Friends’ Catching Up

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It was the end of a very long working day for Evie. She had been meaning to meet up with a friend from school, you know, just to catch up or that is what she has been telling herself, except she had been flirting with him at every given chance. Osman, that was his name. She met him when she was in university, he was a year her senior and dating the hottest girl in university then. He was supposed to pick her up from work and head out for a drink or two to catch up.

She found herself staring at the mirror, applying a second coat of mascara to bring out her doe brown eyes. She had taken time to finish her eyes up with cat eye makeup. She was not too into makeup, and found herself just putting on some dark lipstick, to make it look like she had put in some effort. Her outfit was casual; a long sleeved black blouse with skinny jeans and converses. It was seriously business underneath the clothes though, she had worn her favorite push up lace bra with matching panties.

She was pulled from her thoughts when she got a text from him to come downstairs. She took one last glance at herself in the mirror and decided that this was enough for a friends’ night of catching up.

Osman pulled up next to the building of where she worked in his sleek silver car. Eevie was not a car fanatic, but his car looked good, was clean and smelled of him. A smell she had somehow not forgotten; given the time they had spent apart.

She said a quick, “Hello”. She quickly put her purse down and strapped herself in, taking in a good look at Osman. He looked istanbul escort great, dressed in a polo shirt and jeans. She was a bit surprised since it was summer and knew that Osman preferred shorts.

“So, where are we going?” she asked as she offered a little smile, not as bold as she is online, averting eyes, in case Osman might see anything hinting her little crush on him.

“I have a place in mind.” Osman replied, keeping a steady eye out on the road.

They caught up, asking each other about their jobs, work and love lives. Osman mentioned how his breakup led him to join the gym where he has been working out regularly.

Eevie let out an, “I can see that.” without missing a beat. She blushed a little hoping he would not see it. He managed to chuckle lightly before they pulled up next to a bar that was buzzing with life. It was not packed fully, but it was brimming with life. The usual work crowd gone to unwind for the weekend.

There were fairy lights on the ceiling and a hostess dressed cute welcomed them inside. They were seated quite close to the bar in plush leather chairs, and the hostess informed them of it being a special night for ladies, as they had a house special cocktail for them. Eevie decided that that would be what she would be having and Osman ordered whiskey on the rocks for himself.

With the drinks starting to embolden Eevie, she found herself laughing and flirting with Osman. His jokes seemed funnier, his lips looked more kissable and avcılar escort it was becoming strenuous to keep her from wanting to touch those strong arms that she really wanted to hold her in. She wanted his head between her legs, eating her out, as she grasped his thick straight hair. She wanted those strong arms around her hips, her waist; anywhere but on the table.

She rolled her eyes at him after she challenged him to use pickup lines on her, which were awfully lame.

“Stop rolling your eyes at me, we are not even having sex yet,” Osman teased her. She furiously blushed and ordered a new round of drinks to distract herself as she felt herself getting damp between the legs. She swore if she had been standing, her legs would have given way just by how he looked into her eyes. She thought maybe she saw desire in his eyes, but did not allow herself to jump the gun.

“Tell me what your turn-on’s are,” Eevie drawled out, clearly buzzed, but definitely not drunk. “I love large eyes,” Osman said it looking into her eyes, her breath catching in her throat, all Eevie could manage was a “Right” before she found her ears getting heated up. This usually happened to her when she was turned or when someone makes her blush, and she could not identify which one it was in that moment.

Osman had met a friend at the bar, and he was too drunk to get home by himself without being a liability to anyone around him. Osman, being the ever gentleman as ever, decided that he needed to take his friend, Mike, home before he şirinevler escort could drop Eevie off. Eevie did not protest, nor did she want to. She wanted to spend more time with him to see if there was any chemistry between them.

Osman carried his friend over his back, took him inside his girlfriend’s apartment. He quickly introduced Mike’s girlfriend. Cora to Eevie, while mentioning that he desperately needed a smoke, and Cora handed him a cigarette. Not one to indulge in smoking, Eevie watched his mouth wrapped around the cigarette butt as he lit it up and inhaled deeply, all while maintaining eye contact with her.

She realized how incredibly hot he looked with his cigarette in his mouth, blowing the smoke out. His round glasses made him look even more attractive. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the fact that she wanted him to kiss her, but she could hardly breathe.

His friend was put to sleep; his friend’s girlfriend went to get Eevie some water when Osman walked up to her. He cupped her face in one of his hands and kissed her, it was not a wild kiss by any chance, but it did indicate how much he wanted her. She kissed him back immediately and pulled back as quickly when the girlfriend returned.

They returned to the car; the sexual tension was so thick that it could have been cut with a knife. “I am sorry,” he said once they were seated inside. “For what-“, she was quickly cut off as he cupped her face again and kissed her. This time, it was a pretty rough kiss, with his tongue fighting with hers for dominance, and his hands around her waist. She did not even know when she began straddling his lap, but she was and she could feel his bulge through her own jeans as they ground against each other.

“Come home with me.” Osman demanded as his hands found their way inside her blouse, cupping her boobs as he flicked her nipples.

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