Clothing Optional Pool Day

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“I declare today is clothing optional at the Wilson’s pool,” declared Allie.

We were hanging out together by her pool and she tends to get bored and great ideas at the same time. I swear the girl needs Ritalin or something even in the summer she is so hard to keep up with even though we’ve been friends for like a year. I was actually pretty comfortable wearing my new bikini even though my mom made me buy it and I thought it looked like something from the 1990s or something. I’m kind of skinny so I don’t mind covering up. Alec got a big visit last year from the boob fairy and is always looking for a chance to show off her “big fat hooters.” Like a lot of 18-year-old girls, I am still waiting for that visit.

“Yeah, that sounds fantastic.” I said with heavy sarcasm. She stripped off her top anyway unleashing the girls. She shook a little to make them bounce some in the warm air. Then she pulled down her bottom and left it on the deck as well. I noticed that she had decided to trim her “bush” into a cute blonde landing strip which I assume she was waiting for some jock to land on.

“Wonderful,” I mumbled to myself. “If it’s clothing optional, then I’m opting for clothing.” I said to her. It’s not that I’m competitive or uncomfortable with my body but my boobs are mostly big brown nipples that look like marshmallows except when it’s cold or I start getting “that” feeling down there. Allie had big fat hooters with perky nipples and I imagined many boys would love to see them and so on.. I watched her strut around in the sun clearly looking for attention although I was the only one around. She suddenly dove into the pool swam a couple of lengths through the cool salty water.

I laid on my towel in the warm sun wondering idly about my hyperactive friend and feeling very comfortable in my bathing suit. I dozed off a little and then felt her shadow fall over me blocking the sun on my face. I opened my eyes and saw her standing there with goosebumps and dripping saltwater on the deck. From the lack of tan lines, I figured that this was not the first time her pool had been declared clothing optional. I also noticed with great shape she was in from playing field hockey and running the 800 meter on the track casino oyna team. I am not a lesbian I noticed especially how cute she was. I wanted to dry her off and smooth away the goosebumps on her skin. Weird thoughts that I kept to myself.

“Come on, Mom. Give into peer pressure. Nobody’s here and I won’t tell how ugly you are,” she said sounding bouncy and too excited.

“First of all, you’re three months older than I am! Second of all, peer pressure is bad for you. And C, you’re a slut.” I explained. She got her crazy look in the next thing I know she had ripped off my top and thrown it into the pool leaving my big brown marshmallows exposed to the eyes of passersby. I got up with a scream and chased her around the pool. I was annoyed couldn’t stop laughing especially after I pushed my naked BFF into the pool after my top.

“Get my top right now give it back!” I ordered her laughing and mad at the same time. I was a little embarrassed but Allie is Allie and I couldn’t get really mad at her.

“I refuse to give into peer pressure,” she answered defiantly. “Why don’t you get your lazy butt in here if you want it that bad.”

I looked around the yard and at her house. Seeing no one and realizing that it was too late anyway I gave in. I pushed down my bikini bottom and kicked it over to my towel.. I turned my back to her and bent over. I smacked my butt and said, “How do you like me now?”

Allie swam to the side and laid my top at my feet as a peace offering. “I’m very sorry,” she said with completely fake sincerity. “You’re not even a little bit ugly.”

I looked down at my tall skinny body with very obvious tan lines, an untrimmed auburn bush, flat belly, and puffy nipples which were suddenly getting smaller and harder even in the warm sun. “What has gotten into you,” I wondered to myself. I was naked outside for the first time in my life, I was looking down at my girlfriend who was also naked, though not for the first time obviously, and I felt way too excited by the whole situation.

I shuddered at some of the thoughts I was suddenly having and Allie looked concerned. “You okay, Ellen?” she asked seriously this time.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess there’s a first time for everything canlı casino and the first time is always a little strange,” I answered vaguely. I imagined where this might be going and thought to myself, “Well, why not?”

“Well then, let’s work on getting rid of those tan lines,” she suggested climbing out of the pool the water drops flowing down her skin unimpeded by fabric. I suddenly wanted to be a drop of water on her skin. I lay back of my towel and watched her dry herself with hers. She lay down next to me on her side smiling at me, her head propped up on her hand. “You’re going to want some lotion. Can’t burn your white parts.”

My nipples had gotten very hard despite the warm air. I almost yelped like a puppy when I felt the cool lotion she squirted on me. “I can do that myself,” I protested weakly as she began to rub the coconut oil lotion onto my paper white boobs. “Stop it, Allie. I really mean it.” She ignored me (for a change) and continue to apply lotion carefully all over my chest but paying special attention to my insanely sensitive nipples. “Stop…”

“I have to be careful not to miss a spot. It’s a health and safety issue,” she murmured she carefully rolled each nipple between her fingers and thumbs, tugging them gently at first but gradually with more force. She was on her knees next to me. I felt my knees lift up by themselves then drop to the sides. My right hand moved to my spread open va j j and I began rubbing myself. Allie slapped my hand gently and said, “None of that, honey. I need to get lotion down there to. That’s MY job.”

I was too excited to stand it I still felt like I had to fight back some. “What are you doing? I am not a lesbian, even a little bit.” l felt her hand slide down below my belly and began to spread the oil on that tan-line as well.

“Who said anything about that?” She asked mischievously. “We’re just two friends working on getting a nice tan! It’s kind of like getting a massage. It’s just a massage, but if it happens to feel good, so what?” Just then her oiled fingers found the clit I had just been reaching for and I lost all my resistance. She moved so that she was kneeling between my legs and rubbing the lotion up and down my body with one kaçak casino hand as she paid special attention to my vagina. I could feel myself opening up inside and my hips began to move on their own. “I think I would like to give my non-lesbian friend a kiss,” said Allie and she lowered her face to my vaggie began to move her tongue around it then into it.

“It’s too much,” I gasped and she continued to lick me down there. “I want more.” I moved her hands back to my nipples. The feeling of her mouth my vagina and her fingers rolling and pulling my boobs made me feel like I was going to drown and my body spasmed crazy as I came.” Allie, Allie, Allie,” I whispered as I sank back into my body on the towel in the sun by the pool.

Some time past and I could feel her laying next to me as I felt weird again. What the hell had just happened? I opened my eyes and saw her smiling face close to mine. “What the fuck have we done?” I asked feeling relaxed, embarrassed, and curious all at the same time. She moved closer and when her lips met mine I could taste myself on her. It was strange but okay. And I opened my mouth a little for her tongue. I suddenly knew exactly what I wanted.

I lay back down on my back and said to her, “I want your vaggie on my face right now.” I know I sounded bossy that’s how I felt. I folded a towel under my head and she crawled on her hands and knees and knelt over my face with her face toward my feet. I reached around my hands and pulled her butt down so she was on my mouth and I found her clitoris and began to bite it very softly but she still cried out.

“Ouch, go easy on me,” she begged. Instead, I slapped her butt with both hands I and nibbled on her clitoris a little softer but still hard enough hard enough to show her who’s the boss. Then I went crazy on her. I wanted Allie to know how I felt when she did me against my will. I wanted to make her come until her sweat covered both of us. I pulled her down on my face and licked her and when she came then begged me to stop, I held her and kept going until she came again. I was in charge!

When I let her go at last she was shaking and dripping sweat. I looked at her and said, “Let’s go for a swim.” She got up, slightly unsteady on her feet and we both jumped into the pool letting the water cool our bodies and the sun turn them brown.

Summer is coming to an end now and I have lost my tan line and learned much about my friend and my body.

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