Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 30

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Keith felt his cock throb as he admired his wife’s incredible body. Lisa was wearing a tight white top that emphasised her amazing tanned smooth skin but it was her spectacular huge firm tits which stretched the straps over shoulders and strained her top which had Keith excited. It was just a quiet Saturday and they were staying in but his wife looked so fucking hot. She had such shiny long black hair and her eyes looked almost dark and sinister but so full of life and she was just so pretty. Lisa prided herself on staying in great shape and her top showed her magnificent flat stomach and toned abs and her tight denim shorts hugged her tight shapely bubble arse above her golden tanned thighs. It had been a while for Keith and he wanted to enjoy everything about his wife’s body that evening. She was dressed to impress but the last thing on her mind was that irrelevant little bump in her husband’s trousers.

“You look so hot, can we … do it tonight Lisa babe?”

“I really need it, I wanna be fucked? Keith, do you think you can really fuck me, properly I mean?”

“What do you mean? Of course I can. I am feeling so horny, thank God I have you.”

There was a noise in the kitchen.

“What was that, you wait here Lisa, it sounded like someone was… just wait here.”

Keith was cautious as he entered the kitchen but the next thing he knew he had a hood over his head and his hands were behind his back and in cuffs. He was terrified and called out to warn Lisa, the intruder made no attempt to stop him but instead simply bound and tied Keith’s legs together. Keith was left to call out warnings to his wife but he was left in the dark and unable to move just inside the kitchen door. He thought he could hear voices and his wife’s soft voice from the other room and he cried out: “Don’t you dare hurt her you bastard, I’ll kill you if you touch her.”

Five minutes passed before he hurt the clickity clack of his wife’s stilettos entering the kitchen.

“Lisa, Lisa is that you, are you ok? What is happening?”

“Keith, he has promised not to hurt me or you if …”

“If what, what Lisa?”

There was silence.

“What Lisa?”

“Well, you know, if he does me.”

“No Lisa, you don’t have to.”

“He is going to fuck me here in the kitchen…”

“No Lisa you must…”

“Listen Keith, that is not all. He wants to fuck me right on top of you, with you as a kind of … bed. I think he is a kinky fucker.”

“He is not going to lay a finger on you honey.”

“Oh what a relief, what are you going to do Keith?”

“Lisa, Jesus, that can’t happen, who the fuck do you think you are, coming into our house and ehh, ahhhh.”

A soft hand on his chest and a very gentle push but with feet and hands bound it was all it took to send him crashing to the floor.

“Oh honey, are you ok?” she said standing over him. Keith was puzzled about how the intruder had pushed him if it was Lisa standing in right in front of him but he presumed the man must be standing next to him too. Her voice was slightly strange too, almost patronising and sickly sweet.

“Lisa, what’s happening?” Keith said with fear in his voice.

Next thing he felt was her body pressing against him, he felt her silky hair against her face and the smooth skin of her cheek press against his face as she whispered:

“He said I am fucking hot, too hot for you. But we will get through this babe” she whispered. “And what is that I can feel, is that an erection? Keith, you naughty boy! Your wife is about to be fucked and you have this little hard on.”

She allowed her huge tits to press into his face and he felt her hard nipples through her top and the incredible softness yet firmness of her magnificent tits. He felt her hips lock around him and for a moment he felt he was with his stunning wife and then it happened.

The weight of another person, a much bigger person, crushed Lisa into him even more and she grunted. Keith felt the stranger thrust forward against her arse but then he felt fingers against his face and then they slid between his face and her giant firm tits. Keith groaned “no” but the hands were relentless. These hands started kneading those giant tits and the hands worked over her glorious assets for minute after minute.

“Get off her tits, you bastard!”

Next casino siteleri he heard a zip going down and a male grunt and Keith shouted “no, please”.

“Keith, we will get through…. Oh God, Jesus that’s big. Fuck that cock is huge. My husband isn’t a quarter the size of that. Is it real, oh fuck yes it is. He is taking my shorts off baby. Jesus, he needs to see what I am used to Keith, fuck this thing is so big.”

Lisa grabbed at Keith’s groin and found his hard little cock. With amazing dexterity she had his zip down and his little shrimpy cock popped out. “See what I am used to” she said aggressively.

“Ok Lisa, but it is not that small,” Keith protested.

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you could see his honey. And we know you are a quick shot.”

“What do you mean Lisa?”

“I mean watch this.” She thrust her big firm tanned tits into his face and reached her hands around his balls. “Oh wait, he wants me to wank him off at the same time, see who lasts longer. I am married, no I can’t do… ohhh God, Jesus. Wow!”

“Lisa ,what…”

“He kinda insisted Keith. Fuck I can hardly get my fingers round it Keith.”

“Lisa, please, no, Lisa honey.”

“10 seconds is my guess,” said Lisa clearly talking to the intruder. “Prove me wrong Keith,” she said with a challenge and contempt in her voice as her fingers closed around his balls.

“Oh Lisa, nooo!” Keith groaned as he felt her incredible tits press into his face and a flick of her wrist had him jerking to control himself.

“Hold the glass there,” Keith felt the rim of a container around his over excited cock and another contemptuous flick of his wife’s hand send a pathetic dribble of spunk into the container.

“Oh Lisa, I couldn’t oh God.”

“Oh honey, just under 10 seconds.”

“But, your tits … oh God.”

“He is feeling my tits baby but he isn’t shooting his load… yet.”

“Baby, but I love you.”

“He is going to enter me baby, he wants you to wear these. I am so sorry but he is so big and he wants me to fuck him back. To save you, should I?” she said.

“He said he would work it in slowly if you say yes. Please Keith.”

“Yes, you bastard, don’t hurt her.”

“Yes what Keith?” she said pressing her big tits into his face.

“Put it in her slowly you bastard.”

Lisa turned to face the other man. “I think my husband just told you to put your cock in me.”

“Ohh God no” said Keith.”

There was a fierce thrust as a huge cock entered her tight pussy. “Ohh God, so fucking big.” He pulled back and thrust again, hard. “Ohh so deep, it feels so …” – Lisa snapped state of the art headphones onto her husbands’ head so that his world went silent.

She looked over her shoulder at the intruder and spread her legs further.

She groaned: “good. So fucking good. God that was hot, now fuck me baby, fuck me Richard.”

Richard pulled slowly out of her. He then pressed his raging erection against her and eased his hips forward. The huge cock head with its flared ridged edge which was built to please bored into her tight smooth pussy. Onward and onward he pressed, his hands left her tits and were sliding down her smooth body and over her fantastic arse and they eased her legs even wider as he speared her.

Her huge breasts pressed into her husband’s face and Keith felt the sickening power of the man above him as Richard started to unceremoniously fuck the poor man’s wife. And she begged for more and Keith could feel every movement and it wasn’t the man’s fearful rhythm and power that he focussed on as his wife was split in 2 but he could feel her writhe and shudder in orgasm again and again but worse than that he could feel her punching her hips back to meet his thrusts. His heart was breaking but his mind was in turmoil as he realised this is how powerful sex could be and how different it was from anything he could do with her.

“It is going to be a long night Lisa so you better remind him why you are fucking my cock like your life depended on it, otherwise it might hurt his feelings,” Richard said. She giggled cruelly and lifted one of the earphones. Richard went into overdrive and was pill driving his huge dick into Lisa’s incredibly tight cunt as she struggled to get her words out:

“He said he would chop off your little thing if I don’t canlı casino fuck him properly, tell me you understand, uhh so deep, so fucking big Keith. Tell me you forgive me.”

Keith had tears in his eyes: “There is nothing to forgive my love.”

“Ohhh, so fucking big, so much …” she snapped the headphone in place and Keith’s world returned to silence as she completed the sentence: “fucking better than you.”

Keith could feel his wife driving herself back onto this man and he felt light headed with panic and despair as the fuck went on and on without any drop in the power or intensity right on top of him.

Fifteen minutes later Keith felt the headphone lofted and his sexy wife pant:

“He wants to cum on your face, he wants to spunk in your mouth. He can’t, I will not let him degrade you like that. Tell him he must cum in me instead. Tell him Keith.”

All Keith could feel was 2 bodies thrusting at each other violently and he felt it was the man’s balls slapping against his wife’s tight arse that he could hear with each thrust.

“Lisa, how can I?”

“Not on your face, he is so fucking big, uhh fuck, up there, baby there will be so much, not in your mouth surely baby.”

“Lisa, he mustn’t cum; we’re married, I love you. I can feel you fucking.”

“Uhhh, I’m trying to save you honey, are you grateful?”

“Of course but… uhhh”

Lisa reached for Keith’s balls and squeezed. “You’re hard again honey, just tell him to cum, I couldn’t stand it if you were humiliated in any way.”

“Oh God Lisa, ok you bastard cum.”

“Good boy honey, he wants you to beg him,” she said as Richard continued to pound into her.

“Fucking cum in her you shit, end this.”

“Oh honey it won’t end it but tell me if you feel him cumming, and let’s see who cums for longest.

With a skilled but nonchalant couple of flicks of her wrist Keith grunted in despair and again he felt a glass rim around his dick as his meagre offering dribbled out of his cock.

With the headphones in place Keith lay under his wife and her lover and felt their bodies cumming in unison; he felt the emphatic and powerful trusts of a man cumming hard in his wife and his heart was filled with sorrow and humiliation. But it went on and on, thrust after thrust after thrust.

He felt the earphone being lifted and Lisa groaning: “He is still blasting it into me, fuck … how much cum, oh fuck!!”

Ping, the headphone was back in place and what followed was 2 hours of wretched silence as he felt his wife’s smooth sexy body being fucked in every position and he felt the shuddering intensity as the man came inside of her twice more.


Keith found the hood being lifted off his head for the first time in hours. His wife’s pretty face was staring at him. He blinked and looked down as she cupped her huge tanned tits and offered them up towards the face of her husband. Suddenly he realised the man was lying behind him and under him but no sooner has Lisa said:

“He wants you to understand, to fully appreciate the difference and for that you need to see the difference”

The hips drove up and a huge cock head emerged out between her firm huge deeply tanned tits. Slowly it stretched up, the long smooth shaft coming into view. The cock head bumped her chin before reaching her pouty full painted red lips and pushing against them suggestively. He heard the man groan and felt him arch his back and the full extent of this huge shaft and his enormous balls were right in front of his face.

“We can get through this honey” she whispered.

“I know but its…”

“Huge, can you believe that thing has been driving into my pussy for hours.”

“Oh God Lisa I’m so sorry.”

Lisa had to supress a giggle at the fact her husband thought it was something she regretted.

“He wants me to jack it hard in front of you,” she said placing 2 hands half way along this huge shaft and started to vigorously wank him.

The sight made Keith feel weak and faint but his groan was also one of sexual frustration.

“He said if you don’t cum on seeing his cock he will let you watch him ram it down my throat.”

“Let me, what the fuck does he mean let me – he is raping you.”

“Well just cum and you will not have to watch,” she said and kaçak casino turned and grabbed her husband’s cock with one hand and the glass tumbler with the other. She arched her back thrusting her huge tits towards his face which in turn pushed Richard’s huge cock right in front of his face. Richard thrust upwards so his cock thrust through her fantastic tits and over her face, the tip reaching her hair line before she turned away but it left Richard’s huge balls hanging inches from Keith’s face. Keith felt his cock touch the rim of the glass and one downward thrust by his wife on his cock and it felt like he was busting his nuts as he fired into the glass.

“The most you have ever cum, his big cock has made you excited,” Lisa said sounding thoroughly unimpressed. Oh well here goes,” she sighed and turned back around and stretched her lips around the huge cock. The sight was incredible for Keith – his worst nightmare but so hot. Then the hood came down and he was left to listen and feel the brutal fucking of his wife’s face but he did not see how willingly she accepted the brutal drilling of her throat.

Eventually the hood came off and Lisa was holding 2 tumbles, one had his 3 loads of cum smeared across the bottom of the glass, the other was empty.

“He wants to know if you think one pulse from his cock will fill the glass more than 3 of your loads?”

“What, I don’t understand.”

The huge cock slid past his face and the bell end filled the tumbler. Keith heard a grunt from behind him and a pulse travelled down his thick cock and shot into the tumbler at force. It continued for a good few seconds and filled half the glass. He stopped and moved his cock so Keith could see the thick white spunk in the tumbler.

“That is one pulse from this cock and this is three full loads from this,” she said reaching behind her and grabbed his small stub of a cock. She wanked it slowly as she said: “He wants to know if you feel inadequate,” and she felt warm cum ooze gently between her fingers. “Does his big cock excite you honey?”

The huge cock moved back into place and pulse 2 very nearly filled the glass. “Jesus” Keith whispered at the sheer volume of cum rocketing out of this cock. A third stream started and flowed over the rim and over Lisa’s hand; she moved the glass and the end of the jet landed on her chin.

Keith then watch as jet after jet of thick cum sprayed over his wife’s pretty face and also coated her large tits. It was an image that Keith would struggle to get out of his mind. As was what happened next. The man behind him picked up the full tumbler and from some height poured the conents all over Keith’s face. He was traumatised as the thick creamy gunk formed an inch thick glaze on his face, over his nose and and across his lips. All he could smell and taste was thick virile manly cum as he struggled to breath through the spunk.


That goo was left on his face as for the next hour or so he was left to llie on his own but he heard the relentless banging of his wife in another room and he thought he heard her groan with pleasure, giggle like a slut and praise the intruder’s manhood.


Richard left but Lisa spent half an hour taking the cum which covered her face, body and hair and rubbed it all into her tits. She massaged the thick cum into her boobs making them shiny before heading down looking very pretty to free her husband. Keith looked at her with suspicion through dark sullen eyes, too traumatised to speak.

“If I can live with it, surely you can,” said Lisa harshly.

“I will report it to the police.”

“He took a video of your face covered in cum with his big cock bobbing just above it. He said he would make you an internet sensation if you do.”

“He needs to be caught, you know what he looks like.”

“I promised him we wouldn’t report him if he didn’t hurt you.”

“He did hurt me. You enjoyed his cock, didn’t you Lisa.”

“It was huge Keith, but you need to get over it.”

“Promise me you still love me.”

Lisa bent forward and her huge tanned shiny tits bulged into his face: “Suck on them baby”.

“Ohh Lisa,” he said as his face buried into her cleavage. “Ughh Lisa, they taste of his spunk.”

“Just suck ’em baby, you know you need to. That’s it. You forgive me, don’t you, suck my nipples, squeeze them. You forgive me, don’t you honey.”

“Ohh fuck,” he groaned. “Of course,” he mumbled into her huge tits.

Lisa smiled to herself. “Suck ’em honey.”

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