Happy Mother’s Day

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Hello My Dear Readers…

The following is a One-Part Story intended as a Special Submission for Mother’s Day.

A decent portion of this Script is in the form of Dialogues, and the Tale is told in Third-Person.

I have tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, and I hope all of you will like this attempt.

Happy Reading!!

“But, Why?!” Simi asked, extremely happy, and equally surprised, as she opened the small yet luxurious box her boyfriend handed over to her.

“You did not like it??” Pragyan immediately enquired, but not at all worried about getting a negative response, with a wide grin on his face, seeing his girlfriend blush.

“I loved it!! It looks beautiful… But… This is such an expensive gift. You really should not have spent your money on this!!’ Simi replied, taking out the Diamond Stud Earrings from the box, in an excited manner, though filled with guilt for accepting it.

“Come On… Anything for a woman as gorgeous as you!!” Pragyan winked, as he completed the sentence.

Simi : Pragyan… I feel so…

Pragyan : You deserve it… You really deserve the best.

Simi : What makes you say that?? Why do you think so??

Pragyan : Because…

Simi : What??

Pragyan : Because… You are my Girlfriend!!

Simi : Hahahaha!! My Dear Pragyan…

Pragyan : Hhmmmmm… You are not asking me to come inside?!

Simi : Shit!! I am sorry… I am really sorry… Come In!!

Pragyan : You Sure??

Simi : What?! Of-Course, Yes!!

Pragyan : Yeah?!

Simi : Ohh… Okay… Well… It is only me here… And… It is not like you are not welcome here!! Hehe…

Pragyan : Aahaa!! Perfect!!

Simi : Lol!! You need something to drink?!

Pragyan : Not Now, Simi…

Simi : Simi?!

Pragyan : I thought you liked me calling you SIMI.

Simi : What made you think that??

Pragyan : I felt it excites you more…

Simi : And… What made you think that??

Pragyan : You know what?! I am Done Talking!!

Simi : I Hate it When You Talk!!

Pragyan : Show Me Your Pussy… Simi!!

Simi : Bloody Fucker!! I Am Going To Ride You So Hard, Today!!

The Couple had started stripping even before their conversation came to an end, and by the time they got themselves inside Simi’s Bedroom, in the Second Floor, neither of them had anything covering them!!

As soon as the Door was closed, Pragyan pulled his lover close to his body, and kissed her on her lips, with a lot of passion.

He could straightaway feel her hard nipples pressing against his bare chest, and there was no doubt regarding how turned on she was!!

The Duo continued with their oral display of affection, smooching relentlessly, as if there was no tomorrow, and the process came to a halt only when Simi very unexpectedly broke the kiss.

Simi : Pragyan… Ohh… Stop…

Pragyan : What Happened??

Simi : Darling…

Pragyan : What?? Is Everything Ok??

Simi : Haha… Yes!!

Pragyan : What is…

Simi : Wait… Wait!!

Pragyan : What?! I am not done Kissing you!!

Simi : I Know…

Pragyan : What is it?!

Simi : Do you remember the first time we… Kissed!!

Pragyan : Oh Yes!! I Do!!

Simi : You Do?!

Pragyan : Obviously!! I will never forget that!!

Simi : Yeah?! In that case… Tell me when was it!!

Pragyan : Easy… It was exactly 10 Minutes before I banged you for the first time!! Haha!!

Simi : Fucker!! I hate you!!

Pragyan : Oh No!! You Don’t!!

Simi : You don’t remember!!

Pragyan : I Do!!

Simi : When was it??

Pragyan : Mother’s Day… Last Year!!

Simi : You Do Remember!!

Pragyan : I Told You!!

Simi : So… Today is No Coincidence!! You are here to Celebrate!! My Boyfriend is here to Celebrate!!

Pragyan : Hahaha!! Not Bad!! You are Smart!!

Simi : I wish I had not got myself Naked, already.

Pragyan : I wish I could Cup your Tits, over your Kurta, and then get my hands under it.

Simi : I wish I could feel you pulling my Kurta up over my head.

Pragyan : I wish I could see you unhooking your Bra.

Simi : Damn!! I cannot believe it has been One Year!!

Pragyan : I Know!! I am so convinced that it was just yesterday I saw your Ripe Melons for the first time. It was a sight so… I don’t have the words to explain!!

Simi : What did you think the very moment you saw me Topless?!

Pragyan : I was Stunned!!

Simi : As if you had never seen another Pair of Tits!!

Pragyan : This was Special!! You know that!!

Simi : What was so Special??

Pragyan : Oh… Well… They were very Firm… Not at all Saggy!!

Simi : Hahaha!! You expected me to have Saggy Breasts?! That was how you imagined me, until then?!

Pragyan : Hehe… No!! I just said that…

Simi : Whatever!! Lol!! I am sure there were plenty of Love Bites on my Boobies, that day!! And when you finally left this room… Whaattt…

“Ohhh… Ouchhh… Not That Hard!! You don’t have to be so Rough!!” Simi moaned, as Pragyan brought his hands canlı bahis to her bust, and proceeded to maul her Bosoms, without waiting for her to complete the Dialogue.

“I want to see you in Pain!!” he smirked, finding pleasure watching his girlfriend suffer, with her mouth wide open, as he mercilessly tried to literally milk her Jugs!!

Pragyan very certainly had come to Simi filled with Lust, and the detailed reminder of what happened during their Primary Union had made him lose all control.

She still somehow managed to push him away, and free herself, but the very next moment, he lifted her up, and carried her for a couple for meters, biting the sensitive areas of her neck, before ending up almost throwing her onto the bed, with a lot of force!!

Simi was horrified to see Pragyan behave so strangely, but one good look at his 9 inched thick prick made her feel very relieved.

Her boy was after all just a little too horny, and also, she too had never really said she did not like what he just did to her!!

“Fuckk!! Fuckkkk!!” she muttered, admiring the dimensions of the monster, licking her upper lips with her wet tongue, and then chewing her lower lips.

Simi : I Missed You!!

Pragyan : Not My Fault!!

Simi : You had your Exams… You did not come home for The Holidays…

Pragyan : You could have come to see me… If you really wanted to!!

Simi : Don’t Say That… You know I wanted to.

Pragyan : But, You did not come.

Simi : You Know Why!!

Pragyan : I Know… Somebody Else was giving you what you wanted!!

Simi : Shut Up!!

Pragyan : That is the Truth!!

Simi : Shut Up!!

“I can bet that you received a Good Pounding, this morning!! I am very sure you had someone inside you, just hours ago!! The Satisfaction can be seen on your Face!! You might even very well have some of his Juices inside your Pussy, right now!!” Pragyan may have been only teasing Simi, but he sounded serious, and the latter just remained still, as the former moved towards the bed, all set to pounce on top of his prey.

He did exactly that, the very following second, but just as he got ready to carry on with the exercise of showering Sexually Charged Demeaning Lines on his girlfriend, she quickly placed the Middle Finger of her Left Hand on his lips, to shut him up, for the time being!!

“Why don’t you See for Yourself?!” Simi questioned, in an extremely aroused tone, as she began to spread her legs really wide, to show him her shining neatly trimmed front-hole.

“I agree I am not Dry!! But, The Juices you find in there is my body telling you how much I Love You!!” she added, breathing heavily as she felt Pragyan automatically lower his face, and sensed his breath on her Inner Thighs!!

She had been leaking ever since she saw him at the Front Door, and she was finally about to get some actual action.

He too could no longer take it slow, and using his hungry tongue, he feasted on her drenched cunt, Licking her Labia, and even Champing her Clit!!

“Pragyaaaaannnn!! Just Don’t Stop!! Please!! Don’t… This is So Good!!” Simi sternly ordered, as her head fell back, in sexual ecstasy, even though it was a given that she really did not need to tell him that.

Pragyan definitely had no intention to Stop what he was doing, and he was eating her Pussy as if his entire existence depended on it!!

“Ohhh Fuckkk!! Bastard!! Fuckkk!! Harder!!” she groaned, when he pushed two of his fingers into her soaking twat, forcing her to use both of her hands to grope either of her boobs, and keep her sane, as her mate continuously worked his magic on her vagina, with his craving mouth.

Pragyan : When was the last time you had Sex with Prathyush?!

Simi : Ohh!! Aaa… Aaahhh!! Huh?! Why did you… Stop… What??

Pragyan : When was the last time Prathyush fucked you??

Simi : Pragyan… Hhmmm… Ohhh… Why are you asking me that?? Didn’t we decide not to have such conversations!!

Pragyan : What about My Dad?!

Simi : Pragyan… Not Now!! Why do you want to Spoil the Mood?!

Pragyan : Why can’t you give me an Answer?? You don’t like me asking you Questions??

Simi : I don’t mind this… You know that… It is just that… You won’t like what I tell you… And… You Know… You will just be angry… I don’t want another… Ohhh Fuckkkkkkkkk!! Fuckkkkkk!! Fuckkkk You!!

“You Son of a Bitch!! Aaaahhhhhhh!!” Simi cried out, very loudly.

She was lost – Being on the Receiving End of the Pleasing Cunnilingus, for a long period of time, and also Being Involved in the Scandalous Discussion, soon after.

She had no idea that Pragyan had got himself in Position, as he spoke, and had brought his cock to the opening of her Pussy.

She realized what was happening only when she sensed the entire length of his rod being aggressively pushed into the interiors of her warm tunnel, in a single powerful thrust!!

“You should have told me!! Fuckk!! You could have been more gentle!! Aaahhh… You know I have never ever been able to fully let you in!!” Simi had tears rolling down her eyes, even as she bahis siteleri wrapped her legs around her partner’s body, attempting to push him further inside.

“Shittt!! You are Huge!! You are going to Kill Me!!” she screamed, as she felt being stretched, and touched in places she had not been touched before!!

“Shut Up, Bitch!!” Pragyan grunted, almost with disgust.

He very well knew there was no need for him to be so rough, but for some reason he wanted to totally dominate her.

He was convinced he couldn’t wait much very early into the Muff Diving he gave her, yet he went on with it a lot longer than he normally would have liked to.

He gave her no major hint to understand that he was simply only getting ready for the Real Act, and all the Animalistic Lust inside him was soon going to explode!!

Simi : You are hurting me!! Stop!! Slow Down!! Stop!! I am not liking this!!

Pragyan : This is what happens when you let Tiny Elderly Cocks enter you!! You will never be able to handle a Big Young Man!!

Simi : Stop It!! Please… I am Begging you!!

Pragyan : Hahaha!! Beg!! Bitch!!

The boy fed his lover every inch of his bone, brutally, and he was so deep inside her, his balls were now slapping against her asscheeks.

He circled his cock around the moist walls of her pussy, giving her Multiple Orgasms within minutes, making her Squirt constantly!!

It was as if he was obsessed with the thought of making her truly his, and owning her forever, and every time she started to give the feeling that she could now handle him better, he would pull out, wait for a few seconds, and then slam his dick back into her cunt, over and over.

He penetrated her ferociously, as if he was punishing her, drilling her more and more, until she reached a point where he was sure only he could take her to, and until she learned to properly accommodate the whole of his meat, at last!!

Simi : Fuck!! Yes!! Yes!! Harder!!

Pragyan : You Like It?? You Like It, Now?!

Simi : You have No Idea!! You Bastard!! Faster!!

Pragyan : Hahahahaha!! I am Loving this!!

Simi : You are making me Go Crazy with that Fat Pole of yours.

Pragyan : You are A Slut!!

Simi : I am Your Slut!!

Pragyan : You are A Whore!!

Simi : I am Your Whore!!

Pragyan : You are A Slutty Whore… Simi!!

Simi : Fuck!! I am Cumming!! I am Cumming… Again!!

The 20 Year Old took his girlfriend for more than two hours, at a single stretch, but still exhibited no signs of nearing a Climax.

He did feel a couple of times that he could not hold back anymore, but he ultimately could motivate himself to persist!!

Pragyan : Turn Around!!

Simi : Whaaattt…

Pragyan : Fine…

Simi : What are you doing?? Wait…

Pragyan : Can I Fuck you in the Ass?!

Simi : No Way!! No!! Pragyan… No… What are you doing?! Let Me Go!! Why are you… Leave Me!! Stop Pushing me like that!!

Pragyan : Get On All Fours!!

Simi : I won’t!! You cannot fuck me in the Back!!

Pragyan : I can do that even now, if I want to!!

Simi : Please… Don’t…

Pragyan : Just Get On All Fours!!

Simi : Not inside My Ass, but… Please…

Pragyan : Okay… I won’t… Simi!!

After being humped in the Missionary Position for what seemed like an eternity, the tired poor soul was now screwed Doggy Style, from behind, with her Silky Black Hair grabbed hard, and pulled back to fulfill her boy’s Wicked Yearnings.

She was scared he would Pop her Anal Cherry, but luckily, he had so far kept his word, and she badly hoped he would continue to!!

Simi : Aaaahhhh…

Pragyan : Hahahaha!!

Simi : What is it that you want??

Pragyan : What??

Simi : Why are you Slapping My Ass?!

Pragyan : I felt I had to…Hehehe…

Simi : You cannot…

Pragyan : I never said I won’t…

Simi : I told you that you…

Pragyan : I never told you I won’t Slap your Butt!!

Simi : You cannot… Not like this… Enough!! This is Paining!! Stop It!! Aaahhh… Enough!! Otherwise, take your Penis our of my Pussy!!

Pragyan : Lol!!

Simi : What The Hell!! What are you doing, Now!! You cannot do that!! Noooo… You cannot Spread My Ass like that… You are going to Tear My Butt apart!!

It was a complete Rampage, but what was more shocking was that none of the Parallel Developments had any kind of impact on the Youngster’s Form.

He just continued Doing her – He looked like he was going to Do her till he died, and he would still have a lot more to Do to her!!

Simi understandably had almost passed out.

She had her front-hole pounded and turned sore, and her back-door was also very close to being subjected to a decent amount of damage!!

However, having said that, there was still no doubt about the fact that she was enjoying the Ordeal – The Orgasms just kept coming.

But, whether it was really with her Mind’s Consent was something that had to be evaluated!!

Pragyan : This is Great!! You have an Amazing Booty!! What A Wonderful View!! Ms. Elasticity!! Haha!!

Simi bahis şirketleri : Fuck My Ass!! Now!! Fuck My Virgin Ass!!

Pragyan : Whoaaaa… What??

Simi : Fuck Me!! Fuck My Asshole!! I want to Feel You in there!!

Pragyan : Really?!

Simi : Fuck SIMI in her Ass!!

Pragyan : Ohh, Shitt!!

Simi : Do It!!

Pragyan : Nooo!! Oh Noo!!

Simi : Do It!! Do It!!

Pragyan : No!! Not Now!! Shit!!


A Male Orgasm was all set to happen…

Her Words had done the trick!!

It was not at all an Intentional Bluff from Simi – Maybe, she said what she said just to avoid being tormented further, but maybe, she even meant what she said.

Either Way, Pragyan could not take it!!

The lad moaned & groaned, quite a number of times, trying to resist ejaculating, but all he did was jizz non-stop.

Thick Hot Strands of Cum came spilling out from the Tip of his Shaft, and all he did was seed his girlfriend’s pussy.

He must have shot his load at-least a Dozen Times, before he started to show any signs of calming down!!

While his Companion was supposed to feel relaxed at the Conclusion of the Dangerous Encounter, it was amusingly not just the feeling of being at peace that she expressed.

She had accepted a considerable amount of Semen down her Belly, but she looked like she wanted more, despite the torture she had to go through, all this while.

She kept her legs tightly closed, in an effort to prevent her boy from pulling his penis out, squeezing him, and trying to Extract as much Spunk as she could from him, clearly believing she had rightfully earned it!!

Simi pushed her round butt back, twerking a bit, rubbing her flesh against whatever little hardness was left in her Unusually Violent Pleaser’s Manhood.

Pragyan just stood motionless, regaining his own composure, as his Notably Pleasant Victim turned her head around, to give him a Gratifying Smile, as she too came to a pause!!

Simi : What was that?? Fuck… What got into you??

Pragyan : You were not any bad!! Ohhhh… You scored more in the End!!

Simi : Hahaha!! Still… What were you planning to do?? Were you trying to make me your Sex Slave?!

Pragyan : That is actually Not a Bad Idea!!

Simi : I am Not Kidding… I have never had such Intense Orgasms, before.

Pragyan : Not My Fault!!

Simi : You have no clue regarding what you have done to me!! I feel so… Fucked Out!!

Pragyan : I am glad you now know what it feels like to be with A Real Man!!

Simi : I will Miss You…

Pragyan : You still don’t want to try Asking Me to Stay?!

Simi : You won’t… You have got Classes to Attend!!

Pragyan : So… Okay…

Simi : Are you going to… Completely Pull…

Pragyan : Aren’t we done here??

Simi : Why did you not Pull Out earlier, if you thought we were done here?!

Pragyan : I felt like you wanted me in there… For some more time!! I guess you are only waiting for me to leave!!

Simi : Noo!!

Pragyan : Yes!!

Simi : Noo!! I want you to Stay!!

Pragyan : I Know!!

Simi : I don’t want to get Cleaned Up, yet!!

Pragyan : I Know!!

Simi : You are still Semi-Erect!!

Pragyan : I Know!!

Simi : I think I want to Make More Love to You!!

Pragyan : I Know!!

Simi : I want to Mount Your Cock, and I want to Ride You Very Hard!! I have been desperately hoping to do it!!

That was all what Pragyan needed to hear.

He did not want another Invitation to Stay!!

He Pulled Out, at last, and got ready to Change Positions, immediately.

Everything was in place for him to have his way with Simi, again!!

The Only Delay, however, was connected to the Reality that Pragyan was struggling to get his Boner back to it’s Original Glorious Shape.

He had certainly exerted himself a little too much, during the earlier Session.

Thankfully, Simi decided it was her turn to use her mouth, and she succeeded in getting her boy hard, easily!!

The Hunk laid on his back, on the Bed, as the Sexy Siren stroked his chopper well, before taking the meat in between her Pink Lips.

She looked straight into his eyes, as she Swallowed his penis more and more, blowing him better, each passing instant, without being worried of getting Gagged by his tool, and at the same time, also playing with his Heavy Balls.

He was returning to his excited self, and he Gave that Signal when he placed his hands on her Asscheeks, and slowly started to Massage her Bums!!

“I need you to be Really Hard!! I need you with a Throbbing Cock!! I need all of you Inside Me!!” Simi sounded a lot less Submissive this time, and she sure had more control over the Proceedings.

The Pep Talk was a Positive Influence, and Pragyan’s Monster grew long & strong, and even looked like it was bigger than usual!!

Simi : You can do what you want to!! I will not Stop You!! I want to Ride You, but this is Not Just About Me!!

Pragyan : Can you come a little closer??

“Ouch!! Ohhh… Ohhh Myyy… Ooohh!!” Simi whimpered, vehemently, as she had her Erect Nipples pulled out, with a lot of intent.

“As You Wish!!” Pragyan must have thought, while bringing his Fingers to her Tits, after listening to her tell him he could do what he wanted to!!

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