Doc Zach and The Red Eye Mile High

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old.


I catch the red-eye going across the country for coast to coast medical conferences since I get to rest on the flight and wake up refreshed. I had the window seat to rest against the bulkhead and was glad to see the other seats next to me were empty. The plane was in final steps to close up and taxi to the runway when there was a little commotion up front. I caught site of someone making their way down the aisle and stop at my row way in the back.

She said hi and started to stow her stuff overhead. While busy doing that I checked her out. She was young looking of a nice height with an hour-glass shape with very nice sized breasts. She had on a sheer summer dress that the afternoon sun shining through allowed a glimpse of her light colored bra and panties. She might have had some islands blood in her since she was a nice mocha color or it could be an overall tan.

She smiled sweetly when she figured out I had been giving her the twice over. She settled in and we chit-chatted a bit until take off. She told me her name was Kate and said I was Zach. After we leveled out we talked some more then she asked me what I did for a living. I told her I was doctor but also kept myself busy with a side hobby.

“Doing what,” she asked.

I told her I wrote “adult stories” to pass the time and shared them on Literotica.

“No, really?” she squeaked.

“Yes I do, and if I might be so bold to say so, after looking you over you will be the main character in my next story.”

“No way!” she whispered.

“Absolutely – I have almost the whole story worked out,” I answered.

“Are you gonna tell me the story?” she asked as she turned her nice sized breasts towards me and pulled one thigh up on the seat. She fluffed her dress and gave me a quick glimpse of her yellow panties. I looked at her face and she was blushing.

“Well if you are old enough I’ll give you the quick 500 foot version – or should I say the ‘mile-high’ version,” I laughed.

“YES I AM,” she said a little too loud then laughed a little embarrassed. “I just graduated college. So there!” She shifted in her seat to give me her full attention.

I then told her a short story – “When the attendants announced that the lights will go out the young lady would ask for a blanket. I would fall asleep but wake up sometime into the flight to find the young lady had raised the arms and was using my lap as her pillow. What woke me was that she had grasped my hand and had snuggled it onto one of her firm breasts.”

“Oh really? That will never happen,” she scoffed. “What then?”

“Well after massaging her nipples until they were rock hard she moved my hand down her halkalı escort tummy onto her lady parts and let out a low moan. Being the gentleman I am, I focused all my attention on her needs until she reached nirvana and settled into a deep sleep for the rest of the flight.”

Kate laughed in an unbelieving way and asked, “Is that all. Is that ALL that happens?”

I did notice her nipples had pushed out against her soft dress and wondered if my little sprite was getting warmed up. I also saw that her hands had fallen into her lap and would casually move around “down there”.

“Well I would add more detail and more adult language and maybe the cute girl does me a kindness during the night, but yea that’s about it,” I replied.

We talked a little more until the attendants did announce that the lights would go out soon and I snickered when Kate did ask for a blanket. She slapped my arm and told me to behave. So I thought that was that – a nice conversation with a pretty young lady and then a quiet flight.


I woke from a deep sleep feeling movement in our row. In the sparse light in the cabin I saw that Kate was settled in my lap under one of the plane blankets. I felt her take my hand in hers and placed it on one of her breasts then squeezed. I then had all the permission to explore Kate’s tits as I needed. I cupped that one breast, squeezing and releasing and rubbing my palm across her nipple until it got rock hard. I moved to the other one and repeated the same exploration. I could just hear Kate moan softly as I played with her large firm breasts. They fit very nicely into my palm.

Kate’s summer dress had large buttons at the top that were easy to open. I slid my hand inside the opening and into her bra cup. I found her hard nipple with my two fingers and twilled her point between them. She grabbed my arm and hissed. I used those fingers to pull that nipple away from her breast until she scratched my arm with her nails. Spinning slightly I moved my other hand under the blanket and headed for the other breast. I slid that hand under her other bra cup and dialed that nipple. I got the same reaction from Kate when I pinched that nipple out away from her warm heaving breast.

After more breast play that had her moaning Kate turned onto her back and pulled her knees up under the blanket. She pulled one hand of mine out of her bra and dress and ran that hand down her tummy. Her dress had slid down her thighs and Kate moved my hand until it stopped on top of her panties. She moved my hand up and down her pussy mound then let me go.

My fingers began their exploration and discovered her panties were soaking wet. I took my two middle fingers and stroked her pussy mound until I separated her nether lips. I pushed her panties into the fold of her pussy lips and moved my taksim escort finger up onto her love button. I circled that nub until Kate shuddered.

I felt Kate’s hand move to her own pussy and pull the front of her panties out and move it aside until her pussy lips were bare. She then moved my hand onto that bare soaking wet pussy. My fingers found her lips were devoid of hair but there was a little tuff above her clit hiding place. I circled her nub then massaged it with increasing speed. I captured it between my two fingers and pulled it out as it swelled.

Kate shifted her head and shoulders higher across my lap then grabbed my two fingers and brought then to the entrance to her pussy. She motioned me to fill her with those two fingers. With her pussy being soaking wet it was easy to slip past her pussy lips and enter her hot, hot canal. With those fingers buried deep up her pussy my palm massaged her clit.

I increased the speed of my fingers moving in then out of her pussy and the pressure on her clit. Kate began to moan louder so she slipped part of the blanket into her mouth and bit down. She had my arm in a death grip as I brought her closer to her orgasm. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and slid them down her lips until I found the button to her back door. I circled her anus with her slick pussy honey and slipped my ring finger down her dark tunnel.

Kate moaned, “No, Not there, oh Stop,” and shuddered but made no move to stop my assault. I pushed that one finger past her anal ring and then down her ass to the end of my finger. Twisting my hand I slipped the two larger fingers into her twat and began a double penetration while my thumb rubbed her clit.

I picked up the pace of sliding my fingers in and out of both love holes. A few minutes of working Kate’s two nether tunnels I could feel Kate’s pussy and ass begin to tighten around my fingers. A few more pumps and both tunnels began to pulse and pussy juice poured out soaking my fingers. Kate slammed her legs closed capturing my hand and prevented my fingers from doing any more pleasuring to her. I kept my thumb going on her clit and she humped and shook her hips as she swam through several intense orgasms pulsing on my fingers.

Kate finally expelled a long drawn out breath and opened her legs and slowly pulled my fingers out of her. She brought the pussy fingers to her lips and sucked them into her mouth. She cleaned her pussy juice off my fingers with her tongue and suction of her mouth. She rolled over so her face was towards my belly and her knees went against the seats. Kate fell fast asleep.

I dropped off and swam in a very sexy dream brought about by the activity earlier. Again sometime later in the flight I again awoke to a very pleasant feeling. Something warm had hold of the first few inches of my hard eight inch cock. What I like about my cock the şişli escort most is that it stays the full eight inches and just hardens and swells when excited. When I travel by plane I go for comfort so I wore loose leg cargo shorts and went commando underneath.

I realized Kate had found my cock during the later part of the night and must have let it out of its cloth cage and began bathing it with her tongue and lips. She was sucking on the helmet and bathing the male nub under the head with her tongue. She just kept my dick in her mouth but made no other movement.

I humped my hips upwards and more of my dick slid deeper into her mouth. Kate hummed “mmmmmmmm” on my dick and it dawned on me that I had to be the one forcing her to blow me, so I took over for my own pleasure.

I pulled my hips back and Kate sucked tight on my dick on the way out. I pushed my hips up and Kate softened her lips and most of my dick slid into the back of her throat. Kate worked on the length of my cock with her mouth and tongue as I moved it in and out. I picked up the pace and Kate tightened her suction on my dick. When I got to the tipping point I grabbed the back of Kate’s head and sliding most of my cock past her tight lips I forced her to take load after load of my cum into her mouth.

On the tip of my cock I could feel Kate suck each of my cum loads down her throat which caused me to twitch and shoot more cum. I would not let that “bad girl” loose until I knew she had swallowed all my spunk. I kept my dick in her mouth until I felt her licking my cock clean. I slid my dick back as Kate tightened her lips until I popped out. Kate hummed then settled down in my lap and the two of us fell asleep until the flight attendants rang the wake up bell and slowly raised the lights.

I looked over and Kate was back in her own seat but wrapped in the blanket. I asked her if she had a good sleep and she said yes but had a funny dream. I told her I did also. I asked her if I could have her email address so I could send her my made up story using her as a model. She told me that a “good girl” wouldn’t read those kinds of stories but she gave me her email address and laughed.

We said our goodbyes and she jumped ahead to get off the plane quickly. When I started down the aisle I felt something balled up in my pocket. When I pulled it out it must have been Kate’s panties. When I brought her moist panties up to my nose I caught the eyes of a very pretty stewardess who smiled sweetly and asked if my niece enjoyed the flight. I smiled back and told her we both had a very good flight and she spanked my arm and laughed.

When I was settled in I wrote the story just about the way it happened and emailed it to Kate. About a fortnight later I got a reply.

“You sent me a very naughty story. I can’t imagine a good girl on a flight to her own wedding would have done anything like you wrote. It was very nice meeting you and I might enjoy receiving one or two of your stories with that same “bad girl” as the main character. Oh by the way I seemed to have lost my panties during that flight. Did you by chance find them? If so you can keep them as they were soaking wet anyhow. By for now, Kate.”

All in all it was a great flight!

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