Amelia’s Lesbian Dilemma

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“I’ll just trot down to the bakery on the corner. I’ve just remembered I haven’t got any milk left in the fridge for tea and coffee,” Julie said as she unlocked the front door of her unit. Ushering Amelia in before her, the beautiful young lawyer jiggled her keys in the hallway almost absent-mindedly, trying to get a clear head in the midst of the tiredness they both felt coming on.

“Let’s see, it’s Good Friday and just after eight o’clock,” Julie went on. “The baker said he’d be opening today in the morning if my memory’s right but only till from 7 to 10. I’d love a croissant for breakfast before we crash. Grab one for you too?”

“Lovely. Thanks,” Amelia had shyly responded. The young primary school teacher smiled nervously at Julie then gazed about the unfamiliar spotless white kitchen of her husband’s workmate.

They had only met face to face for the first time yesterday afternoon at the Easter Party thrown by Roger’s boss at his home. Before then all she knew about Julie was her name and that she was the firm’s legal counsel, facts that Roger had dropped now and again in after their work conversations. Amelia’s first reaction on meeting Julie had been one of instant jealousy; she was immediately suspicious of Roger and this amazingly attractive, intelligent and congenial young woman flirting with one another given they were in such close proximity all day. But the more she and Roger had socialised with Julie in the early part of last night, the more she had come to really like her.

“If you put the kettle on, I should be back in five minutes tops,” Julie said still managing to flash one of those devastating smiles of hers. Amelia watched her start back towards the front door only to pause at the small hallway table. Picking up the hand bag she’d left there, she took out her purse then a mobile phone which she switched on.

A series of beeps began. “Oh blast!” Julie despaired, walking the phone back to the kitchen. “I’m away for just one night and sure enough a thousand messages start rolling in.” Putting it on the kitchen bench she half-turned back towards the front door once more then looked back. “Amelia, would you do me a favour and write down my messages while I’m away? I exaggerated a bit. There are probably only a hundred, all non-urgent, and one at least is sure to be from my mum in Brisbane. There’s a pad and pen over there. I’m off again. God, I am so looking forward to hitting the sack!”

Through the front panes beside the door, Amelia giggled as she watched Julie in her formal red dress striding down the street in high heels on Good Friday just to get milk and croissants. Similarly over-dressed but at least indoors, Amelia could feel the fatigue from staying up all last night building inside. Julie’s invitation for Amelia to grab some sleep at her place before driving all the way back home had been most timely, she reflected.

Ignoring the phone for the moment she slipped off her heels and padded over to the kitchen bench. A quick shake of the large kettle told her it was already full, so she arranged it back on its base and flicked the switch. Taking two mugs dangling from pegs on the small wooden tree beside it, she stood them side by side on the bench, then picked up the phone and inspected it.

It was a different model from hers. The onscreen display said there were only three messages. Whew! Even so, she felt tentative about being privy to them as she managed to get them up on screen and opened the first. It was indeed a brief request from Julie’s mum just after 7 last night asking for Julie to call back whenever convenient.

‘1. Ring your mum. Not urgent,’ Amelia carefully printed, yawning as she wrote a 2 on the next line and listened to the following message after noticing it was barely twenty minutes old.

‘Hi Jules,’ she heard. She recognised the voice as that of Megan. The young woman had come to the party an hour or two after she and Roger had arrived, obviously acting as Julie’s partner. ‘My eyes are drooping a bit so I’m grabbing a coffee at a servo. If I don’t get a second wind, I may just turn around and come back to your place. The reason for the call though is that I’ve been having this most amazing set of thoughts while I’ve been driving. Tell you more about them when you ring back. Try around 11. One way or the other I should be awake then. Or in the next ten minutes if you can.’

‘Ring Megan at 11,’ she decided to jot down beside the 2. On the next line she wrote a neat 3.

Looking at the phone she realised she had now been 17 hours without sleep just since she and her husband Roger had turned up to the party at 4 yesterday afternoon. There at his boss’s home, she had enjoyed the early autumn evening by Roger’s side, sipping only soft drinks right up until 8. Then, as agreed, she had driven him off to the nearby airport to fly interstate where he would spend the next five days with his parents and family. She was too busy planning her primary school lessons for next term to go and knew they’d catch up again in 3 months anyway. güvenilir bahis

From the airport, she had originally intended to drive straight home but she was still feeling reasonably fresh when she got behind the wheel. So she had acted on Julie’s suggestion to come back to the party, having been promised that that she would have both her and Megan as company at least.

She had really enjoyed spending time into the wee hours eating, talking and mixing with them. Amelia kept on drinking soft drinks noting Megan didn’t appear to drink alcohol at all. She couldn’t stop thinking how strikingly but individually attractive both girls were as the three took turns dancing in pairs or as a trio when their tireless host put on some music on the patio around 1am. Instinctively she guessed knew from their vibes that Julie and Megan were not only partners for the night but possibly lovers. The thought didn’t worry her nor make her wary. But she made a mental note to make a subtle remark to Roger on his return and see whether he knew anything.

It hadn’t seemed to be as late as 4am when she had sat on a couch with Megan while Julie chatted outside with some of her fellow workers. Amelia soon found she really liked Megan a lot too. For an hour the pair chatted animatedly or danced, Amelia learning that Megan had come down from her cottage in the country the night before and that she was a portrait painter. Art was something Amelia loved so they had spent most of that time talking about painters they liked and exhibitions currently on.

On Julie’s return, the three girls continued to dance and mingle as a trio further into the early hours of dawn. Megan announced she really had to go, then suggested to Julie that she bring Amelia along when she came up to her cottage tomorrow night and spend the rest of the Easter long weekend on her farmlet there. Eyes raised, Julie had nodded and they both turned to her. Shyly, Amelia said maybe. Megan insisted, saying she would love to spend an hour taking photographs of Amelia for a portrait. Despite blushing when Julie chipped in to say that Megan only did nudes, Amelia laughed feeling really pleased that she had met two such vivacious and attractive new friends tonight. Deciding her lesson preparations could wait two days, she was tempted to say yes.

Looking at her watch, Megan had whistled and announced it was 8.30. A few all-night die-hards were still partying in a group with Roger’s boss but Megan repeated it was time she began the long drive back to her home. In vain Julie kept pleading with her to have a nap first at her one-bedroom flat for a couple of hours first.

“Tell you what. If I get too tired in the first hour, I promise I’ll turn back and sleep ay at your place but is so, I still must be home tonight,” Megan had eventually conceded. The long, sensual goodbye kiss between them beside her outside Megan’s car confirmed they were not only lovers but were not overly worried about hiding the fact from her.

As Megan drove away, Julie turned to her. “Well? Are you stubborn too? If not, how about breakfast at my place then us both crashing for a few hours before you drive home too since your place has to be an hour away. I’m less than a kilometre down the road but while I walked here I would really appreciate a lift home. I only have one bed but it’s king-sized so there’s tonnes of room for you.”

That sounded ideal to Amelia who had guessed she’d soon be weary, so she had nodded.

Her thought process was broken by the whistling of the kettle turning itself off, Amelia hit the screen to listen to the last message, again from Megan in hushed tones this time and five minutes after the first.

‘Jules, it’s me again. Isn’t that Amelia just incredibly looking? Sorry I know she’s married and straight but I keep fantasising about you and me having that threesome we always talked about with her, us taking it in turns to slowly fuck that stunning body of hers until finally those pretty brains explode everywhere. Still feeling a bit tired but should press on. Love you. xxx’

Stunned, Amelia couldn’t stop swallowing. She played it back, overwhelmed by the images flooding her innocent mind as it tried in vain to imagine how anything like what was being described could possibly take place in reality. She started to shake as she watched her nervous fingers take it upon themselves to start tapping a haughty reply onto the phone screen, one that she thought Julie might send back if she was here.

‘Amelia’s come back to my place. We’re about to crash for a few hours in my bed. Find ur thoughts a bit offensive given she is married to a colleague. She may like us both, but have a hunch you should perhaps be paying more attention to driving and less to daydreaming. Love u 2 xxx’.

For a few minutes Amelia’s fingers kept toying with the unsent message erasing and revising the words and phrases on-screen, creating a variety of messages that she imagined Julie might have sent as alternatives The shaking got worse as the messages began to türkçe bahis get a little daring. That is, right up to the point when a clock chiming surprised her and she ever so lightly hit the Send button accidentally. Trembling, she gaped at the last message on screen that her fingers had created.

‘Amelia’s about to crash with me in my bed. May be married but certain she likes us both and knows we’re lovers. Have a strong hunch she wouldn’t resist if u drove back, snuck into bed next to her and made a move. Coming? Love x’

Amelia’s insides began churning and squirming hoping as she re-read the daring message on screen, hoping it somehow hadn’t actually gone. It was only the appearance of the new conversation ‘OMG! OMG! Really! Forty minutes away but on my way back! Don’t u dare start anything without me!!!’

Christ oh Christ! Her jaw dropped in horror. What had she just done?

She had no time to think though. The clicking of clicking heels warned her Julie was back. As she madly set about deleting Megan’s last message, one of her startled glances up saw Julie disappear from sight through the windows by the front door. Panicking she fiddled madly as she heard the key being turned.

“I’m am getting sooooo weary,” she heard Julie exclaim as the young woman sidled around the open door then use a heel to close it, two paper bags and a milk carton in her arms along with a fistful of keys. Amelia tried to act calmly, looking down as she deleted the last message.

“I’m flagging too,” Amelia managed back, her voice unexpectedly hoarse, shrill and timid despite her relief at having succeeded in destroying all the evidence.

“Out of the bag or do you want your croissant on a plate? For once, I’m eating out of the bag,” Amelia heard Julie ask. She looked up and smiled, taking the paper bag offered and thanking Julie. Sliding the top half of the croissant out, Amelia bit into it at the same time as Julie opposite.

“Instant coffee?” Julie murmured, the first to finish, turning to the kettle and mugs and opening the milk. That drew a bashful thanks again from Amelia. “How do you like it?”

“White please. One sugar. “

“So, were there any urgent messages,” Amelia heard, Julie picking up the pad.

As they gulped the last contents from their mugs, an exhausted looking Julie looked over from Amelia’s notes. “All of these can wait. Right now, all I want to do is kip? You too?” Amelia nodded. “Good. Follow me. The bedroom’s this way. I can help if you want a nightie or pyjamas.”

“No, all I intend to do is to take this dress off,” Amelia replied as she followed her down the passage. Inside she kicked off her heels as Julie unzipped her side.

“Oh, sorry! There was a call I forgot to tell you about that ended just as you came in,” Amelia piped up as she turned her back modestly to Julie and let her mini fall to the floor. “It was from Megan saying she’s stuffed too. She’s changed her mind about driving on and is heading back. She said she’d be forty minutes, not to wait up, and that she’ll slip into bed with us when she gets here.”

“Sensible girl! That’s excellent then,” Julie wearily acknowledged. Amelia watched her make her way around to the opposite side of the large bed and pull back the quilt. In bra and undies Julie wearily slid in, rolled instantly onto her side facing away from Amelia and yanked the quilt up to her neck.

In bra and underpants Amelia climbed in too, amazed to see that Julie was already fast asleep. But all a worried Amelia could do was to sit bolt upright with the quilt across her lap, full of panic, dread and adrenalin that had all combined earlier to instantly wake her up.

Her mind kept racing. The only reason Megan was coming back was that she thought she’d been told by Julie that she had a very good chance of seducing their new friend. There was not really any way Amelia could think of that would stop a disaster from happening. This was all her own fault and fleeing wasn’t an option. There was only one way out. One that would prevent hurt and disappointment to one or both of these people who she really wanted to keep as friends.

She knew she had to offer herself to the obviously enthusiastic Megan and hope that a miracle or Julie might intervene before anything too drastic happened. Offering a silent apologetic prayer to Roger whatever he was doing right now, she shivered in fright as she turned her bra around, unclipped it and threw it onto the floor just inside the door where it could easily be seen by Megan. Then laying down facing Julie, she closed her eyes trying in vain to fall asleep, the only other way she might avoid an advance from Megan if she took pity on her.

Her eyelids snapped wide open when she heard the front door slyly creak open then close. They jammed again in fear as she heard heels noisily tiptoe closer then stop. God, she could hear various items of clothing landing on the floorboards then heard bare feet stepping forward.

Her pulse quickened as her side of the light quilt was lifted güvenilir bahis siteleri and dropped on her uppermost side. “God you have an amazing figure!” she heard Megan whisper reverently. A weight depressed the mattress behind her. There was a silent electric break and Amelia held her breath hoping Megan would settle. All of a sudden bare skin slowly began to press into her back, then long legs spooned into hers all the way down to her toes.

Megan gradually pulled the top of the quilt down to Amelia’s undies. Her fearful eyes kept feigning sleep as she felt a kiss press into her bare shoulder then slowly make its way across to the back of her neck causing goose bumps to rise on her thighs. Then she felt Julie stirring and rolling over, and picked up genuine surprise and alarm in her muffled whisper. ‘Megan?’

A very quiet “Shhh” back was followed by a movement that told Amelia Julie was rising up onto one elbow. In her darkness she guessed Julie was without doubt wide-eyed witnessing the liberties Megan was taking as a hand came from behind to cover her young breast and caress it ever so delicately.

Amelia pretended to stir slightly in her sleep. Eyes staying closed, she let her elbow bend slowly so her hand could slide up and lightly take the back of Megan’s. All movement abruptly ceased. Rather than removing it, Amelia lay still as though asleep once more leaving her hand there. A few seconds later Megan’s hand warily resumed its sly smoothing.

It felt so unexpectedly delicious being touched like this. Suppressing a primitive urge to moan, her hand stayed on the back of Megan’s hand as soft fingertips ran stirring circles around her aureole. A thumb and forefinger circled around her breast halfway along and squeezed, making the tip extend. A rush of carnal excitement rushed into her fluttering abdomen as she realised that Megan seemed to be offering her highly sensitised nipple to Julie. She quietly swooned inside and decided to half-open her eyes as she sensed Julie leaning forward. Lovely wide green eyes locked on hers cautiously in case there was any sign of objection as she began butterfly kissing the squat erect flesh while Megan began to kiss her ear lobe and nuzzling into her neck.

After that things seemed to be happening in a slow motion haze. She was being rolled onto her back then her undies were being lazily lowered and tossed away by Julie. Like two lionesses sharing live prey, she watched one beautiful face at a time take it in turns to lower between her parted thighs and greedily feed there while the other girl got onto her knees by her side, holding hands, kissing her deeply, licking her face and neck, or sucking and lightly biting her thick aching upthrust nipples. Submissively she just lay there audibly gasping each time the person woman mouthing her clitoris paused and slipped a firm tongue into her opening to savour and stir her abundant feminine juices.

There were many times when the pressure inside her churning belly nearly got too much and Amelia would clench her eyes and fling her pretty face right back, praying for the welcome relief she knew would come from the inevitable huge orgasm building between her hips. But frustratingly each time the pair used such moments as their signal to change over, taking their time to pause lazily and kiss or fondle one another halfway. She guessed this was a deliberate strategy to expertly let her come down a little before they resumed, taking her innocent body so agonisingly close once more.

It was ages before her boggling eyes turned skywards for the final time. Scrunching up her already contorted face, Amelia couldn’t stop her crescendo of increasingly longer cries as all the dammed-up energy inside finally burst. Part of it rushed like lightning down from Amelia’s wildly undulating belly, passing the tongue Megan was intent on thrusting so deep into her vagina then cascading into Megan’s delighted mouth. The rest shot upwards, making every nerve en route in her sweat-covered body convulse as it headed towards her already feverish mind, overloading it. Her moans morphed into a quiet long wail as though she was in agony.

Megan lowered down beside her and tugged and pulled at her limp heaving body until she had arranged it chest down on top of hers and wrapped a pair of comforting arms loosely around her shoulders. Amelia gratefully lay there on her cheek in the middle of Megan’s chest and basked in an amazing afterglow which she had never experienced before like the sex she had just had. She sensed Julie getting up and followed the sound of her walking around to the foot of the bed. There she didn’t have the energy to resist as her legs were easily parted and Julie lowered her body between them, a hand each side of Amelia’s pert behind, her turned face using the space between as a pillow.

Everyone just lay there for ages, Amelia so comfortable almost sandwiched between the two warm bodies. As she slowly recovered her strength, Amelia found herself trying to imagine what she might possibly say to Roger about this on his return. Or to her seven year old kids in class on the first day back at primary school next week when she gathered them on the floor around her and one put up a hand and asked what was the best part of her Easter holidays.

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