Dirty, Sweaty Field Sex Ch. 03

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This is the final story in the series. Enjoy the finale!

* * * * *

After spending a week inventorying computer equipment at small U.S. bases south of Baghdad, Lieutenant Klein and I finally returned to Baghdad; not a moment too soon. By now the U.S. withdrawal had reached a fever pitch. Twenty-four hours a day, U.S. Air Force transport planes, carrying troops and equipment out of Iraq, landed and took off from Camp Victory. After being manifested on a flight to Kuwait later that night, the lieutenant and I decided to walk around the now desolate base. Walking around Camp Victory brought back many memories of my deployments there years earlier. As we walked, I showed Lauren some of the memorials dedicated to fallen soldiers from my unit that had been painted on large cement t-walls. We were both amazed at the rows and rows of empty connex living trailers that sat vacant. It would have been impossible to bring them all back to the United States, so we assumed they were being left to the Iraqis.

Out of curiosity, Lauren and I poked our heads inside of a few of them and were surprised to see that many of them still had mattresses and furniture inside. I could see Lauren’s eyes light up.

“Are you thinking eryaman orospu numaraları what I’m thinking?” she said with a grin.

I nodded.

For the next few minutes, we both looked in a dozen more trailers until we found one that had nice amenities inside. We finally came across one that had a nice-looking mattress and some spare sheets and pillows folded on top of it. The sheets appeared to be clean, so Lauren quickly made the bed. Unfortunately, because the power had been disconnected from the trailers, there was no air conditioning or lighting. We left the front door slightly ajar to provide light and allow some outside air to come in.

Once Lauren finished making the bed, we both got undressed. When we were done, we both stood across from one another completely naked. Beads of sweat dripped off of our foreheads as we stood in the dim dry room. I again admired her hairy, unkempt bush.

As I looked at sweat glistening off of Lauren’s sexy, nude body my erection began to grow. I walked over to her and we kissed. Neither of us had showered in a couple of days but that didn’t seem to matter. As we kissed, my hands caressed her smooth back eventually making their way down to her firm ass cheeks.

“Lay ankara escort down,” she whispered as she pushed me towards the bed.

After I settled myself on the bed, Lauren climbed on top of me. She then gently guided my cock inside of her. Her pussy was really wet and as our bodies meshed together, her sweat dripped into my mouth. It tasted salty.

As she straddled me, she looked down at me with her seductive brown eyes.

“This will be the last time we fuck in Iraq so let’s make it one to remember,” she said.

For the next few minutes, Lauren rode me like it was her last time having sex. My hands alternated between caressing her perky breasts, rock hard nipples and rubbing her clit. After she had at least two orgasms, I requested that we switch positions. I wanted to fuck her from behind.

Lauren then got on all for and I positioned myself behind her. I guided my cock inside of her and began thrusting in and out. Lauren began to let out primal moans.

“Are you ok?” I whispered.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered as she pushed her face into the bed sheets and grabbed a handful of the sheets with one of her hands.

As I fucked her, I looked down at her inviting elvankent escort asshole. I knew she would never go for anal sex, but she might allow me to put a finger in there. To sense her willingness. I gently massaged the area around her hole with my thumb for a minute. Then I made my move. I reached my hand down and lathered my hand in her juices then gently inserted my thumb into her asshole. The sensation drove her wild and she soon began to spasm.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed.

I did as she ordered and continued fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Before long, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I erupted inside of her. As I came, my whole body spasmed, I leaned forward and collapsed on top of her pinning her to the bed.

For the next minute we lay there, our bodies intertwined and drenched in sweat. I then slowly pushed myself up and rolled over on my side so that we could both face each other on the bed.

As we lay there looking in each other’s eyes, Lauren reached down and began caressing my now limp cock.

“Give me a break here. It takes a little while,” I said.

“It’s your own fault. I haven’t been fucked like that in a while,” she replied.

“It takes me a good thirty seconds,” I joked.

“Are you sure?” Lauren said as she wrapped her fingers around my cock and began stroking it.

I nodded.

“I just wanna be sure,” she said as she giggled at me and continued stroking my cock, desperately trying to bring it back to life.

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