Darien Ch. 2

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Anal Fingering

Summer came to an end. Brock went back to college in Zagreb, and I was alone. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Darien. I’m 21, 6’5”, 205 lbs., muscular and then some. Short brown hair, brown eyes, and I live in east Croatia. Now where was I?

Yeah my friend/lover Brock went back to college and I didn’t get to see him much, maybe once a month, and I really needed to spend some of this energy that was building up inside me. My eyes turned to Matt. Matt and I are both studying at the same college in Osijek.

Basically, Matt is as hot as they get. 6’2”, 180 lbs., short blonde hair, blue eyes, has that special golden tan that only blonde guys can have. The guy is truly a sight to feast your eyes upon. And he’s some piece of work as well. I never figured him out. Laws of life, the universe and everything just didn’t apply to him.

Always a straight A student, yet he never studied, always a loner, yet everybody liked to be around him. Nobody knew what was going on in his head, there was only one predictable thing about him, and that was, whatever he was going to do next you just couldn’t predict. Well, he was starting to drive me crazy, I knew I had to get in his pants, or else there would be trouble.

One afternoon I went over to his house because we had a project we needed to do for college. As I entered his room I saw posters everywhere, and all of them with extreme fighting themes. Matt is totally into kickboxing, K-1, Ultimate Fight, you name it. Anyway, we finished the work in an hour and a half. I wasn’t in the mood to go home yet, so I was playing on his computer. He mentioned he bought a CD with some K-1 matches and we checked them out.

We started talking, Matt was telling me how he was training kickboxing at a local gym and started talking me into starting to train as well. Well, I could always do with more exercise, so I accepted, and also I would be spending more time with Matt, something that gave it a special appeal.

My first training, I didn’t casino oyna expect it to be that hard. I was totally exhausted; I barely managed to keep up. Don’t get me wrong, generally, I exercise a lot and am in peak condition, but that pace wore me out completely.

Afterwards we took a shower. Matt has the best ass I saw in my life. Lucky I was so tired from the training, so I somehow managed to restrain my meat from hardening. His cock showed definite potential. Nicely cut, big set of balls. One day… one day I was going to try them out. We talked about nothing and everything, but mostly about the training, he gave me quite a few pointers, don’t remember most of them because my mind was still focused on that ass of his, those perfect curves…

We spent time together at college, trained together, and every day I wanted him more and more. About a month passed and one evening we went to the gym for some sparring. It must have been round 11:30 PM. We were alone in the gym. We just finished warming up and Matt joked about how he could beat me in 30 seconds, I said ‘Those are fighting words little boy, you really think you’re up to it?’

The look on his face changed, but he was still smiling, he said ‘How about a match then, lets’ see what you’re made off!’ I wasn’t going to let this be just an ordinary tease I was determined to make my move. I had been waiting for far too long, so I suggested we make a bet to add some weight. He was more than eager, since he had been training for almost a year he thought he had an advantage, but I was still bigger.

He asked what we were betting, we weren’t going to bet money, so I suggested ‘You win I’m yours for a day, I win you’re mine, OK?’ He smiled and said ‘Well it was about time someone cleaned up my backyard and I don’t remember the last time someone had to call me master’ and added ‘ Well, except my ex-girlfriend, but that’s another story…’

We entered the ring, first were still playing, but soon it got real ugly. Matt gave me canlı casino quite a fight, but I still beat the living shit out of him. He could barely walk. ‘I win, time to hit the showers, slave!’ He looked at me painfully, trying to laugh and said ‘Sure master, but could you give me a hand to get there?’ I pulled him up and we went to shower.

We were showering, Matt said ‘You really beat me out there, oh great master’, and started laughing. I laughed back and said ‘Well Matt, since I won, you have to do anything I tell you, so get over here.’ Matt pulled towards me, grinning, then said ‘Now what, great master?’

I grinned back and said ‘Now you drop down on your knees and give me a blow-job!’ His face went blank. I said ‘I won, and you’ll do what I tell you, pacta sunt servanda! Understood, bitch?’ He looked at me with shock, but he knelt down and started sucking my, now hard meat. Matt was real good at it.

The way he used his tongue along the bottom of my shaft, the way he squeezed and held my balls, bobbing his head rhythmically along my shaft, it was making me melt. I pressed my hands on the back of his head pressing him towards me playing with him. I said ‘You suck so good Matt, a real pro, have you ever sucked a cock before?’ I pushed him slowly away. He looked me in the eyes and said ‘We’ll talk later.’

I pulled him back towards me told him to go on sucking me. I was moaning loudly, kept telling him what a good cocksucker he was, and then my mind went back to that ass of his that was driving me nuts during the last month. I said ‘That was fine slave, now get on all four.’

He positioned himself in front of me. I approached him from behind, started kissing his ass, my hands grabbed him by the thighs and slowly made their way to his balls, my left fondled his balls, my right made its way along his rock-hard meat, firmly gripping it and I started stroking it mildly. Matt started moaning quietly. My tongue made its’ way towards his crack. His burning ass tasted even kaçak casino better than Brocks’.

My cock was losing patience, I needed to fuck and I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed the soap, soaped his crack well and did the same to my cock. Then I moved up close. My cock touched his ass, I said ‘You know what’s coming now, don’t you, slave? I’m going to fuck you and you’ll love it.’ My cock made it’s way to his crack and I pushed. I entered with ease, and then slowly pushed ’till I was entirely within him.

Matt only let a small moan out, either it didn’t hurt that much, or he wasn’t going show me that it did. I started pumping his ass, deep, long, slow thrusts. I was moaning, so was he, I was telling him how good his ass felt, how I needed it, I started pounding him faster and faster.

I bent myself on top of him and grabbed his cock and started stroking him. He was moaning loudly, began telling me to fuck him harder. I told him to beg for it, he did, and I was determined to give him all I had. Every bit of energy I had left in me, I focused on his ass, and I was ramming him as hard as I could.

I let go of his cock and grabbed him firmly by the waist, squeezing him closer to me. I was burning, I was barely controlling myself not to cum, he grabbed his cock with his hand and started stroking it wildly. Matt was moaning like hell, his body compulsing. Soon a jet of hot semen sprayed out of his cock on the bathroom floor.

Now came my finale. It was so good; I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Making a loud animal cry I came deep within him. I couldn’t move. I stayed within him until my piece went limp. Slowly I pulled up and he followed.

I looked into his eyes and kissed him. My tongue made its’ way in his mouth, he didn’t resist. We kissed for a while. Then he pulled away and asked ‘What tasks will I have to perform now master?’

I looked into his eyes and said ‘No more tasks, no more games. I don’t want a slave, I’m not settling for a onetime fuck. I want you, I want all of you, and you’ll be mine for good. He smiled and said ‘As you say master. Your wish is my command.’ And it was, and still is.



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