Aunty Jo

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Hi, I am Joanne Marks, I am thirty years old, I am considered to be a ‘stunner’, really attractive, super sexy, men want me, lots of boys, and I get occasional look from some women too, but I don’t go there, I don’t need to.

I am 5ft 7″ of delicious woman, these are not my words, they are words I have had used about me all my life, so I have got used to it. The difficulty I have had over the years is the uncertainty and jealousy of past boyfriends unable to handle it. I have short dark, almost black hair, a bob style, I have big dark wide eyes, a pert nose and full lips.

I have been blessed with a good body, and in the right circumstances, I can be and are super responsive. But my face in general, and described by others not me is my biggest asset. It is soft, angelic, cherubic, and full of innocence, which I have to confess, I have cultivated over the years, my little girl lost look.

So, back to my troubled life, if that’s what it can be called. I have been married for 8 years, and 2 years of courting making it ten years with John my husband. Though we hit a rough patch about 5 years ago and we split for a while. And in that period, I had a torrid but short lived affair with his older, by about ten years, brother.

It happened so simply, he came to support me, and inside ten minutes we were making love. He took me in his arms, I wrapped mine around him and we were kissing. I was so turned on I was bursting with it. The sex was fabulous, and he soon found out how to turn me on big time.

I never loved him, but I loved what he could do with me. And because of who I was, he was always ready for me. He told me that any time he looked at me or even thought about me he would get hard every time. I could just give him a look and he would be panting for me. It was manic, he fucked me everywhere he could, and I let him.

But I made one mistake, one I never considered, and it has come back to haunt me, and now I am under the control of another man because of my lack of vision. The affair with my husband’s brother only lasted about 2 months, but everything went into it.

And my mistake? I have a strawberry shaped mole nearly in the crack of my ass, it is below the bikini line so is never on show no matter where I am on holiday. But having it licked, kissed, tickled, scratched, sometimes prodded and stroked drives me mad with lust for the perpetrator. And my brother in law knew it, he could drive me loopy for him in seconds. The trouble I had was, it never did anything much for John, my husband so I had to forget about the niceties of it.

One afternoon, a very hot one sexually, I let my husband’s brother first photograph it, then video it on his phone in a moment of sheer sexual depravity and utter arousal on my part. I vaguely remember cavorting on the bed for him when he asked me to, and he pumped a finger into my ass too making me squeal. Anyway the affair ended when my husband returned home, we made up, nothing was ever revealed and life moved on.

Five years later.

“Hi Aunty Jo, how are you?” It was my nephew Jack paying me a visit.

“Hey Jack, how are things?” I asked, I checked him out because his dad, my husband’s brother, and my secret lover, had passed away 4 months ago.

“I’m good thanks, mom’s okay too, we are getting it together again.” I was happy at that.

“So,” I said, “what can I do for you today Jack?” I had always felt close to him, an affinity if you like.

“Well,” he said, “I have something I want to show you, to see what you think, or have to say about.”

“Oh yes,” I said putting my arm around his shoulder. “What is it, come on, you know me and you are closer than close.”

“I hope we are Jo,” he told me. There was a faraway look in his eye that brought back nice thoughts I had of his dad. He held up his phone, pressed a button, then started scrolling as I looked. To my horror I watched photo’s of my ass, and my mole, and also 2 or 3 full shots of me on my knees with my ass up and smiling at his dad, my husband’s brother.

I of course was completely naked, and there could be no question of what we were doing. Then the head shot, it blew my brains out, the short video of me ‘performing’ for him sexily, sultry, gyrating my ass, his finger firmly fixed in, me blowing kisses. I had to sit down.

“Jack,” I said, where has all this come from?”

Though I could guess.

“Over the weekend,” he told me. “I finally got round to cleaning up dads laptop to sell on, and look what I found in there, in a file secreted away. You Jo, with him. And it’s obvious what you are both doing isn’t it hmmm?”

“But I finished it Jack, it was and accident that shouldn’t have happened Jack. It was over years ago, what is your point Jack?”

“Is this Uncle John’s e mail address?” he said.

I looked and it was.

“Just wanted to know before I sent him all these photos and the video, I’m sure he would want to see what you and his brother got up to Aunty Jo,” he told me, “don’t casino oyna you?”

I almost fell off my chair.

“Jack,” I said, “you can’t do that, it will wreck my marriage, he is your dad’s brother, you wouldn’t?” I said.

“I might have to Jo, unless we can agree terms,” he told me. He was alternating between Jo, and Aunty Jo, why?

“Terms Jack, what do you mean, terms?” I was wary now.

“You know how beautiful you are Aunty Jo, everyone does. So I, if you don’t mind would like a look at your mole, the one dad seemed to love so much.”

“That is,” I began, “this is preposterous Jack, don’t be silly, now you delete all that and we will say no more about this!”

“Aunty Jo, I can’t do that, I suppose I’ll have to send them to Uncle John then, yes?”

“NO!” I shouted, then as calmly as I could, I said,

“No Jack, please don’t do that. Let’s talk honey, come to an agreement?” I put my arm around his shoulder and that was when realisation hit home.

It wasn’t that he wanted to have a look at my mole, so he wanted to see my mole, he wanted what it was attached to, didn’t he. Even then I wasn’t that sure really. In the short video his dad had done, he had done a wobbly arm length shot of him and his finger running around on it. I squirmed, how the hell was I going to get out of this.

“Please Jack, let’s just forget all about it, please?”

“I’ve set my heart and mind on seeing it Jo, I don’t want to send all this to Uncle John.” There it was, out in the open, let him, that was the price, let him see it, or hell would be unleashed upon me.

I sighed, I quickly thought about it.

“Okay,” I told him, “but no fingers, no touching.”

“Go on then Jo,” he said, “get your kit off and bend over the back of the sofa,” he told me in no uncertain terms.

I bristled at the authority in his voice. But I did what he said. I raised my dress, dropped my panties and bent over as instructed.

I looked up at the ceiling waiting for him to have ‘his look.’ He went behind me and out of my line of sight. The next thing I knew, I could feel warm breath between my thighs. He was having a real good look, and all the time warm breath was heating me up. Was this my nemesis, I hate to admit it but it did feel good, but I wasn’t about to tell my young nephew.

His breath seemed to get hotter, and I was getting hotter soon.

“Please finish looking Jack,” I told him in my head. And then a bomb went off in me, he licked me, he licked my mole, now I knew what being tapped with an electric cattle prod must have felt like. His dad had done this many times, but the memory had faded a bit. And before I could even think of righting myself he sucked it. I felt his mouth right over it, and it blew me away.

My ass jumped into the air to meet the onslaught, my hands flattened on my sofa. I know my feet spread, unasked, unbidden. Then two hands clamped my thighs and Jack was away. He sucked and licked, kissed and pecked. I even felt his teeth close around it. His nose was in my crack, I had no answer. This had not been in my life since his dad had done it. It turned my husband off. Jack already knew it turned me on, and he did, he turned me on like a water tap, the way his dad had so easily.

My mind wandered, to where I knew not, but it certainly refocused when I got a thick nudging and inevitable pressing, and right after that, I had my nephews cock deep within me and I came. I cum heavily in these circumstances and I did now. I spilt a load out all over us. I could feel it running down my legs.

In the meantime I found myself being banged repeatedly against my sofa. Jack was in heaven, though I wasn’t quite aware of it just then. Then the boy in him took over, he only lasted about a minute, if that. He shot his load, and what a wonderful load it was too, it made me cum again, for him.

He really reminded me of his father, my now sadly deceased lover. I realised that I had and was missing him, but Jack was a live reminder of what his dad had meant to me. Even if I had never really loved him, woman to man, what we had had was special. And now I was sprawled over the back of my sofa, my cum, and Jack’s running down my legs.

Then mother nature stepped in, Jack got reenergised, he started moving in me again. And whether I wanted it or not, whether I liked it or not, he began making love to me proper. He held me by my hips, and soon he was into a rhythm, banging, and slapping. The urgency in him was obvious, his youthful determination transferring to me. I joined in, pushing back as he pushed in.

I felt him lay over my back, he kissed my shoulder and neck. He was whispering unheard words to me. Then he hooked his hands under me and I found myself rearing up. Now Jack, my young nephew was fucking me from behind the way his dad had numerous times. My ass was jutting backwards to him, my back was arched, my stomach and chest pushed out giving Jack all the room he wanted so he could screw me.

This canlı casino was how his dad and I had fucked me many times, in between making love to me. How many times he made me cum that way I can’t tell you, but I was several. Now I was in the arms of his son, my nephew, my husband’s brother’s young son. And he was making me cum the way his dad had.

I knew it was wrong, just the way I knew it was wrong with Jack’s dad, but it was just so good. This was the missing link. I was being held up, otherwise I would have flopped to the floor I know it. Jack really made love to me and I was away with the fairies. The feel of him slipping in and out of my slippery cunt, he was rough too. He banged me totally and with each bang, I slapped back. I wanted him fully in me and with each thump I got him.

He released me after a time, how long? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I lay back over the sofa. Then I realised he was eating me, sucking my mole, licking it, stroking it. It was the most blissful purgatory I had had for more than five years and I wanted more.

Suddenly, from afar I heard him.

“See you tomorrow Jo,” he said, “about ten, okay?” The door slammed and I was alone, he had gone.

“The cheeky young bastard,” I told myself. “How dare he just walk out like that after giving me the best banging I had had for over 5 years!”

Though I wouldn’t have told him that to his face. I fumed as I lay over my sofa unable as yet to get back up coherently.

It was a while before I was walking properly, I could feel him still in me with every step to my kitchen. And, I thought lamely, he still has those photos and video of me and his dad. What, I pondered, am I going to do now? By the end of the day I still had no answer. My husband came home from work. He asked me how my day had gone. I actually told him, tongue in cheek, I had had a great day, was I lying, No, I wasn’t, I truly had, though it was through unintended circumstances. I had been forcibly taken and then thoroughly seduced by my young nephew.

Those thoughts were still in my mind when I kissed him goodbye the following morning. And knowing that Jack, his brother’s son, was coming here for me again this morning. And what was I going to do about that! Nothing that’s what. So I did what I always did, I made myself look good, and without being bigheaded, I always find that a fairly easy task. My main problem, such as it was, was what to wear.

I knew Jack would want to get straight back into it, meaning straight back into me. I considered playing for time, winding him up, playing him. But at the back of my mind I knew I would be wasting my time. I had tried that with his dad, I already knew it was not going to work with his son. Chip off the old block he was turning out to be, and indeed had turned out to be.

I watched for him coming. I had on high backless heels to show off my long shapely legs, a mini skirt and a tiny top, nothing else I knew it wasn’t worth it. He came to the back door. I had left it open. I was in the hallway, and as soon as I saw him, don’t ask me why, but I shrieked, like a silly school girl then I ran for the stairs. He was after me in a flash. I was playing a silly girl game, trying to get away from my attacker, knowing he would catch me and knowing what he would do to me when he did.

I couldn’t help but laugh and giggle, I heard Jack guffawing behind me, then his hands were on my shoulders. He pulled me to a stop, he spun me around and we were kissing. This was not how it was supposed to be. What plans I had maybe thought I had were not this. But he was kissing me in the way his dad had before he had debased me many times in my bed.

There was going to be no calling for a halt to this. Jack, my lover’s son, my husband’s nephew, was having me whenever he wanted, and I knew I was not going to say no, I couldn’t. The bedroom sparkled and flashed, it was too bright to see, stars were glittering. Then I was on my back, my bare feet in the air, I was naked and Jack was on top of me pummelling me silly.

The manic way he attacked me was the same way his dad had. I came easily, and lots. I held Jack tightly, I kissed him as he screwed me, I was in love with him. I had never loved his dad, but I was in love with Jack, maybe I always had been. Or it could be because he was my nephew and the son of my erstwhile lover, his dad.

We finished, the first round anyway, we spent ages kissing and loving. He told me he had dreamed about this before he found out about me and his father. He surprised me too by saying he was proud of his dad, how his idea of whom his dad was, was the same as mine.

Jack asked me to turn over, and I knew why, he wanted to see me, see my mole, closer inspection, I was only too happy to.

“Do you know Aunty Jo, I have never seen, in my short life,” he said. “A more beautiful or sexy woman as you, everything about you is perfect, especially this!” He whacked my pert tight bottom.

It stunned me. “Jack,” I protested. “Don’t.”

“You kaçak casino love it Aunty Jo, don’t deny it.” Then he was on me again, but this time it was his mouth. He attacked my mole and sent me into orbit. My legs parted, he lay between them, his face buried in me and he munched on me. He made me cum again.

I spent about ten minutes trying to uncurl my toes. He had turned me to him and we were in a serious love mode. Where on earth was this going? I thought. I loved what he was doing, I loved what I had allowed to happen, and I had loved him blackmailing me into this, I wanted it, I wanted him.

About an hour later, he had me on my knees and he was readily banging me from behind. Then he did what my husband has no intention of ever doing, but what I had denied his father to do. Jack rammed his cock into my ass. I screamed out, I flattened on to the bed, he was between my legs. I couldn’t get them together, he was laid on me, holding me down, and he hooked his hands under my shoulders. I was completely captured and helpless.

Jack wasn’t into taking prisoners, not this day.

“Mine now Jo,” he said, “you’re not dad’s, you’re not uncle John’s, you are mine, forever, got it!” he demanded as he thrashed his cock in and out of me.

And in between cumming time after time because of him.

I could only cry out “Yes, Yes, Yes,” in agreement to him.

No one, not his dad, not my husband, had ever taken me like this, but you know what? I understood it. I’m not a slave, and I’m not a slut, or a whore, but I knew that what Jack was saying was. He was saying, even so young, I belonged to him, heart and soul. I honestly had to agree with that sentiment.

When he let me go we made proper love, consensual sex, and beautiful solid partnership love. I gave everything I could give. I went down on him in the shower, and there I have to say, he met his match. Jack realised there was more to making love than a man banging his woman.

So over the next few weeks he came round, I met him away from home, and each time was like it was the first, I just could not get enough of him. I was contemplating getting him to come and live with us. My life with John was going downhill fast. He knew it, I knew it.

Then Jack came up with another bombshell, he had been waiting for the right moment, and he had known all along about this. We were laid in my bed when he reached out for his phone.

“Another video Jack?” I laughed.

“How did you guess,” he said enigmatically. He showed me it and if I had not been laid down I would have fallen. The video was of John, looking furtive and going into Jack’s house. The shot was from high up, a secret camera? Then from an obviously secreted camera, John and Jacks mother were screwing in her bed.

“Jack!” I remonstrated, “what the hell!”

“I have stills as well Jo,” he told me. “Uncle John and my mom have been at it for the last two months, but I wanted cast iron evidence, and you are looking at it.”

“This has been going on longer than that Jack,” I said. “I know John, this has been going on forever.” I just knew it.

“Yes, I had thought that too, but until this I wasn’t sure. But thinking back he did spend a lot of time at our house Jo.”

Things began to click into my mind. The late nights, calls from work, I’m going to be late. Stop overs, nights away, odd phone calls. Now it was clear, my husband, the bastard had been screwing his brother’s wife! Then I sniggered, Well hell, I thought, his brother had been screwing me too, and probably at the same time, while we were separated.

“Send all of that to me Jack,” I told him, “we are going to have a break out, and then a clear out, okay?” A few clicks on his phone and mine pinged.

“What are you going to do Jo?” Jack asked me.

“The weekend Jack,” I said, “it will all become clear then I promise. Please be patient.”

“I will,” he said.

Friday night came, and despite myself, I was getting angrier and angrier, though really I had no right to. He was screwing his brothers wife, his brother had been screwing me. But the icing on the cake was, Jack, my wonderful, beautiful, sexy as hell young nephew Jack!

“I have something to show and tell you John,” I said. I quickly sent the evidence to his phone. I held up my phone for him to see. He nearly choked, then he blustered. I kicked him on the shin, and told him not to lie, that I knew everything, which of course I did, and also didn’t.

“Jo,” he blubbed, “I’m sorry, I can explain.”

“Explain, exfuckingplain!” I yelled. “How can you explain to me that you are fucking your brothers widowed wife, go on then you prick, explain it.”

He clammed up, I stared at him, suddenly I wanted rid of him. “Pack your bags, all of your things and go, go to her, she might want you John, I certainly don’t!”

And I didn’t, I wanted Jack.

I picked up my phone and dialled Jacks mother.

“Hi,” I said, “John is on his way round to you, he’ll be there in an hour okay?” She knew that I knew, the gasp told me all of that.

“Jo,” she whispered.

“Don’t bother, it doesn’t matter, be ready.”

And before I put the phone down she said. “Okay.”

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