Do You Want a Lift?

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This is a very short story about a totally unexpected stroke of good fortune. I am 38 years old and married. We have two kids and on the odd occasion that we go out for the evening we ask a neighbour’s 18-year-old daughter to baby-sit the kids. Her name is Jane and we have known her about 10 years.

Last Saturday morning, I was running an errand to our local shops when I saw Jane crossing the road. She went in the shop next door to the one I went in. When I came out she had gone round the corner and started the half or so mile walk home. Driving back home, I knew I was going to pass her at any moment. I saw Jane up ahead walking along the street with her back to me and I slowed up along side her.

“Do you want a lift?” I called out as I lowered the window and stopped next to her.

“What?” she asked.

“Do you want a lift?” I asked again and then she stopped in her tracks and I suddenly realised my error. It wasn’t Jane but someone who looked exactly like her. In fact, if could have been her double except this girl was about 19 or 20 years old. “I’m sorry,” I said, “I thought you were someone else.”

She laughed, possibly startled, possibly embarrassed, but then smiled and I was instantly attracted to her. “It’s OK,” said the stranger.

“I’m really sorry,” I said. She laughed again and then some more words came out of my mouth. “You can still have a lift if you like.” It was speculative and just a spur of the moment suggestion.

She hesitated, smiled and then said, “Why not?” As she walked round my Audi A6 I checked her body out. She was a nice young shape. Not skinny like a lot of women but full figured in a very sexy way. She had white trousers on and a brightly patterned top which was buttoned up. Her tits were clearly quite large and she had a nice round bottom that wobbled beautifully in her trousers. It was one of those bottoms that looks great on a young zeytinburnu escort woman but looks terrible later in life after a giving birth and middle age sets in.

She got in my car and I asked where she wanted to go. Then the stranger explained that she was heading towards the bus stop to go on to the next village. I said I would drive her there. She was very relaxed in my car and I wondered how this would look to anyone else. I am not in the habit of picking up young women either deliberately or accidentally.

“That air conditionings nice,” said the stranger. I turned it up a notch and she sat back in the leather seats. I was trying to check her out without her noticing. Her smell was intoxicating and I was really at a loss what to say. When we arrived at her house I stopped and turned off the ignition. There was silence but she was not uncomfortable with silence.

“Thanks for the lift,” she said whilst opening the door and climbing out of my car. My eyes were all over her arse as she got out. The sight the white material stretched over her rounded cheeks had my cock twitching. I mumbled something about being sorry for the mistaken identity and that I was happy to help her out.

I sat there for a moment as she shut the car door behind her, waved and walked up her path towards her front door. My eyes stared at her youthful figure as she walked away. “Look round” I said out loud to myself in a whisper. At that exact moment she looked round and smiled. She stopped and then turned and carried on.

I got out of the car and locked it. She looked round again to see I was following her. I waited for a response but she smiled and turned to open her door. I caught up with her not really knowing what to say but she saved me the trouble.

“You better come in,” she said. Four innocent words but at that moment we both knew it meant something aksaray escort far from innocent. She opened the door and stepped in holding the door open for me to follow. She wasn’t smiling now but was staring at me. There was tension in the moment between us. The door closed and she leant back against it clicking it shut.

“So!” she said not really smiling but looking right into my eyes.

I stepped in towards her and we kissed. It was a full on kiss between two strangers. I felt excited and overwhelmed by lust. Not even thinking about who else might be in the house my hands went for the buttons on her top and undid then. Soon it was off revealing her bra and fantastic tits. I kissed at her neck and she held me against her. Then I was kissing her again and she was tugging at the button on my jeans. I helped her and soon they were open. She knelt down to tug my jeans further down and then lower my boxers. My cock had hardened and stood proudly before her. She put one hand on it and instantly took me in her mouth. She was all over my cock alternating between licking up the shaft, licking my balls, sucking the head and then the whole shaft into her throat.

I groaned in the pleasure of this young woman’s skills. I reached down and undid her bra from behind. She stood up and as she did, the bra fell way revealing her tits. Now it was my turn and I went for her trouser buttons. Within moments she was stepping out of them and pulling her panties down hurriedly. She couldn’t wait to get naked. I looked round and saw a staircase. I motioned her over to it and bent her over so she was leaning with both hands on the fourth or fifth step. Her beautiful arse was sticking back at me. I stoked her pussy from behind and the wetness only served to make me even harder. With that I positioned my cock behind her. I felt her hand reach between her legs and she rubbed ataköy escort my cock head against her wet pussy. She rocked back and continued to rub me and I just let her take the lead. Then with a determined press on my cock with two fingers she pushed my cock into her wet pussy and I thrust it deep into her.

She moaned in pleasure as I stroked back and then in again. Long strokes followed and she retreated into her own world of “oh god” and “ahhh”. She kept saying this and other expressions over and over as I fucked her from behind. Being 38, I have developed good control and I was able to prevent myself from coming and just keep thrusting. I spent at least ten glorious minutes watching her young arse ripple as my cock worked itself in and out of her pussy. She suddenly pulled away and told me to lie down on the floor. Then she was on top of me and riding my cock. She didn’t slide up and down but shifted back and forth with my cock buried inside her. Within about 30 seconds she came. The scream she let out was followed by a long moan and steady sigh. Her beautiful face was staring straight at me. Not smiling, not frowning, not anything but just enjoying sitting on my cock.

I rolled her onto her back and started to fuck her again. She opened her legs wide and I was able to rest on my hands and knees so the only contact between us was my cock fucking her. She held her legs up and straight in a V shape. Her tits bounced with every thrust as she reached back to the wall behind her head to steady herself as I fucked her harder and harder.

I let my body drop onto hers for the last few stokes and we embraced tightly. Her legs came round me to hold me into her and I came. She tightened her legs to make sure all the cum was inside her and I thrust harder as the spurts subsided.

We were finished but satisfied. We smiled at each other and all the tension was gone. As we pulled on our clothes we made a little small talk about not doing that with every stranger that offers her a lift. I found out she was 21 years old. She wasn’t bothered enough to ask how old I was. Instead, my sexy young stranger just opened the door and said “thanks” as I walked out, got into my car and drove off.

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