Arrested Development

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My name is Ken and I’m a consultant with a privacy data protection firm that specializes in identity theft. I have an extensive background working in government and spend a great deal of time speaking with local citizens, crime stopper groups, and local businesses about protecting data and taking precautions against hackers obtaining financial and personal data for fraudulent activities.

While not an active duty police officer, I work very closely with our local law enforcement and as a contract employee I am authorized to make arrest in my jurisdiction. Instead of carrying a Glock or Smith and Wesson, my weapon of choice is a laptop and flash drive. The badge I have is mostly for show to the groups I speak to and to occasionally show off in the hopes of a discounted meal or a better parking place.

I am however, required to attend continuing education programs for my certification or to receive credits by making presentations to other groups and law enforcement agencies at conferences. It was on such a conference that I had an experience that I will not soon forget.

When I had my fiftieth birthday party five years ago, friends joked with me it was all downhill from here. Actually I have a very good life. With the kids off to school, my wife and I have enjoyed our time together. But it would be a stretch to say our sex life had never been better. While I’m not complaining, we have both settled into a routine and our love making seemed more of a chore to her, or maybe a wifely duty, than something we both looked forward to with a passion.

I recently was asked to make a presentation in Miami on new technology advancements corporations were using on data protection. While the program was taking place at a Marriott in Miami, my wife and I had stayed in the past at the Loews Resort in South Beach. It’s a high end luxury hotel on the beach.

I knew a guy who did a lot of work for them on protecting their extensive reservation system and I was able to get an even better rate there than most were paying at the Marriott. While my wife would have normally attended the conference with me, she was tied up at her job and couldn’t get the time off.

I flew in on a Sunday evening and after unpacking, I jumped in a rental and headed over to the host hotel for a brief hospitality function. Returning to Loews, I could not help but notice a very attractive young lady who stepped on the elevator with a group of us. I scooted up against the back of the elevator and she stood directly in front of me. She was wearing shorts and a little top that did little to cover her beautiful figure. However, it was her perfume that teased my senses leaving me to wonder where chicks like this were when I was in my twenties.

We both got off on the same floor as she continued down the hall just a few doors down from me as I slipped my card in the lock and opened my hotel door.

The next day I headed over to the Marriott and put on two different sessions on fraud protection and data theft. My session was over by 1 PM and I could have hung around the hotel for the social taking place later but I decided to head back to my hotel for a little R&R of my own. If there is one thing police know how to do, it’s party. But I really didn’t feel like hanging around and knew I could find entertainment of my own back at South Beach.

When I arrived back at Loews, I rushed upstairs to change into a swimsuit and head down to the pool or perhaps check out the ladies sunbathing on the beach. South Beach is known for its top optional dress and I was excited thinking about taking in the grandeur of the shore.

I stopped off at the pool and decided to catch a few rays before heading down to the beach. I had the attendant get me a cloth cover for a lounge that wasn’t being used and took up a position surveying the pool when the same young lady from the previous evening plopped down in the chair beside me.

She was stunning in a two piece black bikini that was just big enough to cover strategic places but did little to hide her charms. The moisture from the pool beaded on her arms and legs as she patted herself down and took a bottle of lotion from a bag beside her chair and started rubbing it into her arms, legs, and stomach. I tried not to stare as she rubbed the white lotion up her thighs and moved closer to her crotch.

It was all I could do not to volunteer my services in rubbing her down before she leaned the chair down and took up a strategic position taking in the warm rays of the sun. We had been sitting there for some time, before I started some small talk after she adjusted and her gaze shifted over at me.

She said her name was Jamie and she was a student at Florida State. She and her brother were spending time at Loews while her mother and father enjoyed a few days cruising out of the local port. I couldn’t help but comment on her dark skin and she informed me she and her brother were twins and her mother was Cuban and her father of French heritage.

Shortly a very handsome young man walked up, sand casino oyna still adorning his legs from his recent trip down at the beach. Jamie introduced her brother Jeremy who she encouraged to rub sunscreen across her back. Jeremy sat on the side of the lounge chair as he squirted the lotion on both hands and rubbed it in.

His hands moved down her back and then to her legs as he moved up right to the cheeks of her ass. While I pretended to be looking straight ahead, my eyes were concentrated on his hands as they moved to her ass and his fingers moved just under the waistband of her tiny black bottoms.

She reached back and popped the clasp holding her top as he dabbed lotion where the straps had been fastened. At this moment, I almost hoped some one would yell out “fire” or something to get her to raise up for a glance at those beautiful breasts, now laying flat against a towel, exposing their sides to my stolen glances.

Jeremy patted her gently on the ass and announced he was headed up to their room for a quick shower leaving me to stare at her bronzed back and the decorative tattoo in the small of her back. It was some type of black design and was just located at the top of her bikini line.

Minutes had gone by as I continued to enjoy my beer and thinking about the beauty that lay beside me. When the pool attendant walked by, I told him I’d take another when Jamie raised up and said, “Sir, I’ll have a margarita please.”

Jamie sat up and held her top with her hand as she resnapped the bikini in place. The waiter brought our respective drinks and I took a long sip from the cold brew.

“I thought you said you and your brother were juniors at State,” I inquired.

“Yea,” she said with a smile, “We’re on fall break.”

“If you’re juniors that mean your 21?” I inquired.

“Age?” she asked, “Actually we’re both twenty. Just turned twenty matter of fact. If you haven’t noticed, we’re twins, she smiled. “Not identical obviously!!! I’m older by a few minutes,” Jamie beamed.

“Yet, you’re drinking mixed drinks?” I pressed.

“They don’t check them here and anyway I have a fake ID if they did. I just charge them to the room,” Jamie said so matter of factly.

“So what would you do if I told you I was a cop?” I said with a real stern expression on my face.

I watched as the smile on her face tuned to one of anxiety.

“You’re shitting me right?” she said with a pained expression. “I mean, you’re not like really a cop or anything… are you?”

“Actually I am,” I sort of exaggerated.

I watched her shoulders sink until I felt I had taken it far enough.

“So, what do we do? Should I run you in?” I asked as I shifted my glasses down from my eyes.

“Look. I don’t need any trouble. It’s not like mom and dad don’t know we drink. But please don’t turn me in,” she pleaded.

I looked and noticed she had already consumed most of the margarita before I had begun this little exchange.

“Look, I have to do what I have to do. Sir!” I called out to the attendant who was walking by. I could see the total dejection as Jamie slumped back in her lounge in disgust. “I’ll have a another Corona and get the lady another margarita if you don’t mind.”

“Right away,” he smiled as he took my empty glass and scurried off to the bar.

“You bought me a drink?,” Jamie said almost bewildered with my request of the waiter.

“Let’s just say what happens at South Beach stays at South Beach,” I smiled back as I lay back down in my chair, cognizant that Jamie was still staring at me as I relaxed under the hot sun.

Over the course of the next two hours I watched as Jamie would cool off by stepping into the pool and I continued to buy us drinks, charging them back to the room. I had intended spending time out by the beach but was completely smitten by this young coed. I knew there was no future in it but I couldn’t help but appreciate her hot little body.

Finally, with the sun seemingly hidden behind a cloud, she announced she had enough for the day and was calling it an afternoon. I too had just enough beers that I was looking for something fun to do and decided maybe I’d take a cab back over to the hotel and hit up the party anyway.

Jamie and I both took the elevator back to our rooms when she took notice we were on the same floor. As she started to walk on down the hall, words rolled off my tongue without thinking, “Want to come in for a few drinks? I’ve a great view of the ocean…”

How lame! I was more than twice her age. She was just being nice out at the pool. What was I even thinking.

“Sure,” came the shocking reply. “But let me freshen up first and I’ll be up in a few.”

I couldn’t believe it and rushed in to take a quick shower removing all the grit and sweat from laying out all day. I threw on some shorts and decided to put on a floral beach shirt but left it unbuttoned. I knew there was no real possibilities with Jamie but figured what the shit as I splashed on a little cologne and tried to look my best.

I canlı casino fixed a Jack and water as I took a seat on the veranda overlooking the ocean. I had finished the drink and had figured I was being stood up when there came a soft knock on the door. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when she walked in with a yellow halter top and white shorts. She had on a pair of flip flops as she moved past me, the perfume from the night before again evident as it teased my nostrils.

I began to wonder whether she was just being friendly or actually interested as I noticed she had an already opened a bottle of wine.

“Thought I’d switch to a little merlot. Care to join me?” she asked as the smile spread across her inviting face.

“Making friends with Jack,” I said as I took the last sip from my drink as the ice chimed against the side of the glass. I poured us both new drinks as we settled in the chairs outside overlooking the pool below and the beach front which was beginning to be vacated by the sun worshipers from earlier.

Jamie dropped her shoes off and put her delicate bronze feet up on the railing. “So tell me Ken, are you really a cop or were you fucking with me a while ago?” Jamie said with an emphasis on fucking.

“Well, short answer: I’m in law enforcement, but not patrol. I’m more into crimes on the computer. Identity theft, fraudulent financial transactions…things like that,” I responded.

“So you carry a gun?” she kept on.

“No…no gun. I do have a badge though. You want to see it?” I shot back taking a drink of Jack.

“Yea, show it to me,” she retorted as I stood and walked back in the room. I walked over to the dresser and grabbed a case. The badge was in a holder and I held it out for her examination. Jamie took it and flipped open the cover and examined the gold and copper badge, running her fingers over the shield.

“Impressive,” she stated as she continued to look at it and then over to a belt which held other utility items.

“What’s this?” she said as she perused its contents.

“Well, I am an authorized agent of the law so I do have cuffs, mace, and a cell phone and other items for my work,” I explained.

“You’ve got handcuffs? Can I see them?” she pressed.

I removed the cuffs from the belt and handed it over as she examined the chain and ran her fingers over the smooth steel.

“So, would you have arrested me out by the pool today? Maybe locked me up with these cuffs,” Jamie said as her dark brown eyes peered up at me.

I felt my dick stir as this young coed toyed with me, flirting, as I wondered how far she would take it.

“If you were naughty I’d have to. I’d have to run you in,” I added as I flirted back suggestively.

“So do you and your wife like to play bondage games with your cuffs? Do you sit at home and restrain each other? Maybe tie each other up and discipline each other?” she pressed.

I thought I was going to strangle on my drink. This chick was forward as hell. Was it possible she was serious? Looking to get laid by an older guy?

“Not in a while…though that does sound like fun…” I added as I visualized cuffing this little minx. Fucking her out on the balcony as the roar of the waves splashed against the beach.

Jamie had stepped over to the sink and was pouring her another glass of merlot. “You know what you did to me this afternoon was bad. Making me think you were going to turn me in for ordering drinks. You were pretty naughty yourself,” She said in a very suggestive, sultry voice.

“Maybe you should be punished. Maybe I ought to run you in…arrest you,” she added as she twisted the ring of a cuff on her finger.

“You think,” I shot back with a smile as I took a hard swig on the whiskey.

“Yea, I think I should cuff you. Maybe punish you for being so bad,” Jamie said softly as she walked up to me.

She dropped the cuffs on a table as she set her glass down and ran her soft fingers up my chest. My shirt was open and she ran her hand across my chest and then looked up as I gazed down, down into those piercing brown eyes.

Our lips met. Her warm inviting lips sealed around mine. Hot and plump as her tongue pushed into my mouth, searching out mine as I tasted the sweet wine that lingered. She reached into my shirt and slid it off my shoulders as it fell silently to the floor. What she lacked in age she certainly made up in experience. This young chick was not inexperienced when it came to sensual seduction as she continued to press her lips against mine, sliding, sucking on my lips.

She slid down to my bare chest, planting kisses, stopping to kiss my nipple, sucking, and licking on the hard little nip. She bit gently, sucking it before moving to the other and then down to her knees as she unfastened my shorts and pulled them slowly down my legs.

I hadn’t bothered with briefs and my already engorged member sprang to attention prompting a moan of satisfaction as Jamie’s lips planted soft kisses on the head as she had done on my chest. kaçak casino She parted her lips as the hard shaft eased into her hot mouth. This twenty year old coed, thirty-five years my junior was moving her wet tongue over the crown of my dick, bobbing back and forth.

I ran my fingers through her long, silky black hair. I couldn’t recall the last time my wife sucked me with such passion and I reveled in the moment. She jacked my cock with her right hand as she moved her head back and forth and side to side on my wet shaft which disappeared in her hungry mouth.

“Damn you got a big cock Kenny,” she groaned as she worked the meat between her lips.

“I want to do something. Can I cuff you? Restrain you and play a little,” she said in between slurps on my cock. “Can I have my way with you and afterwards, you can do me? Cuff me and have your way me with me?”

I thought I’d shoot my load just from her question.

“Yea baby. If that’s what you want,” I countered.

Actually, I would have done anything she would have asked at that point.

“Put your hands behind your back,” she barked as I felt her slip the cold steel around my wrist. “That hurt?” she asked as she tightened up the cuffs as they clicked on my arms.

“No, its okay,” I reassured her.

“Get on your knees,” she commanded as she pushed me down with her arms on my shoulders as I took up a position where my eyes were looking at the crotch of her shorts. She walked over to my suitcase removing a tie that I had worn earlier with a suit. She began to wrap it around my head, blocking my view.

“What’s that for?” I inquired.

“I want you to imagine, to visualize what I’m doing. To heighten the senses,” she added as she tied it firmly around my head. “Can you see,” she asked.

“No, no I can’t and I’d like to damnit,” I shot back.

I felt her messing with my legs and running something between my wrists and my legs.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I now inquired with a little impatience as she seemed intent to hogtie me…immobilize me. What started out as a sexy suggestion moments ago was becoming increasingly annoying as she secured me.

“There…I think that has you. Can you get up?” Jamie questioned.

“Fuck no I can’t get up!,” I shot back. “Look, this is a bit much, let me loose and I’ll suck on that little pussy of yours. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Actually, that’s what I had in mind…and some fucking too,” she said back in a sultry voice.

Now that was more to my liking. Okay, I could be hogtied. This was okay. But let’s get with it.

“You got any rubbers?” she queried.

Fuck I thought. It never really occurred to me I’d get laid. Why would I be packing rubbers? I hadn’t used them in years.

“No, I said dejectedly half expecting Jamie to begin undoing my bindings.

“That’s okay, I have some in my room. I’ll be right back,” Jamie shot back.

I thought about her leaving. “And what if housekeeping stops by,” I countered.

“They’ll be a little shocked want they,” I heard as the door opened and closed.

I felt a little weird. There I was naked on the floor, on my knees, with a tie wrapped around my head and my hands cuffed behind my back. Jamie had also tied my legs together and I think had run whatever was holding my legs together to my wrist. Every time I pulled, I felt as though I would tip over.

It really wasn’t long before I did hear the key card slide into the door and the sound of the door moving slowly across the carpet. “Housekeeping,” Jamie said in her sexiest voice but I could tell it was her as her bare feet shuffled over the carpet and I could feel her presence come to rest in front of me. She was right. I was amazed at the heightened senses of hearing and smell as her perfume again filled the room.

I heard what seemed like the rustle of clothes before her soft lips again pushed against mine and she licked my lips with her tongue before she slipped it in my mouth. Her hand cradled my cock, my balls, as it started to swell again with her arrival.

“You ready to kiss my little titty. Hold your lips out…get ready,” She guided my chin. “Don’t move your lips. Just let my nipple rest against your lips.” I felt the warm soft tip toy with my lips, tickling it as she pressed just a little harder.

“Good, very, very good. Now take the tip into your mouth. Suck on my nipple. Ooom,” Jamie groaned as I sucked the tit into my mouth.

“That feels so good, now the other,” as she shifted my head to her other titty. I sucked and licked as we went back and forth as she jacked my hard cock in her hand below.

She pulled my head away from a tit and cooed, “Suck on my fingers. Get them good and wet.”

She pushed her fingers into my mouth and I sucked on them, wetting them with my tongue as she trailed them over my lips returning her tit to my waiting mouth. I heard her groan and I only imagined her fingers had found themselves in her cunt and was proven right when the wet fingers returned to my mouth coated with her cum.

“Lick my pussy juices. Taste my pussy Kenny. See how wet you’ve made me,” she sighed as I sucked the juices off her warm fingers which just a moment ago was between the folds of her cunt.

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