Captain of Her Heart

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It was a rainy Friday in mid-September and Allison Gardner was bored. Naturally she was excited to start her senior year at Warwick Central High. As far as she was concerned, she couldn’t wait to graduate. She figured she’d stick around for another year or so and attend classes at the local community college with her best friend, Sara, before moving on to some out of state university. Instead, she’d been sick with the flu for the last three days and was stuck at home with the TV as her sole companion.

On Tuesday, Allison started feeling a bit “under the weather” shortly after her second hour Geometry class. As she dragged her feet to her next class, Allison figured she was simply experiencing a case of senioritis. She’d been walking through these same halls from one class to another for the past three years, so it made sense that she was feeling burnt out. But as the day wore on, the feeling intensified and followed a predictable pattern of flu symptoms ranging from body aches and chills to vomiting. By Wednesday morning, Allison’s parents decided to let her stay home the rest of the week.

Today was boring, that was for sure; a dreary, chilly, and rainy day. Thankfully, Allison was feeling much better. She finally regained her apatite last night and her fever broke. Her parents left early this morning to attend her dad’s 30th class reunion in Hinsdale and they planned to be gone the entire weekend. Allison sat up in bed now, propped up against the pillows listening to the gusting wind and rain pattering against her bedroom window. After a few minutes, she slid out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a much needed shower.

Allison wasn’t very hungry, so she decided to skip breakfast and watch some TV. Not much was on during the weekday mornings except for the usual educational shows on PBS. For now, the lovely 18 year old senior sat bundled up on the sofa and watched “All About You,” a show about human biology with a trippy circus themed opening. She fussed with her thick mop top of golden brown natural curls while the show’s (somewhat butch) host, Louise McNamara, ironically droned on about different eye and hair colors.

Allison got up and switched off the TV. “I’m so bored, but I don’t want to do any homework yet.” She muttered. She returned to the sofa and started to sit back down. “I’ll just die if something exciting doesn’t happen soon!”

Almost as soon as she spoke, there was a knock at the front door. The girl went to answer it, and there stood her best friend, Sara Symes, with her book bag slung over her shoulder and Allison’s heart skipped a beat. Since the third grade, Allison and Sara have been inseparable and over time, the two best friends became much more than that.

It was a closely guarded secret. Since the end of their sophomore year, Allison Gardner and Sara Symes had been lovers. The girls realized they were courting disaster any time it looked like they were spending too much time together. They made up for this by slipping notes to each other during lunch to read later (often during class). Other times one or the other girl arranged for a sleepover. But they always had to wait until they were sure they were truly alone before stealing a kiss or copping a feel. It was a shame because they were afraid of “going all the way” for fear of being caught. Sara was the stronger one. She assured Allison that after graduation they could get an apartment together and do what they wanted. But for now, the girls simply played the waiting game.

Allison told Sara to come inside. “Hey, what are you doing here, it’s only eleven!” Sara followed her friend to the kitchen. As soon as the girl took her jacket off, Allison felt a sudden wave of shrill sensation and her eyelids fluttered. “Wow, you look great…”

“Aw, come on, are you nuts?”

As far as Allison was concerned, Sara Symes was the prettiest girl in the entire school. Both girls were slim and petite, but Sara was stacked! She had perky full breasts and a waterfall of glossy stick-straight dark hair that went well with her impish grin.

“Figured I’d just skip the rest of the day,” Sara said. “I came by to see how you were doing, oh—and to bring you this.” She reached inside her book bag and handed her friend a small bundle wrapped in a plastic shopping bag. The girls went over to the kitchen table and Sara set her things down. “I ran into Miss Davis before school started and she asked me to drop this off. Guess she didn’t want to wait for you to come in on Monday.”

Allison took the bundle from her friend and opened it. Inside was a brand new cheerleading uniform identical to the one Sara was wearing. Both girls were on the varsity cheerleading squad this year and Sara was the captain. Their coach, Miss Davis, ordered the new uniforms which she intended to distribute at the end of last month before the school year started. But there was a problem with the manufacturer and the uniforms had to be sent back and re-ordered.

The bushy haired senior held the red and white sweater bahis firmaları up to get a better look. The Warwick Central Bulldog featured prominently on the front, poised in the traditional fighting stance with her name over the chest.

“I think I ought to try this on,” Allison said. “Just to be sure.”

“Sounds like someone’s feeling a lot better.” Sara replied coyly.

The mop haired beauty brushed past her friend and headed for the stairs. “Hey, my parents won’t be back ’til Sunday. Got the house all to myself…want to stay over?”

“Sure, mind if I use the phone?”

“Go ahead. When you’re finished, come on up.”

Allison went upstairs to her bedroom and closed the door before pulling the rest of the uniform out of the bag. There was a short red and white skirt and a pair of thick polyester panties to go underneath. She already had the required saddle shoes and the girls were expected to wear plain white ankle socks.

She quickly got undressed, put the new uniform on, and stood in front of the large mirror over her dresser. The sweater and skirt fit perfectly, emphasizing the cheerleader’s slender frame. Bouncy thick spirals of golden brown curls tumbled around the teen’s gorgeous face. Her otherwise fair skin betrayed a soft blush of pink in her cheeks and now a conspiratorial grin spread across Allison’s lips as she heard her friend’s approaching footsteps. She’d taken off her underwear and deliberately neglected to put on the uniform panties. She wondered what Sara would think of that.

“Mom says she’s fine with me staying over.” Sara said as she pushed her way through the bedroom door. “Figured she would be but I had to check. I don’t have a change of clothes with me so I hope you don’t mind—” The cheer captain paused mid-sentence when she saw her friend standing there in front of the dresser mirror. “Wow, looks good!”

“You think so?” Allison smirked. “Even when I do this?”

The slender curly top kept her eyes glued to the reflection in the mirror and she suppressed a sudden urge to laugh as her friend’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped.

“Ali, you dirty little slut!”

Allison slowly leaned forward and raised her leg up in a modified arabesque as she reached around and grabbed onto her ankle. She put her other arm out and held onto the edge of the dresser while Sara drank in the sight of her friend’s exposed pussy, covered modestly with a bush of soft light brown hair as curly as the hair on her head.

The cheer captain started to approach but before she could come any closer, Allison quickly put her leg down and terminated the provocative pose. She spun around and grabbed the dark haired teen, and pulled her in for a deep lingering kiss. Sara’s eyes fluttered and slowly shut. She let out a sigh as her lips parted and Allison’s tongue entered. When her initial shock subsided, she finally started to relax, but after a minute or so, she broke the kiss.

The dark haired beauty glanced furtively over her shoulder at the bedroom door. “Ali, your parents—”

“I already told you, Sara. They’ve gone to Hinsdale for my dad’s class reunion. They rented a hotel room for the weekend…relax!”

Sara cocked her head and furrowed her brow. “You know I should punish you for going against the dress code…”

“Oh yeah? You wouldn’t dare!”

The beautiful cheer captain reached behind Allison’s head and roughly grabbed a handful of those tawny corkscrew curls. In seconds, their lips came together, tongues dueling. It was such a relief to know there were no worries about being interrupted! The lovely dark haired teen sighed as her lips aggressively mashed against her friend’s, echoing her movement while their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

A few seconds later, Sara broke the kiss and stooped down to untie her shoes. She kicked them aside and pulled first the right, and then the left sock off. She couldn’t help but notice that her friend was already barefoot. Allison’s feet, like the rest of her body, were dainty and small with prominent ankles and toenails painted in a soft rose pink. The cheer captain stood back up and instantly the two young lovers shared another deep kiss. Sara’s hands began to wander as they embraced. Her fingertips brushed upward against Allison’s hips and made contact with her form fitting sweater.

“God, I want to see you so bad!” Sara breathed.

“I’m right here, silly!” Allison quipped.

The teenage curly sue shuddered as she felt her friend pull the front of her sweater up and over her head. Allison’s breasts were somewhere between an A and B cup; pert and small. The quarter sized areolas responded instantly to the sudden exposure and the distended tips of her nipples resembled rosy little chips of coral.

“Wish my tits were as big as yours…” Allison mused.

“No way,” Sara wistfully replied. “I think you’re perfect!”

Sara’s hands closed over her friend’s breasts while their mouths came together in another kiss. Allison gasped when her lover kaçak iddaa pulled away and pressed her soft full lips against her left breast, gently teasing the sensitive nipple with the tip of her tongue before sucking. For the next few minutes, Sara alternated between the left and right breast, worshipping her lover’s perfect little swells. As she did this, Allison bit her lip and whimpered. She felt a sudden wave of moist heat radiating upward from the space between her legs and she had to be careful not to stumble backwards into the dresser.

“Mmm…” The girl cooed.

Sara paused and slowly backed off. “Too much?”

“Mmm, never…”

Allison reached around and with shaking hands, fumbled with the waistband of her skirt. With Sara’s help, the pleated garment fell in a small red and white pool around her ankles.

“I want to see you too!” She hissed.

The mop haired teen lunged at her lover, and soon Sara felt Allison’s hands sliding under the back of her sweater. As they kissed, the cheer captain felt her bra come undone and now her lover’s hands slowly came around and slid under the satiny cups to caress them. After a few minutes, the girl slowly withdrew her hands and managed to get Sara’s sweater and bra off. Allison softly uttered a few hushed words of admiration as she brushed aside the cheer captain’s long dark tresses. Her hands closed over Sara’s breasts and she leaned in to deliver a barrage of tender kisses to her slender neck.

“Ahh!” Sara moaned. “You’re making me so fucking horny!”

“That makes two of us then.”

Although Sara was quite slender, she was extraordinarily busty. Her D cup breasts were perky and well-proportioned with nice large areolas topped with fat little nipples. The gorgeous cheer captain spent many hours working out and practicing routines with the rest of the squad and it showed. Her hefty tits seemed to defy gravity and they never failed to turn heads wherever she went.

Allison reached up and ran her fingers through Sara’s long glossy hair. Some of the dark tresses brushed against her bare arm and left a visible rash of goosebumps as an unexpected ticklish sensation rushed through her. She glanced downward and realized that her friend was clumsily working the back of her skirt, trying to get it open. After a second or two, the stacked beauty tossed the little red and white garment aside along with her panties, and now Allison’s hands moved from her lover’s taut waist down to her pert little ass.

The bushy haired cheerleader deliberately palmed Sara’s ass cheeks, kneading the firm smooth flesh like dough. The welcome attention elicited a few muffled moans from the busty teen who was busily nursing on the pale little swells of her lover’s breasts. Now the lovely curly top slid one hand across her friend’s hip to the front. Her fingertips brushed against the neatly trimmed thicket of pubic hairs covering her mound until at last they reached the dampened cleft. Allison let out a ragged little sigh of satisfaction. She could feel the intense heat and wetness emanating from Sara, and she was delighted to discover that she was not alone in her desire.

Sara adjusted her stance enough to give her friend better access. Without missing a beat, Allison gently dragged her fingers against Sara’s sopping wet labia and the girl let loose with a sharp gasp. For the past two years, Allison and Sara were forced to live on scraps of affection, sometimes with a stolen glance at each other’s bodies in the locker room at school. If they were lucky, the girls managed to slip away from the prying eyes of others long enough to share a few heartfelt kisses. Up until now, they’ve never taken things this far and it felt fantastic!

“Come on, I don’t want to keep standing here.” Allison said. “Let’s go to bed.”

The mop haired beauty led Sara towards the bed. The girls crawled in together and shoved the blankets aside. The two young lovers fell onto the mattress together and their nude bodies fused into one as they embraced, kissing ravenously. Their slender legs instantly became entwined, struggling to press a thigh against the other girl’s pussy. They erupted in a chorus of moans as they rocked back and forth, humping each other while they aggressively kissed each other on the mouth, cheeks, and neck. The sexy sound of their moans and sighs filled the room, accompanying the earthy scent of their combined arousal.

Several minutes later they paused and gazed at each other lovingly. Allison and Sara had been such close friends for so long that words were no longer necessary. Both girls knew what the other one wanted. They felt it through every caress and every kiss they shared. Allison slowly backed away from Sara, rising up on her arms as she turned her body around. She carefully planted her knees on either side of the cheer captain’s head so she was straddling her face. She braced herself against the mattress now and slowly lowered her pussy onto Sara’s waiting mouth. As she did this, the petite cheerleader buried her kaçak bahis face in the soft damp thatch of pubic hair between her lover’s legs.

Allison let loose with a ragged moan of pleasure as she felt Sara grasping her ass cheeks from behind. In seconds, she felt the dark haired beauty’s tongue probing and lapping against her throbbing slit. The petite cheerleader’s face was buried in her friend’s snatch and her tongue emerged at last and fluttered against the clitoris before plunging between the swollen inner labia. The taste that flooded Allison’s mouth was exquisite! She savored the hot, somewhat salty taste as it coated her tongue. A very pungent, very primal scent of female musk filled the girl’s nostrils as she continued to feast. And the feverish heat of her bare flesh drove her tongue to probe deeper.

Now Allison felt a finger sliding inside her and the gorgeous cheerleader let out a startled gasp. She was close, so close to orgasm now and she instinctively tensed up as she sucked in a deep breath. This only slowed the inevitable, but it felt amazing just the same. Allison followed suit and slowly pushed one, and then a second finger between Sara’s slickened labia. By now, the top heavy teen was so wet, Allison’s fingers slid in with no resistance.

Using the tip of her tongue, Allison resumed the oral assault, probing and tickling her lover’s clitoris before dragging it up and down against her throbbing slit. Both girls were panting and moaning loudly now, caught in the throes of passion. Even with their mouths muffled by the other girl’s pussy, there was a chance (however small) that Allison’s parents could cancel their trip and walk in on them, but neither of them gave a damn. All that mattered to Allison and Sara at that moment was each other.

Allison climaxed the moment she felt Sara pushing a second finger inside her. The petite cheerleader’s body instantly tensed up as the first rolling wave of pleasure crashed over her, dragging her into an undertow of sensations so intense, she thought she would pass out. Allison’s pussy clamped down around Sara’s fingers and she let out a low wavering moan betraying her obvious ecstasy.

“Ahh, don’t stop!”

Sara’s tongue continued to flutter against her lover’s sensitive clitoris while her fingers pumped in and out. The feeling, though wonderful, was overwhelming! Allison never realized she was pressing her vulva against the busty teen’s face, bearing down on her in a desperate attempt to fuck herself with Sara’s fingers and tongue. And then like an avalanche, it came, and Allison let out an ear piercing cry of release.

And Sara was not far behind. The cheer captain’s head fell hard against the mattress and she let out a hoarse cry as her hips rose up and pushed hard against Allison’s face. The cheerleader’s tongue felt sore, almost numb, from lack of experience, but she persisted. Another sudden wave of intense pleasure pierced Allison’s clitoris, catching her off guard. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned into Sara’s snatch, prompting an equally loud cry from the opposite end of the bed. It took several minutes for both girls to catch their breath before Allison finally rolled off to the side and collapsed beside her lover.

The mop haired teen’s eyes fluttered and her vision was a little blurry as she lay there beside her best friend, staring up at her bedroom ceiling. With each breath, Allison could smell Sara’s arousal. Slowly she brought her right hand to her face, her fingers still wet from Sara’s juices, and savored the taste of her as she sucked them clean. Allison looked over at Sara. The cheer captain’s head rested against a pillow and her chest was still heaving as she licked her fingers clean.

“Oh my God…” Allison breathed.

She was intrigued by the sight of her friend laying there beside her, eyes closed and looking a little disheveled. A thin layer of sweat glazed the busty teen’s neck and collarbones. Her otherwise thick dark hair had become damp and limp with several long strands sticking to the sides of her face. Sara brushed them away and gazed at Allison through half closed eyes. She looked a little dazed as a smile slowly spread across her lips.

“Wow that was amazing!” She sighed.

Sara inched a little closer to her friend and their fingers became entwined the second their hands touched. Some of her hair tumbled down and fell over her face like a darkened waterfall. Sara laughed and brushed the offending locks aside. Although she still seemed lost in the blissful afterglow of her orgasm, her dark eyes sparkled and there was a lovely little blush of pink on her cheeks and breasts. She was absolutely beautiful!

“Yes it was.” Allison softly replied. The girls came together and embraced as they shared a few tender kisses. “I’m really glad you decided to skip classes today.”

“Me too.” Sara whispered.

For what seemed like an eternity, the two young lovers continued to kiss and hold each other. As they continued kissing, Allison thought about the last boyfriend she’d had. His name was Eric McIntosh. They had the same hour English class last year and they’d only been dating a few weeks when he drove her to the nearby park one night and tried to get her to have sex.

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