Another Mom , Son , Camera Story Ch. 01

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Yes, there are many Mom & Son camera stories on Literotica. Yes they are often similar, this one is mine. If you do not enjoy this subject matter do not read it.


Last year, I pestered my mom to buy me a digital camera for Christmas. We don’t have a lot of money; I was pushy & annoying and relentless so all I got for Christmas last year was a digital camera.

I am not sure if my mom suspected I wanted the camera to photograph her preferably naked, semi-nude or at least showing some skin. Unfortunately from the minute we opened our presents that Christmas morning, she grabbed Aunt Greta’s annual sweater gift from under the tree, put it on and never seemed to wear anything but high necked clothes through May of the next year. Her bedroom door was closed whenever she was in her room, the en-suite bathroom meant she never left her bedroom in any outfit but fully dressed.

My only other xmas gift last year was an online photography course mom had signed me up for. A cheap on line photography course, but it covered the basics. I watched the whole thing.

My birthday is in June, the weather warmed up and it seemed today my mom was wearing a blouse with a button or 2 undone for the first time since last Christmas. Naturally my digital camera was sitting in a drawer with a flat battery as mom leaned over a few times and flashed a little bit of cleavage, as she set my birthday dinner table.

“Whatever happened to that camera I bought you for Christmas? The one you had to have over everything else, you know it cost a lot of money?” Mom asked as she continued to set the table.

“I had a couple of problems with the software, I couldn’t get it to update online.” I lied.

“Honey why don’t you sell it, I can use the money to buy you a better birthday gift?”

“Mom, that’s my camera, it was a gift, how you can you sell it?”

“Don’t panic sweetie, I’m just saying, if you aren’t going to use it, why not make some cash before it’s obsolete.”

I watched as mom’s cleavage moved before me, she was leaning over to put knives & forks out across our dining room table and I could see the beautiful gap between her sexy breasts. My cock was starting to fill with blood. I jumped up, ran to my room, found the camera & accessories in the original box and started charging the battery in a wall outlet.

“I’m charging it now.” I explained returning to our dining room, facing her puzzled-where did you just go expression?

“What are you going to take pictures of?”

“The yard, the dog, my friends, nature, our great town.” I responded, studying her face intently, knowing she was excluded from my list. I imagined I saw a flash of sadness.

“And you mom, I need photographs of you to practice taking pictures of the human form.”

“I’m not sure sweetie; I do not want you sneaking around snapping photos of me when I’m not expecting it.” She had stopped setting the table and was starring me in the eyes.

“No problem mom, I’ll always ask before I take a photo. Will that work?” Note to self, check owners manual, can I silence the click sound on my camera?

“I am serious sweetie, I do not want any surprise photos, no sneaky pics. In fact no voyeur or secret shots taken of me. Is that absolutely clear?”

“But mom, a photographer has to be able to take photos when the subject is not posing or responding to the camera. I need to get natural shots.” I wondered if mom was aware that natural could mean naked.

“Honey I don’t care what you call it, you are not taking a photograph of me without me saying okay, okay?” Mom’s voice was rising; apparently she suspected her son was a pervert. My mom was smart & hot. Damn it.

“Okay mom, you’re the boss, no photo without your okay, agreed.”

I thought about going upstairs to unplug my camera, to stop charging, when mom brought dinner to the table. Good job I waited.

Dinner tasted great, as did dessert and I told mom so.

“Mom, thank you for making a great meal, I’ll wash & dry the dishes, you finish the wine”. I leaned over to pour most of a glass of wine into mom’s empty glass. I’d drunk one glass which meant mom had had 3. The bottle was empty.

“Thank you sweetie, happy birthday for tomorrow.” Fact was I was going out with friends Saturday night to celebrate, so mom had cooked dinner the night before my birthday. I assumed I would get my gift Saturday.

“I don’t normally drink 3 glasses of wine, I’m becoming a lush.” She laughed as she spoke. It was funny because she rarely drank. She had friends her own age who were unable to last any day past 6 pm without wine or liquor and once started would drink for the rest of the evening. Usually mom was designated driver if she went out with her girl friends.

“Mom, go crazy, it’s Friday night you are not going out, drink a little.”

“No thanks honey, this glass will be enough for me tonight.”

Mom sat at our dining table sipping her wine. I washed & dried the dishes. When finished I noticed mom had moved into the casino siteleri living room & was sitting on our sofa. She looked to be, if not asleep at least dozing. Her eyes as good as closed, head still up, her blouse was not gapping open but I could still see the tops of her breasts. I zoomed upstairs, put the partly charged battery in my camera and quietly returned to the living room. Her body had not moved.

“Mom, you asleep?” camera was in my hand by my side. I was just asking.

“Mmm, no honey, I was thinking. You want to take a photograph?”

“Err yes please.”

“Go ahead.” She moved her body a little to straighten her back, kept her hands in her lap & looked at me. I switched the camera on and moved side to side snapping a couple of shots as mom starred at the camera lens. I was a little surprised & pleased to see she was not smiling or making any “pose” faces as I moved in front of her. She maintained a very placid, pleasant expression. The pictures would look good.

“Mom you photograph great, look at these shots.” I kneeled beside her and flipped back through the shots on the camera’s small screen.

“Thanks sweetie, when we were young your father used to take a lot of photographs.” I did not ask but I took the comment to mean, mom enjoyed having her photograph taken.

Even though the divorce had been ugly(aren’t they all), mom had built up a history of saying ‘when we were young’ which always referred to fond memories of her marriage to my father. FYI-the last 3-4 years of her marriage memories usually elicited comments more like, ‘that bastard or before the divorce or I don’t want to talk about it’.

I took about 8 photos, after which mom got up from the sofa to go to bed, I went upstairs to play a video game, maybe surf the ‘net. I downloaded the pics onto my computer, they looked even better on my giant LED-LCD monitor. The actual photos were pretty boring, mom in a blouse & long skirt sitting on the sofa(wearing a bra). Little bit of cleavage was visible, nothing special. The picture quality (I had the camera set on highest setting) and the monitor gave the photos extra wow because of the colors & clarity. It was unlike me to call for mom from my bedroom, I called out.

“Mom, come & look at these shots.” We both had an unwritten rule or we had at least fallen into a habit that once either of us went to bed, we rarely saw each other or spoke. It suited me because I could surf the internet for porn with little chance of mom surprising me mid movie. I suspect she went to sleep.

Surprisingly quickly, mom appeared at my door, in some sort of nightie.

“Hi Sweetie, what have you found?” she seemed almost excited, at least way more enthusiastic that she should be for some pretty boring photos.

“Mom, I loaded the photos onto my computer, you look great.”

“Sweetie, how did you get the pictures so fast, how did you…where are the photos….where are the negatives?” I was just about to heap teenage scorn on my mother’s lack of knowledge of digital cameras and modern technology when something inside caused me not to.

“Mom, technology has moved fast since you & dad took photos” (I assumed).

“There is no film, no negatives, no one but you & I see these pictures. I upload the photos from the camera through this wire into my PC where I can delete or re-size them as I want.” She was speechless.

I was not going to confuse her with the latest cameras that uploaded to the Cloud as soon as a pic is taken or remind her that my smart phone could send a photo across the world within seconds of it being taken.

“Sweetie that is so cool. Can you delete this photo?” she said pointing at one that I had hurried and looked like crap.

“Of course mom.” I highlighted and clicked delete as she oohed in my ear.

“Sweetie, does this mean every photograph you take is either in the camera or in your PC, no one gets to see it unless we want them to?”

“Yes ma’am.” I highlighted another poor pic and deleted it in front of her.

“Wow, honey that is so cool.” She cooed.

I turned my head to look at her and noticed as she was leaning forward to better view my enormous screen. I could see down the front of her nightie, her nice sized breasts were hanging down braless & beautiful. I inhaled quickly, she heard me, looked at my eyes and stood up fast.

“Honey, these photographs look great, can I have one?” Wow, no reprimand, no foul. Of course I pushed my luck.

“Mom does this mean I can take photographs of you anytime because we can delete them whenever you want?” At the time this seemed like a smart question, as I type it, not so much. My pretty, great body, 42 year old mom is nowhere near an idiot, especially after catching son looking down night dress at magnificent boobs.

‘No sweetie, not even close. You will never, ever take a photograph of me without my permission. By the way thank you for asking before you took these photos, you can take more, just ask first. She glanced and pointed at my computer canlı casino monitor screen and left my bedroom.

“I’ll make you a copy, goodnight.” I called out as my door closed behind her.

Obviously I masturbated for an hour or 2 from the sight of her hanging breasts, seared into my brain.

Saturday was fun. Mom dressed in a partially see-through white blouse, shorts & underwear. I followed her like a puppy dog as she worked in the back yard & cleaned the house. Deliberately, I did not ask to take a photo when she was leaning over, front or back or stretching. I took photos of her standing, sitting even working but without any excess skin. Before every photo I asked,

“Mom, can I take a photo or 2?” She always said yes, usually pretty quickly after I asked, barely changing her position usually lifting her head to look at the camera or later in the day looking away from the camera or past it. Photos were good. I uploaded pics all day and around 5 o’clock when I went upstairs to change prior to going out that evening, mom suddenly appeared at my bedroom door.

“Well sweetie, let’s see how I look.”

“Mom, I’ve got to shower & get ready for tonight.”

“Oh honey, you can’t spare a few minutes for your mom? Why don’t you get ready while I look at the photos? It’s not like I haven’t seen you in your underwear before.”

Mom sat down and started clicking at photos in the library screen. I started undressing.

Couple of minutes passed then I heard camera clicks.

“Mom, what the hell?” Mom is standing next to my computer desk taking photos of me, I’m wearing my boxers and nothing else.

“Don’t worry honey, nothing I have not seen before, you have been taking photos of me all day.” She was smiling and clicking shots as I moved towards her hand outstretched aimed at the lens.

“These are great action shots, pose for me.” She gave up the camera as I got to her.

“Here you go sweetie, couldn’t resist.”

“Mom, these are underwear shots, I have not taken any underwear shots of you and I’ve asked before I take a single photo.”

“Well I owe you then sweetie.” She laughed, skipped around me and left the room.

Yeah, I know I should have stayed home and pushed mom for the photos she ‘owed’ me. Unfortunately this was real life & it was my birthday. I went out with my friends, drank too much, had a blast and got dropped off at home just after midnight.

The house was quiet; lights were off except for the front porch. I walked in the dark to the kitchen to get some water. At the top of the stairs still swaying to the last song I had heard at the last club I stopped outside mom’s room and kinda whispered.

“Goodnight mom.” I was surprised because I assumed she was asleep, when she immediately responded.

“Goodnight sweetie.” Her voice sounded awake & alert, nothing like she was about to fall or I had woken her from sleep.

“Hope I didn’t wake you?” I knew I hadn’t.

“That’s okay sweetie, I had some glasses of wine and just went to bed, happy birthday sweetie.” There was no way that could be true; mom never drank alone, could she have had a friend over? Naah.

Her voice sounded louder than usual, I noticed her door was not closed, it was touching the frame.

Well under the influence of the alcohol I had drunk, I rushed to my bedroom removed my jacket, shoes, shirt & jeans very quickly and walked back to mom’s bedroom speaking loudly.

“Mom thanks for the birthday gifts.” (forgot to mention she had bought me a couple of video games & some shirts.)

“No problem sweetie, how was your evening?” Mom stopped talking because I walked into her bedroom; she was lying on the bed in a night dress, on top of the sheets.

“It was fine mom, saw my buddies, had some drinks(read a lot of drinks), talked to some girls, Jerry dropped me off. You look great.” That was a lie because her room was dark; I could see her silhouette but not much else. Truth was she nearly always looked great.

“Thank you honey, are you okay?” That was code for what the hell are you doing in my room, you never come into my room.

“I’m great mom, you owe me.” As I lifted up the hand my camera was in, mom spoke.

“What do you mean sweetie, I gave you games and cloth,” again she stopped, this time because my camera flash went off as I pointed & clicked in her direction.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” she yelled. We were both temporarily blinded by the flash; the light enabled me to see exactly where she was lying.

“Mom, I’m taking the photographs that you owe me. You remember earlier this evening, you took my picture?”

“Son, this is different, I’m your mo.” She stopped again because I snapped another shot, then another. By the light of the flash I knew I was getting her in the picture. She was sitting up, looking towards me obviously unable to see anything.

“Mom, fair’s fair, I did not expect to take any photos so soon and when I realized you were awake it seemed like a great opportunity. What are you wearing?” kaçak casino I kinda knew but I wanted to hear from her.

“Just my nightie sweetie, one of my pretty ones.” I presumed pretty was code for more revealing. I took 4 more photos as I was speaking, moving a little in front of the bed with no idea what the pic would look like. The flash gave me a fraction of a second to see mom’s body but no details. She had moved a little from the start but had stayed on the bed.

“Sweetie, that’s enough, can you see what I’m wearing?” Strange question to ask, honest answer from me.

“No mom, the flash is blinding me. I hope you are in the shots.” Second statement was a lie, she was in the shots.

“That’s enough sweetie, when can we look at the photos? Oh yes we can look at them immediately.” I heard her moving, off the bed and towards me.

“Let’s look at them sweetie.” Oh dear, any hope of gratuitous cleavage, skin or more was gonna be ruined if mom was standing next to me when the pics got reviewed.

I had noted mom seemed more interested in looking at the photographs than making a big fuss about her definitely drunk son striding into bedroom at midnight taking photos without asking her, especially as there was the potential for some revealing shots. Maybe she had been drinking wine?

We walked to my room where the light was on. I was walking ahead of mom, I went directly to my chair in front of my PC. Mom stood behind me, almost immediately I could feel her left boob gently resting on my right shoulder. That was cool, and surprising, and hot.

I connected the camera to the PC. My older model camera took longer to upload than modern cameras so I turned to look at mom still standing behind me. My eyes were at breast height, her nightdress was see through. I could see large dark nipples slightly extended staring straight at me. They looked unbelievable. My cock was hard in seconds. Mom was staring at the monitor watching the files move across the screen from camera to computer hard drive.

“Shouldn’t be long mom, there are only 7 photos.” I was staring at her tits. The nipples were behind the fabric, not much else was. Her huge cleavage was moving slightly as I breathed hard. My cock was tenting in my underwear, I grabbed it to move it down. It was not going anywhere. I had never been this close to mom when she was wearing so little. I had never seen nipple before.

“Sweetie, isn’t it finished?” brought me back to the monitor. She was correct, transfer complete.

I double clicked the folder created by a new day’s photos (it was after midnight) and seven photos opened before our eyes.

“My goodness,” muttered mom. She was understating the view. The photos sorted on screen with the newest at the top left of the page. In that photo Mom was sitting leaning forward revealing both her of beautiful breasts hanging down, her nightie barely covering anything. Her dark nipples were hard and pointed down towards the bedspread, I could see them because they were erect, I could see a hint of areola . Her hands were placed on the mattress as though about to get off the bed, she was starring at the camera with a slight smile & no sign of fear. That first photo was the most revealing of the 7. There was a 2nd cleavage-hanging breasts shot, facing the camera as she appeared to be getting up from lying on the bed on all fours and a couple more showing skin and more cleavage. The least revealing breast shot was the first one which only had the bottom half of her body lying on the bed. Even that shot showed nearly her entire right leg to the bottom of her nightdress 6 inches from her waist. Butt cheek and thigh was everywhere.

“Sweetie, look at these pictures, they show way too much of mommy’s body, don’t you think?” Huh?

“No mom you look fantastic, you have a beautiful body, fantastic tits, brilliant legs.” What could I say?

Mom started to move the breast sitting on my shoulder side to side, it felt great. It did not match her words.

“Son, you need to delete these photos immediately.”

“Can we keep one?” I asked allowing her to share.

‘No, son absolutely not, which one?” She seemed conflicted. Her boob was moving all over my shoulder, so I moved my body in the chair to allow her to rub the boob against my neck. My cock was pointing straight up through the fly in my boxers. Mom did not appear to have seen it.

“This one,” I said highlighting the top left exposed breasts pic.

“Sweetie, that photo is too naughty for a son to have of his mother, how about this one.” She pointed at the 2nd sexiest photo which showed her on all fours looking at the camera breasts hanging down, part of her nipples visible, nightie barely on her.

“Oh yeah mom that would work,” I said quickly, surprised (but happy) she had not picked an earlier photo showing less skin.

Before she could change her mind I clicked the other 6 pics and hit delete.

“Oh honey, maybe I should have selected another photo,” she seemed to be wavering.

“Too late mom, they’re all gone.” Another lie, all of the photos were all still in my camera, I had deselected the “delete on transfer” option in my phone. I would have to download & save everything in a folder later.

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