Doing it Margo’s Way

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Margo smiled to herself in pleasure, hearing her slave Mike gasping for air under her full size ass and hungry pussy. Margo was an Amazon size woman. She had her slave spread eagle on his back on her King sized specially made bed, which had straps and a high pillow. His arms and legs were tied and secure, with his head on a high pillow so Margo could better ride his face. Margo sat hard on her slave’s trapped face. For her, the ultimate pleasure was fucking a bound slave’s face for long periods of time. She loved the power of being in complete control, dominating her slave with her pussy and ass. It was Margo’s way.

Mike licked and sucked even faster, gulping her pussy juice, hoping Margo would finish climaxing soon, but Margo had an enormous sexual appetite. She could climax countless times and would not get off her slave’s face until she was completely satisfied. Mike knew that Margo demanded long intense face riding sessions with him. She always insisted on securing his arms and legs when she fucked his face.

Margo ruthlessly rubbed her pussy and ass forward and back on Mike’s face, smearing her cunt juice on his entire face. Mike licked, sucked and swallowed canlı bahis all Margo gave him, knowing that Margo would not climb off his face until she was totally spent.

Margo felt the first wave inside her pussy and began to bounce up and down on her slave’s face. She grabbed the head board so she could better ride Mike’s face. Margo held nothing back as she humped her clit brutally against Mike’s nose, literally fucking his entire face as she raced toward another climax.

Her swollen pussy engulfed Mike’s face as her pussy juice flowed into his mouth. This made Mike swallow as fast as he could to keep up with the heavy flow. His face was soaked with her pussy juice as she climaxed violently on his face. Margo was not finished using Mike’s mouth as she looked down at him and squeezed his nose with her hand. The fear in his eyes excited her.

She than ordered Mike to open his mouth as she sat hard with her pussy on his open mouth. She sat with all her weight so her pussy was glued to his open mouth. Margo smiled again to herself as she let loose with her pee directly into her slave’s mouth. Hearing him swallowing her pee in big gulps , knowing he had bahis siteleri no choice was a real power trip for her. She showed some mercy by releasing his nose so he could breathe as she kept peeing into his mouth. She laughed cruelly to herself knowing her slave was having trouble with the force and the amount of pee she was taking inside her slave’s mouth. She finally finished peeing as Mike sucked in air through his nose.

Margo moved off his face and sat on his chest, but if Mike thought he was going to be allowed to rest, he was mistaken. Margo was a highly sexed woman who needed to be licked and sucked every day by her slave and she had to go out of town on business in the morning. Since she would not have Mike’s face to ride for a few days, she was going to make full use of her slave today.

Margo loved getting her asshole licked and tongue fucked. She turned around facing Mike’s feet so her big wide ass hovered over his face. Mike knew what was about to happen and wanted to plead for mercy, but it was too late. Margo used her hands to spread the huge cheeks over Mike’s face and sat with all her weight burying her slave’s face between her deep ass cheeks. bahis şirketleri

“Suck my asshole slave.” Margo was ruthless as she sat hard bouncing up and down, trying to get Mike’s tongue deeper in her asshole.

Mike never felt more helpless as when Margo used him in this position. Margo began to slide forward and back on Mike’s face as he kept his tongue out for her to use as if it was a piece of toilet paper.

She began to climax again and leaned forward. She started to pump her ass up and down, ruthlessly fucking Mike’s face with her pussy and ass. Mike attempted to breathe between her bounces, but it was difficult because she was grinding and pumping at the same time.

“Oh fuck slave, keep licking, keep sucking my pussy and asshole.”

Mike did his best to lick and suck Margo, hoping she would give him a break after this session.

Margo finally ended her face ride, for now. She rolled off of Mike’s face, as he sucked in the air, trying to catch his breath. Mike hoped Margo was finished using his face.

Mike pleased. “Please untie me now Mistress Margo.”

Margo responded by again straddling his chest and looking down at Mike’s red well used face, and she told him firmly, “I am not through fucking your face slave.” She than moved forward so her soaked pussy covered Mike’s mouth again. Mike fearfully realized there would be no rest tonight.

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