Ch. 01 Lianne’s Coming-out Party

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I’m Lianne–one sexy housewife. Herbie and I have been married for fifteen years with some nice sex, but my libido is stronger than his, so I get frustrated and often dream of old boyfriends.

During high school, I had four wonderful lovers, whose sucking of my big sensitive breasts and finger-play down below were beautiful preludes to my nightly masturbation. In my fantasies, I would take on all four at once beginning with Roger and ending with Bob (because his cock was the biggest).

In college I went steady with Herbie. Our eye-contact and kissing led to the hottest petting of my life and our being completely naked together. By then I was nineteen and satisfied that we really loved each other. My desire for sexual intercourse took over my life: I needed Herbie’s big cock in me and I begged him for it. He demurred. His hang-up was a combination of old-time religion and fear, by which I myself had maintained my virginity as a teenager. But now with my inhibitions gone with the wind, I decided to find another guy to fuck. Herbie had made me that ready! He and I finally did do the big trick, but only after a wild scenario

In truth, I was dating other guys from time to time while Herbie was 200 miles away at college, so I knew two or three guys who were hot for me. And at the time I was writing to one of them—Handsome Howard, with whom I’d had a blind date the summer before, courtesy of my college classmate Tish.

They were high society neighbors in Newport, and during my visit he took me out for an evening sail. That was very romantic to begin with, and when he pondered how lovely I would look topless in the moonlight, I responded, “Dare me.” Of course, I love for guys to see my breasts, so I stayed nude to the waist for most of the sail. The evening breeze, to Howard’s delight, made my nipples stick out as never before. Later, his kissing was nearly as affecting as were Roger’s and Herbie’s, and on that first date he became one of my best tit lovers! He was very pleasantly rough with my nipples.

I liked him very much as a person, but the chief attraction for us both was physical. We exchanged letters, and his invitation to attend Winterfest included his wish to know if I were as beautiful “below the waist” as I was “above.” I wrote back, citing my numerous calls to model nude and adding that he might judge for himself by exploiting my vulnerability to dares. Of course, the truth is I was accustomed to being completely nude with my recent boyfriends. I love their seeing and fingering my cunt. With Herbie, stoically virginal, away at college, Howard’s letters made me so hot that, in fact, we became masturbation buddies. At the very least, I reasoned, Howard would be a very courtly first fuck, but damned if I didn’t get the curse on Thursday and spent the weekend in our rented room wearing underpants and Tampax. Howard was such a good sport that I sucked him off twice.

As luck would have it, shortly thereafter in the midst of my frustration, I got a phone call from Art, asking for a date. I knew that, being older and doubtless more experienced, Art could be my savior–appropriately so, as he was Herbie’s fraternity brother, just graduated and working nearby. The year before at Spring Parties we had danced together a few times. I do confess to feeling extra sexy at party time: naked beneath a sheer gown, having guys see my natural contours with my nipples erect and visible. Even in conversation, I could see that Art was drawn to my breasts: his focus was undisguised, and the lust in his eyes spoke his urge to peel my bodice and play with my tits bare. At the thought of illegal bahis it, my pussy tingled; its secretion moistened my inner thighs. And when his big hard-on pressed against me, I wanted him to know my entire body, to discover my pussy open for him and how easily he might slip in on the lubrication of my desire. But I was Herbie’s date! Later in our room, spreading for my finger-fucking–still lusting for Art’s big cock–Herbie noticed that I was extra hot and responsive, especially when I begged him for three fingers. Even now, when I masturbate, Art is prominent among my fantasy lovers.

Our date for dinner included a surprise guest for dessert–Reggie, a football teammate of Art’s, whom I had known as the kind and responsible senior who had put Herbie and me to bed the year before when he found Herbie out cold and me not completely soused but happily naked with a short line of younger brothers waiting to take their turns. It occurred to me that he might still be on moral patrol, now that my virginity was on the line again; nonetheless, he seemed relaxed and really nice. And I was glad that he went out drinking and dancing with us after dinner. Having these two really nice older guys court me was exciting. Of course, my original designs had been on Art, but Reggie’s presence and gentle attentions told me that I might have either or possibly both; so, regardless of my dancing partner of the moment, erotic images of us three persisted. And when Art asked if I’d care to go with them to Reggie’s hotel room “for a nightcap,” I got prickles all over. “I’d love to,” I said. “Do you think there’s enough of me to satisfy two big football players?” Their glee justified my not giving any hint of my commitment to Herbie nor of my virginity, which could have put their fires out.

In the room the soft music, the spreading warmth of Reggie’s peach brandy, and our close dancing and kissing made me excited at the men’s request that I do a strip tease. Coyly, I acceded, on the condition that they join me. Turning on two guys at once is fun! When Art exclaimed, “What magnificent breasts!” Reggie rejoined, “What did I tell you?” Playing with two hard cocks at once, knowing that both would soon be slipping into my aching cunt, was heaven. Reggie’s was very much like Howard’s and Herbie’s, so I wanted to fuck him first for sentimental reasons. On a sheer physical level, Reggie could open me up for Art, whose uncircumcised beauty was super-big–its girth equal to that of Bob’s. Art agreed to that. Then I made my announcement that I was not on the pill and could not chance their coming inside me, but that I’d be glad to suck them off when they were ready to come.

We got serious with each sucking a tit, which felt so good that I discovered myself masturbating. As Reggie, tonguing and kissing, worked his way down my belly, he nuzzled my dark pubic hair, of which I have lots, and must have seen me doing my clit because he took my hand away gently and sucked my two pleasure-fingers, saying, “It looks like fun. Can I play?” I opened wide for his whole face. The velvet tongue probed at my openings, toyed with my swollen labia, and flicked my clit before he began sucking masterfully. None of my boy lovers had done me orally. He gave me my first orgasm with a guy! And when we French-kissed, smelling and tasting myself on Reggie’s mouth and deep-darting tongue were incredibly sexy.

Our date had already been a first for me in so many ways. As we became more intimately involved, Art’s talk waxed crass–as though humiliating his girl was a turn-on for him. I played along with such comments from him as, “I’ll bet you like illegal bahis siteleri your big tits squeezed, Lianne? How does that pussy taste, Reg? Is she ripe for a good fucking yet?” These infused the excitement of being gang raped in an arena of safety. The truth is, I did want to be used for their pleasure; I wanted hard, deep sex–not love. And when Art asked, “Do you like to fuck big cocks, Lianne? Is your sweet pussy ready?” I answered, “Oh yes, I need a good fucking!”

Reggie slipped in so easily and it felt so wonderful–so big and hard and warm! And when our pubes met, I knew that Reggie was way deep inside, that I was doing it with a man! “Oh God, I love it,” I cried as we fucked in concert. In my mind, it was Howard’s cock in me; then it was Herbie’s. Standing by were the downy-cheeked acolytes who had excited and massaged my adolescent yearnings. Their surrogate, Reginald Pope, had come to me in my hour of need and had eased my passage into womanhood.

When Reggie pulled out, I needed Art, who had been gently but firmly playing with my long nipples. Spreading my legs as wide as I could, with my fingers I opened my vagina for him and guided the shiny knob into my cunt. He controlled his entry with slow half-strokes, which were terribly teasy. I realized that my dominating captor had turned tender when he whispered, “Is it okay, darling?” He was stretching me as wide as had the fat carrot with which my dear friend Becky had done me earlier in the month.

“It feels like a telephone pole!”

“I guess you’re not used to one this big. Just relax and I’ll fuck you easy.”

“Oh, yes, Art, fuck me easy … and deeper. Oh, yes … yes!” His strokes lengthened and I answered them. We were so right together. I was proud that my pussy was good for him, and would be good for Bob, in truth, the guy who had made me want it most.

When Art pulled out, Reggie was in me again–thank God! –and stroking deeply.. My first time was going beautifully, thanks in part to Herbie’s three fingers and his selection of long, hard garden vegetables–after which an hour later in the solitude of my bedroom with my own wise fingers, I would climax. Tonight I hoped I could come while being fucked. Art, having just pulled out, was ready and kneeling over my face so that I could alternately suck and jerk him. I began doing my clit rapidly. I wanted to make Art come. “In my mouth,” I begged him. “No–on your tits!” he panted.

“Pinch my nipples now! Reggie, fuck me hard! …I’m starting, you guys…” And then I did it. We did it! Our elation was delicious. Art had spent his come all over my neck and breasts. When I recovered enough, I sucked Reggie. I had been mad to taste us again and was happy that eventually most of his spurts went down my throat.

Our after-play was languid. We had collapsed together on the bed–entwined and besmeared. Some thirty minutes later I murmured, “Thanks for the dinner, Art. Thanks for the nightcap, Reggie.” I kissed them both. “I just heard the truck of my very good friend the milkman. Take a shower with me, Art. You’ve got to clean up the mess you made. And then we’ve got to get outta here!”

On the way home I confessed to Art that I was indeed pinned to Herbie and explained the reason for my passionate surrender. He was abashed and obviously pained to learn that he had done his brother’s office. “At least we kept it in the family,” I consoled. “It was a lovely initiation! And I’ll always love my big brothers.” Our good night kiss was long and deep. Its warmth reduced Art’s chagrin, led to subsequent others, and spread to my loins. With Art’s yearning canlı bahis siteleri hardness against me again, I invited him to my bedroom, as I had our house to myself, my parents being on vacation.

He was so sweet; he wanted so much to quell any agitation between Herbie and me that my lust had created. Interested in the consummation of our love, he wondered about my techniques of arousal–things that had worked with other guys. He said the sight of my bare tits had enkindled his own passion, and I told him about the similar reactions of my boy lovers and the joy I’d experienced recently while posing for art students–how that too had fed my desire for intercourse.

“Perhaps Herb doesn’t understand how extraordinarily sexy you are, Lianne,” Art speculated. “ He’s a wonderful guy. Believe me, he’s worth waiting for. And he’s so lucky that you love him! But if he’s not inclined to go all the way with you at this point, you know I’m nearby and willing to be his surrogate. Still, I really think that you should undress for Herb the way you did tonight–slowly and teasingly–and then masturbate for him the way you did tonight. Honestly, watching you do yourself would drive any guy crazy! Then, I bet, you’ll have your wish. Lianne,” Art’s voice waxed warm and inviting, “would you like to practice how you would induce Herb to go all the way?”

“Okay. But, Art, if I do that, you’ll have to suck my tits again,” I told him, beginning to undress. “And I want your big, hard cock in me one more time. I need to practice fucking too!” After I got him big, we fucked for twenty minutes. Then he came on my tits again. It was beautiful!

After Art left, I slept until ten-thirty in the morning; and when I woke up, Herbie was beside me in bed. What a shock! “Herbert, what are you doing here? It’s Thursday morning!”

“Darling, I’m cutting a few classes. When you told me on the phone that you had intended to fuck Howard the other weekend but didn’t go through with it, it’s been on my mind constantly. Actually, the thought of another guy’s hard cock going in and out of you made me terribly sexy, and I decided I’d like to be your first, if you’d have me. I bummed back last night.”

“Oh my God. Herbie dear, I did want you to be my first; but when you didn’t want to, I did what I thought I had to. Your loving is so intense; I sought someone else to fuck. I had a date with Art Bachelor last night–and we did it.”

“I know. I was right here, waiting for you, when you got in. Was it some time around four? And when I heard a guy’s voice, I scooted under your bed.”


“I didn’t know what to do, except keep quiet. I didn’t want to break up the party. I confess I found it all terribly interesting, and incredibly sexy. Hearing you masturbate for us! And then the sounds of your long fuck, with the bed rocking and squeaking overhead, made me wild with jealousy and desire. It gave me a big hard-on!”

“Oh, Herbie. Of course, it’s small consolation, but I thought it would be nice to do it with Art while I was waiting for you to be ready. In fact, better so than Howard, whom you’ve never met. When Art asked for a date, he had no idea that you and I were still going steady–and I didn’t tell him till later. And he knows now that all I wanted was sex.”

“Art has been one of my heroes–one of the best running backs in the East. He got me to join the house and sort of became my mentor. As I implied, maybe I did want someone else to fuck you. Does that make any sense? And I’m glad it was Art. God knows, I realize how much you wanted it.”

“Yes I did … But has my infidelity achieved its goal? You say you got a big hard-on earlier this morning … I’m still very horny for you!” And it was noon when I realized that I had fucked three guys that morning–not bad for a virgin philosophy major with glasses!

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