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Shortly after graduating, I moved to Brooklyn, NY for work. My best friend from school also moved to The West Village where she rented a small apartment with her boyfriend, who was also a friend of mine from school.

One Saturday morning over coffee, my friend confided in me that she was thinking of splitting up with her boyfriend, Pete, the main reason being his cock was so big it hurt her. I was intrigued, just how big could it be?

Shortly after, they did desperate & she moved out of the apartment.

A couple of weekends later, I was out on a Friday evening in the East Village having a few drinks with some workmates when I ran into Pete.

We got to talking, had a few more drinks, it was late so instead of getting the B train back to Brooklyn on my own, we went back to Pete’s apartment.

The apartment was very small & without aircon. It was August. We lay, clothed, on the bed in the dark. No kissing, no petting. It was hot. We agreed we would both undress to our underwear in the dark, no playing. I still couldn’t get to sleep because the underwire of halkalı escort my bra was chafing me.

I asked Pete if he would mind if I removed & slept without my brassiere, he said he didn’t mind…

The bra came off, still in the dark. Pete asked if he could touch my breasts. As he asked, he touched. He stroked, squeezed & cupped my one breast & then brought his lips to my nipple and sucked. As he did so, instinctively my hand moved to caress his cock through his underpants. It was rock hard, very long, but quite slim.

Things moved fast from that point, in under a minute, we were both naked, me on all fours on the bed, Pete standing at the end of the bed behind me, his condom covered cock pushing past my cervix into my uterus. He fucked me hard and fast for only a couple of minutes before I felt his hot spunk spraying my insides. The condom had burst.

I span around on the bed & stared at his huge long cock which was still pretty hard and covered with the remnants of his condom & the juice from my cunt. I pulled off the condom, harbiye escort licked him clean & swallowed his whole length at the first attempt. I held him deep and felt him swell & stiffen. I cupped his balls, they were huge, full of spunk. I was so turned on at the thought of him filling up my unprotected cunt with his seed that I reached back to diddle my clit & came immediately!

I sucked each testicle into my mouth one at a time while I pumped his cock with both hands then I stopped, grabbed him by the hips & threw him onto his back on the bed, his cock standing at full mast, over 12″ long.

I mounted him, sinking down slowly, feeling him push slowly past my cervix for the second time that night. I rode his cock so hard, cupping his balls with one hand & diddling my clit with the other, urging him to fill my cunt with his spunk. He tweaked and twisted both nipples. Once again he filled me with spunk, I came too.

I dismounted & let his spunk gush from my cunt into a puddle on his smooth, hairless belly.

I moved down & licked ikitelli escort at his cock, scooping up the spunk pooled on his belly with my fingers, re-coating his length with sperm, licking it off, re applying and repeating until it was all gone. When I’d done, he was hard again. This time he threw me on my back on the bed. I pulled my ankles up by my head so I was totally exposed to him.

He could have had my ass if he’d wanted, I would’ve let him, but he chose my cunt again. Again he fucked me hard & deep, again he filled me with his seed, again I sucked him clean, then we slept.

We fucked so many times the next morning, in the shower, on the floor, on every piece of furniture, in every position. Every time he came I would suck him back to erection and eat his cum as it dripped from my cunt.

At last, in the early afternoon I got dressed and made to leave. At the door of his apartment we kissed, he felt my breasts and ass through my summer dress. I felt his cock, it was stiff. He reached under my dress, ripped my panties off & fucked me up against the door. As he fucked me, he pulled my breasts out of my dress, ripping the cups of my bra. He finished off inside me, opened the door,patted my ass & promised to call me during the week.

I made my way back to Brooklyn in my summer dress, no panties and a torn bra with spunk oozing from my cunt.

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