Angie’s Desires

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It’s been a long week and Angie is trying to decide what to do for the weekend? She doesn’t want to sit home as usual so she decides to go to the nightclub she had heard about and hear the new band that is playing there. Everyone is talking about it and she decides to go.

Trying to decide what to wear was the biggest challenge. She looks through her closet and picks out a short silky black skirt and lacy top to go with it. The top is a barely there top. She puts on thigh high stockings and black heels. She curls her hair in a loose sexy look and puts on her make up. She looks very nice for the night out. She heads out the door and off to the club.

When Angie arrives she parks near the entrance and as she puts her leg out to get out of the car someone whistles a very long sexy whistle. She glances over but doesn’t see who it is. She heads to the front door. The band is already playing and sounds really good. She finds a table and orders a drink.

Looking around she sees several people she knows and waves over to them. She sees her friend Bill and waves noticing the guy that he is talking to is not a familiar face but a rather handsome looking man.

Bill walks over with his friend and introduces him to Angie.

“Angie, this is my good friend Scott.” Bill says.

“Scott ,this is my friend Angie.”

“Very nice to meet you.” Angie says to Scott.

” Well my dear its really a nice pleasure to meet you.” Scott says to Angie and gives her a gentle handshake. Only he holds her hand a bit longer than the shake.

“Are you here alone?” Scott asks.

“Yes as a matter of fact I am.” She smiles at the handsome stranger.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Scott asks.

“Not at all please do.” She smiles.

Scott sits opposite Angie at the small table. His knees are lightly touching hers and she of course doesn’t mind at all.

They sit and talk about everything that they can think of. He makes her laugh and she is really enjoying his company a lot. He tells her about his job. He is a band promoter and was here to see that the band was performing OK and making sure things went well with their performance.

Before long she has had a few drinks and is feeling a bit intoxicated. The band starts a slow song and Scott asks Angie to dance.

She is really feeling the drinks take effect now. He knows this too. As they are dancing he is kissing her lightly on the neck and ear lobe. His hands are rubbing her on her ass very slowly and she is getting aroused. He smells so nice and masculine. It has been awhile since a man has held her and she loves the way it feels.

The alcohol is starting to hit her good now. She tells Scott she needs to sit down. He leads her over to the table and helps her sit down.

” Wow I am not sure that I can drive home. I didn’t realize I had so much to drink.” Angie tells Scott.

“That’s OK I will make sure you are safe. I have an extra room at my place if you would like to go there and stay?” Scott smiles at her.

“I live alone and would love the company.” He says.

” Are you sure?” Angie replies.

” What will I do with my car? I can not drive.” By now her words are slurring bad.

“I will get someone to drive it to my place and you ride with me.” He gives her a wink.

Angie hands him her keys. He walks over to Bill and hands him the keys and they chat for a minute and then Bill walks off smiling and shaking his head.

“Are you ready to go?” Scott asks Angie.

“Yes I am I think I have had enough drinks for the night.” Angie replies as she stumbles to get up.

“Here let me help you.” Scott takes her hand and helps her up putting his arms around her small waist and gives her a tender squeeze when she gets up.

“I have somewhere I want to take you first. I think you will enjoy this.” He tells her.

“OK, I would love to.” She tells Scott totally unaware of what he has in store for her.

He has been watching her all night and has noticed that when she moves just the right way he can see underneath that cute skirt and loves the thigh high stockings she is wearing. They stop just underneath the skirt hem and its the sexiest thing he can imagine. Just wondering what is underneath the rest of that skirt has him hard as a rock but he has managed to keep her from noticing. What Angie doesn’t know is that he had asked the bartender, a friend of his, to mix her drinks a bit stronger than usual. It has definitely worked. She is his for the taking.

Scott helps her out the door and to his car. He opens the door and as she is getting in his eyes follow her skirt. As she separates her legs to get in the car he is amazed to see that she is not wearing any underwear. That gave him an instant hard on. His cock started throbbing and he moaned at the sight of her pussy ,which has a small hair line just above the clit and the rest is shaved. Of course her skirt is hiked up a bit and he eyes those sexy ass stockings he has been admiring all night.

Scott walks over and gets behind bayburt escort the wheel. He is so hard right now he can hardly stand it. He watches her as she shifts in the seat. Her short skirt not covering much now. He can hardly keep his eyes on the road. Her legs are apart just enough to give him a peek at what will soon be his for the taking. He has plans for her and thoughts are running through his mind right now of the things he has planned for her.

What she doesn’t know is that the man sitting beside her is a very dominant man and loves to find a very submissive woman who will be his little sub. She is perfect for him too. She is petite,125 lbs , 34-24-34, dark brown eyes that are beautiful to look at and brown hair to match those eyes. Sexy legs that drive a man wild and a personality to go with the rest of the package.

He drives a few miles and to her surprise he stops at a strip club. He gets out and walks over to her and opens the door to help her out. He leads her inside and says hello to his friend who manages the club.

“This is my good friend Joe and he is the Manager here.” Scott tells Angie.

“Hello there sexy lady.” Joe says to Angie with a wink.

Scott and Joe talk for a minute while Angie goes to the ladies room.

When Angie comes back Scott is seated at a rounded sofa with a small table in front. He has ordered her a drink and is there waiting. He watches her walk over. He loves the way she walks. It so sexy that he gets hard just watching her.

She sits down beside him and he tells her he has a special surprise for her.

“A surprise for me?” She smiles.

“I can not wait to see what that could be.” Angie is really getting excited now.

” Yes, my sweet Baby Girl, I have an excellent surprise for you.” Scott says with a small grin that makes her wonder what he is up to.

“Baby Girl, Wow I like that a lot.” She tells him.

“Well Daddy wants to make his Baby Girl happy and I know just what you want.”

Then to her surprise three very beautiful,sexy topless girls walk over and stand in front of her. They are all so pretty and they are smiling at Angie. Each one has the most beautiful body she has ever seen. Angie is mesmerized by their beauty.

“Which beautiful lady does Daddy’s Baby Girl like?” Scott asks Angie.

“Can I have all 3?” She gushes at him.

“No, Daddy said you can only have one right now and you have to choose.” Scott tells her.

Angie looks them over again and chooses a small petite brunette with small perky tits that have the cutest pink nipples. The other girls go back to work and the brunette , whose name is Stardust, comes over and sits beside Angie.

Stardust puts her arms around Angie and then puts her lips to Angie’s and what sweet lips they are.

Angie is still so wasted that she is oblivious of anything else but the wonderful feeling she feels all over her body.

Stardust puts her hand inside Angie’s top and caresses her breasts and just loves her big nipples that are hard as rocks. She takes her hand and runs it up Angie’s thigh and under her skirt . She finds Angie’s hard clit so exciting. It is hard and big and throbbing.

Angie takes Stardust’s perky little breasts and caresses them and then puts her lips around the small pink nipples. They do taste so good.

Scott is watching the two women and loves the way they fondle each other and is really enjoying watching Stardust finger Angie. This is the most erotic thing he has seen in a long time. His cock is hard as a rock now and he has more plans. This is only the beginning.

He watches as Stardust makes Angie reach that wonderful orgasm and the passion on her face is almost more than he can take.

He whispers something to Stardust and she gives Angie a sweet kiss and gets up to leave.

“Did I do something wrong?” She asks Scott.

“No, Baby Girl, Daddy needs you to take care of his hard cock that is throbbing right now.” Scott tells Angie as he takes her hand and helps her up.

“Daddy has some more nice surprises for you when we get home.”

They say good bye to Bill and head to the car and to Scott”s house.

She has been thinking about the man next to her and finds him handsome,charming and very mysterious. There is something about him that she can’t put her finger on but her mind is so foggy right now that she can’t think straight. She only had a couple of drinks but feels like she had 10. She continues watching him steal glances at her legs. He is talking to her but she can barely focus on what he is saying. They arrive at his place. She is amazed to see a beautiful hugh house on the beach, very secluded and just amazingly gorgeous. It’s almost like a castle on the water. Waves rolling in and a lighthouse in the distance. Wow she loves this place. They walk up to the door and Scott opens it to a magnificent entryway. It is so beautiful and breathtaking. Angie walks in and he shuts the door.

He tells Angie to go and sit on the sofa and he bayburt escort bayan will be right back. He fixes her a drink and then goes off to another room.

While he is gone Angie finds a stereo and puts on some nice music and sips her drink while she waits.

Suddenly Scott is back but he looks different. He is wearing a robe and he seems to have a more serious look about him.

“Come with Daddy and let me show you something.” Scott tells Angie.

“OK I will be right there.” She tells him.

“No, Baby Girl you don’t tell me in a minute, you do it now.”

“When I say come here I mean do it now not in a minute.” He tells her firmly.

Well Angie is still a bit buzzed but she looks at him as if to say, how dare you tell me what to do.

“You get that ass over here right now and Do Not make me have to come over there.” He tells her in a very stern voice that immediately catches her attention. “When I tell you to do something you do it and don’t talk back and don’t give me a look that is going to piss me off. Tonight I own you and you will listen.”

Angie is really taken back by this. She is still buzzing and her mind is still foggy. She starts to get a bit pissy but the look on his face tells her she better change that attitude and change it fast. She is thinking to herself that she should leave but part of her is really starting to like being told what to do.

He takes her hand and leads her to another room that is strange to her. It has a bed with hand and leg restraints. There is also a door that has a hugh padlock on it and she asks him what is in there. He tells her that he will show her that another day. There are all kinds of sex toys laying there like a display. Anything you can think of is there.

As Angie walks by him to look at the toys Scott grabs her by the arm and jerks her hard and tells her that she is his little slut now and that she will be his for as long as he wants. Scott takes her head in his hands as if he is going to kiss her and then roughly forces her to her knees and looks in her eyes.

“Suck my hard ass cock you little slut and make it feel good.”

“Suck it for Daddy and make him happy. Daddy knows his Baby Girl can make it better.That sweet little mouth feels so right.”

By now Angie was pretty turned on. She had never experienced this before and was loving it more each minute.

“Tell Daddy how much you like his cock.”

“Baby Girl loves Daddy’s cock very much.” Angie says as she hungrily sucks on Scott’s hard cock. Holding her by the hair he shoves his cock deep in her throat and she takes it all. She loves the feel of Daddy’s hard cock in her mouth and the way it slides across her tongue. Oh she likes this so much more than she ever thought.

“Watch it Baby Girl and don’t hurt Daddy’s cock with those teeth. Daddy wont like that.” He tells her. “Shit , Daddy’s Baby Girl sure can suck his cock so good.” He tells her.

” Daddy is not ready to cum yet.” Scott pulls his hard cock out of her mouth and rubs it on her cheek and teases her lips with the tip of his cock ,knowing she wants it. Daddy knows his Baby Girl and what she likes. He knows more about her than she knows. He sees inside her thoughts and knows what she needs. Those hidden desires buried deep that only he can reach. He has learned a lot about her and likes what he has found.

“Did Daddy see you talking to that strange man at the club?'” Scott says to Angie in an angry tone that startles her. “What have I told you about that. I think I told you that when you are with me you are to behave and not to let another man touch you unless I say he can. Do you understand that and what I mean when I say it? I think I said it clear enough that you can understand. You belong to me and me only and I tell you what to do and when to do it. Now get your ass over here and do it now.”

Angie doesn’t waste anytime. She knows now he means it and she knows she better listen. She knows he is angry but is not really sure why. She did talk the man at the club and he was rubbing her arm but she thought that was innocent and thought nothing of it.

She starts to get up but Scotts tells her to stop.

“You crawl over here on your knees and show Daddy you can be good.”

Angie crawls over and stops right in front of him. She looks up at him with her dark brown eyes and he gives her a slight slap, not a hard one but hard enough that she knows he means business. She turns her head and looks down in shame. She hates that he is upset at her.

He sits down in the big chair and pulls her up to him. He runs his hand up her thigh to the edge of her stockings. The black lace around the top of them is so sexy. He sticks his fingers inside and slowly peels the lace stocking down her leg. Rubbing her skin just enough to make her tingle. She likes for him to undress her. He caresses her thighs softly as he rolls down the other stocking. She shivers as he runs his hands under her skirt to make sure she is not wearing underwear. escort bayburt Slowly he turns her around and unzips her skirt pulling it down slowly. Then he unbuttons her silky blouse and pulls it to the sides to reveal her beautiful small breasts that he loves so much. They are so soft and her nipples are so hard and he loves to suck them. he drops her blouse to the floor and looks at her in an admiring gaze. He cups her breasts in his hands and kisses each nipple and then bites them just hard enough that she winces in pain.

“Damn Baby Girl , you are so beautiful and Daddy doesn’t understand why you always do things to make him angry. I love your body and your beauty but do not understand why you have to make me angry. Now I have to spank your ass and make you mind me.” Scott tells her in a very angry voice.

Angie had tears running down her cheeks. She knew she had messed up and hated like hell that she had made Daddy angry. She stood there trembling and looking at him with her sad eyes.

“I am so sorry Daddy, I never meant to make you angry at me. I try to be good and sometimes I am bad and don’t realize it.”

Scott pulls her to him and jerks her down by her arm across his lap. Her bare ass right there. She starts wiggling and he takes her hands and puts them between his legs and and holds her bare ass still. He raises his hand and slaps that ass so hard she jumps. She winces in pain as he slaps that ass again. Leaving red hand prints on her white ass. She screams out in pain as he slaps her again.

“Is this what you wanted Daddy to do? You little slut. You know how much I hate doing this but you just never listen and then I have to spank your sweet ass and make you behave.”

“Daddy Please I won’t do it anymore. Next time I will ask. Please stop.” Angie begs him.

“Daddy doesn’t think his Baby Girl has learned her lesson just yet.” He slaps her ass again and again. Each slap stinging like small needles. Her ass red as blood.

She loves it though because she knows she was bad and this is her punishment. She knows that Daddy will make it all better after he gets through. He always does. Daddy knows just what his Baby girl likes and he always makes her all better.

Scott looks at her red ass and starts to rub it gently. He knows that makes it feel better. He rubs her red cheeks and slides his fingers in between her legs and rubs her clit. He feels her wet pussy and knows she did cum while he spanked her. He is pleased. He slides his finger in her juicy pussy and hears that wonderful squishy sound as his finger slides in and out. Angie moans in pleasure and pain as he explores her sweet little passion hole. The hot little hole that gives him so much pleasure. What a sweet little tight pussy she has too. He bends over and gives her a tender kiss on her red ass as she is whimpering. Her ass stings so bad but in reality she likes it.

“Get your little slutty ass up and follow me.” He tells her. His voice angry again.

Angie follows him and he goes over to the bed.

“You know what Daddy is fixing to do now don’t you?”

He picks her up and puts her on the bed. He then takes one of the restraints that is attached to the headboard and grabs her arm.

“Oh, hell no,you are not binding me. I have never been bound before, no way.” Angie starts telling him. She is frightened now. She has never been tied up before. She has always been the one to tie someone up. This was starting to frighten her a bit. She is always in control and this man has some kind of control over her that she finds fascinating and mysterious at the same time. She tries to get up and Scott throws her back down on the bed and tells her not to move. Angie is such a spitfire that she just won’t completely give it up. She tried to get up again and this time Scott grabs her chin in his hand and looks directly in her eyes and tells her that she will be sorry if she doesn’t let it go now.

“Lay your ass down and don’t you move or Daddy is going to have to get rough with you and I don’t think you want that.” Scott tells her.

She still can’t help but resist the frightened feeling she gets from being tied up. He finally grabs her roughly and throws her back on the bed and crawls on top of her. Straddling her he grabs one arms and puts the restraint on it and then the other one. He tightens them up and tells her if she is good then he may loosen them. He then moves down to her legs. He takes each foot and puts them in the restraints. She just looks at him and tries hard not to cry because she is so scared. Losing the battle and giving control to this man has her wound up and she turned on but scared at the same time. He takes a blindfold and puts it on her. She is so afraid now she trembles. He looks down at her and smiles to himself. He likes the fact that she puts up a bit of a fight it makes him hot as hell to fight with her. He likes the fact that she tries to be so strong minded but in truth she is a Baby and she is his Baby Girl now and he has some things in store for her.

He takes his robe off now and climbs on top of her. He is sitting on her chest and takes his big hard cock and opens her mouth with his hand and takes the head of his cock and puts it on her lips. Rubbing it back and forth. She starts to lick it with her tongue and trying to get it in her mouth.

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