Baby on the Beach

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Adriana Chechik

Last month Baby and I had been planning to go to the seaside, just for the weekend, together with her friend Sandy. Sandy lives in a nearby city and we were supposed to pick her up on our way there on Friday afternoon, and go down to the coast the same evening. This way we would have the entire Saturday available to swim, sunbath, and go out, and part of the Sunday. Everything was set up but on Friday I got the call that I had to go away on a business trip for the entire weekend. I was furious but the assignment was very important. I told Baby to get in touch with Sandy and to take my car, and that the two of them should leave anyway. There is no point that they waste the whole weekend just because I couldn’t go.

I went for a business trip and returned late on Monday. I parked my car in front of my building and I saw that the lights were off. I went up to my apartment, silently unlocked the door and entered the hallway on the tips of my toes. I thought that Baby was already in the bed and started to unpack, when I heard the voices coming from the balcony. I recognized Baby’s voice and the voice of her friend Mary. She probably came for a cup of coffee and a girly talk. I stepped behind the corner to say hello when I heard Mary saying:

“Come on, tell me already, what happened down there? Can’t be so bad!”

“It depends on the point of view,” Baby said. “I don’t think that James is gonna like it.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting,” Mary said.

I decided to stay put and hear what had happened “down there”.

Then Baby started her story.

You know that I went down there with Sandy. James had an emergency so the two of us left alone. We got there around 8, settled in the room, unpacked, and decided to go down to the beach for a night swim. And then maybe to have a drink or two at the beach bar, and leave home. Sandy contacted some guy from her town she was messing around with and said that he would meet us on the beach. The beach was only 5 minute walking from our apartment. We got ready, I put on my black semi-thong bikini and since we didn’t plan to walk down the promenade I put on over my bikini, only a small, thin, and transparent white skirt. We brought the towels and head off towards the beach. There very only a few people down there, while most of the rest were gathered around the bar, some hundred meters casino oyna away. The beach was pretty dark and we found a nice little secluded spot where you could see the bar from, and the whole beach, but not the main street. We spread the towels and ran into the sea for a swim. When we came out, Sandy’s friend Dan was already there. He carried 3 liters of local red wine and he sat next to us. We got acquainted and started to talk. He was tall, black haired and pretty much a nice guy. Some laughter, some wine, and after an hour the atmosphere was already totally relaxed. Somewhere along the second bottle of wine, his friend joined us. He was somewhat smaller, with long hair, and his name was Allen. He carried some more wine and I thought that they were trying to get us drunk and use us, and I giggled from the thought. After the second bottle of wine Sandy started to lose the grip. She couldn’t drink anymore and she asked Dan to take her to her room. I laughed because I knew what she wanted. Allen and I continued to drink and talk, and Dan came back after half an hour with a grin on his face.

“Did you get lucky?” I asked laughing.

“Yes but now with the right person.”

I blushed and went silent. After another half hour the wine really started to get to me. I leaned with my elbows in the sand and closed my eyes only for a second , when I heard them asking:

“Are you coming?”

I looked at them and my eyes instantly went wide. They were completely naked, and their packages were impressive. They ran into the water and started calling my name. I got up, pulled off my skirt and headed their way. I really don’t know what I was thinking, but it seemed completely natural to me at the time. The water was great and I swam towards them. They started to sprinkle me with water, push my head down into the sea and generally act like children. But then after a few minutes, I could feel their hands all over me, more and more frequently; on my ass, on my tits, on my legs. At first these were like accidental grabs but then they were getting more and more bold. The sea, the wine, two naked bodies next to me, it all got me so horny that I couldn’t take it any more.

All my defenses went down in a split second. They probably noticed it too, because Allen came to me, grabbed my waist and kissed me passionately. At the same time, Dan canlı casino got behind me, grabbed by boobies and stuck to me. I could feel his wet cock between my legs, rubbing my pussy through the thin material of my panties. It was all to much for me.

“Let’s go out,” I said.

Allen picked me up into his arms, carried me out of the water and put me down to the sand. He knelt down and with two swift moves ripped off my panties and my top. His dick was completely erect now. I shivered from the thought that it will soon fill me up. What excited me even more was the thought that I’m gonna be thoroughly fucked not even a 100 meters from the bar full of people and that at any time someone could notice what was going on. He grabbed my butt, picked it up in the air, settled his dick on my pussy’s entrance and slowly slid it in.

„Ahhhhhh,” I sighed.

He pushed it all the way in and then pulled it out. He did that couple more times so I could adjust to his big piece of meat and then he started hammering me. Dan watched all this, jerking his own cock. Since he already got himself a piece of ass, he let his friend do the job first. In the meantime Allen was banging me like he was trying to split me in two. My moans got louder and pretty soon I started to scream:

„Mmmmmm, aaaaahhh…you fuck me soooo good, ungh ungh fuck me, fuck me, yesssssss!!”

I came. He fucked me in the same position for 6-7 minutes, holding my ass firmly and stabbing my pussy like a man possessed. I moaned, panted, screamed and squirmed on his cock like a bitch in a heat. Then he put me down to the ground, he put his hands into the sand and started banging me with long strokes. I realized that he was approaching the climax and I grabbed his ass and helped him get as deep into me as possible. His strokes were now less frequent but stronger. He put it in all the way couple more times, and then pulled it out and came massively on my belly and tits. Then he rolled off and laid down on the sand. I got up and put his shrinking dick into my mouth, liking the remains of sperm from it. While I licked and sucked it Dan came from the other side and grabbed my hair.

His cock was longer than Allen’s, straight, beautiful and pretty thick. I took it in my hand, stroked it a couple of times and put it in my mouth. I suckled on his head and licked his shaft. kaçak casino Each time I would put it out of my mouth, the spit would stretch from my lips to the head of his cock. I licked and sucked his balls while stroking his pole, and then I put it into my mouth and slowly, centimeter by centimeter I buried it all the way into my throat, while my nose rested on his pubic hair. He moaned in ecstasy. In the meanwhile, Allen came back to life, and his cock was hard again.

“Let her blow me, while you fuck her from behind,” he said to Dan.

I was already on my knees while I was blowing Dan, and now I put my hands down too. I turned around towards Allen and grabbed his stone hard cock with my hand. Dan didn’t waste a minute. He grabbed my hips and stuck his already lubricated cock so deep into my pussy that I started to cry. He started ramming my pussy for all he was worth. He fucked me so hard that I didn’t have time to blow Allen properly. I thought I was gonna faint. He saw that and told me to put my hands down to the ground, he took my face into his hands and started to fuck my mouth. I was so horny and carried away with this hot fuck that I didn’t even notice that we had an audience. Several people, probably from the bar, stood 2-3 meters away and watched the live porn. And I felt like a porn queen. Between Allen’s strokes and Dan’s stabs I yelled at them:

“Fuck me harder, you fuckers! AAAHHH, YESSS!”

Dan fucked me harder and harder picking up speed. And then he yelled something and I could feel the waves of his sperm flooding my pussy. I didn’t even have the time to protest because he came inside me, when Allen pulled his cock out of my mouth and came all over my face and my hair. Sperm was dripping down my eyelids, cheeks, and mouth. I licked my lips and then I heard the audience applauding and whistling.

I was still out of breath lying down on the sand when Dan and Allen got dressed and headed towards the bar. I saw them being patted on their backs and cheered, when an inexplicable feeling of shame got the hold of me. Sperm was already drying on my face. I looked for my clothes when I realized that my bikini was ripped apart and that I only have my transparent skirt to wear. I put it on quickly and ran across the promenade exposed to stares of several tourists, watching me surprised, as I was running naked, disheveled, and covered with semen.

„Wow,where was I while you were having all the fun?” Mary said.

They both laughed, and I stood there in shock and disbelief, and with the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had.

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