Based Upon A Real Life Fantasy

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It was amazing, the way they simply “clicked”. Neither one of them really expecting much more from the other than a few minutes comfort. Both of them lonely; both of them a bit heartbroken; and both separated from their pasts by miles and miles. They met at the fair, stuck on the same car atop the rickety wooden roller coaster for about an hour while the roadies attempted to restore the coaster to service.

She was very shy. Although she very definitely thought he was the best thing she had seen in years, she was afraid to break the ice with a bit of small talk. And so they sat there, high above the fairgrounds, gazing at the people below, taking in the lights, and occasionally glancing at each other in what appeared to be an awkward silence. Yet, for him, it was not awkward at all. No, actually, he had seen her pull up in the parking lot alone hours before and thought that he had spotted a hidden fire deep within her. Well, he there was something compelling about her anyway, and so he began to follow her through the crowds. He had not really been much of one to fantasize about the women he saw day in and day out, and he dealt with a lot of beautiful women. So he was quite surprised at his own fascination with this rather plain but intriguing woman.

He stood in line between her and a family waiting to get on the roller coaster at about five PM. He was pleasantly surprised when the ride operator pulled him out from behind the family in order to seat him with the only other single rider – yes, her. The heavily padded and taped bar that holds riders in was snapped into place and he felt her thigh brush up against his. Sitting there next to her he found himself undressing her in his mind. He imagined her wearing not a pair of faded jeans, as she was right now, but a semi sheer dress with large hand painted flowers on it. The picture he envisioned for himself had her standing near the crashing sea, her dress billowing out behind her, her top two buttons on the bodice of the dress undone so that he could see the white lace of her bra and the pale slight mound of her breast beneath it. He saw everything so clearly, it was almost as if he knew her, and had seen her recently. He could not know that her calves were shapely underneath the blue jeans she was now wearing; but his image of her in that dress revealed her beautiful calves slightly flexing as she stood on her tip toes trying to see over the rail to the rushing sea. The sun was behind her and he could see her silhouette through the sheer dress almost as if she were standing there naked before him.

The clunky casino oyna old roller coaster cart began to move skyward and pulled him from his reverie. He smiled at her as they ascended. Then, suddenly, they were at the top, only instead of moving down the coaster they had come to a screeching halt. Her pretty face suddenly seemed alert for danger. He hoped that she was not afraid of heights.

The only other people in their cart were ahead of them, in fact, they were nearly facing straight down; while he and this fantasy woman were sitting pretty at the apex of the coaster rail. He ventured a glance at her eyes; those beautiful brown eyes that seemed to emit a flame where there was no flame… he smiled at her and said, “Well at least we are not stuck in those seats.” And he pointed to the unlucky ones in front of them.

“Yes, we are lucky at that.” She said with a clearly Georgian accent.

He will never know what made him do it but at just that moment he reached out and touched her cheek, pulling a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. She looked into his eyes and saw something that even now, years later, she cannot adequately describe with the English language. What she saw was more than desire, it was lustful, and at the same time loving, it was unpleasant in that she felt as if he could see right through her jeans and that made her blush, but it was also pleasant because she could tell that whatever he saw under her jeans, he liked.

They sat there quietly waiting. Each of their hearts beating faster as the moments drug on. When they were finally released from the prison of the coaster cart she nearly fell into his arms. He then just made a decision. And he picked her up and carried her to his car.

She was so madly in love with him that at times she felt short of breath when he was nearby. At first she was terrified of him, but as he kept her longer and longer she had come to rely upon him for everything. He bathed her in the mornings; he selected her clothing for her, dressing her as if she were a debutante; he cooked all her meals, and finally he became her friend and lover. Her family had not heard from her in over 2 years and she had long since forgotten to be bitter about that. Instead she longed to be in his company; she loved to see him smile, and she craved the attention he gave her. What she now lived for was to please him. And she was GLAD.

One weekend his childhood friend arrived from New York. He made a fuss as he dressed her in a white dress with white garter belt and white lace top stockings. He did not have her wear canlı casino a bra, and made it a point of unbuttoning her dress so that portions of her nipples were exposed. He asked her if she loved him?

Yes, of course she loved him.

He asked her if she would obey him?

Obey? Why of course, what else was there to do but to obey him?

Would she promise then to follow his every instruction this night?

Oh yes! Anything if it will please you, she convinced him.

At the appointed time she came downstairs to meet his friend. Both of the men stood at her arrival and sat when she was seated. The dinner was delicious but there was an electric quality to the atmosphere this night. She was unsure what was about to happen.

After dinner they all made their way to the cozy den for cocktails. It was then that she was told what she was to be asked to do tonight, and why.

The man that she had grown to love so much had once been a prisoner of war. The man who came to see him tonight had been his rescuer. It seemed her lover was going to give his deliverer more than an after dinner drink. He looked at her and told her to sit atop the counter top at the bar. She did exactly as she was told. As she made to pull down her skirt he told her to leave her skirt alone.

As if she was of no consequence he turned to his friend and asked, “Does she please you?”

Well of course she does. She is lovely, you have done quite well for yourself.

“Thank you, thank you, but I’d never have even met her if you had not saved me years ago.” He said this as he began to rub the inside of her thigh. Instinctively she closed her eyes and lowered her head as she had been taught to do. Her thighs separated slightly so that the bit of pink triangle, which rose above her pubic hair, was visible to both men. “tonight, my lady and I wish to show you our gratitude for our life together. Tonight I shall instruct my lady to please you, give you what you desire of her. I shall remain here so that she knows all is well, but rest assured my friend, you can do with her what you will.”

“This is a most generous offer you present me with.” He said as he stood and made his way to his prize. He lifted her head by the chin and kissed her hotly on the lips. She seemed frozen, afraid to betray her love for her man, but afraid to dishonor him by not returning the kiss. She looked to him for guidance and saw him motion her to obey.

She kissed this man with passion, the same as she would have kissed her lover. He moved his hand to her breast and caused her to kaçak casino moan slightly as he lightly pinched her nipple with one hand and un buttoned her dress completely with the other. He cast aside her dress and asked her to stand before him. As instructed, she obeyed completely. Then he turned to his host and asked him to join him.

They each began to massage a breast as she stood there before them. She was not afraid; in fact she was very proud to be so desired by both of these men. Her lover moved behind her and she could feel his cock growing larger as it pressed up against her naked ass. This excited her and she looked up to see his friend moving in closer, bending to kiss her neck, and then move lower, down her chest to stop to rest on her nipples where he began to suck on them lightly at first, but then much more intensely.

The moaning that began deep within her was not something she could have easily controlled. For as he suckled her breasts, her lover had begun to do something to her that he, and in fact no one else, had ever done to her before. He kneeled and began to kiss the cheeks of her ass. He began to probe her, rim her with his tongue and her knees became week. She was unsure of the passing of time, she was unsure of who had begun to do what to her. She opened her mouth eagerly to accept their cocks as they were offered. She massaged their scrotums, she returned sweet kisses, and she experienced so much love that she could hardly keep from crying out each time a powerful orgasm wracked her body, mind and soul.

The two men were now extremely aroused and some discussion ensued about fucking her. She was very interested in finding out what, no who, she would be experiencing first. What happened next she was not prepared for.

The friend, the savior, the man who came to call upon her and her lover lowered himself to the floor and pulled her on top of him. Yet, her lover did not remain aloof, no, he followed her and somehow leaned in and began to lick her clit as his friend’s cock slowly entered her. She was in ecstasy. Never had she felt something quite like this. Of course he could not just remain there while his friend drove in steadily into the woman he had come to cherish so. He moved behind her once again and waited for the perfect timing. She would never have believed herself capable of what happened next. At the next downward thrust of her hips she suddenly had both of their cocks inside her at once. In some ways it hurt, but the pleasure won out over any pain. She cried out and took them both deeply, fully and completely. Her love for her man was strengthened that day for showing her how much more she was capable of than she had dared imagine. She smiled, and never again did she shed a tear for the life she had left behind.


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