Away With Unhappiness, Hello Happiness

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Walking in the icecream parlor was the last thing on my mind but I thought it was cute and just the right refuge. I had parked my car in the mall’s parking lot and just started walking turning off my cell and all, I just wanted to be alone, away from my money, my family and my girl friend, Marina. It seemed like everything and everyone was hassling me wanting this, wanting that, especially Marina, not only did she want my money it seemed like she wanted me to marry her most of all so she would have me as an isurance to always having my money, I was only 19 and wasn’t ready for marriage but she nor my family could understand that and I just couldn’t take it. “I can’t believe how much she has changed, my beautiful Marina,” I said softly, Marina was really quite beautiful, she was nice and compassinate even sincere and understanding, still is but it only shows if she is given a few grand or even jewelry, it was horrible.

I found myself at Joe’s Icecream Parlor as if there was some invisible force drawing me there, I had never been there before and I didn’t quite mind visiting it now and maybe having an icecream although I wasn’t quite big on the stuff and so I went in.

I chose a booth set against a wall opposite the icecream counter then sat and looking at the counter not looking there before and I saw this guy turned around, I had never seen him before but I could tell even in his uniform, the paper apron and paper hat he was gorgeous. It was amazing how just the sight of him made me want him somewhat, that wasn’t really an often thing and I didn’t think of it as unusual because I knew that could be explained because every since I was a teenager I had a thing for both sexes and was experienced with both but I must say that this guy was quite breath taking and I couldn’t remember saying that of a guy before. I didn’t even hear when the waitress came up to me, “I’m sorry?” was the only thing I could say to apologise and get her to repeat what she said without saying anything else and I looked up at the pretty waitress as she repeated her question, “would you like anything?” nodding with a smile I replied, “yeah, can I have a..” I had to think for a while because of my lack of knowing icecream flavours and combinations so then I just said the first flavour that came into mind from when I use to have icecream at home when I was alittle younger with my brothers and sister, “vanilla icecream with chocolate syrup please?” And with that the waitress left.

As I spooned the icecream into my mouth slowly I found myself keep stealing glances at the guy behind the counter until I was through, I looked at my watch and it was now 7:30PM and I figured I should get going and left 10 bucks on the table before getting up and leaving.


When I got to my large house outside of town I was abit surprised to find the house abit more quiet than usual and after walking in through the front door I locked it and dropped my keys to a small table wondering where Marina was “Marina!” I called for her as I walked further into the house and I heard a distant voice saying, “up here in the bedroom” and I ran up the stairs and walked to my room. And when I reached to open up one half of the double door surprisingly opened up to me and there Marina stood in a long silk robe tied around her and I smiled and greeted her, “hey, how was your day?” I wasn’t even provided with an answer, not a verbal one atleast because when the question was out Marina’s arms were around me and her lips were on the right side of his neck with soft kisses, the side that always turned me on and she knew that but I didn’t push her away, I untied her robe and moved with her away from the door and with her holding onto me I managed to close the doors and sweep her up off her feet our lips touched together in a deep passionate kiss as I carried her to the bed and lied her down, the kiss only broke to remove my clothes with her help casino oyna and just as soon as I was completely naked the kiss began again and when our naked bodies touched we became lost in the moment.

After our love making, Marina was snuggled up beside me with half her body on mine, I just couldn’t help but smile as I held her watching over her, “so so beautiful” I mumbled softly as I touched her cheek with my free hand then just lied back staring at the ceiling and then just out of nowhere I began to wonder why I was holding onto what Marina was no longer. I know I was no longer in love with her and I also knew that if I wanted some sanity and happiness I had to let her go, but that was the difficult part and just then Marina shifted against me and mumbled “Dilan..?” I looked down at her, “hmmm?” I waited for her rubbing her back gently fixing the cover around her shoulders, “can I get a new car..?” I was never so taken back, I knew now there had to be a reason for the greeting she gave to me earlier and now I didn’t think of it so difficult after all to end it with her. I sighed and decided to pull away from her and just lie there letting my mind wander over today’s events mostly on late this evening at the parlor and I smiled and soon drifted off to sleep.


This morning I had dumped Marina the best way I could and honestly, she didn’t seem heart broken and was happy enough with the money I had given to her but I was glad I didn’t hurt her, she packed her bags and had left the house by 2PM.

I had found myself back in the icecream parlor and I was once again sitting in the same booth in the icecream parlor from the previous day, it was actually by luck because when I got here two hours ago a few girls were now leaving. So I sat enjoying a my third Coke keeping an eye on the time when the place was approaching closing time watching people leave or come in to get stuff to go and when finally I had finished my coke I got up and left after leaving the money on the table.

What I was doing was truly new to as I stood outside leaning against the wall for almost 20 mins and finally the guy from behind the counter came out now in his street wear. He looked up at me and smiled as he walked off, I pushed off the wall and followed him then walked beside him hoping he wasn’t taking it in a wrong strange sort of way like I was a staker or something, “hi,” and he looked at me, “hey, how’s it going?” I was smiling in a sympathetic sort of way so I wouldn’t scare him, “oh not bad, wanna go for a drink or something? If you have no plans that is” We had both stopped walking at the same time and was now looking at each other, his beautiful blue eyes looked me over as if he was inspecting me to try find some reason not to go then after a while he responded, “sure, why not? I have nothing else to do, I’m Micheal” he smiled again and I was starting to like his smile more, “cool, I’m Dilan and my car is this way,” I pointed to the black porshe in the icecream parlor’s parking lot and I looked back at Michalel to see his expression and he smiled still but now an look of impress was on his face and we walked to the car.


We went to a bar just to hang out and stuff, we even played alittle pool against another guy and his girlfriend, we lost because of my poor pool skills but we still had fun, Michael was well relaxed and was making good natured humur at my pool skills as I was driving him home with him giving me directions. I pulled up to the house, put the car in park then looked to Michael, I smiled to him “well yeah, I had a good time but now I know I need some practise at pool,” I said laughing softly and then soon heard Michael’s good humor laugh joining mine, “yeah you do, but I had a good time too. Thanks,” Michael winked at me then smiled and we both fell silently as we looked at each other, I leaned in slowly and carefully but surprisingly I saw Michael lean forward slot oyna and our lips pressed softly against each other’s hesistantly, we both pulled back and looked at each other before leaning in again and kissing each other abit less hesitant and soon the kiss turned into a passionate one, I could’ve smelt the beer we were both drinking and I felt Michael pull back and I did the same and after that not knowing what to do we just sat looking at each other in silence.

“Well, that was” I paused, “abit unexpected huh?” I kept his brown eyes on Michael and he nodded before his responce “but it felt nice didn’t it?” All I could do was nod and I turned back to looking through the windscreen not even looking at Michael as he spoke, “I don’t normally do this, this is actually kinda new making out with a guy on the first date I mean..” He bite on his lower lip just as I looked at him and I now just wanted to take that lip into my mouth and suck on it and I diverted my gaze feeling my pants become abit tighter around the groin area and the best thing I thought to do was ignore it, “yeah I know what you mean.” Silence overcame the car as we both sat there and cutting through the silence Michael said “so we can..go to your place if you want?” I turned my head to look at him wondering if he was sure to what he just said and I saw the smile and I shifted into drive and sped off.


I probably reached the house in record time since it took almost 30 minutes to reach it from town and I felt like I beat that by atleast 10 minutes, I drove the car straight into the garage after opening and closing it by remote, I got out of the car and slammed the door shut just as Michael was getting out of the car and closing his, I moved over to him and kissed him feeling his arms go around my waist, I could’ve sworn I felt his erection brush against my thigh, I broke the kiss and hit the lock button on the key pad and took his hand leading you from the garage and through the house.

We reached the bedroom quicker than I had expected and from the time we stepped in and closed the door I was already removing my shirt and dropping it, I smiled seeing Michael do the same and I took my new lover into my arms and pushed him back gently against the door in a kiss, I heard a soft gasps against my lips when the kiss broke for a slight moment and I pulled away only to be pulled back against him again and I guessed the cold door knob touched Michael in his back. I held Michael’s hips gently feeling both of his arms around my shoulders but the palm of one on the back of my head with his fingers in my blonde hair. Fingers being run through my hair always aroused me more in times like this and I thrust my hips forward pushing my hidden erection more against Michael before pulling him away from the door and stumbling with him over to the bed. We both fell to the bed, and Michael’s legs became spread opened, I fitted myself between them our kisses becoming hungrier as I thrust gently against the gorgeous guy beneath me until I couldn’t take it no more and pull away completely hearing Michael’s whine of disapproval, I smiled down at him “Im not going anywhere,” I just realised those were the first words spoken for a while and I began to undo the button on my pants then pushed the zip down, Michael smiled doing the same thing but to my surprised he wasn’t wearing any underwear and I just licked my lips and before I knew it Michael was naked and pushing my pants down anxiously. A gasp escaped my lips feeling Michael’s slick tongue slide over the length of my rigid shaft and I looked down to watch as he sat on the edge of the bed stroking his own erection as he held the base of mine while letting his tongue travel over it. Soon I felt his warm wet mouth surrounding only just the head and I moaned softly as Michael began to suck on the head of my cock and I closed my eyes rubbing his back gently lost in the sensation, my cock canl覺 casino siteleri jumped abit in Michael’s mouth as he took it into his mouth, sliding all the way down and I just had to watch, precum trickled from the head and I moaned abit louder than before feeling Michael wipe it away with his tongue, I found it amazing how he could take all 8 inchs of my cock into his mouth and I loved it remebering never a time of being taken all the way in someone’s mouth, I stroked his back gently, “Mmmmmm..” I groaned when he pulled away. I saw the trail of saliva connecting my cock and his lips and I only just realised what he was doing, I couldn’t help but to smile.

Michael lied back on the bed lifting his legs into the air then spreading them into a V, he slipped a hand between his legs and pushed a finger in slowly making me watch him, “do you want to go in me?” he asked and I detected it as a playful tone, I responded with a grin going up on the bed, “you know I do,” and with that I pulled Michael’s finger away and leaned down sliding my tongue over his pucker asshole and the result I got was a soft moan, I pulled back to look at him with a smile and slowly push a finger in feeling his tightness around it, I pull it out and pushed two in hearing him moan even harder then I began to slide them in and out of him spreading his tight hole abit, all I could heat was soft moans coming from him and I pulled my fingers out and walked on my knees to position myself behind him, I held my shaft and stroked his asshole with it smiling then I pushed myself against his asshole feeling it being swallowed, “Oh..” I looked down at Michael, his eyes were closed and he was grasping the sheets so I pushed into him more sinking myself into him inch by inch, “Oh.” I held his legs gently after I pushed all 8 inches into him letting my balls rest against his ass and I pulled out slowly just to push back in again picking up a slow rhythm “Ohhhhh,” I close my eyes enjoying his ass clenching my cock and enjoying his moans, I found his moans so accepting I was picking up a quicker pace his moans growing harder as the pleasure increased and I saw him move a hand down to jack himself off. The sight of that was so wonderful I felt myself starting to pound into him quickly with my balls smacking against his ass, “Ahhhh” my grasps had tightened abit on his legs. My climax was approaching quickly as Michael’s asswalls began to clamp down around me and I leaned forward thrusting deep into him hitting that special spot in him, his prostate. When I did that I felt him jerk against me with a loud cry and warm liquid spilled onto my chest and stomach, it was all so great I slammed deep into him and held still as my seed burst deep into his ass, “Mmmmmmm.” I pulled out of him and leaned down licking his shaft clean then scooped abit off my chest on an index and kisses him softly on the lips before pulling back and placing his finger against his lips letting him taste himself, smiles feeling him suck on my finger and I lied beside him pulling him close feeling him snuggle against my chest when I pulled the covers up.

I felt good to have him snuggle up beside me, I held him close and kissed his forehead feeling him settle into sleep and soon I feel asleep.


The next morning I awoke to the sound of running water and I looked up at the digital clock beside my bed then lied back staring at the ceiling thinking about last night and I smiled. I climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom just as naked as I was the night before, I pushed open the half closed door and watched him shower through the glossy shower door and I smiled broader and walked further in the bathroom, “can I join you?” The door opened and I saw him looking out at me with a smile and I walked in closing the door behind me and he began to rub soap on my body with his hands then kissed me, I was finding it so erotic I was becoming hard and his hand went to my cock and soon we were lost in each other as we made love in the shower.

I was once again happy wanting to get to know this gorgeous guy better…

~ The end

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