Ashley Helps Out

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With images of nude women filling his head, Mike lay naked on his neatly made bed, stroking his cock and thinking about pussy. His blue terry-cloth bathrobe was on the floor where he had dropped it upon entering his room.

Boy, wouldn’t Mom have a shit fit?

Mike’s overly neat mother made it a habit of reprimanding him for leaving clothes piled on the floor instead of hanging them up or tossing them into the hamper. She had even made his bed for him while he was taking his morning shower before she left for the office where she worked as a secretary. Organized chaos was what he called it…His mother called it making a mess.

But the slow stroking of his hand upon his stiff prick, soon drove such thoughts from his mind. Mike’s younger sister Allison had left for school about fifteen minutes earlier and his older sister, Ashley, had moved into an apartment to be on her own, so he had the entire house to himself. He liked the privacy and his morning whack-off had become a ritual for him.

He hadn’t even bothered to close his door.

Mike cupped his balls and rolled them between his fingers as he pumped his cock, picturing several of the girls who lived in the neighborhood. There was Janny, a petite redhead who lived down on the corner, and Susan a raven-haired beauty who lived several blocks over. Mike could see them in their knee high socks, blouses open revealing their pert titties and their short skirts lifted up to reveal their wet pussies to him. Mike groaned as he thought about ramming his cock into their dripping wet snatches. At eighteen he was still a virgin, but his fervent imagination stirred his fantasies of grasping cunts, hot tongues and mind-blowing sex. As his stroking became faster, he could feel his balls tightening, ready to blow a load of cum.

“Why, little brother, whatever are you doing?”

Mike’s eyes flew open and his hand stopped, tightening on his cock. Ashley stood in the doorway, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. She wore tight blue jeans and a white halter top. Her long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. Any other time, Mike would have been glad to see her. He might even had allowed his gaze to linger on her ripe breasts or her perfect ass. But all he could do at the moment was fumble for the covers and try to cover himself.

“No, don’t, “Ashley said, entering his room. “I like the view.” She sat on the corner of the bed and lightly rubbed his right calf. Her bottom lip was punched out in a fake pout and she whispered, “Show me your cock, little brother. Show Ashley how much you’re grown.” Mike could see that his sister’s nipples were casino siteleri hard and her breathing had become slightly irregular.

“B…b…but I can’t,” he said. “You’re my sister.”

“That just makes it sooo much better. C’mon baby, show me that big cock you were mistreating.”

Mike reluctantly removed his hands and Ashley slowly lifted the bed sheet from his rigid manhood. Ashley smiled as the swollen prick came into view, her cheeks flush as she took in her brothers prick.

“That’s beautiful, baby. That’s the prettiest cock I think I’ve ever seen. Why have you been hiding this monster from me? “Mike had never considered his prick to be anything but normal size. However, from the way Ashley was talking, maybe he had been mistaken. He had measured it once and it came in at just over six inches It certainly did seem larger and harder then it ever had before.

“Am I really big?”

“MMmmm,” Ashley purred. “Big enough, Mikey, big enough. You know, it’s much better when someone else does it for you.” Ashley wrapped her hand around his prick and slowly began sliding her fingers along it’s length. “Do you masturbate often?”

“Every chance I get, “he gasped. The grip of her hand felt incredible as she milked his cock. He had to fight the intense sensation to keep his cum from boiling out. He wanted this to last.

“And here I thought you always had your nose buried in a book when you were hiding in here. If I had known…” Ashley stopped talking as she slowly lowered her head and took her brothers cock into her mouth. Her cheeks indented as she sucked the mushroom head and tasted the precum that seeped from the little slit.

“God,” Mike moaned as she took him deeper in her mouth and started a slow bobbing. Her tongue played along the underside of the swollen prick and slid over the head as she pulled back Ashley’s lips made a small popping noise as the cock, slick with her saliva, escaped from her lips . His sister giggled and slurped the cock back into her mouth.

Mike clenched the bed covers in his hand and hunched his hips upwards, forcing his cock further into his big sisters throat. Ashley gagged slightly and gave him a stern look.

“S…s…sorry,” he whispered.

The room was silent except for the wet sounds of Ashley’s sucking and Mike’s moaning and heavy breathing He couldn’t believe that his older sister was kneeling on his bed and giving him his first blowjob. His cock lurched at the thought and Ashley purred as a fresh drop of semen was deposited on her tongue. She continued the bobbing motion for a few more minutes before lifting canlı casino her lips away from Mike’s cock. A thin string of saliva mixed with cum hung from her bottom lip before she licked it away.

“Mmmmm, I love sucking your prick, Mike. Your meat tastes sooo good. But now it’s time for Ashley to have a little fun.”

Kicking off her shoes, Ashley reached behind her head and removed the hair band that had her hair pulled back in a tail. Shaking her head, her long honey hair fell in disarray around her shoulders. Mike was struck again by just how beautiful his sister really was. With a gleam in her eyes, Ashley undid the snap on her jeans and pushed them down where they joined her shoes on the bedroom floor. Wearing only her halter top and a pair of black panties, Ashley knelt on the bed and took Mike’s hand in hers.

“C’mere brother, and give your sister a kiss.” The siblings pressed their lips together, tongues meeting as they tasted each other in their incestuous lust. Mike was so caught up in the moment that he wasn’t even bothered by the taste of his own cum. Ashley caught his tongue between her lips and sucked just as hard as she had with his cock in her mouth. Placing her hands on his chest, Ashley pushed Mike onto his back and straddled him, pressing her panty clad cunt against his hard cock.

“Not bad, “she said, pulling back with a soft laugh. Then grinding her groin against his, Ashley let out a little moan. “Damn, I’m so hot. Mikey has made me so horny I think I’ll fuck his brains out. How does that sound to you, baby?”

Mike swallowed and tried to find his voice. Everything was happening too fast.

“What’s the matter, Mikey? Cat got your tongue? Hmmm. Your tongue on my pussy. That sounds like a good idea.”Ashley moved up his body until her pussy hovered over his lips. Mike could smell the thick and primal heat of her mound as Ashley pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, revealing a glistening cunt. Her bush was trim and neat, the curls slick with her juices. Mike stuck out his tongue and ran the tip over her swollen lips. Liking the taste, he probed her pussy with his tongue, sliding deeper until his mouth was pressed tight against her soft lips. Ashley moaned and holding onto the headboard, moved her hips, riding her brothers face.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “Yes. Just like that. Tongue my clit.”

Mike had no idea what he was doing, but Ashley seemed to be enjoying it, especially when he flicked the little nub of flesh at the top of her cunt. Growing bolder, he jammed a finger into her asshole as he nibbled her clit.

“That’s it kaçak casino ,” she screamed. Just like that. Don’t stop, you little fucker. Don’t you dare stop.I’m going to cummmm.” Ashley’s hips were bucking wildly and Mike had to grip her ass in his hands to keep her in contact with his tongue that was flicking the swollen bud of his sisters clit. Her cunt was flowing freely now, filling his mouth with it’s sweet nectar. Mike swallowed feverishly, trying to keep up with the torrent. Suddenly Ashley arched her back and screamed out his name.

They laid like that for several moments, Ashley panting as the tremors continued to course through her body. Mike, his cheeks slick with her juices, slowly worked his tongue in and out of his sister. She shuddered each time he came into contact with her clit.

“Easy, baby,” she whispered, gaining control of her voice once more. “I’m a little sensitive right now. I need you inside of me .”

Ashley slid back down his body until they were face to face again and covered his lips with her own. She reached between them and gripping his cock, held it steady as she slowly lowered herself onto it. The siblings stared into each others eyes as they began to make love. Their hips moving in perfect unison , coming together and pulling away. Mike felt like he was dipping his cock into hot butter each time he thrust upward and the way Ashley’s pussy gripped his prick was maddening. She was so tight.

Kissing his neck and ear, Ashley whispered,” You’re close, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Mike moaned. “So close.”

“Just let it happen, baby ” she replied, nibbling on his neck as they both picked up the pace. The bedsprings creaked as the pair thrashed on top the mattress, the sounds of their slapping flesh filling the air.

“Oh God,” Mike whispered.

“Yes, darling, shoot your hot cum in my pussy. Give it to me. ” The combination of her hot lips at his ear and the sucking wetness of her cunt sent Mike over the edge. His cock jerked and grew larger before sending a scalding burst of liquid deep inside his sisters pussy. Ashley groaned as her brothers cum filled her. A warning voice in the back of her mind told her that she might get pregnant, but, at that moment, she didn’t care. All she knew was that she had just had fantastic sex with her brother, someone she had always had a deep affection for. And if she was to have a baby she could think of no-one she would rather have father it.

Mike continued to cum, emptying his balls until he was completely drained. Ashley nuzzled his neck and kissed his lips before moving and laying beside him. Mike took a deep breath and stared down as his softening prick, slick with Ashley’s juices and his own cum. He looked over to his sister who was staring at him, a smile on her face.

“Better then your hand?” she asked.

Mike laughed and nodded.

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