Forbidden Ch. 17

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She loves me! Matthew’s head was spinning. He was in a daze as lay on top of Priya’s soft, naked body. His flaccid penis was still inside her and he was mindlessly kissing into her neck. Her hands were gently stroking his back. This woman who I’ve been secretly in love with for years, actually feels the same way!

He lifted up and looked at her, and his heart fluttered as her dark eyes blinked up at him. She offered a smile and pursed her lips. He kissed her softly, briefly sucking her upper lip. He tasted some of her saliva and his heart pounded. This is really happening!

“So what are we going to do?” She asked, hesitantly. And that was the million-dollar question. What couldthey do? This family was tightly-knit. Priya and Raj already had a child. Not for the first time, Matthew cursed the fact that didn’t meet her a year earlier. Meeting her when he did, there was nothing that could be done. He had already been dating Zoe for several months when that happened – and Priya was just weeks away from getting married to Raj. It was a couple of years before Matthew realized his feelings, but even if he knew them immediately, what could he have done? Dump his girlfriend and convince her sister to dump her fiancé and start dating him? Obviously impossible. But…if only he had met Priya one year earlier!

“Nothing.” He replied, after a pause. The disappointment was clear in his voice. “We can’t destroy the family by leaving Raj and Zoe and running off together!” She smiled, grimly. She knew it. There really wasn’t a choice. But she also couldn’t stop seeing Matthew. Especially now. Especially after expressing their feelings.

“I know.” Priya replied. “We cannot do that. We can only just conn-tinue on with things the way they are. In secret.” She kissed him. “It will be diffeecult.” She said, looking into his eyes. “I’ve raily…become attached.”

Her eyes were beautiful and for a moment his heart forgot to beat. His penis hardened inside her and he took her left hand in his right one and held it above her head. He then grabbed her other hand in his and held that one above her head too. He was holding both of her hands as he began to slowly slide his arousal in and out of her again. It was instinctive. She smiled and he couldn’t help but kiss her mouth.

“You’re right.” He said. “It will be hard to be married to one person while loving another. I don’t know if we can sustain it, but I would like to try for as long as possible.” He had thought about it a million different ways. A trial separation, keeping the secret relationship and then after a divorce and everything settles – then taking it public maybe four years down the road. Still won’t work. Priya would be immediately shunned from the family. And hell, his family wouldn’t be too thrilled either.

“Me too.” She replied, loving how his hard penis felt inching in and out of her pussy. “But I alraidy know I would rail-y miss you if I even went a week without seeing you.”

“I think…we can make it work.” He figured, his breathing was getting heavy. He couldn’t believe he was actually having a conversation with his sister-in-law while his penis was easing in and out of her snug, hot vagina. “We’ll see each other often. We’ll still have each other, and the family will remain intact.”

She smiled sportingly, her bare feet caressing the outside of his legs as he made love to her. They each knew that the right thing to do would be to end this. But they each knew that their hearts would not let that happen.

“Secret lovers then?” Priya asked.

“Yes.” He nodded, pushing back inside her. His hands squeezed hers as he continued to hold them above her head.

“At least…we’re both in the same situay-shun.” Priya said. He lightly kissed her full lips.

“That definitely makes it easier. We understand the stakes.” He squeezed her hands, looking deep into her eyes. “I really do love you.”

The tears welled up even more and she tried to lean up to kiss him but his hands were holding her down. Smiling, he kissed her softly, canlı bahis feeling her tongue immediately dart into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue, heart pounding with excitement. For the next two minutes not a sound could be heard as the two in-laws kissed deeply as they made love. He savored her mouth gently sucking at him. Her legs were open wide as he thrust into her, and her bare feet were hovering above the bed, waving back and forth. Her womanhood was nice and snug around him, pulling at him as he entered her again and again. She broke the kiss, her Indian accent apparent as she spoke.

“Oh my gawd – I have nay-ver felt this way be-four.” She said, chuckling. “I have a tremendous orge to fale you cum inside me again.”

“Happy to accommodate.” Matthew replied, smiling. He could not be any harder. Priya laughed merrily and her smile never failed to warm him. And when she chuckled her snug tunnel shook around his cock. He kissed her again and they rolled over onto their side. Her back was to the door and if her husband were to walk in he would see a white hand on his wife’s brown ass, squeezing her cheek as a cock slid in and out of her slick pussy. Matthew massaged her soft cheek over and over again.

He slowly made love to her on their side, looking into her eyes the entire time. Priya ran her foot up and down his leg as she felt his hard rod squeeze into and out of her horny cunt. She smiled at him, cherishing the feeling of his phallus entering her body over and over. They made love that way for a few minutes, occasionally kissing tenderly but mostly just staring into each other’s eyes. His hardness penetrated her slowly, over and over again and she could feel his hand gently squeezing her ass cheek. Eventually, her body wanted more. Planting her mouth on his, Priya rolled Matthew onto his back, still keeping her tongue far into his mouth. Their tongues danced against each other as he ran his hands down her back and locked each of them onto a soft ass cheek. She broke the kiss and held herself far up above him, looking down at the man who was inside her. This man was married to her sister – but had expressed his love to her.

Matthew, for his part, was enjoying the view. There was nothing in this world more beautiful to look at than a naked Priya. She tucked the one side of her hair behind her ears. Her large breasts were bouncing up and down a little as she rode him slowly. He looked down her sexy, stretch-marked belly to the black fur of her bush. Even in candlelight he could see the dark lips of her pussy pulling outward each time his manhood pulled out of her a little. He slid his fingers into the crack of her ass a little more and at the same time she hovered over him, allowing her breasts to hang just out of reach of his lips.

He lifted up a little and sucked Priya’s nipple into his mouth. She sighed above him and she reached behind his head with one hand and held him in place as he sucked her breast. He ran his tongue back and forth across the nub that he held trapped in his mouth before releasing it, turning his head, and sucking the other nipple. Releasing that one, he began kissing up her chest to her neck. One of his hands released her ass cheek and slid up her back as his lips kissed up her neck to her chin. She turned and met his lips with her own and the two lovers kissed passionately as she made love to him. She started to ride him a little faster, sliding her slick pussy up and down his rigid organ.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” she moaned into his mouth as he poked at the back of her cunt over and over. Matthew grabbed her ass with both hands, holding her cheeks tight and began to drill his rampant hard-on up into her needy pussy as fast and as hard as he could. Her tits and belly were shaking as he thrust up into her rapidly. The bed was shaking. Priya was forced to break the kiss, bowing her head down beside him, her hair pouring across his face a little.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” she whined, orgasm beginning to rise as she got fucked with power.

Matthew had each of her bahis siteleri bare ass cheeks in a death grip as he pistoned his penis up into Priya’s helpless vagina mercilessly. Her orgasm was rising rapidly and in no time at all it exploded inside her. The buzzing was at its peak and her vagina clearly felt his manhood glide along the sensitive inner walls.

“OHHHHHHH!” she cried, gritting her teeth as pleasure wracked her body. Her cunt was pulsating around his manhood as he continued to fuck up into her very hard. The bed was rocking and he was slapping against her with lightning speed. She finally let out her breath in a gasp, her orgasm subsiding a bit. She kissed at his cheek breathlessly as she took his cock into her hot treasure over and over.

Matthew slowed and turned to her. His lips found hers and they kissed breathlessly, tongues flailing about. The entire room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing and their loud kissing. He began to sit up slowly. Priya squeezed one foot underneath her and was able to get it around him and then she did the same with her other foot until he was able to sit up straight in the bed, with her on his lap, her long legs wrapped around him. He looked into her eyes for a moment, getting lost. His heart pounded with love as they maintained eye contact while her tremendous heat gripped his entire length. They moved against each other, but only subtly. He glanced down at her full, pouty lips. They were too tempting.

They kissed deeply, tongues going very far into each other’s mouth. The kissing echoed loudly in her bedroom. He was deep inside her hot pussy, and he was only able to move in and out of her very slowly. Her soft mouth gently sucked at him, and her long tongue teased and circled around his. Eventually, their kissing slowed, and all that could be heard was their breathing as they looked into each other’s eyes. Her big, dark eyes were filled with love and she slowly smiled at him.

“I love you.” Priya said, heart pounding as she slid her pussy an inch or two up and down his penis, keeping it deep inside her.

“I love you too.” Matthew answered back. They kissed passionately, with urgency. Wrapping his arms around her, he lifted her up as he flipped her onto her back, keeping his cock inside her heat but breaking the kiss. Priya lay on her back on the bed, pretty feet high in the air.

He slipped his arms underneath her long legs, throwing her ankles up on his shoulders as he held himself high above her. Slowly easing in and out of her, he grabbed Priya’s foot off his left shoulder and kissed the top of it. She took such good care of her feet – they were absolutely beautiful. He kissed all along her instep, his cock swelling even harder inside her with excitement. He kissed the bottom of her small foot up to her toes. He sucked the tip of her big toe into his mouth. Sucking it all the way in, he licked a circle around it before pulling it out. He then kissed over top of each of her toes before sucking the biggest three into his mouth. He watched himself penetrate her again and again, his thick penis disappearing between her dark petals. His tongue licked back and forth underneath her three toes, his thumbs massaged the bottom of her cool foot.

“Ohhhhh…” Priya looked up at him, eyebrows raised as she took his rigid pole inside her horny pussy over and over again, watching as he kissed the tip of her big toe. He sucked it into his mouth, not missing a thrust. He pulled out her toe and sucked her second one, his hands massaging her foot as he plunged into her wetness again and again. She smiled when he sucked her two biggest toes into his mouth, his thumbs still rubbing the bottom of the foot.

Matthew let go of her foot to grab the other one. Holding her thin ankle, he held the new foot up to his face and began kissing her instep as well as the flawless skin over top of it. He kissed the top of her big toenail and briefly sucked it before pulling it back out. She curled her toes and he pulled them to his mouth, sucking three of them bahis şirketleri inside, his cock still sliding in and out of her tight wetness. Sucking on the toes, he fucked her harder.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Priya whined, her eyebrows raised as he bounced her naked ass off the bed. She was helpless, her legs on his shoulders as he thrust into her soaking wet pussy. The toes of one foot were still in his mouth as his dick darted in and out of her. He had her foot in both hands.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Priya cried as his groin slammed against her defenseless slit. He looked down at her naked body and the way it was scrunched up with her legs up, her erotic, subtle belly rolls squishing up against her tits. Her tight pussy gobbled him up again and again, wrapping tightly around his base each time he crashed against her. He couldn’t take it anymore, pulling her toes out of his mouth. Releasing her feet, he put all his weight on her legs, her ankles on his shoulders, and he began to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Just jamming his rigid cock deep inside her needy Indian pussy with all of his might. His groin slapped against her defenseless slit again and again.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Her high-pitched cries rang loudly through the room. If Raj were to enter the bedroom at that moment, he would see his wife Priya getting the shit fucked out of her. He would see her long legs up in the air, her ankles on Matthew’s shoulders, her bare feet flailing helplessly as the big white man jammed his manhood inside her over and over again. He would see her huge tits bouncing over and over again and he would see her face wincing and her eyebrows raised in ecstasy as another man fed her his manhood. Her ass bounced off the bed, ricocheting her pussy upwards to meet each rapid thrust, resulting in a crazy pace.

“UNH! UNH! OH GAWD!” Her cries were so loud that Raj wouldn’t even need to be at the doorway to hear them – he could hear them if he just walked through the front door downstairs. Priya, the woman that he married, her high-pitched voice crying out with pleasure as she got fucked by her sister’s husband.

“GIVE IT TO ME! UNH! UNH! UNH!” Her voice squealed. Matthew was going to lose it. Her voice was sexy and her moans pushed him to the edge. His cock had swelled to the max as it filled with semen. It was hypersensitive in this state, clearly feeling her snug vagina envelope him again and again.

“CUM INSIDE ME!” She cried out loudly. Her pretty toes curled on each side of his head and she grit her teeth, wincing as she took his manhood into her.

He slid his cock all the way inside his sister-in-law’s pussy and held it there, pressing his groin tightly against her. He stared down at her gorgeous face, and released. His penis pulsated inside her, unleashing a thick rope of cum that splattered off the back of her cunt. Another load immediately followed, shooting deep inside her vagina like a bullet. Her pussy grabbed at his semen and pulled it deeper inside her, hungry for more. He ground against her, his penis spasming and unleashing a massive load of his potent cum – all of it going directly into Priya’s vagina.

Matthew had a lot more to give, his manhood jerking again, firing more of his seed into Priya’s fertile womb. She could feel his cock expand and contract inside her tight little pussy and she reached around and grabbed his ass with both hands, pulling him towards her. He looked into her eyes as they gasped for breath, the last of his seed dripping inside her fertile pussy.

Her legs opened up and he collapsed on top her, trying to catch his breath as her hands softly stroked up and down his back.

“Oh my gawd…” Priya breathed into his ear. As if to emphasis her words, her long legs squeezed him tight. He turned to look at her. He could not look at her beautiful, full lips for very long without kissing them. He kissed her soundly and her tongue darted into his mouth. Her legs continued to hold her brother-in-law tight. She had so much of his cum inside her. Eventually, they broke the kiss.

“It sucks that we can only do this on the side.” Priya commented, accent thick and so very wonderful. She kissed his mouth again. “We are rail-y good together.”

“I know.” He agreed. She chuckled, happily.

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