Haitian Pride Chronicles Ch. 01

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My name is Karl Beau. I’m a six-foot-two, big and rugged, dark-skinned young Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. The international Haitian community is going through some tough times these days. My friends and I have formed a group at school to raise money for the Haitian community and help the relief efforts of the international community in our Caribbean nation’s capital. So far, we’ve done alright. I want Haitians in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince to survive what happened to the town.

I also want to remind the international community that the Republic of Haiti has a government and we don’t need to be taken over by the U.S. or any other foreign power who claim to have “our best interests” at heart. We’re an independent nation and we’re staying that way. Let’s not dishonor the memory of the Haitian men and women who died in the earthquake by surrendering our republic to foreign powers. That’s not what being Haitian is about. We endure hell on earth but hold our heads high.

I was watching the footage of Haiti’s capital on CNN one morning when my girlfriend Nadege Etienne walked by. The big and tall Black woman with the huge booty from hell wasn’t wearing anything at all as she walked into the kitchen to get a drink. Normally, the sight of a big beautiful Black woman walking around naked in my dorm at Carleton University would turn me on but these days I was depressed. My country was in trouble. And now the vultures known as America and France were circling around, doubtless wanting to usurp the Haitian Government’s place and take over the island because they “cared for us”.

I don’t trust these imperialistic bastards. And the fact that America has a Black man as its current President doesn’t mean Jack to me. My country has suffered at the hands of racists and imperialists before. The U.S. invaded in 1915, supposedly to remove a dictator and restore order. They stole a lot of gold from us and mistreated our citizens during that time. They stayed for almost twenty years then left a brutal military Haitian group in charge of the country, protecting the business interests of rich American corporations who had facilities in the country. In the 1990s they invaded again, supposedly to remove a dictator and restore order. They seem to want to stay in Haiti indefinitely. We’re the poorest country in the Americas because they won’t let us grow. They won’t leave us alone. They’re still making us pay for defeating the French slave-owners in the 1800s and proving to the world that white people aren’t invincible.

I’m particularly weary of the French government’s involvement in the rescue efforts in the Republic of Haiti. Haitians and Frenchmen have no love for each other. Read our history. The French think of Haitians as barbarians simply because canlı bahis we rejected the system of slavery. We don’t need their help. I’m less suspicious of the Canadians. Of all the white countries around, they seem least bitten by the imperialism bug. I think many Canadians actually want to help us Haitians.

Lots of Haitians are living really well in Canada. The people of Haiti welcome their help. The U.S. and France, we don’t trust. And with good reason. I don’t want any foreign government to take over my country. I don’t want the U.S. to usurp the authority of the Haitian President or the Haitian Government. Our people are shaken but Port-Au-Prince wasn’t Haiti’s only city. We have others. We have a government. We have leaders. The western powers who claim they want to help Haiti overcome the disaster caused by the earthquake should work with Haiti’s government and Haiti’s leaders, not act as conquerors taking over to save those who can’t save themselves.

Yeah, it’s a tough time for my people. What can I do? I’ve already donated five hundred dollars to the relief effort. I’m a third-year student at Carleton University, majoring in business. I’m not a rich man. My parents, Franklin and Helene Beau aren’t rich folks either. My dad is a math teacher at a local high school and my mom is a certified public accountant.

We do okay for ourselves and own our house but we’re not rich. Not by a long shot. I pray for my fellow Haitians. We’re already a troubled country. We didn’t need this mess on our hands. A massive earthquake is the last thing Haiti’s people needed. Disasters of that magnitude seldom strike the likes of the United Kingdom, the U.S. or Japan. And they are the world’s biggest nations. The ones with the most money. Yet mother nature reserves her fury for the poor people and the small nations. The universe is a cruel mistress. And I don’t like it one bit. Haven’t my people suffered enough?

I was so focused on watching the news about Haiti that I didn’t notice Nadege sitting next to me. I looked at her. She looked really sexy and she was smiling at me while handing me a beer. I took the beer and chugged down a damn good amount. Every night I go to sleep wishing what happened in my country was just a dream. And every morning I wake up to this grim reality, worse than any nightmare. My people are vulnerable. Imperialistic vultures in the international community are circling around us. I fear they’re going to take what little we have away from us.

Haitians don’t need to be occupied indefinitely by the United States of America or any other foreign power. It’s not in our best interests, or theirs. I don’t want future generations of Haitians to resent us and the world for simply handing over the country to foreign powers. We could use some help with rescuing bahis siteleri the victims of the disaster and eventually reconstructing the battered capital city. That’s all we need. Taking us over for our own good isn’t something we want. And we won’t take it lying down. We’re a resilient bunch and we’re not afraid of pain or death. Ask a Frenchman sometime. They remember us.

I was watching the news when suddenly I felt Nadege’s hand on me. My big and tall, sexy Black woman had grabbed my groin. My eight and a half inches of thick, uncircumcised dick suddenly come to life. Nadege smiled and said she was going to take my mind off my problems. I shook my head. Why would she say that? I was born in Haiti. I came to Canada when I was about to start high school. I remember my country well. Nadege was born in Brampton, a town near Toronto, to Haitian parents. She’s never been to Haiti. She speaks some Haitian creole and wears red and blue on Haitian Flag and says that makes her Haitian.

How could I make her understand? Nadege takes my cock into her hand and starts stroking it like there’s no tomorrow. In spite of myself, I start getting hard. Nadege kneels before me and takes my dick into her mouth. I watch her, amazed. Part of me wonders how she can think of sex at a time like this. Another part of me is really turned on. I guess that part won out because I got much harder as she sucked my dick and licked my balls. I felt guilty…and aroused.

What in hell are we doing? Especially since my best friend Toussaint Jean Robert and his girlfriend Marie Delmar are in the next room. They spent the night in my dorm after the big fundraiser we had. The sound of Nadege and I fucking could wake up Toussaint and Marie. I couldn’t care less about that as Nadege sucked my cock like her life depended on it. I ran my hands through her short, stringy hair. Imagine my surprise when I found myself staring into the eyes of another woman as my girlfriend went down on me.

Marie Delmar had apparently woken up. My best friend Toussaint’s girlfriend was a short, chubby and big-bottomed young Black woman with light brown skin, long black hair and pale brown eyes. She was on her way to the kitchen and had apparently slept in the nude. A very naked Marie Delmar stared at Nadege and and I as we did our thing. Nadege briefly looked up while sucking my dick and noticed Marie looking at us. I didn’t quite know how to take Marie. She’s half Haitian and half Puerto Rican, attends Algonquin College and doesn’t appear to be much of a talker. Without a word, Marie started fingering her pussy while leaning against the wall. Apparently the sight of Nadege and I sucking and fucking turned her on. Now I’ve seen everything!

Once Nadege got done sucking my dick, I put her on all fours and entered bahis şirketleri her sweet pussy from behind. Marie kept watching us, and she actually moved closer. I gripped Nadege’s wide hips and thrust my cock deep inside of her. Nadege squealed as I began fucking her hard and fast, just the way she happened to like it. Her big ass jiggled as I tapped that pussy of hers. Marie was watching us and I guess I put on quite a show for her. Nadege let her freak flag fly, and I loved it. I smacked her big ass while fucking her.

Moments later, we were joined by my buddy Toussaint. I found myself looking into my best friend’s smiling face. Toussaint is a tall and lean, dark-skinned Haitian brother who keeps his head and face clean-shaven. He plays soccer for Carleton University and is wickedly popular with the ladies. Through Nadege he met Marie, his current main squeeze. I should also mention my buddy was completely naked. Yeah, his stuff was hanging out. Hot damn Toussaint had a big dick. He wrapped his arms around Marie and she purred like a kitten while masturbating and rubbing her big ass against him at the same time. This really turned on Toussaint. I just know it. Marie turned around and kissed her man. And just like that, they started doing it.

Marie and Toussaint made their way to the couch opposite Nadege and me. Toussaint began sucking on Marie’s big tits and fingering her pussy while she stroked his gigantic cock. Hot damn. They’re wild. Well, my lady and I are wild too. Nadege turned around and told me to fuck her in the ass. Hmm. I like the sound of that. I’ve fucked her ass a few times and while it was fun, it’s not something we do half as often as I’d like. I spread Nadege’s big butt cheeks wide open and pressed my cock against her backdoor.

Slowly, I worked my dick into Nadege’s backdoor. Meanwhile, Toussaint licked Marie’s pussy. Then he put her on all fours and started fucking her doggy style. Was this brother copying me or what? Apparently so. I smacked Nadege’s big ass as I drilled my cock into her asshole. Nadege squealed as I fucked her ass the way she liked it. This big Black woman is into rough anal sex, not the sweet love-me-tender crap a lot of females say they want. And I had no problem giving it to her. Toussaint smacked Marie’s ass as he fucked her. We winked at each other as we took our women on the ride of their lives. It was absolutely fucking awesome.

Later, the four of us hit the showers. Just four collegiate members of the Haitian Diaspora trying to keep our spirits up in a time of international crisis for our people. We’re survivors. The Haitian people will survive this and emerge stronger because of it. Our republic was founded by men and women who endured nightmares much worse than what we’re going through right now. And unlike us, they had to go it alone. My fellow Haitians, please keep your head up. We shall overcome the nightmare we’re collectively enduring. Ours is a strong nation. We’re the ultimate survivors. We will get through this. My love to you. Peace.

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