Anna’s Adventure

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Hi folks. Another new story in “Heather’s World” as I have come to call these “Shared World” stories. For new readers, start with “An Empty House and A Full Pussy” and go from there. Enjoy!

Heather Adamson got out of the cab, her legs shiny in the thigh-high stockings she was wearing, body sleek and sexy in the black slit skirt she was wearing. She handed the cabbie, who had been unable to take his eyes off her seductive form, a twenty. He handed her a 10 dollar bill – 5 more than he should have.

She giggled and thought Oh well, 5 bucks for looking at my bod, it’s worth it and walked into Le Papillon to meet up with Anna, her new friend from school. The two women did this once a month, got dressed up and met for dinner and drinks and good conversation – and on the first encounter, tumbled lewdly into Anna’s bed.

Finding she liked women a lot sexually had been a boon to Heather, although she found herself wondering if her world had gone crazy. Bryan was busy with his current ladyfriend – and bonus she chuckled. Aunt Alexus, Vickie with her new business, her chef friend Brandi – all were up to naughty, fun things that made Heather’s head spin.

The sassy redhead walked into the restaurant and Georges, the Maitré-D, smiled at her. “Miss Heather – you are gracing us with your lovely presence once again?” She smiled at him, he was a lecherous old Frenchman, but essentially harmless.

She flashed her brightest smile at him and batted her eyelashes as well, her eyes sparkled. “Where else could I get such attentive service – and such wonderful food, you handsome man?” she flirted. “Is Miss Qin here?”

“Oui – she is in your favorite table, awaiting you. Please, call upon me if you need – anything !” he said as he escorted her to the table, his arm and hand a smidge lower than they needed to be.

Anna stood up when her dear friend and playmate approached the table. Dressed in a tight red cheongsam , she took Heather’s breath away – as she did nearly every encounter.

“Hello beautiful!” the stunning Asian purred in Heather’s ear as she nibbled it discreetly. “Hungry?”

“Famished!” Heather enthused, then whispered in Anna’s ear ” …. but not for food!”

Heather adored her times with Anna. They could be open and sensual, enjoying the pleasures of good food, drink and wonderful sex. The perfect word for Anna was sensualist and she brought Heather into that world eagerly.

“I could hear you coming – I’ve missed you baby!” Anna said as the sexy redhead slid into the booth beside her. “You look wonderful angel, scrumptious.”

“You could hear me coming?”

“Stilettos on the tile!” Heather laughed at her girlfriend. Both the women had a thing for shoes, they even had a habit of keeping them on in bed. Anna’s girlfriend Brooke had a shoe fetish and when she moved away, she’d gifted Anna with an entire closetfull.

“Been behaving yourself?” Anna asked.

“Hell, no!” Heather laughed as her girlfriend eyed her lasciviously. “You?”

“Fuck, no!” Anna laughed. “Let’s have some food and I’ll tell you the entire, depraved story. It’ll give you wet panties!”

“Doubt it – I’m not wearing any!” Heather said as she lifted her skirt discreetly to confirm her statement. Anna beamed at the sexy little scamp.

“Minx!” she said to Heather, who stuck out her tongue.

The women had a lovely evening, having little nibbles, than a lovely meal of Crepes with Beef and Mushrooms in a rich sauce laden with Red Wine, chocolate croissants for dessert and a lovely bottle of Bordeaux. In between, furtive kisses and caresses were exchanged, hands roamed under the table discreetly and with tacit agreement. Heather’s playmate was working her into a frenzy and she knew she’d be hornier than ever to fuck this evening.

“Are you going to tell me what’s been going on with you … ” Heather said through gritted teeth as she ran her hand up Anna’s thigh ” … or are you going to sleep alone tonight?” As Heather’s heated caresses never failed to set Anna on fire, she thought she’d better tell her lover what was new in her life. She instructed Heather to move in a little closer, because her tale was a bit lurid and she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri didn’t wish to be overheard.

Anna stumbled over her first few words, for if someone had asked Anna Qin about her last few months, she would have been hard-pressed to describe them. What does one say about parents who trade you away as a Sex Slave? Heather’s eyes were wide with shock as Anna related her story.

Anna’s parents had done something most would consider unthinkable. In order to pay off her father’s large gambling debts, they had offered her up one a Silver Platter as a Sex Slave. She was appalled – until she got her first look at Stan Michaels. He was certainly hard to ignore.

Stan was tall, nearly 6’5″ with dark black hair, slightly gray at the temples. Broad shouldered and intense looking, with dark eyes that seemed to take everything in and dismiss whatever he found trivial. No-nonsense – a man who meant what he said and did what he meant.

Anna looked back at her father, who seemed small in her eyes at the moment. However appealing she found Stan – and he was certainly one of the most compelling men she’d ever seen – Anna was a modern, free-thinking individual. She wasn’t about to let her father off the hook that easily. Anna loved her father dearly, but she didn’t like weakness in people and seeing it in him was hard to take. She despised his gambling addiction and had told him so numerous times. Her mother had begged Mr, Qin to get the help he needed and now they would lose everything if Anna didn’t capitulate.

The pretty 25-year old looked at her father, then over at Stan. She looked at her mother, her eyes radiated fear and shame. Anna looked back in Stan’s direction.

“If I agree to do this, the debt is erased – completely?” Stan nodded. “One hundred percent!” he responded.

“And you will agree to go to Gambler’s Anonymous and get help?” she looked over at her father and mother – her mother glared angrily at her father, who nodded meekly.

“All right – we have an deal!” she said, biting her bottom lip. She got a good feeling from Stan, despite the absurdity of it all, she knew somehow he wouldn’t hurt her. She was sensible enough to get out if anything happened, she knew that.

“So, tell me more – wow, this is really a hot story!” Heather enthused, feeling her nipples rubbing against her dress.

Anna told Heather she figured the agreement wouldn’t be TOO hard for her to take – she likely would’ve fucked Stan if she’d met him in a bar, he appealed to her in a lot of ways. He was looking her over with a predatory hunger, Anna told Heather.

“Well, why not?” Heather said, sneaking a kiss from her girlfriend. Heather constantly reminded Anna that she was a spectacular beauty, tall at 5’9′, slender with chestnut hair that hung nearly down to her butt. She had beautiful, perky breasts and legs to die for – Anna’s mother often scolded her for wearing too-short skirts, but they’d been to her advantage and her legs had been one of the first things to catch Heather’s eye.

“Leave your things, we’ll send for them later!” Stan told Anna in a commanding tone that left no room for argument. This was a man accustomed to having his commands followed to the letter , Anna knew. He escorted her to a waiting BMW, allowed her to get in and motioned for his driver to leave.

“Why me?” she asked him, her curiosity ablaze. He was obviously well-to-do and not without charm, so where had he gotten the whim to possess her? Anna wanted to know, the oddity of it appealed to her quite a bit – it also made her horny beyond belief.

Stan turned to her and answered tersely “You shouldn’t ask so many questions, but I will answer a few – for now. Your father showed your picture one night while at my tables, I thought you were exotic, sensual, very lovely. I vowed if I could find a way to make you mine, I would take it. With your father’s weakness for cards, an opportunity presented itself – so!”

Anna nodded as Stan went on. “You will be treated well, but you will be taught to understand your place. You are my property. You will fuck no other man – although if you wish to indulge with a woman, that will be güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri all right. You must do whatever I ask, in turn, you will be well-cared for and fed. There is lingerie awaiting you in your room, in the correct sizes, from information your parents provided. Put it on and join me in the parlor.” he said as the pulled up to a home that was almost as large as the block on which Anna lived.

Anna was a bit apprehensive, but sexual heat and curiosity outweighed that. When she entered the sprawling mansion, a pretty blonde maid escorted her upstairs to the room she was to occupy. It was beautiful and sunny, with a sprawling bed and a lovely view. The maid pointed out the lingerie and helped Anna put on a black teddy and high stiletto heels with glimmering silver tips. Anna made her way downstairs to find Stan seated in a brown leather chair, smiling at her. “You are more exotic, sensual and exquisite than I had hoped for.” Anna bowed her head, pleased at his words. She felt a great desire to please him, at this moment, Anna wanted nothing more than Stan’s approval.

“Undress me. Now.” It was a command, not a request. Anna did just that, fingers flying nimbly. When he was naked, she looked up at him with her rich brown eyes.

“Suck my cock – slowly. Do not rush, do not bite. Savor me and I will savor you in turn!”

Anna took his cock in her mouth eagerly and rapture overtook her. She loved his thick, meaty cock, she had no intention of rushing. Feeling Stan grow in her mouth was a devilishly delicious feeling, the slight surge of his manhood and her own lusty urges rising. She knew her pussy was drenched, when he’d had enough, he pulled her away by the hair – gently, but firmly – and told her to lie on the nearby couch and spread her legs.

Anna’s descriptions were so vivid, Heather could see almost every bit of the erotic tableau. She was so turned on, Anna’s eyes were closed as she related the lurid tale to her dear friend. Heather was sure Anna was playing with herself under the table – just as Heather herself was!

No one – none of her previous female lovers or boyfriends, not even the über-talented Heather – had eaten Anna’s pussy with the talent that Stan possessed. She was on fire with lust, his tongue whipped across the splayed pussylips and his fingers twiddled her clit while he ate cunt. Anna was oddly silent as her new master ate her out, as if words were inadequate. But when Stan put his cock in her pussy, she went over the moon, screaming “Fuck me Stan, take me, make me yours!”

He grinned – briefly – and fucked her with smooth, talented precision. “Shave your pussy tomorrow!” he commanded as he fucked her deeply. “I will give you money to buy some appropriate clothing, you will dress as I wish. I wish you to look wanton and desirable at all times, this will please me greatly. One last thing – you are to call me ‘Master’ at all times, unless you are otherwise given permission!”

“Yes – Master!” Anna said in breathy gasps. “Oh God, oh fucking God Master, please, please don’t stop fucking me!”

Heather couldn’t believe this was the same Anna she knew so intimately. “He was that good?” she asked. Anna just nodded and went on with her story, Heather was listening with rapt pleasure, her own horniness mounting with every passing second.

Their routine went like that for the next several weeks. Anna changed her style of dress, she discovered Stan was partial to seeing her either in tight leather minis or shorts, or in the skimpiest, sexiest little teddies or camis. He went off to work, Anna stayed at home most days, venturing out only to eat – and fuck – with Heather. Heather was insatiable when she saw Anna’s new clothing and sexy, newly shaved cunt, as she recalled while Anna was relating the story. Now she knew the reason for the change. Anna was always careful to be home when Stan was done work [ unless he was away on business ] for he would literally pick her up, carry her to the bedroom and fuck her until she was weak with exhaustion.

Their nights were spent in sexual euphoria, weekends were almost non-stop fucking and kink, Anna was turning into a true fuckslut – but she was güvenilir bahis şirketleri loving every second of it. Heather was envious, although her own sex life was far from lacking, she knew.

One night, Anna and Stan watched television, a rarity. Anna wore a black satin corset, matching thong and black, silver-tipped stilettos. Stan, clad in just a robe, said out of the blue “I want to fuck your ass.”

She whirled around, aghast. “Oh no – I’ve never done that before – and I don’t think I want to!”

Stan’s face grew grim. “I wasn’t really giving you a choice in the matter, now was I?” She shook her head and Stan continued. “There’s a first time for everything – and you are my property right now, do you remember? Anna – have we done anything that hurt you, even once?”

She shook her head. They had indulged in some light bondage, but he had not whipped her, just restrained her and tortured her exquisitely by eating her and teasing her with a feather until she shook with orgasm. Truth be told, in many ways, she’d had more freedom with Stan than living with her parents. The sex was indescribable, full of kink – Stan loved leather and lingerie and indulged her own naughty whims on occasion. There was even some romance, he often complimented her beauty and sweet nature.

“All right – Master – but please, go slow.”

Heather could hear the tone in Anna’s voice as she related the story, she’d obviously been terrified. Heather herself indulged in anal once in a while, Bryan liked to mix it up every so often – but it was far from her favorite.

Stan gave Anna a subtle smile and guided her upstairs to the bedroom. He instructed her to undress slowly as he wished to savor her beauty. Pleased, she spun and whirled and displayed her charms until he beckoned her to the bed.

Stan ate her pussy until she was out of her mind, he feasted with more ferocity than ever before, then he did the lewd and dirty deed of rimming her gorgeous, golden ass until she was squirming and panting and would’ve done anything he asked, so alive with passion was she. He lubed up his cock and slid into her asshole – slowly.

“Oh fuck – it HURTS – please Master, no more!” she whimpered.

“SILENCE – you will take it, here is more!” Stan snarled as he eased another inch of his dick into her tight hole. It still hurt, but a bit less – then more – less pain and an evil feeling came over her as she began to move back against the invading cudgel.

“You like it, don’t you my little Fuckslave?” Stan said through gritted teeth. “It’s turning you on, feeling my cock in your slutty ass, isn’t it?” He was moving faster, he was pounding her ass harder, she was moving back against his rampaging cock. She could feel his massive cock in her sphincter walls, it ached – but it was an incredible, nasty, wonderful pain. Anna yearned for more of her Master’s cock!

“Yes Master, fuck me, fill my shute, pack my ass full of dick!” Anna growled as her lover took her last piece of virginity. It felt wonderful and sinful and was the final kink for her, she loved it all and wanted more!

“Fuck, that’s good !” Anna yelped as she took all of her lover’s cock within her depths. She could feel Stan spurting, filling her ass with cum – oh, how perverse, she thought – and her own climax was not long in cumming.

“Right again, wasn’t I?” Stan smiled as she collapsed against him. She nodded.

The year of sexual servitude wasn’t going to be over for quite a few more months – but Anna wasn’t ready for their little “arrangement” to end any time soon. Sex had never been better now that she had surrendered herself to any and all options.

Heather’s heart was palpitating as she and Anna exited the restaurant. She couldn’t wait to get into Anna’s bed and go into a heated sixty-nine. She was also ecstatic that she’d brought her favorite dildo with her – she was determined to fuck Anna’s ass as hard as she could, than let Anna do her in return. Anna’s total perversity had inspired her.

Heather saw an evil grin cross Anna’s sensual features and she had to know what was on the girl’s mind.

Anna patted Heather’s round, delectable ass as they waited for their cab to arrive. “I was just thinking of bringing another little fucktoy home for my Master next week – it’s his birthday! Wanna be his present, lover?”

Heather’s face lit up as she said “Oooh baby, you bet! I know just the baker to make a very special cake for him – and wait’ll he blows out the candles!”

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