Assorted Tales 01

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A series of tales that are not in any particular order.


My wife and I were anchored in a remote cove on one of the large man-made lakes in the midlands of South Carolina. She had just completed reading the stories I had posted on Literotica and had an amused smile on her face.

She was lovely. Her long graying brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, which reached the small of her back. Due to decades of continued exercise her figure is slim, fit and toned.

In her late sixties she no longer wears the miniscule, near nothing bikinis she wore when she was in her teens, twenties and even her thirties. She now prefers a classy black one-piece swimsuit.

I have always found her amazingly sexy; our love for each other has grown and evolved over the close to five decades we’ve been married. We still enjoy making love and sometimes we’ll snuggle up, and reminisce about some of our past sexual adventures.

Most of these adventures are those we had after we had opened our marriage in the spring of 1977. I had tried to capture some of these memories via the stories I had written.

Laughing, she looked at me and said, “I was a horny little thing back then, wasn’t I.”

I nodded my head, smiled and simply said, “Yeah, you were.”

She was quiet for a moment, snickered and added, “Hell, I don’t know how I managed to graduate, all I could think about was sex.”

Smiling at my love; I told her, “And yet you still managed to graduate, with honors. Remember, I had told you to go out and have some fun. I believe I even told you to get laid if you so desired. I didn’t want you just sitting at home studying all the time.”

With a laugh, she said, “Yeah, I remember…”

She looked at me with her big brown eyes, I asked her, “Are you ashamed of what you did, or what we did back then?”

Biting her lower lip, she thought for a second and said, “No, I’m not ashamed of anything I or we did. We were always honest with each other and talked. Sometimes, when I think about some of it, I get a little embarrassed. But, I also, have some really great memories, which still turn me on.”

She was quiet for a moment, and broke out in a huge smile, saying, “Do you remember when I use to model for James in his studio?”

“Laughing, I said, “Yeah, you got laid every time you modeled for him; and not just by James.”

She laughed saying, “Yeah, I did. You didn’t write much about his art studio and we had a lot of fun there. Why not write a story about the Saturday I modeled to help several of my classmates complete their projects which were due at the end of the summer semester of my junior year.”

Oh, how I remembered that Saturday. So…

On Wednesday evening of August the third 1977, I called my wife to let her know I would be coming home for the weekend. Since I had reenlisted in the Navy in March of 1977, I could usually only make it home every other weekend. But, due to a duty section change, I was going to be able to make it home sooner.

She had been expecting my call as I called her every Wednesday and was excited to hear I was coming home a weekend early. Her voice was a little hushed and I asked her, “Are you being bad?”

There was a soft, naughty laugh and she told me, “James and Leigh dropped by. James wanted to know if I could model this Saturday. Should I tell him I can’t?”

Billie had returned to college in the fall of 1976 as a first semester junior majoring in art. She had been awarded a Pell Grant and accepted into the work-study programs. She also earned extra money modeling nude for the art department’s life drawing classes.

It was during her second semester we had decided to open our marriage. James, who was one of the students in the life drawing class, was also one of the guys she’d started having sex with and had an apartment/studio. He would often ask her to model, usually toward the end of the semesters when students were behind on their assigned art projects.

I had been introduced to Leigh at one of their infamous beach house parties, which were known for their nudity and sex. She was a raising sophomore majoring in art. She was an energetic, vivacious little nymph, totally uninhibited and a fun fuck.

To answer her question about canceling her modeling session, I told her, “No. Don’t cancel. But, I’d like to be there, if that wouldn’t be a problem.”

“No…I think, you’ve met everyone that’ll be there…”

Since I was on a pay phone in the barracks, I looked around and in a whisper, said, “You mean, there won’t be some guy there, who you’ve fucked, who’ll be meeting your husband for the first time.”

Giggling, she said, “That does seem to rattle them a bit.”

There were some soft wet sounding noises in the background. “Are you naked?”

“Yeah…Oh, here, Leigh wants to talk to you.”

I waited a heartbeat and heard a soft southern drawl, “Just wanted to say hi…”

“Hi, good to hear from you. Are you naked, too?”

A gentle bell-like giggle reached casino oyna my ear as she said, “Yeah and so is James; we’re being pretty bad. Oh, huh, here’s Billie…”

I asked my wife, “So, the three of you are naked, are you being bad, too?”

Knowing it would turn me on, she cheerfully chirped, “Yeah, I am…”

Laughing, I told her, “Honey, I’d love to stay on the phone and hear all about this, but, it’s a collect call and we’ve been on the phone longer than usual.”

“Oh…okay, yeah, you’re right. I do have a few other things I wanted to tell you, but it can wait.”

“Ah, you’ve been a bad girl since this past weekend.”

With a laugh, she softly said, “Yeah…”

Laughing with her, I whispered “You and your fuck-buddies.”

Her voice had a good-humored lilt as she told me, “Yeah…you could say that. Since you’ll be home this weekend I’ll tell you what I did then.”

With a laughing snort, I said, “You mean, who you did. I’ll see ya Friday, hopefully in the early evening and you can tell me about it. Okay?”

After expressing our love for one another we hung up. I headed back to my barracks room with a massive erection. I was looking forward to the weekend. Watching my wife model was always a turn-on and the sex afterwards was always great. I also wondered how bad Billie had been with her fuck-buddies.

The only damper was the six-hour drive in late Friday afternoon’s traffic. Fortunately, I was able to get away around noon thus beating the heaviest traffic and arriving home around 1800 hours or 6:00 pm for civilians.

When I entered our apartment, my wife stepped out of the bedroom nude, stopped and looked at me with her big brown eyes. When I saw her standing there, my breathe hitched and my heart did a single, deep, hard thud. She was stunning.

She was standing as erect as her petite, toned, wonderfully tanned, five feet three inch body could. Her waist length, sun-lightened brown hair was in a loose ponytail, making her look far younger than her twenty-fours years.

Her hands were clasped behind her back, which drew her shoulders back and thrust her delicious hand-full sized breasts upward. Those lovely mounds were capped with puffy, quarter-sized areolas and rock-hard, pencil eraser nipples.

My eyes continued downward, visually caressing her ribs to her flat, nicely defined belly, to her lower abdomen and then to her pubic mound. My desire to kneel down and nuzzle my nose up her slit and through her carefully trimmed pubic hair was overwhelming. Oh, fuck, was she beautiful! I wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her forever.

I dropped my travel bag, but before I could move she was jumping into my arms. I had had just enough to time to brace myself as she leaped. Her arms went around my neck and her legs around my waist.

My right arm went up across her back with my hand behind her head. My left arm went under her pert bottom. I held this enthusiastic, squirming sprite as our mouths met in a deep, passionate and loving kiss. She smelled of soap, shampoo and her own natural scent, which I have always found to be arousing.

After our kiss, we placed our foreheads together and I carried the excited, wriggling one hundred eight-pound wench into our bedroom. Putting my naked wife down on our bed, I hoarsely whispered, “I need a shower.”

There was soft playful, drawn out, “Nooooooo…” she tightened her arms and legs holding me tight.

Pushing up with my arms, she clung to me like a squirrel holding onto a branch. Laughing, I told her, “Honey, I can’t get naked with you wrapped around me like this.”

Grinning up at me, she let go with her legs and then her arms. Laughing, she propped up on her elbows with her knees bent and legs splayed open. Her delectable puss appeared wet, a little swollen and slightly dilated. What a lovely view.

I kicked off my worn boat shoes, stripped out of my khaki shirt and dropped my Ocean Pacific shorts. Naked, I kneeled between her spread legs rubbing the head of my cock up and down her wet slit, centered it on her tight little fuck-hole and pushed in.

Billie let out a little yelp when I popped in her. She rocked her hips up and I met her with a solid thrust. We repeated this several times before I was totally inside her. Still on my knees with her legs over mine, I grabbed her hips and attempted to push in deeper.

Wiggling her fanny she contracted her muscles gripping my cock tightly. I slipped my hands up under her back and lifted her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me and I crawled further up on the bed and laid her down with her head on a pillow. She dropped her legs from around me and thrust her pelvis up.

Smiling at each other, we kissed and started making slow deep love. We murmured endearments, nuzzled each other’s ears and neck, gasped, chortled, softly snickered and attempted to press our bodies closer together as if we were trying to merge into one being.

The love of my life moaned, lost her rhythm and with a sharp gasp and canlı casino contractions shivered through her first orgasm. I held her and bit my lower lip to distract myself from the sensual pleasure I felt. I knew she was just starting and there was more to come.

Once she had recovered, I held her tight and rolled us over putting her on top, her favorite position. With a soft giggle she propped herself up, looked at me with a huge grin, squirmed and enthusiastically started humping me.

Watching her pert breasts and puffy nipples bounce and jiggle sent a surge of excitement straight through me to my dick. Her eyes widened, she pressed down on me and gasped, “Oh, my…what caused…”

Interrupting her, I whispered, “Your nipples are dark and puffy; your pussy has that wonderful velvety feeling it gets after you’ve been thoroughly fucked…”

She rocked her pelvis, leaned down, put her forehead against mine and naughtily whispered, “Yeah, I’ve been a really bad girl all week. It started Monday morning when I met Steve for our run. That’s what I wanted to tell you when you called Wednesday.”

I kissed her nose and said, “So? You always have sex with him after a run.”

Wiggling her hinny, which felt wonderful, the minx grinned and told me, “His younger brother, Mark, was with him.”

I smiled up at her, laughed and said, “Ahh, and, you did both of them.”

Grinning, she placed her hands on either side of my head. This lowered her upper body to where her nipples were skittering on my chest. Her small, nicely round rump was humping up and down and all around. Her pussy was contracting and releasing my cock, milking me. I surged up into her.

Kissing my nose, she whispered in a low sexy voice, “Yeah, I did both of them.”

“Don’t y’all usually go running Wednesdays and Fridays, too?”

She laid her head on my shoulder, wiggled her butt and moaned; “Yeeeah… did’em both then, too.” And in a faint whisper, “And, you know about Wednesday night, but, I also, did Thomas, a couple times this week, too…”

We then concentrated on making love. Our orgasms were close to simultaneous; she built up fast and started cuming hard, which triggered mine. Squirming, scrabbling, grunting, mewling, moaning and groaning we went over the top. I tried my best to get into her deeper and she reciprocated by trying to take me in deeper.

Laying there in post-orgasmic bliss I wrapped my arms around her and she nuzzled my neck. She eventually reached over to the side table and removed a hand-towel she kept there; placed it between us, eased up off my cock and laid down besides me.

I scooted over, rolled her on her right side and snuggled to her rump in the spoon position. I slipped my right arm under her head, placed my left arm over her and was able to caress her breasts, ribs and abdomen.

Snuffling her neck and ears like a pup triggered a fit of giggles from her. It was wonderful holding her as she giggled. Teasingly, I tickled her belly down to her pubic mound and then back up to her breasts. She pressed her butt back against my groin and snickered when she felt my renewed erection.

I whispered in her ear, “Tell me about Mark.”

She hiccupped a laugh and pushed back against me saying, “Mark turned eighteen this past May and graduated from high school in June. He was apparently still a virgin and embarrassed about it. So…Steve had asked me, as a birthday and graduation gift to Mark, if I would consider…”

Laughing, I interrupted her and finished her statement, “Fucking his little brother.”

With a delightful laugh she simply said, “Yeah”

“Will he be there tomorrow?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, he will.”

I propped myself up on my right arm, looked down on her upturned face, grinned and said, “So, there’ll be one guy there, who you’ve fucked, who I haven’t met.”

Giggling, she said, “Yeah. He doesn’t know you’ll be there. It’s going to scare the crap out of him when I introduce my husband to him.” She pushed back against me.

Kissing her ear, I asked, “What time are we supposed to be there?”

“James said the earlier, the better; he’d like everyone there around 10:00 AM.”

“And, who all will be there?”

“Let’s see, there’ll be James, Leigh and us. Huh, Thomas, Steve, his brother Mark and Patty, June and Paige said they’d be there. Oh, and Pete and Stan, they’re a couple guys from the drama department who minor in art.”

Reaching down between us, she found my erection, placed it at her opening and pushed back, taking me in. Squeezing her muscles around my cock, she giggled and murmured, “Sweetheart, I believe you like the idea of me modeling tomorrow.”

Pushing deeper into her, I said, “Of course, but I’m more interested in what might happen afterwards. With five girls and seven guys, do you think anyone will get any drawing done?”

The horny little minx laughed and said, “Yeah, they’ll draw. They’re finishing or polishing drawings that are due next week. After that…who knows what’ll happen.” kaçak casino She shivered through a soft small orgasm.

Holding her squirming butt tight to me, I whispered in her ear, “I’m…I’m…” I snapped my hips, slamming up in her and started cuming. This set her off, again. Both of our orgasms were gentle, soft and loving.

I pulled her to me and she wriggled backward settling into my embrace. We lay quietly for a while. My wife whispered, “You have no idea, how much I love you and how much I miss you when you’re gone.”

Kissing the top of her head and nuzzling her ear, I told her how much I loved her and how I missed her every hour of every day I was back at the base. That was the last thing I remember until the sun came up.

There’s nothing in the world like waking up with the sun and your arms wrapped around the love of your life. Warm and naked, my wife slept in my embrace. Her hair still held the faint fragrance of her shampoo, her neck tasted slightly salty and the smell of sex was still in the air.

Her faint giggle startled me; she asked, “Is that boner for me or do you have to take a leak?”

Laughing, I told her, “Both. I’ll go take a leak and we can get a quickie in before we go to James’.”

The minx rolled out of bed and said, “Tempting, but, let’s wait until after I finish modeling and see what happens. You may need it. I’m gonna take a shower.”

Bouncing my eyebrows, I asked, “Want me to join you?”

She thought for second, her nipples hardened but said, “No, I’d better get ready…” she laughed, “but you could fix your coffee and my tea. And there’s some whole wheat bagels in the cabinet.”

I gave her a raspberry and went to start my coffee and heat the water for her herbal tea. I started steeping her tea when I heard the shower stop and her hair dryer start. A few minutes later she joined me, still nude, for our breakfast. When we finished eating, I went to take my shower and she cleaned up the kitchen.

After I finished I found Billie had slipped into a small, light brown halter dress. The hemline was well above mid-thigh and there was no back. It set off her all-over tan; her big brown eyes and sun lighten brown hair, which was, once again, in a ponytail.

Grabbing clean shorts, a short-sleeved chambray shirt and my raggedy, beat-up boat shoes, I was ready to go. We climbed into our Toyota Land Cruiser, which provided me with a visual treat of her pert ass and her freshly shaved legs and labia.

We arrived at the art studio early to assist in setting up. James, wearing just a pair of running shorts and Leigh, who was already nude, had already started. My dick got hard watching this naked little imp as she darted about.

Leigh was a nineteen year old, lithe Nordic beauty with flaxen blonde hair in a pixie cut, sky-blue eyes, about five feet four inches tall and weighing about one hundred five pounds. With her light-complexion and small frame, 33A-22-32 and a small, nicely round, muscular dancers butt from years of classical ballet, she was striking beauty.

Billie stripped naked and I stripped off my shirt; we pitched in placing the lights and finding a suitable prop, which would be needed for her pose. When James put on a tape of disco music the two lasses put a little rhythm in their step. Energetic, vivacious, uninhibited and free-spirited it wasn’t long before they started dancing, which rapidly evolved into an erotic and blatantly sexual boogie.

As the last two light stands were put into place they started stroking, humping, bumping and grinding the light posts like giant phalluses. Laughing with pure delight the two of them moved to the model’s podium and continued their impromptu performance.

Their dance became even more provocative when Billie placed her right arm over Leigh’s left shoulder and Leigh placed her right arm over Billie’s left shoulder. Facing each other the lovely duo’s right legs went between the other’s legs. Their hips were undulating and swaying with the beat of the music, their pubic mounds came closer and closer until they were grinding on each other’s leg.

Nipples hard, both of them slightly flushed and sweating they placed their left hand on each other’s hips and moved even closer together until their breasts were gently brushing together. They were lost in the sensuality of the music and eroticism of the dance.

When the music ended they collapsed into each other’s arms and kissed. The kiss was intimate, beyond a friendship, but not quite a lover’s kiss. James and I moaned and adjusted our erections. It was at that moment the rest of their classmates started arriving.

I knew all of the girls and had at least met all the guys except Mark, who went pale when I was introduced as Billie’s husband. Patty, Paige and June hugged me and told me they would like to get together with me after the modeling session.

The studio was warm and since everyone had been naked with everyone else at one time or another, most of the clothes came off. They then quickly set up their easels and placed them to continue working on their drawings of Billie. Once everything was set Billie spent about fifteen minute going through gesture poses to allow everyone to warm up.

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