Fuck Fest

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I am engaged. Absolutely committed to the most incredible man I’ve ever met. ? We started exploring anal play a few months ago, and it has escalated into the most amazing sexual adventure I never dreamt to have. ? We now have a decent collection of toys. We decided to go to the store together and got a harness, a great dildo, and vibrators. It was great to do it together. We also ordered stuff online together. ? We were anxious to try everything. At first I was bit scared to try the harness. It can be a bit of a threatening thing. I ended up giving it a try. He really wanted it and I’ll do anything and everything to please him. I have pegged him several times now, and it’s always a joyful experience for both of us.

We decided to have a fuck fest this past weekend, and it was fantastic. ?A fuck fest is a celebration of our sex life. Is a time devoted exclusively to sex, to the exploration of our many fantasies and needs. A fuck fest is a carnival, an ode to flesh and sexual fulfillment.

We bakırköy escort started on Friday night, after dinner. We opened a bottle of white wine, after eating some truly delicious Middle Eastern food. We smoked up a bit, watched some pictures of US cities in different times in history, then we watched a video about colonialism, talked about politics a little bit (a favorite sport for both) and went into the living room where we started playing with each other.

A few days ago, my boyfriend told me he enjoys dressing with girl clothes. He said that it turns him on really bad. He had mentioned it before while having sex, and it was always a hot image for me to picture him in very sexy, soft lingerie. He only used to say it after we have had a few drinks, I guess he was a bit scared of what I would think, or he just wasn’t ready to share such an intimate desire. At some point I decided to ask him about this fantasy he kept bringing up and he opened beşiktaş escort up. He explained to me that he loves women’s clothes, that he sees women as the sexiest beings and that dressing like one makes him feel really sexy.

So for the first time I made him wear a very tight white dress of mine. It is not a real dress, but a slip that I wear under white dresses. It’s really soft and tight, so you can see every curve of the body. He looked so hot it was like a vision. I also made him wear some very sexy lace panties, he was going crazy, and I wanted to fuck him so bad. But we kept playing… we masturbated looking at each other for ages. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other.

I just wanted to watch him there, walking around dressed up and showing me his panties. Pulling them down and up again. His sexual energy, plus mine totally filled the room. We were both so horny just by looking at each other. I made him stand in every corner of the beylikdüzü escort room. I made him look at himself in the mirror and touch himself. I made him move his ass for me. Pull the panties up his ass and enjoy the roundness of his beautiful naked butt. Bliss. I ate his ass so bad, and as I pegged him, he was melting on my hands.

I kissed his neck and his nipples and I spanked him a little bit. And then a little bit more. He loved it and asked for more. I fucked him from behind, pulled him really close to me so I could touch his nipples while I fucked him. We were in heaven for hours. I made him put some lip-gloss on his lips and we kissed softly for ages. It was so delicious.

The weekend kept going and we played each morning and night, we put dildos inside of each other, we did every position we could think of. He fucked me and I fucked him in every room of our apartment, in every corner. We shared many fantasies and had an amazing imaginary threesome that made both of us shiver. He danced for me. I was delirious.

Today is Monday. And he was late for work, because we couldn’t figure out how to get ourselves out of that altered state of consciousness, and as soon as we opened our eyes and looked at each other, we needed to have each other again…one last time before going back into reality.

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