove to the dealership to retrieve my Lexus. I calmed during the drive and managed to pay for the work. Harri had slipped away, but before we entered the service area, had told me her address and to meet her there in two hours, and to wear something sexy.

I hurried home, bathed, changed and barely made it to her home 20 minutes late. It was twilight, but my Lexus was definitely out of place in this neighborhood. I found the address, and was in no way surprised to see a Harley Nighthawk parked in the driveway. My slingbacks struck the gravel of the uneven driveway, and my silk biased cut skirt swished against my legs as I approached the door. It was partially open and I could hear country music loudly playing on a very good stereo system. Faith Hill…. the girl has taste.

I hesitated at the door, but swung it open. Standing at the stereo, Harri was dressed in jeans and a denim vest, sandals that looked like they were cut from tires. When she turned as I entered, there was a much more noticeable bulge running the length of her right thigh. I gasped, and nearly turned and ran, but only smiled when she greeted me, “You’re late, babe.

“That’s alright. Dames like you always take more time to primp.

“Want a beer, or some wine?”

“Wine, please.”

“Red or white?’

“Whatever you have.”

She walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

“Better find out where everything is, baby. Come in here.”

Just then I saw the twin boxes of wine in her other wise empty refrigerator, empty except for some beer. She nodded toward the sink and I found a glass drying in the drainer. Chuckling to myself, “Hmmm, a flute, I had better choose the white.”

I handed her the glass and she dispensed the fluid into it. I took it and drank half of it in a gulp.

Harri kaçak casino looked me up and down, and quietly whistled, “Baby, you are some fine piece of work. I love that skirt showing half your thigh, and no bra…good thinking.”

I placed the glass on the kitchen table, and felt her approach me from behind. Her hands cupped my breasts and toyed with my nipples, taunt in anticipation. She rubbed against my bottom, the thicker feeling bulge against my thigh.

Her fingers pulled and rolled my nipples….I could feel my pussy becoming incredibly wet, my arousal heightening

I leaned forward, my hands gripping the tabletop. Pushing against Harri.

She lifted my skirt.

“No panties, either. You really are ready for my cock, aren’t you, Babe?”

I felt her lower her jeans. I felt the dull thud of her ‘boi’, a full nine inches as she rubbed over my trembling ass.

Harri fingered my nipples as gently as any femme woman had ever done. She leaned forward and kissed the nape of my neck with soft, unpainted lips. The boi felt hard, smooth. As she pressed closer I felt the cotton of her boxers, the cock jutting from the fly, the harness the answer to my unasked question that she really was a woman.

I knew what I had to say, “Please, Harri, fuck me. Fuck my lesbian pussy. Take me.”

At my words she grunted and sliced the head of the rubber dick into my squishy pussy.

Wetter than I had known, I eagerly accepted her slamming the full length of the cock into my hot inner being. I pushed back onto her. My silk covered nipples points of fire on my chest, my breasts flattening as she drove me onto the hard Formica tabletop.

Filled with the rubber cock, my clit rasping the edge of the table. Hugh waves of blinding spasms starting from deep in my taken pussy.

“You like my cock. Like me fucking you, Claudia. You are so fucking wet. Your cunt wants to be filled and refilled.”

My scent filling the tiny kitchen. I could also nearly taste Harri’s own arousal in the air. I wanted to taste her, to lick her cunt, savor her, but that was not why I was there. I was there to be taken by my butch lover. To be fucked, savaged, possessed. The images and thoughts filling my head in dizzy swirls. The feel of the thick woman dick filling me, over and over. Touching me in places I never had felt touched before. Hitting my cervix, plundering, bruising, stretching.

Just then I screamed, a blinding light in my head and I came in a thundering, exhausting savage release of emotion and a flood of inner cream. My squirting pussy juices feeling like a throbbing jet from Harri’s cock, flooding my cunt with woman cream.

Totally spent, I thought she would release me, allow me to please her, but Harri continued to hammer her cock into my squishy pussy. Pressing my overly sensitive clit to the hard table edge. Then I understood, she was rubbing her cunt and clit with the base of the cock, lifting herself to the nirvana she had taken me to.

“Take my cock. Fuck! CUMMMINNNNGGGGGGGG,” she shouted in my ear. She fell over my back, covering me…. comforting me in her orgasm.

I lie still, content to be possessed, wanted in oh so long a time.

She rose and pulled the long dildo from my abused pussy with a loud ‘PLOP’.

Quivering, I lay on the tabletop, my heels having driven into the thin linoleum.

Just then the phone rang.

Harri answered it in a sharp voice, spoke maybe ten words, indistinguishable to me.

“Babe, I have something to do. Better get your pretty ass home. I’ll see you around.”

I rose up and nearly screamed at her that I would not be cast aside like a sad cheap pickup.

Standing there, the rubber cock jutting obscenely out from cotton boxers, her vest open, finally able to see her conical breasts, she did not look nearly as appealing.

Her tone softened….”Sorry, Babe. I forgot I am dealing with a classy lady. Some of my buds are coming over to set a ride for the weekend. Pretty boring stuff, really, but I am secretary of my club, and forgot the meeting was for tonight. We are putting the finishing touches on the rally to raise money for the Children’s Hospital. They get pretty rowdy, and like not to have anyone around who might let it out of the bag we are not so tough,” she said sheepishly

I am on the board of the Children’s hospital, and had always vaguely known that the local bikers raised a significant amount of our donations, but always had turned a blind eye to them. Now it was my turn to feel sheepish..

And that is the reason I am sitting across from Sandra as Harri says hello.

I bought a set of leathers…tailored, of course.

I am riding with my girlfriend in the rally today.

(Many thanks to my dear friend patricia51 for her encouragement, and her sending our collaboration in earlier stories to this site. A special thank you to linda_s for having the courage to go before me and clear the way. And the final thank you to Marian, our editor, the one with size 8 boots for motivation.)

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