Dog Kennel Ch. 02

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I had mixed emotions after my first experience as a human puppy but decided to give it another go when my ‘owner’ called and invited me round the following week. I had been at work all day in the sports shop so I was pretty tired when I arrived at his house at about 4 in the afternoon fully expecting to continue my ‘training’ there. However, we got in his car instead and drove out into the countryside to a pretty expensive looking farmhouse. With the car parked, we walked straight into the house without knocking and into the conservatory where there was already a few piles of clothes on the floor; which I guessed belonged to other ‘dogs’.

Unlike last time, my ‘owner’ didn’t explain what was going to happen today and refused to answer my questions, he simply told me to strip. I was still in my uniform from the sports shop so I kicked off my Nikes, took off my t-shirt, and pulled off my sweatpants…and I think it surprised him that I wasn’t wearing any underwear and let my 4.5 inch cock bounce up to attention. I was a lot more comfortable about getting naked in front of him now and removed my slightly grubby white sports socks before getting on the floor on all fours without being asked. He put my collar and dog mits on me, said “good boy, Samson,” and offered my a dog treat on the palm of his hand. Whilst it still tasted pretty dry, I ate it and wagged my arse in enjoyment for him, which he patted in appreciation.

I was feeling a bit nervous, not knowing what was going to happen next, and I was even more apprehensive when he opened the door and led me out onto the lawn. Admittedly there weren’t any neighbours overlooking us, but I really did feel exposed being in the open air and getting further away from my clothes. My hard on had started to subside now and the cold air didn’t do anything to improve the size of my small cock as it almost disappeared inside my pubes. It didn’t stay that way for long as we veered round a hedge and I saw what looked like a full on dog show, only with human dogs up on small tables and about 30 fully clothed people of all ages sitting in rows like an audience.

I guessed that we were late, and that the empty table canlı bahis in front of the audience was going to be for me and the thought of being seen like this by that many people immediately made my little dick stand to attention and I found myself getting really nervous. My owner told me to be a good boy and do as I was told, then he led me across the lawn in front of the audience, who all started to clap, and I could feel dozens of pairs of eyes staring at my humiliated, naked body as I crawled past on all fours and was led up some steps onto the table. For a few seconds I was left side on to the audience while they all had a good look, then my ‘owner’ turned me round to face them and I was horrified to realise that I recognised a few of the faces in the crowd. A couple of regular customers at the sports shop, an old teacher of mine from school, and (to my horror) an 18 year old kid who’d just started working at the sports store, and whom I really take the piss out of at work as he’s ginger and such a weedy looking geek. I realised that my life would never be the same again as all these other people probably lived locally and would recognise me in the street .

Despite all the added humiliation, my cock was still throbbing hard and I was really getting off on this so I didn’t even hesitate when commanded to sit up with my ‘paws’ in the air and my little dick fully exposed for all to see, and to start panting with my tongue out like a real dog; even the few laughs I heard just made me want to grab my cock with my ‘paw’ and try to rub myself rather than run away. The announcer declared that the judging could commence and the audience all got up and started to inspect the dogs individually as we were taken down from our tables and walked slowly around the garden on our leads. Of course, the ginger kid from work came straight over to me and slapped me hard on the arse; I knew he was going to enjoy this moment after the months of abuse I’d given him making him the laughing stock at work.

“So Samson, have you been a good boy?” he asked, full of patronising tone and undisguised enjoyment.

Part of me wanted to tell him to fuck off and that he couldn’t tell bahis siteleri anyone about me as I’d tell them all he was here as well, but the other part of me was still enjoying this added humiliation so I decided to stay as ‘Samson’ and gave a loud bark before shoving my face into his crotch and nuzzling against his cock, which I could tell was rock hard and much bigger than mine, which turned me on even more.

He spanked me on the arse again and shouted “naughty boy, naughty.” He asked my ‘owner’ to lift me up by my front paws and then he grabbed my throbbing cock firmly which was a bit shorter than the length of his fist:

“Oh dear, not a very big boy are you Samson?” He tugged firmly at my balls and I couldn’t help giving a yelp at the sudden pain.

“I think your dog would score extra points at the next show if he was shaved,” he said to my owner.

“I will do that after the show today,” my owner replied.

“There you go Samson, you’ll be all smooth from now on won’t you , just like a little puppy?” he said to me with a huge beaming smile across his face.

At that point, the two regular customers I’d recognised came over to inspect me as well; they were a man and woman, probably in their early thirties, and I guess they were married; they were really fit and always in the store buying more kit or equipment. I’d never have imagined them to be somewhere like this, but then they probably didn’t imagine finding a fit young bloke like myself naked on all fours with a dog collar on! They chatted to the ginger geek for a few seconds before turning their attention to me.

“As you can see from the size of his cock, he’s only a young pup so his owner has agreed to keep him shaved from now on, don’t you agree?” The ginger geek asked the married couple.

“Oh yes, and perhaps his scalp could be shaved so that we can see his face much better?” The woman asked.

“Will do,” said my owner.

Now, when I turn up for work tomorrow with a shaved head, they’ll all know that my owner has carried out all of their suggestions, and that my genitals will also have been shaved to look like a little boy’s tiny cock!

Once bahis şirketleri the inspections were over, all of the dogs, probably about 10, were put into a very small sheep pen and left with one ‘human’ to supervise us. There was a real mixture of ‘dogs’: all men, but all different ages and some had dog masks on with ears, or butt plug tails inserted, whilst others were more natural like me. I didn’t recognise the three I’d met last time but it was difficult to tell as we were all squashed in with arses and faces everywhere. Occasionally I felt an anonymous face sniff my arse and, unlike last time, I was quite turned on by doing the same. I found a few young dogs that I liked the look of and decided to take a real good sniff; it really made me feel more like a dog but also really turned me on. I couldn’t believe that this was such a popular fetish, but I was determined to stick with it and try to feel much more like real dog. The odd dog tried to hump me and others, but the ‘human’ would intervene and give it a firm whack across the arse.

A while later we were all collected by our owners and led back to the audience where the results were announced. I didn’t win anything and strangely this sort of pissed me off.

“Don’t worry Samson, you’ll do better next time,” said my owner as he passed me another treat and led me back to the house to get dressed with the other dogs. It was really odd walking in naked on all fours with the others and then slowly becoming human again. Nobody really acknowledged each other until we were all fully dressed and a few of the former ‘dogs’ made me feel pretty horny now that I saw them dressed. As I was walking back to the car with my ‘owner’ the ginger geek had obviously been waiting for me to leave as he was standing by his crappy little rusty car:

“See you tomorrow at work, I’m really looking forward to it!” He said with a cocky smile on his face. I disliked him even more now but, knowing that a little weedy grunt like that had seen me humiliated, knew I had such a small cock, and had such power over me really turned me on and made my cock harden again. He then spoke to my ‘owner’:

“I’d really like to try and train your dog myself sometime if I may, I can think of a few things I’d like him to do for me?”

“Sure, he needs all the training he can get. Now, let’s get home and get you shaved,” said my owner as he started the car.

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