Co-Worker Fantasy Pt. 05

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He smiled and stood up.

“What toy are you wearing?”

“Patience, I want to take my time with you”

Now that he was standing, she could see his bulge as his penis strained against his jeans. She flushed as she felt a wave of anticipation run through her pussy and her panties got wet. Secretly, she still kind of wanted him to walk over to the bed and push her down, ripping her underwear off with his large hands but he had given her so much confidence in his desire for her that she straightened her back and commanded him “come here.”

He walked over and sat on the bed. She stood up, straddled him, and sat down in his lap, grabbing his face and kissing him. She couldn’t help but grind a little bit against his bulge. She ran her hands through his hair and he wrapped his arm around her lower back, pulling her tighter into him. His other hand came up to her breast, beginning to push her bra out of the way. She pulled back and slapped his hand

“I put a lot of time into this outfit, I want you to show me how much you appreciate it.”

She pushed him down onto the bed covering his mouth with hers before he could reply. His hands on her waist, She broke away from the kiss, sat up and began to crawl up him, making sure he had a good view of her entire outfit. She could tell from his face that he knew where she was headed and as she crawled over his shoulders he put both hands on her ass, pulling her forward rapidly until his mouth was on her pussy. She yelped in surprise but she was enjoying the attention too much to chastise him for taking control. He rubbed his nose around her clit, breathing her in and began to nibble at her underwear. He turned his face sideways and used his teeth to pull her underwear to the side so he could get access to her. He held her in place, not that she was trying to go anywhere, with his arms curling under her thighs and coming up from behind to hold her down with his hands on top of her thighs. Using his leverage, he pulled her thighs slightly more apart, causing her to sink further down towards him, as he ran his tongue up her slit, tasting bursa escort her already wet pussy. She moaned, “oh yes, ooohh Jacob” looking down to watch him as he pushed his full tongue against her and ran it up over her clit. She reached down to pull her underwear more out of the way as he began to suck on her clit, alternately using his soft lips and his tongue to tease her.

He broke away for a second and looked up at her, smiling, “I really appreciate your outfit” before pulling hard on her thighs and making her sit on his face as he went to work on her with his tongue. She moaned “oh god” and leaned forward to put her hands on the bed, turned on by his mouth in more than one way. She unconsciously began grinding against his face a little, begging for release, as he gave her pussy more attention than it had ever had.

She surprised herself when she suddenly felt herself cumming, her legs quivering on either side of his face as the pleasure washed over her. He continued to lick her clit as she screamed his name, receiving wave after wave of pleasure. When she finally stopped shaking, she pushed his face away and crawled down him for a kiss. “That was amazing” she said, “now it’s your turn.”

She backed off the bed and stood up. He pulled his shirt off as he sat up on his elbows to look at her. She turned around, slowly bent forward, and pulled her underwear down her long legs, stepping out of them completely as he watched.

“Is that my toy?” He said as she was bent over, the heart shaped anal plug peeking out from between her cheeks.

She turned around and crawled back onto the bed, “Technically, it’s my toy, but I’m going to let you play with it.” He smiled broadly at her and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her into his for a kiss.

“That’s hot” he whispered, and she felt a shock through her pussy. He could turn her on with just the right words, she wondered if he knew that.

She turned around, and sat on his chest, giving him full access to her ass and her pussy as she leaned forward to unzip his jeans. She pulled them down his hips bursa escort bayan to find he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He had a line of hair running from his belly button down and all of his hair had been neatly trimmed. His large penis was sticking straight up at attention, she could hardly wrap her hand fully around it and she couldn’t wait to play with his huge head in her mouth like a lollipop. She imagined that head popping into her ass and she felt another little shock of pleasure in her pussy as her body anticipated the fun to come. She felt his hands begin to rub her ass, one thumb was on the plug as he tested pushing on it. Holding on to his cock with one hand, she licked up the length of his cock like it was a popsicle, enjoying the taste of his precum when she reached the head and pulled it into her mouth. He grabbed the plug with one hand and began pulling it out a bit. She felt her asshole stretching around the bulb of the plug and she took his cock fully into her mouth, moaning around it. He was breathing hard as he pushed the plug back in then pulled it back out a bit, matching the pace of his play to the pace of her bobbing up and down on his cock.

She lowered her hips so she could grind her clit on his chest as he played with her ass. He used both hands to spread her cheeks and watch her juicy pussy as she pushed her clit into his chest. He pushed his thumb into her wet pussy, feeling the tightness caused by the size of the anal plug. One thumb still inside her, he reached up and began to pull the anal plug out of her again, feeling it move across his thumb and watching her asshole expand around it, he pulled it out past the first swell, hearing her moan as her asshole contracted around the narrower part. He slowly pushed it back into her, using his other hand to put pressure on her clit and she took his cock out of her mouth to press her face into his leg, panting and groaning “fuuucck” with pleasure as he pushed the plug all the way back in.

She got back onto her knees and turned around, pushing his legs together. She straddled him and lowered her pussy escort bursa onto his dick. Her pussy was wet and swollen with all of the attention it had received and she took it slow, bouncing a little and giving her pussy time to expand around his thick cock. He was staring at her, too deep in his pleasure to even close his mouth. He was contributing little hip thrusts to increase his pleasure and help facilitate her full impalement on his cock. She sighed as she sank all the way down on his penis, taking a moment to get used to how full she felt. She leaned forward, grinding her clit on his stomach as she slid him in and out of her well lubricated pussy.

She felt the pleasure growing and pressed her breasts into his face for attention. He got the hint, pulling down the lace of her bra, exposing her nipples, and latching on to them with his lush lips. “Yes, Jacob” She moaned as she ran her fingers through his dark hair, holding his face on her breast. He could feel the rounded sections of the anal plug through the thin wall separating his dick from the plug. They moved across his dick with each thrust. She sat up and reached back, moaning, and playing with the plug slowly pulling it in and out as she continued to bounce on him, her breasts jiggling each time she slammed down onto him. She pulled the plug out completely and he found he actually missed feeling it in there, he also wished he had been the one to pull it out. He grabbed her hips to hold her in place and increased the pace, rapidly ramming himself into her.

“Yes, fuck me Jacob!” She reached behind her and he felt something enter her ass, it didn’t feel quite the same as the plug, not as large. She was still sitting up, moaning as she rode him and he thrust into her. She groped her breasts and moved her hands down her flat stomach and to her ass. He felt the vibration as she turned on the small vibrator she had put in her ass, and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He sat up, arms wrapping behind her to pull her down onto him by her shoulders. They were both in the throws of intense pleasure, grabbing at each other and moaning as they approached their orgasms. He pulled her closer to him and latched on to her breast with his mouth. “Oh, oh Jacob” He felt her tense and begin to tremble with pleasure, gasping, as he thrust deep inside her and released his load.

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