Friday Shopping

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It was in the Local Supermarket, the usual Friday night rigmarol Of shopping for the week, tired, with a list in my hand of immediate/weekly want’s. It was in the Washing Liquids Ailse. . . .I was reaching up to the top shelf for a Bleaching Powder. She….unoticeable until now…was after the same product. My hand inadverdantly/somehow, got caught in the buttons of her blouse and brushed her breast. She reacted rather than expected, given the situation.

“Do you mind”!. The vision materialized before my eyes…gulp. “I….am so sorry”, I somehow explained, grasping for air at not only for what I had just done, but for the apparition that stood before me!!!! “And so you should be, you freak”, the Vision of Angels Said. “Hey,! hold on a minute, Miss”, I said…”It was a genuine mistake, I was only reaching for the Bleach!!”. The apparation spoke, “Ohkay, in the first place, I am not a Miss, my name is Melissa, in the second place, why do you want bleach”?. Corny?,, Females have a right to question everything!!. “Because….Melissa…..don’t mind….do you?….I get grubby doing my day-to-day job….names Dave, by-the-way”. She/Melisasa…looked at me, I reciprocated, after all…one good stare deserves another! She gave in first, laughing, “Yes, Dave, not your fault…but there are better ways to touch a woman than to be as obvious as that!!”.

“Wrong foot, Melissa….it is Melissa, is it?”, she nodded affirmativly… “purely unitentional, but, if I could live my life again, would make sure that I was sarıyer escort here/now/this very instant/time…would not hesitate do make the same movement again”! Melissa looked askance at me, as if sizing me up… “I believe you would, Dave, honesty is a a virtue in my book, are you a virgin”?. Yeah…well…pigs fly….I ain’t no virgin, and, looking at Melissa, if she wasn’t then only Thor and the Gods had had her, if you know what I mean. “Yes”, I said, waiting for the thunderbolt that solves all problems on this planet….nothing from the heavans happened. “Oh…I’m so soooryyy”, Melissa/Vision apologetically said. ‘Whaaaaaa……t!, she………. Sooooorrryyyy!!!!?’, my neathrandrtal brain,somehow finally connecting from my ears to my thinking processor being connected and put into coherant thought, digested that last statement. “Look”, Vision said, “finish shopping….ring”, she wrote a number on the back of my shopping list. “Thanks Melissa….See Ya”,…fully expecting to See ‘HER’ never again!!!, continued shopping, looking for, but not espying her, amongst the Friday Night melee that is called, the rush. (Never understood that as Saturday/Sunday was always available to shop for their essentials though people still insisted on doing it on Friday Nights)!. Go Home…unpack shopping..mind elsewhere…mainly on previous weeks goals / work / bonuses…(laugh to myself)…maybe next quarter?…check shopping list against spurilous prices, (don’t trust esenyurt escort checkout girls), throw list on table, reveals phone number??…Dail…..Answers…. “Hello” “Melissa”? “Who’s This”? “Dave . . the Bleach kid at the supermart” “Daaavvvveee, ooooohhhh, sooo looovelllly to hear from you”. Wow…She…remembered me!!! “Coming over”?. . . .Invitations……I never refuse! “Yes, Ohkay, Melissa, Wherd’a live”.? Writing down the address was essential, memorizing it being stupid, me being, brilliant but not all that bright, or was it the other way around?!!!!, bugger it, on yer horse, Davo.

Arriving at The Visions place wasn’t that difficult, being ‘just around the corner, so-to speak. Knock on Door, Vision Opened it. “Well, that was quick”!, Melissa said. Me????, any quicker would have acheived escape velocity and gone into orbit!!! “Come in, so loooovellly to see you”. Melissa wa dressed?….c’mon, man, she was adorned with the shortest,cutest nightie that even a Ballerina woudn’t wear on a first night. Long, slim legs that stretched from the floor to heavan. Breasts that promised all that we had wanted since inventing them…( yeah bastards …arn’t we!), but….looking at those two pinnacles of perfection we must take the glory!….sorry, Almighty!!! “Seat?, Drink?” “Uh…no….Bed”, I said …stupidly. “OhKay….hoping you’d say that!!!”. With ‘that’ she grasped my arm and led me to aforsaid ‘bed’, a big 4-poster with all the trimmings. “Tie Me”. “Uh” “Tie me to bed” “Uh”! “Tie avrupa yakası escort me to all four corners”……..a statement. Not willing to say ‘Uh’ anymore, moronic comments, I felt, being out of place from here on in,took command, yeah, now I was Attilla The Hun!

“Lay-Lye-spread arms and legs”, I commanded. Melissa did as told….jeeze…she was lovely just standing up,but lying there spreadeagled was something that all men should pay homage to, totally incredible to behold. I tokenly tied her to the 4 posts, hating to hurt her in any way. “Not Tight enough, can still move”, Melissa said. Pulled on the ropes, (which were made out of silk cords, by-the way), tensioned each one individually, asking Melissa at each step, Comfy”??? “More”!, she replied. Ohkay…..Tensioned each one until Vision was…. ummmm… happy with tensioniong . . . bugger it, last thing I wanted was to hurt the poor Girl! “Need Pillow”!. Nerd Head…that’s me…”What for”? “Under Bum, to raise it!!”. Vision was too much to look at anyway, placing pillow under bum raised secret place for Allah and me to see!!. “Comfy”? “You Cannot be that Stupid, Dave….take me”!!!! Ooops…..catching on fast, did as told. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGG” “Hurt”?, that was Melissa asking me. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”, me ..wimp. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGG” “Hurt”?, that was me asking Melissa. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, that was Melissa….touche’ . . I am in the belief that we repart’ed . or danced like this for a good half-hour, Melissa being at a distinct disavantage as she had limited movement of those wonderful limbs of hers.

“Turn me over”!, command from Godess in bed. Did as told, from then on was all under Melissa’s control,though, in retrospect, lying in my recuperative ward for the past 6 months trying to learn to walk again, I am in the belief that Melissa had the upper hand.!

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