Breaking Adam

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Adam sighed as he opened his eyes, his alarm blaring in his ear. Jessica was curled up next to him and he smiled at her as she opened her eyes sleepily.

“Ugh. Turn it off babe.” Jessica’s voice was thick with sleep.

Adam reached over him and hit the alarm, glaring at the red light as it read 6:00 am. He hated waking up early, it was like a curse to him. He had to today though, his dad was coming to see him. He had to be ready for that.

He kissed Jessica’s head and climbed over her, laughing when she rubbed her body against his for a moment. They dated, occasionally, but lately they had decided they were better off friends, especially because they both had a sinking feeling he was more than just bi, he was gay.

He knew Jess though, she would keep up pretenses of being his sometimes fling and always closest friend until he decided to fully come out of the closet.

A lot of people knew he was bi. He had just told Brad, Jessica knew, and the fraternity brothers knew. No one treated him different, well not much different anyway.

Until then they cuddled at night because they both had their own inner demons, and having someone to hold close made it better, even if it was just for a little while. Adam walked to the door in his boxers, grabbing a towel and a fresh pair and heading to take a shower. His dad would be here in three hours, four at the most, and in all honesty when approaching the man he had seen twice since he turned 18, it wasn’t nearly enough time.

Jessica was going with him, along with his friend Brad and his boyfriend Kyle. He needed all the support he could get, though he told them it was just because he wanted to prove to his father that he had friends. The man had already threatened to send him to a shrink, thinking he had caused him so many emotional problems that his life was miserable. Cocky bastard.

Stripping down he stepped into the boy’s showers, nodding to James who was showering next to him. Adam was one of the leader’s of the Beta fraternity, even though he was a junior, because he had worked his ass off to get there. He had friends in every sorority and fraternity, in the administration office, he had even had lunch with the dean a few times. His dad had no idea who he was because Adam had made sure never to tell him. The jerk didn’t deserve to know anything about him that he didn’t find out firsthand, not a damn thing.

“Hey Adam, you ok man?”

James’s voice caught him off guard and he glanced up, realizing he was staring off into space.

“Yea James I’m good. Thanks.”

The man smiled, one year Adam’s senior and nodded, going back to his shower. James and Adam got along better than anyone in the fraternity. Adam was pretty sure it was because they both came from shitty families, the only difference was James was an open book and Adam kept his secrets locked away inside.

James knew Adam was bi and had no problem with it, as long as he didn’t hit on him they were fine, he had said once with a smile. James was one of the closest friends he had besides Jessica and Brad.

James finished his shower first and turned to walk out, noticing when Adam turned around so he wouldn’t be looking at him. The man tried so hard to make sure he never thought he was looking at anyone, it was sad sometimes.

“Hey Adam?”

Adam turned at James’s voice, keeping his eyes very steadily on the man’s face. James smiled, blushing a little and Adam fought not to roll his eyes.

“I have a friend. He just came out of the closet, and I was wondering if maybe…”

Adam laughed, a little surprised, “Are you pimping me out James?”

James’s whole face turned red as he sputtered, “No, no Adam not at all I didn’t mean-“

Adam cut him off with a smile, “It was a joke. I’d love to meet your friend. I got something to do at 9 but I should hopefully be done at 10, if you wanna have lunch or something. Or I can just meet him at the party tonight.”

James smiled in relief, “The party will be fine. His name is Evan. I think you’ll like him.”

Adam nodded, turning back around, “Sounds good, see you then.”

James mumbled a thank you before hastily exiting the showers and Adam waited until he was gone to lean his head heavily against the warm tile in front of him, letting the water pour in strong waves down his back. Today was not going to be a good day.

Chapter Two: Daddy’s back

Jess’s hand was tight in Adam’s as they made their way to the campus café, Brad and Kyle next to them. Adam saw his dad’s limo parked out front long before he actually saw the man himself. Kyle gave a low whistle at the stretch black beauty and Adam laughed a little.

“Show off.” He mumbled as he walked by it, his reflection clear in the shiny surface.

Adam took a deep breath, squeezing Jessica’s hand tightly and opened the door to the little café, spotting his dad instantly by all the people around him. He drew people to him like moths to a flame, or more accurately gold diggers to a millionaire. Adam’s dad owned one of the biggest internet companies casino siteleri in the united states, and he wasn’t ashamed to flaunt it. The man had more money then he knew what to do with.

Adam’s dad was tall, very tall compared to Adam’s 5’9 body. He was well built, like a man that had money for a personal trainer, and while Adam wasn’t tiny he was smaller, much smaller. They had the same bright blue eyes and strong facial structure, and even the black hair was the same, though drastically different styles.

Adam had the always laid back look, while his dad looked like his back would snap if he breathed to deep.

The man looked over as they walked in, his eyes falling on Adam with recognition. Adam sighed a little, relieved. He had a bet with himself that his father wouldn’t even recognize him, he had only seen him twice, once when he was 13 and once when he was 18. The last time was 3 years ago, so he wasn’t really sure.

The man stood up and walked towards them, smiling a little as everyone cleared a path for him without him having to say a word. Adam stood up straighter as he watched his father come. It took everything in his body not to bolt. This man scared him, scared him down to his core.

He was powerful, and he was big, and worst he had the key to healing the horrible black hole in the bottom of Adam’s heart. Jessica tightened her hold and Adam felt Brad grab his shoulder as he realized he had taken a step back.

Adam’s dad stopped in front of him and looked down, towering over him though Adam wasn’t entirely sure he meant to do it. No one spoke as the two men looked at each other, one up and one down, blue eyes blazing. Finally Adam’s dad broke and he moved that last step closer, until they were touching.

“Adam.” He whispered, voice cracking.

Adam gasped as he was swept into huge arms, feet leaving the ground as his father crushed him to his chest. He didn’t hug him back, just kind of hung there limp in his arms but his dad didn’t notice. The big man had his face buried in Adam’s neck as he held him close.

Well, Adam thought, this breaks every guy etiquette I’ve ever heard of. After a minute of awkward stares and lots of whispers his dad put him down, smiling as his friends moved forward instantly to surround him.

“It’s really nice to see you Adam, thank you for coming.”

Adam’s father had a deep baritone and Adam glared at the girls nearby that giggled when they heard it. The man was 39, he wasn’t that old, but sure as hell he wasn’t going to date anyone on this campus.

“Would you like to sit down?”

Adam nodded and they all trooped over to an empty booth near the back. Adam sat across from his dad instantly so Brad was stuck on the side with the big man because he was the second biggest.

Jessica, Kyle and Adam were all small enough able to fit comfortably on the other side. Adam’s father stared at him, just stared at him across the table. He did it for so long that Adam finally sighed, looking up.

“What Victor?”

Victor looked startled, “Nothing. You just look so much like your mother. I haven’t seen you in so long Adam, I just wanted to memorize your face.”

Adam spoke before he could think, “Well whose fault is that Victor?”

Victor clearly hated it when Adam called him by his name, he flinched every time.

“It’s mine and I take responsibility for that. I wasn’t there for you, and when your mom died I came to the funeral and I left. I’m trying to take responsibility for my actions Adam, I want to make things right between us.”

Adam shook his head, “I don’t think you can.”

Victor’s face fell instantly, “Well wont you let me try?”

Adam stared at his father for a long time, doing the same thing he had just got frustrated at him for doing. Finally he answered.

“I don’t know Victor. I really don’t.”

They watched as Victor’s face closed down, smoothing to a very familiar blank mask.

“Ah, that’s where he gets it from.” Kyle whispered and that brought a small smile to everyone but Victor, who frowned.

“I think it’s time for you to go Victor. We’ll…try this again another time ok?”

Victor stood, almost knocking Brad out of the booth. “Yes Adam. We will.”

Everyone frowned as the big man walked away without another word.

“That sounded a little scary.” Jessica said and Adam didn’t respond.

What could he say, he agreed with her.

Chapter Three: Not what he thought

The day passed by pretty quickly, Adam going through the motions of regular life while his mind stayed blissfully unattached. Finally at 6:30 he snapped out of it, going downstairs to help set up for the party tonight. He looked around for James but he didn’t see him.

He was a little excited to meet Evan, not as much as he would normally be but at least it was something.

Adam was expecting, by the way Evan sounded, that he was going to be a small timid little guy, shy, and scared about being judged. Adam wasn’t that big, but he had some muscles. He resembled more of a surfer than a fighter, canlı casino but he didn’t really like little guys. He figured he’d just talk to him, reassure him, answer his questions and send him home.

What James walked in with however, had Adam’s jaw almost on the floor.

The man with James, who he could only assume, and hope, was Evan was anything but small and timid.

The guy was bigger than Brad, about the size of Mike, another friend of theirs. He had to be 6’4 at the minimum, probably 300 pounds, and try as he might he couldn’t see any fat on the man. He was wearing a muscle shirt under a open blue button up, and snug fitting blue jeans. He had eyes so dark brown they looked black, blonde hair, and tan, tan skin.

He was like a hot fudge Sunday on a hot summer day. This…was the newly out of the closet, shy gay guy?

James walked over, a knowing smile on his lips and Evan followed, smiling down at Adam as he looked up at him.

“Evan this is Adam, the guy I was telling you about. Adam, this is my friend Evan.”

Adam swore his tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth as he reached a hand out to shake Evan’s. Evan smiled again and shook his hand, his grip strong but not painful.

“It’s nice to meet you. James said you and I could talk, and you might be able to help me…work through some stuff. If that’s ok with you.”

Oh even his voice was sexy. Deep but not too deep, just right. Adam nodded, still not talking and started walking towards the living room, where it was the least crowded.

“Hey Adam, it’s really crazy down here, why don’t you take him upstairs and show him around, you might be more comfortable talking in your room.”

James’s voice caught him off guard and Adam looked back in time to see Evan giving his friend a look of death that would have made even Adam a little scared. James didn’t even stop smiling.

“Uh, yea sure. Follow me Evan.”

Adam finally talked, thankful his voice wasn’t thick with the lust he was feeling.

Evan grumbled a little in James’s general direction but followed Adam up the stairs. Brad and Jessica watched before smiling, walking over and high fiving James with a laugh.

After showing Evan around the entire top floor they finally got to Adam’s room and he walked in, smiling sheepishly.

“Sorry about the mess, I’m not exactly the most cleanly guy around.”

Evan smiled and sat down at Adam’s computer chair.

“It’s cool. Hey man I’m sorry about James practically shoving us into your room. We really can talk downstairs if you want to.”

Adam leaned back on his bed, back propped against the wall as he crossed his legs at the ankles.

“No man it’s cool. So what exactly is it you want to know?”

Now it was Evan’s turn to look uncomfortable. Adam couldn’t help but smile as this big man looking so twitchy in his room.

“Well as I’m sure James and his big ass mouth told you, I came out of the closet recently.”

Adam nodded, not wanting to interrupt.

“Ok well, I’ve always ignored this part of me before, the part that was attracted to guys. I don’t know much about…dating guys.”

The last part was said with a very embarrassed laugh and Adam sat up, looking at the guy thoughtfully.

“Well. It’s a lot like dating girls really. Except I’ve noticed we aren’t as shy about it, and we move a lot quicker. That’s just the guys I’ve dated though, I don’t like beating around the bush types I guess, if I guy likes me I want him to walk right up and kiss me, not hint around it for hours. So I guess it all depends on the type your into. Do you have any idea what that is?”

Evan’s eyes jerked back to his face as Adam looked over and he wondered what exactly he was looking down at, though he was sure he could guess.

“Um. Well I always liked girls that were taller, not Amazon tall but taller than average, about your height. I like people with a little meat on their bones, or I guess I should say muscle, and I like guys that speak their mind.”

It wasn’t lost on Adam how that speech went from girls to people to guys. Nor the fact that he was describing him to a tee. Normally he’d make a move or wait for Evan to make the first one, but maybe he really was just describing his type.

The two men talked for what seemed like hours, going over the concepts of being gay in this day’s society. Adam informed him that this was a very open campus and there had not once been a report of hate crimes. Evan had told him earlier he was in the process of transferring. By the time midnight rolled around Adam was yawning and Evan was grinning like a kid at Christmas.

“Sorry man, I’m just so happy to have someone to talk to, and to tell me I’m normal, that all that I’m feeling is normal. I’ve felt like a freak for so long.”

Adam smiled at him, covering up his yawn with a sleepy hand.

“Don’t worry about it man, your definitely not a freak, unless you are in bed and I don’t know any guy that minds a little of that!”

He smiled to let him know it was a joke and got up to walk kaçak casino him out.

Adam was startled when Evan’s big body pressed up against him from behind, the bigger man pushing him against the door, holding him there by his hands on his hips.

“Um, Evan? What are you doing?”

Evan laughed a little, lips close to the back of Adam’s neck.

“Not beating around the bush.”

With that he reached a hand up and tipped Adam’s face up to his, kissing the man soundly on the mouth. After a moment of shock Adam kissed him back, opening his mouth and sweeping his tongue against Evan’s. He had a feeling Evan wasn’t usually a submissive kisser, but he was right then and Adam dove right in. Evan turned Adam around and pressed up against his chest, his hands reaching down to twine with Adam’s holding them against the door.

“Hey, you guys still talking?” James’s voice came through the door.

Evan pulled away from Adam with a gasp, letting go of his hands so fast it was if they burned him.

“Nah, were done.” Evan called back as Adam moved out of the way of the door.

“Thanks for talking to me Adam. Sorry for attacking you.”

Adam smiled, patting the big man on the back.

“Don’t be sorry, you can officially say you kissed a guy now.”

Evan smiled, obviously relieved Adam wasn’t freaked out. Opening the door he nodded to him again as he left, following his friend down to James’s room where he was staying until the transfer was complete and he could switch to a dorm on campus. This little tidbit was brought to Adam’s attention about five minutes before he met the hunka beauty. How do you resist temptation when it lives down the hall?

Chapter Four : New kid

The answer to that question came easily. Adam thought that maybe Evan would try to come onto him again, he kinda liked his dark eyes, they were so penetrating he dreamed about them. He was sorely wrong though. Evan closed up after that night, he never said more than a hi to Adam in the hallway of the fraternity house, never going out of his way to talk to him and finding numerous excuses to avoid him.

Adam had no clue what was going on. One night he cornered Evan in the kitchen of the frat house, backing the big man up into a corner.

“Wanna tell me what’s going on Evan?” He asked, spreading his stance in case the guy tried to run.

“What are you talking about Adam?” Adam didn’t answer and Evan sighed.

“Look man I’m sorry I lead you on with that kiss, but seriously, I don’t think I’m ready to be with a guy and I just didn’t want you to think I was.”

Adam nodded, not letting himself be upset.

“What we can’t be friends then?”

Evan looked into his eyes, “No Adam we can’t.”

He pushed past him, leaving the kitchen without another word.

Evan worked ever the harder to avoid him for the next week and Adam got fed up.

Adam wasn’t sure what the hell he did wrong so he went to Brad, trying to figure it out. He plopped down on Brad’s bed while Kyle sat across the room, Brad’s roommate being out as always and Brad sitting next to him.

Adam told them the whole story of what happened in the bedroom and in the kitchen and what had happened since and sat staring at the ceiling, waiting for them to say something.

It wasn’t until absolute silence greeted him that he looked around. Brad’s face was a perfectly blank mask, never a good sign, and Kyle had a hand to his mouth, ever the more feminine one.

“Am I missing something here guys?” Adam asked, voice sarcastic.

“Honey you mean Evan Dawn? James’s friend?” Kyle asked, voice small.

“Yea, why?”

Brad answered this time, “Adam I don’t know how to tell you this dude but that kid has been…around lately.”

Adam was confused, “What the hell are you talking about? He barely kissed me and ran scared what do you mean…around?” He wasn’t even sure he wanted to know.

Brad stood up, pacing the small room a few times before looking helplessly to Kyle. Kyle stood up and knelt beside Adam.

“Evan is the new stud around Adam. He’s been having sex like it’s going out of style and he’s not to prejudice either.”

Adam wasn’t stupid, he could read between the lines, “You mean he’s the new college slut?”

Kyle nodded, his face a mask of sympathy and Adam’s heart dropped to the floor. He had been pining away for this kid, thinking he was to scared of his new found sexuality to get physical or emotional with a guy ,even a friendship, and he had been screwing every guy that had a dick. He knew his face was getting angry because Brad slowly drew Kyle away from him.

“Well…just so you know he won’t let anyone fuck him. He’s the pitcher no matter what, and from what I hear he always uses a condom. I know a few guys that were virgins and he still said no. It’s like he’s keeping himself pure or some shit.”

Adam wasn’t really listening to Brad. He didn’t really care anymore. He was so pissed he was seeing red. How dare Evan act like he was the bad guy, avoiding him like the plague and be out playing pitcher to every gay guy on campus. What the hell did he do to deserve to be the pariah? He stood up, not blinking when Brad’s chest automatically buffed up. He was protective of Kyle, he knew that.

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