First Time Female Encounter Ch. 03

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This is the 3rd, and concluding, Chapter to First Time female Encounter. It can read on it’s own but it would be great if you could read the previous two first, get to know the character s and background before reading this.


Tammy blindly reached out her hand behind her as she walked down the aisle.

Sarah, like a Relay Runner, slipped her fingers into the awaiting hand and felt herself drawn up behind Tammy. She wrapped her arms around her waist and they shuffled past the empty seats together and quickly out into the empty foyer.

Tammy seemed to know where she was going and so Sarah, still in her relaxed and euphoric state, just trailed behind her feeling totally at ease and willing to go wherever this beautiful woman wanted to lead. Out into the midday sun and along the street they walked, Sarah still clutching onto the leading hand like a little puppy eager to follow and grinning at the uncertainty of it all, the mystery of where they were going and what would happen next.

Tammy turned the corner swiftly and was heading up the steps of a very swanky hotel. The doorman nodded to them as they headed up the red, carpeted steps and held the door open for them to enter. A million thoughts flooded Sarah’s brain, stupid thoughts perhaps, that she was dressed in a cheap summery outfit and they would kick her out of such a hotel, that she hadn’t bought enough money to be able to pay for such a hotel, if a room was what Tammy had in mind.

“What did Tammy have in mind” Sarah gulped, she was worried and excited all at the same time and she realised at that moment that it was this exhilaration and intrigue that first attracted her to Tammy. Well, apart from her gorgeous body and beautiful, kissable, lickable face!

They entered and became lost in the huge entrance area, a spectacular fountain bubbled in the centre, it’s jets of water tinkling on the mirrored glass base and they walked towards the feature. Tammy turned and looked at Sarah for the first time since leaving the movie theatre. She smiled. Such a cheeky smile, full of passion and coming promises. Sarah smiled back immediately; one flash of that smile is all she needs to feel such love for this girl!

” I’d like you to go into the bar and wait for me” Tammy whispered into her ear, leaning in close to be heard above the gushing sound of the fountain. Sarah shuddered at the feeling of soft lips brushing her tender ear and then looked quizzical at Tammy. “Where are you going, how long will you be?” Sarah asked in return to the command but was hushed from her onslaught of questions by Tammy looking deep into her eyes, smiling and bringing one finger close to her lips and Shushing. Her eyes moved in the direction of the bar, at the same time nodding her head in the same direction. Sarah followed the direction; still not sure what was expected of her and when she looked back, Tammy was disappearing into the distance!

Frowning, Sarah walked into the bar area and found that it was virtually empty which relieved her a bit as she still felt awkward in her attire. Her panties still felt damp as she walked; her blouse was still gaping at the buttons, where earlier Tammy’s tongue had been exploring. She walked to the bar, smiling at the bartender, she order a large glass of red wine and retreated to a corner booth, where she could sit and relax and assess the situation. “Where had Tammy disappeared to” she pondered as she looked at her watch. A little before 2pm. She knew she had to be home for 8 tonight and it was a forty minute drive… If the roads are clear! She watched a middle aged Businessman picking the label from his Bud as he perched on a bar stool, the cigarette he had propped on the ashtray slowly shrinking as it burnt away. Sarah glanced at her watch again and was surprised to see it was a quarter past. “Where the hell was she?” she muttered to herself as she felt her worry turn to anger. “Had she taken what she wanted and just left?” “Would Tammy do that?” “Surely they had grown too close over the past week, they were friends, right?” the thoughts rushed through her mind quicker than she could answer them. But she needn’t have worried. At that moment her cell phone beeped the arrival of a text message.

” Ignore me when I come in, let’s play a game” the message read. It was from Tammy.

Sarah looked up just in time to see Tammy casually walk through the entrance to the bar area. She glided across the floor, as Sarah’s eyes darted up and down her body taking in the picture before her.

“Oh my God! She has changed!” Sarah thought, her mouth dropping open casino siteleri at the realisation and also the new image that Tammy was presenting her with. Her eyes took the journey from the floor to her head once more. From patent black sling backs with silver tipped stiletto heels, up her slender, taught legs enveloped in sheer black stockings which were precisely positioned to show off the thick black seam running in a perfect straight line up the back of her legs and disappearing into the unknown. Her dress was beautifully tailored to show off her curves and started midway up her thighs, allowing such a sight of those glorious legs. Sarah was breathing heavily now, the sight before her fed her imagination and her throat was suddenly dry. As she reached for her glass she noticed her hands were shaking and she hoped the wine would calm her. Looking back to the bar, Tammy was seated two stools away from Mr. Bud Bottle Peeler and was chatting to the bartender. They were both laughing at something either had said as he poured her a tall drink, with ice and a straw. Again her eyes dropped and she found herself staring at those stocking’ed legs, crossed, with the calf muscles visible and tight as she sat high on the bar stool. Again, Sarah felt that her mouth was open and she had to force herself to look away. As she looked up she felt Tammy lock her eyes onto hers and wink, smiling a sweet smile at her. At that instant Sarah felt her clit twitch and she flooded her panties with a warmth she normally only reserved for her husband! This was too much. She was on an altogether different consciousness. And it felt good.

Tammy was sucking on her straw, drawing it up between her perfectly glossed ruby red lips. She now had full make-up on and looked like a Hollywood actress, about to seduce her leading… lady! The tip of her tongue flicked out and toyed with the end of the straw. Sarah looked around, Bud man was still playing with his label, and probably too many bottles past caring and the bartender had disappeared. There was movement. Sarah looked down to see the legs just re-crossing and in doing so, presumably purposefully, Sarah had a glimpse of stocking top and at that instant again felt warmth between her legs as she gushed into her already sopping panties. She inhaled and could sense her own musky smell, she felt her face flush and wanted to just disappear, to not be in such a public place and she looked back to the bar to plead with Tammy for them to leave but as she looked up, again, her lover had gone!

‘Chink Cluck’ she was jolted back to reality with two glasses and a bottle of red being placed on the table and looked up to see Tammy stood by the side of the booth.

“Hello, I have been watching you from the bar, and it seems we are both alone, do you mind if I join you for a drink?” Tammy said loudly and in a sultry tone.

Sarah smiled and drew her arm across the booth as if to say, “Take a seat.”

Tammy re-filled Sarah’s glass and poured herself one and continuing the pretence of not knowing her chinked Sarah’s glass and announced, ” I’m Tamsin, pleased to meet you.”

“You look gorgeous, Tammy, I don’t think I can play this game, I want you too much.” Sarah stammered the words, she was still shaking, she was so in awe of this woman sat before her and she could think of nothing more than ravishing her.

“Sshhh, plenty of time, honey.” Said Tammy as she sidled up next to Sarah on the bench seat. In doing so she rubbed her thigh against Sarah’s bare leg again causing an involuntary shudder and that now familiar warmth spreading. An arm snaked around her waist and Tammy pulled her close. “Just enjoy these sensations, this is just the start.” Whispered Tammy. “I want this first time to be something you will never, ever forget so let’s just draw it out a little longer, enjoy your wine!” She added and squeezed at Sarah’s waist, offering comfort and encouragement at the same time.

“I am here on business, I don’t really know this city and I was all alone in my hotel room so thought Id pop down for a drink” Tammy continued in the false sultry tone and Sarah smiled at the difference in her voice. Suddenly the words Hotel Room hit her and she realised what Tammy was saying, and as she looked up she saw Tammy glug back the last of the wine in her glass and begin to stand. All Sarah could do was follow her with her eyes by which time Tammy was fully standing and leaning down on the table looking directly into Sarah’s eyes.

“Bring the bottle, honey, we can relax more back in my room… follow me!” Sarah quickly finished off her wine, more for the calming effect on her nerves canlı casino than any other reason and felt herself standing and following Tammy… or Tamsin!

They entered the elevator together and stood side by side, Tammy slid her hand into Sarah’s and whispered, “It will be okay, just relax!” This caused Sarah to grip her hand tightly and smile. She seemed on autopilot as she followed Tammy from the elevator and along two corridors until they reached the closed door.

“This is it.” Tammy stated matter of factly as she slid her key card in the door and it flung open.

The first thing that hit Sarah was the smell, sensual and floral … was it bath oils? And then she saw the candles, lots of them, all lit and casually scattered all around the room. It was beautiful. Again Sarah was lost for words and her mouth had that dry feeling again. She poured out two glasses and offered one to Tammy but as she looked in her direction she could see Tammy was already beginning to undress. Sarah’s mouth dropped open again as a stocking was flung in her direction and landed across her shoulder.

“Oh my God” Sarah mouthed but not all the words seemed to have come out loud so she cleared her throat and tried again.

“Come on, join in, I’m not going in there on my own you know!” Tammy chided as she pointed towards the bathroom.

And then Sarah realised the source of the lovely smell, the bathroom was full of scented candles, all flickering away and the bath had already been drawn, steam and wonderful scent emanating from the hot inviting water. As she was taking in the idyllic scene, she suddenly took in a huge gasp as she saw Tammy stride naked into it and create paradise! Her eyes were locked upon that curvy perfectly round and soft ass as it lifted in response to one leg and then two entering the bath. Her eyes travelled quickly just in time to see her perfect shaved pussy peaking out of the junction of long lean legs. She knew her mouth was watering at the sight of the two pink inner labia, which bobbed out into view as Tammy lowered herself and finally sat in the water.

Sarah wasted no time, her blouse was off in an instant and the she can’t even remember taking anything else off, it all happened so quickly and before she knew it she was behind Tammy in the tub, her head resting on her shoulder nuzzling into her precious neck. Her arms wrapped around Tammy’s waist in an adoring hug with her hands snaking up and down her torso, not knowing where to stop. She cupped a breast and then the other, kneading them between her palm and fingers, with her fingers splitting to trap a nipple between and to tease it out. No teasing was needed however as they were so erect, Sarah didn’t want to let go, she pushed her mound in closer, feeling the warmth of Tammy’s cheeks yielding to the pressure on them, her own breasts pushing into Tammy’s back, she so wanted to melt into her, to become one. She reached around and planted soft butterfly kisses across her neck, her cheek, her nose, finally stopping at those rouged lips where, oh, so tenderly she kissed her prize.

Tammy swung around in the water, so that she was now facing Sarah and seated upon her lap, urgently pushing her mound into Sarah’s. Sarah bucking up in response, them both needing each other so badly, dropping her head and finally taking the long tight nipple into her mouth, it was huge like a Loganberry, swollen and oh so sweet. She sucked and nuzzled at Tammy’s breast like a nursing child, and like a baby she had unconditional love for this woman, she felt she could stay attached and suckling forever, she felt so contented. She felt Tammy’s pussy grinding now into her own and knew exactly what she wanted. What she needed. What she yearned for. She lifted Tammy from her hips, guiding her upwards so that Tammy was now stood in front of her, her pussy directly next to Sarah’s waiting mouth.

She bent forward and saw Tammy twitch in anticipation, she saw her juices flowing from her opening and then she had it, her first scent of a woman. She was intoxicated, the smell spread up her nostrils and straight to her brain. It was a drug, she wanted more, she wanted to smell that aroma forever and more than that she wanted to taste it. She eased forward and took the whole pussy into her mouth, enveloping the whole area, the engorged lips swelling in the tight confines of her hot mouth. She let her tongue slip out and probe the lips her mouth was covering. They were so soft and smooth, the cum was gushing out between them and Sarah hungrily lapped it all up loving the taste and wanting more. She wanted to make Tammy come. But not here.

Sarah kaçak casino stood up and guided her to the bedroom, laying her down on her back on the bed. She mounted her and hugged her gently, kissing the nape of her neck, her shoulders and up again, nibbling her ears. Tammy was moaning softly and lifting her hips up and down, she was desperate for some release now. Sarah’s tongue licked down, over her stiff nipples, letting them pop back into place after the wet tongue dragged them down with its downward journey. It danced over her abdomen, feeling the soft bouncy belly beneath it and over her sweet shaved mound until that awesome aroma hit her once more. Pure hot sex, the smell of lust and passion and uninhibited love. She got down on her knees on the floor and spread Tammy’s thighs, wrapping her ankles up behind her as she dove her head forward and pushed her tongue hard into the waiting, dripping slit.

Sarah was in heaven, she lapped at the flow which was oozing down the taught walls of Tammy’s pussy, she could feel it contracting beneath her tongue as she wiggled it around and lapped at the tender bumpy walls. She drank every drop, which gushed out at each administration that she did. Sarah brought her mouth up to Tammy’s eager clit now and sucked gently at first, drawing the little bud into her mouth and then releasing it and softly blowing cool air onto it before sucking it back up to repeat the process. Tammy was bucking wildly now; she was holding the back of Sarah’s head, forcing it hard back into her pussy, her hands wildly thrashing through her hair. Sarah felt her own pussy gush, she was on another planet, in pure bliss and she orgasmed right there, with her mouth sucking in Tammy’s pussy whole, her tongue flat and long slowly licking upwards towards the twitching clit. She shuddered again with an aftershock; she couldn’t believe she had orgasmed without being touched, just from the experience! She brought her lips once more over Tammy’s clit and nibbled down with her teeth, grazing it across the exposed pink pearl and that was it, Tammy howled at loud ” Owwwwwwwwwwwww Fuck me!!! Oowwwwww God, I’m coming, I’m coming Jeeeezzzzzzz”

Sarah didn’t need to be told, she was flooded with hot sticky cum, it was running down her neck and she was greedily lapping up and down at Tammy’s hole like her life depended on it. She put two fingers together and pushed them up through the cum and into the waiting pussy. She began pumping in and watch watching her own fingers disappear as she brought her other hand down to her own bare pussy and stroked it in time to the rhythm, she wanted to come together with Tammy and she knew that Tammy would not be long in coming again. Her eyes were glazed and staring wide at the ceiling, her hips were bucking wildly in the air, ramming back into Sarah’s fingers every time they were removed. Sarah added a third finger and two into her own pussy and she fingered them both together, panting like a wild animal herself now, she was near. She learned in and lapped again at Tammy’s slit, sucking in her soft rubbery labia, pulling them deep into her mouth. She was watching with amazement as her fingers slowly pumped in and out of the wet slit. It was such a sight to behold, beautiful and so sexy. She could feel herself coming, she leant in, licking at her fingers as they disappeared into the pink hole, savouring the warm juices and then without warning she went lower and lapped around Tammy’s little asshole, pushing the tip in, at the same time frantically fingering herself now, it was coming, it was coming. She forced her tongue past the seal and felt her tongue in Tammy’s tight ass.

“AAArrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Sarah came loudly.

She was first but only a split second before Tammy, who feeling the tongue in her ass gushed her third orgasm all over Sarah’s face. They were both spent and just lay there is their post glow and Sarah dozed off asleep. She awoke with her head resting on Tammy’s soft ass cheeks and she immediately smelt pussy again and had to take another taste. She slowly lapped at the tired pussy and tasted all the dried cum, cleaning up Tammy and in the process waking her.

“Hey!!” “Are you raping me, Sexy?” Tammy scolded

“I’m sorry, I just can’t get enough of you.” Sarah said as she cuddled up and planted a big loving kiss on her friend’s forehead.

They cuddled for another half an hour before realising that they both had other lives to lead and they needed to part. They dressed in silence, both solemn, not wanting this moment to end.

They left the hotel, hugged and both walked their separate ways. Sarah’s mind was awash with a million thoughts; a million experiences that had just became reality. And then it hit her, Tammy was right! She would never, ever forget this, her first time!

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