Beach Rendezvous Ch. 02

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I invited Mike into my apartment and led him in to the spacious Living Room. I invited him to make himself comfortable while I put my beach stuff away and fetched us a couple of cool bottles of mineral water to help us cool down a little from the hot afternoon sun and the hot beach rendezvous.

We sat and drank the cool water which was indeed refreshing, looking at the both of us sitting there, it was plain to see that a little bit too much Sun Cream, and the perspiration on our bodies from our steamy sexual encounter and the hot suns rays was showing clearly upon both of our bodies.

I took another swallow of the cold water then suggested to Mike that we should both take a shower and freshen ourselves up.

Mike jumped at the chance, saying, Sure a shower would be great, especially if you’re going to be sharing it with me.

Good, well take your clothes off, I said to mike. I’ll take them in to the kitchen while you step in to the shower and I’ll join you in a few minutes, I said to him.

Mike stripped off without any hesitation; I could see his thick cock glistening there in the light of the room and instantly wanted to have that beautiful specimen in my mouth.

I showed Mike to the bathroom and turned the shower on for him, I then exited the room and went in to the kitchen, I stripped my own clothes off and along with Mikes I put them in the washing machine and started the quick wash cycle.

Walking in to the bathroom I could see mike standing there under the torrent of water that was cascading out of the shower head and washing down over his toned, tanned body. I stepped in to the shower cubicle and let the water wash over me, it was a warm but still refreshing feeling that washed over me, the soothing water of the shower and the strong toned physique of the man who’s cock I was going to worship and cherish for what I hoped would be the rest of the day.

We kissed underneath the water letting it run over us; our half swollen cocks were rubbing against each other as our legs intertwined while we moved around the space within the quite large shower cubicle. We took it in turns to apply shower gel to each other rubbing the creamy lathery gel in to every part of our naked, exposed, highly sexually intensified bodies, turning to face each other we both took a generous handful of the shower gel and started to rub each others cock and balls with it, our hands gliding over each others cock in long slow strong strokes, we kissed and tossed each other off until we had both cum then we finished cleaning off and rinsed ourselves.

I handed Mike one of the fresh large Egyptian bath towels that I kept on the towel rail in the bathroom, we dried ourselves then I took Mike back in to the Living room.

Have a seat, I’m just going in to the bedroom and I will return in a few secs. I returned from the bedroom wearing just a pair of khaki cargo shorts, I handed mike a pair of Bermuda type shorts that had a tie string waist band, which he took from me and slipped on over his naked skin. I explained to mike that I had washed his shorts and t shirt while we had been showering and I had offered him the shorts in case he had wanted to leave.

Leave, no I have no intentions of leaving just yet, said Mike. Unless of course you want me to go? He said.

No, absolutely not, I’m really glad you want to stay, I said.

As it was a gloriously, hot, sunny day, I hung our clothes out to dry on the line I had set up on the balcony outside my apartment, I knew that the items güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri would be dry in an hour or so in this afternoon sun. I walked back in to the living room and said to Mike. Would you like to join me in the bedroom, it will be an hour or so until the clothes are dry and I’m sure we’ll be able to find something more interesting to do in there than sitting here watching the clothes dry.

Mike laughed, yeah sure, that sounds like an offer that can’t be passed up.

I let Mike follow me to the Bedroom, once inside my room I slid my shorts down and kicked them off, no point in having any restrictions I said.

Mike quickly followed suit and took his shorts off.

I lay on the bed and beckoned for him to join me, without hesitation he was quickly on the bed and we started kissing.

Our kiss was slow and passionate, our hands were stroking each others bodies, tracing lines and circles across out warm but sexually charged skin sending waves of shivers and tremors throughout our very beings, the sexual electricity that was flowing between us was evident even if we were the only ones who could either see it or feel it.

My cock was steadily starting to swell and harden as our legs intertwined and our cock and balls started to massage each other, I could feel mike’s cock rubbing itself up against my own cock. I rolled on to my back allowing Mike to lay on top of me while we were still embraced in our kiss. Mike was soon kissing my neck and the lobe of my ear, sending little sighs and moans of pleasure escaping from my lips, and then he was kissing and nibbling my shoulders while his hands ran over my chest and started to play with my nipples, rolling them between his thumb and fingers and then just lightly pinching them. My cock was now at its full erect 7 inches, I couldn’t see Mike’s cock but from the feel of it rubbing against me I was quite sure that his was also or nearly fully erect.

Mike started to kiss down my chest until he reached my nipples then he started to lick them with his soft dart like tongue, swirling his tongue around then over them, then he would take my nipple in to his mouth and lick and suck them at the same time alternating between each nipple while his hands ran up and down my sides.

Mike then started kissing down from my nipples until he reached my belly button, he kissed all along my stomach then he would push his tongue into my belly button and lick all of the inside of it. I had my hands on top of his head my fingers trailing down on to his neck, I was gently massaging his scalp and his neck as the moans that escaped my lips begged mike for more and more of his lustful and teasing touches.

Mike had now inched his way down so that his face was now hovering above my cock and balls; he had a glint that shone in his eyes and a wry smile across his face as he turned his attention to my cock and balls. He leaned forward and planted kisses on top of and then along my cock, then he started to lick up and down the shaft of my aching cock, he would then lick my clean shaven balls, and sucking them in to his mouth, swirling them around whilst washing them with his tongue. He then took the head of my cock in to his wet, hot mouth swirling his tongue along and around the swollen sensitive glands, the base of my cock was tightly wrapped inside his hand which was expertly massaging my cock, inch by inch his mouth worked on my cock, licking, sucking, swirling until he had about 4 or 5 inches of my cock slamming in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to his mouth.

The sensations and thoughts racing throughout my mind and body were totally mind blowing, the mouth wrapped around my cock knew where to touch and where to stimulate my cock, and my cock was responding by swelling to it’s complete thickness and length while it twitched, and my hips were thrusting themselves upwards compulsively to the rhythm of his mouth and hand. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold out for to long due to the attention being expertly performed on my cock.

Mike was now pumping my cock with his hand whilst his mouth continued to lick and suck with a hunger that I had rarely if ever experienced before, the moans and groans of pleasure oozing from my mouth and body were undoubtedly one’s of sheer sexual bliss, I let out a loud moan as my hips thrust deep and hard in to his mouth as the first wave of orgasm exploded from my cock, I felt it swell and then the release of pleasure exploding from my cock, then the waves of pleasure took over as more shots of cum shot in to his mouth then when they started to subside the waves of utter sensitivity took over as Mike continued to swallow my cock and cum and my hips had completely sunk in to the bed, my eyes had shot open and my hands cradled his head as my cock tried to escape the gut wrenching sensitivity it was being overwhelmed with.

Mike looked directly in to my eyes with a naughty look upon his face as he slowly withdrew my cock from his mouth, my cock slapped against my stomach with a plop. Although I was glad that the sensitivity that I had been feeling had subsided somewhat I was disappointed that he had stopped sucking my cock.

Mike licked up the underside of my cock and then said… Mmmmmm I really enjoyed swallowing your cum, did you enjoy it?

Trying to catch my breath I responded with a little nod of my head and managed to whisper, oh yeahhh that was absolutely fabulous.

Mike was still kissing and licking my balls while my racing emotions tried to catch up with the rest of my body, he licked then sucked each of my balls in to his mouth swirling them around with his tongue, all I could do was lie there and look down at Mike while he paid lavish attention to my tight balls. Mike then started to lick lower until he was like round my eager hole. Mike started to lick my tight hole then he started to probe his tongue in to my hole, waves of pleasure shot up my spine and stomach until they started to batter my head. My eyes shut as I drank in the feelings travelling from my hole up and along my body.

Mike continued to lick and tongue fuck me for some considerable time, I had lifted my legs up on to my chest to allow him easier and deeper access to my hole, his tongue felt so fantastic that I swear if he had carried on I would have cum again.

Mike had stopped licking my hole but had started to rub his finger around it before slowly inserting it in to ass. First it was just the tip of his finger pushing in to me slowly and carefully then after moving it around in there he managed to push it in to his 2nd knuckle, the sensations were absolutely heavenly. He curled his finger around inside my ass and moved it in and out a little; my ass was now totally relaxing to him. Mike then spat on my hole and pushed his finger all the way in, he moved his finger in small circular motions as he slid it in and out of my now wanton hole, it was crying out for him to finger fuck me.

Mike güvenilir bahis şirketleri continued to finger fuck me for a while, then he slid his finger out, I was beginning to wonder if he had finished when I felt my hole being stretched a little more, My legs were still bent with my knees on my chest as I felt him insert two fingers in to me, this was stretching my hole even more but the pleasure it was giving me was twice as much so there was no way I would have been able to complain. He finger fucked me for several minutes and each time I felt I was going to cum again as drops of cum leaked steadily from my cock he would ease off a little, teasing me.

Mike took both fingers slowly from out of my hole and licked it and tongue fucked it briefly before spitting on it again. Mike stood up and pushed his long thick cock against my now loose and wet hole. Even though he had worked my hole loose and had lubricated it with his tongue and spit he still had to apply plenty of pressure to allow the head of his thick cock to push past my opening.

I had totally relaxed my body to allow him to gain easier access to me, I not only wanted his long thick cock inside of me, and I craved for him to fuck me with his magnificent cock.

Slowly Mike pushed more and more of his cock inside of me, drawing it back slightly then pushing it back in to me just a little more each time until he was all of the way inside of me. At that time I wanted to be nowhere else and to have no one else inside of me but Mike.

Slowly he started to rotate his cock inside of me allowing me to feel every magnificent inch of him, and then he started to draw in back and push back into me. Mike was now fucking me slowly and purposely, he held my legs up against my chest as he fucked me, a little faster now and he had got a good rhythm going as I bucked and rode his cock. The noises of pleasure were ringing around the room between the two of us like a fuck choir singing it’s appraisals to the rest of the world. Mike then slid his cock all the way out of my hole and rubbed the tip of it against my hole, then he would push it deep all the way in to me, he did this several times before starting to really fuck me at a frantic pace.

I could tell from the look on his face and the intensity etched across his body that he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer before he shot his hot creamy cum deep in to me. Mike managed a few more thrusts before he buried his cock deep inside me and let out a loud guttural groan as his cock swelled and the first shot of cum exploded from him and was engulfed by my wet greedy hole, then more thrusts and more sperm. After several thrusts and his cum started to subside Mike let go of my legs and collapsed on top of me, sweat was pooled on to of his forehead as he rested it on top of my chest, his face had a look of total tranquillity etched across it.

Mike and I stayed like that until his cock had grown soft a flopped from my hole, I rolled mike on to the bad and went down so that I could suck his cock clean for him, it is my way of showing him what a fantastic fuck he was and to say thank you for a wonderful time.

Mike and I went back in to the shower to cleaning ourselves up. I ironed mikes shorts and t shirt and returned them to him.

So I guess you’ll be going now?. I said.

Mike said, if you want me to go I’ll go, but if you would like me to stay the night that would also be ok.

Wow, I thought, he really wants to stay the night, my mind ran several fantasies and scenarios through itself in the space of a few seconds.

If you would like to stay the night I am more than happy for you to stay, I said.

Mike smiled, good I was hoping we could have plenty more sex together before I have to go home tomorrow morning.

I can’t wait, I said. As I winked at him.

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