Amber Pt. 05

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Please read the first 4 parts for context. Some of you have made disparaging remarks about my characters and my writing. Keep in mind that my characters are fictional and, like real people, they are imperfect. People are complicated and no one thing motivates their actions. We are all a product of our genetics, our environment, and our experiences. Thank you. I hope that you all are staying safe through this pandemic and I hope that you share my sentiment that ALL LIVES MATTER.


Amber was involved with both of her twin brothers. She knew she was addicted to it, and it often hurt her conscience. She knew what she was doing was sinful on many levels. She was having sex with her own brothers. She was lying to both of them by not telling them about what she was doing with the other. She had initially fallen for Bobby, who had been so kind and gentle with her when she was still a scrawny, depressed girl. Then, as she blossomed, she eventually gave into the insistence of her other brother, Billy.

At first, having sex with Bobby was distinctly different from having sex with his twin brother, Billy. Bobby was very loving and gentle; she loved him romantically, or at least that’s what she thought. Billy was rougher and way more adventurous. He took what he wanted, and Amber was turned on by that. But then something incomprehensible happened. She began to have feelings for Billy as well, and it was readily apparent that he had feelings for her. He became kinder and gentler and more romantic.

She pondered her feelings for her two brothers and concluded that she was not, and never had been, truly in love with either of them. She had been physically unattractive. She had suffered from bouts of depression. When Bobby, then later, Billy, began paying attention to her – caring about her – it was an entirely new experience. She now realized that she had had “puppy love” for both of them. Did she love them? Absolutely. But not romantically -at least that was her current thinking.

Now that she had come to this conclusion, she imagined, she could begin to put a stop to this terrible thing she was doing. She knew it could not be healthy. It was incest. But, for whatever reason, that thought always sent an electric charge of excitement through her. It was forbidden, and therefore, to Amber, exciting. It was wrong. It was sinful. It was forbidden. It was emotionally unhealthy. She knew all this. She had to stop it. Some way; somehow.

Even if she stopped right now, what lingering damage had it already done to her psyche? Would she ever be as excited about sex as she had been with either of her brothers? Would her brothers, some day in the future, compare notes and realize that they both had been fucking her? How would that go? Undoubtedly it would cause them both to hate her and despise her because of her dishonesty. She was acting like a slut. In her mind, as badly as she wanted to be good, she knew that she wasn’t good. Yes, she was a slut. She couldn’t get enough sex with either of her brothers. She craved it all the time. She was even having anal sex with Billy on occasion! And, she mused, she was fucking her boyfriend, Dave, as well. If there ever had been a slut, she was it. It shocked her and she was disappointed in herself. She had to change her life.


The Spring Semester was over. The twins had managed to pass all their classes and were already involved in their lawn-care business for the summer. Their mother and Amber had gone to see their Aunt Sue and were going to spend the night, so they decided they would grill steaks and drink beer. Kaley, their mother, allowed the boys to drink beer at home, but frowned on drunkenness. They figured that they could drink as much as they wanted while she was gone. Who would know and who would care?

After they had eaten their steaks and baked potatoes, the twins sat on the patio, talking and drinking. They talked about sports and TV, but mostly girls.

“So, Bobby, truth or dare?” Billy grinned.

“You know I’m not taking dare, Asswipe,” Bobby laughed, drunkenly.

“Ok, would you do Gracie?” Gracie was the girl that Billy had been dating for a few months, off and on. She was a tall, pretty redhead. To his consternation, she wouldn’t have sex with him. He liked her, though, and continued to date her. He found it refreshing to be interested in a girl for something other than sex. Besides, he was getting sex from Amber, usually once a week. And it was, he imagined, better sex that Gracie could provide.

Bobby laughed. “Hell yes. She’s a cutie. You aren’t gonna get pissed that I said that, right?”

Billy burped and giggled. “Hell no. I’m glad you approve of my tastes.”

“My turn, then,” Bobby slurred. “Would you do Kathy?” Kathy was the girl that Bobby had been seeing for quite some time. She was a blonde of medium height and who possessed a very good body. She loved sex and would do anything that Bobby wanted. He thought she was fantastic in bed, but she was not as exciting as his little sister.

Billy casino siteleri reached for another beer and laughed drunkenly. “You know the answer to that. That girl’s body is fan-fucking-tastic. If you get tired of banging her, give me a turn. You are banging her, aren’t you?”

“You know I am, Ass Hat. We’ve talked about it. Are you that drunk?” Bobby guffawed. “Truth or fucking dare?”

“Hell, no, you drunk bastard. It’s my fucking turn,” Billy reminded him. “Truth or fucking dare?”

“Let’s just fucking cut out all the fucking dare shit and just ask fucking questions. Nobody’s gonna take a fucking dare,” Bobby replied.

“All right then, fucker,” Billy laughed. “Would you do Mom?”

Suddenly they both stopped laughing. Billy leaned over to try and look into Bobby’s face. “Well, Bro, answer. Yes or no?”

“Billy, that’s not something to kid about, even when we’re drunk. She’s our mother,” Bobby muttered.

“Fuck you, Bobby. It ain’t like we’re gonna fuck our mother. She’s a fucking good looking woman. Would you fuck her, if she wasn’t our Mama?”

“When you put it that way, I suppose I would. She looks really good for her age,” Bobby laughed, nervously. “Now, here’s my question. Would you?”

“In a New York fucking minute!” Billy exclaimed. “They don’t come any hotter that her. I don’t give a shit who she is.” He looked carefully at Bobby, wondering if he had any suspicion of what he had actually done with their mother. He was dying to tell him. They had always shared nearly everything with each other, but up until now, he had not dared broach this subject.

“You’re a pervert, Billy,” Bobby replied, but then burst out into peals of laughter. “Give me another beer. I’m really enjoying this. It’s your fucking turn, by the way.”

Billy handed his brother another cold beer. “Amber?” he challenged.

“What?” Bobby was suddenly stone-cold sober. “What about Amber?” he asked as he stood, yelling at his brother.

“Calm down, Ass of Wipe. It’s a fucking game. I asked if you’d fuck Amber. If it bothers you, pretend for a minute that she’s not your sister. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Bobby sat down again. He was sober enough to know that he had to tread lightly. He hadn’t expected this question. “If she wasn’t my sister, I’d probably do her if she asked for it,” he admitted.

Billy began laughing so hard that he started coughing. Every time he got the cough under control, he laughed again. He pointed at Bobby as he laughed. “Fuck, Bobby. This is a fucking GAME. Relax, dude. You act like you’re about to shit a brick.”

“Fuck you, Billy. She’s our sister. She’s the only one in this family that even tries to do the right thing. I just don’t think we should be talking about her like this,” Bobby flared.

“Yeah, yeah, she’s little Miss Virgin Perfection, ain’t she?”

“Billy, you’re pissing me off. Stop talking about her like that. I love her. She’s our sister!” Bobby yelled, feeling tears come into his eyes.

“Whoa, Brother. Seriously, dude. I did not mean to get you all tore up like this. I was just playing. For your fucking information, I love her, too. I know I used to treat her bad, but when’s the last time you saw me treat her badly at all?” Billy said, his voice rising.

Bobby took a deep breath. “You’re right. You do treat her respectfully. I’m very glad, too. She’s just a touchy subject to me. She’s had a tough time. Do you get me, Billy?”

“Sure I do. But she sure has a sexy ass,” he laughed.

Bobby looked at him as if he couldn’t believe he had just said that, then burst into laughter himself. “Her whole body is good!” he laughed. “You should see…” he stopped, realizing what he had been about to say. “Well, you have seen her…in a bikini.”

Billy sat his beer bottle down. “That ain’t what you was gonna say. Finish what you were gonna say, Bobby,” he said, menacingly.

“Fuck you, Billy. You always try to make something out of nothing,” Bobby replied, defensively.

“You’ve seen her naked, haven’t you?” Billy said, his face turning red. “Wait a fucking minute… It’s all falling into place. How could I not have seen it? You bastard. You’ve been fucking her!”

“Billy, don’t say shit like that. You know we haven’t…”

“Shut the fuck UP!” Billy yelled. Bobby knew of Billy’s fierce temper and even though he knew he was a match for his twin brother, physically, he never got enraged like his brother. That extra boost of adrenaline was enough to get his ass kicked, he mused.

“Calm down, Billy. I’ll tell you everything. Just calm the fuck down.”

“How long’s this been going on? Did she start fucking you before or after I fucked her the first time?”

“What the FUCK?” Bobby exclaimed. He suddenly felt as if he might throw up. Was this true? Had Billy been fucking Amber? How could that be?

“I’m gonna assume you cracked her before I did, because she sure wasn’t a virgin the first time I got it!” Billy seethed.

Bobby put his head in his hands. He couldn’t canlı casino believe what he was hearing. Would Billy make this up? Had Amber been lying to him? Had she been having sex with Billy, too? He had suspected that she had had sex with her boyfriend, Dave, but not this! It could not be true!

Billy took a long swig of his beer. “Bobby? I ain’t mad at you. I ain’t gonna fight about this with you. But that little bitch is a slut! She’s been banging us both and lying to us, both.”

Bobby brought his head up and stared at Billy, tears in his eyes. “Amber is not a slut, Billy…”

“The hell she’s not. What do you call it, Bobby? I’ve been fucking her at least once a week since last semester. That’s got to be 15 or 20 times, minimum. How many times have you done her?”

“Billy, please? I don’t think of it that way. I don’t fucking ‘do her’. It’s mutual. It’s loving.”

“Oh, fucking please! You’re gonna make me puke. If you fucked her, you did her. Loving or not. How many times? Come on. The fucking cat’s out of the bag. How many times?” Billy demanded.

“Shit, Billy. I don’t know. Thirty times? Forty? Shit. Shit. Shit.”

Billy snickered. “I have some catching up to do, then. I’m owed a few.”

Bobby glared at Billy.

“Stop the fucking glaring,” Billy said. “We may as well laugh about it. It’s done. There’s nothing that can take it back. Do you feel guilty?”

“Hell yes, I feel guilty. Every time. Then I start thinking about it and when there’s a chance, we do it. I know you don’t feel guilty. That’s the difference in you and me.”

“You’re wrong there, Brother. I’ve got a conscience. I feel guilty. Maybe guiltier than you. I forced her.” He looked at his brother, wondering what his reaction would be.

“You raped her?” Bobby gasped.

“She wanted it. She just couldn’t admit it. So I made her do it and she fucking loved it. She even told me it was more exciting because I was taking what I wanted!”

“And after you forced her, she willingly had sex with you again? Tell me the fucking truth!” Bobby moaned, dabbing at his eyes with his tee shirt.

“Yep. She got her schedule for the semester arranged so we could be alone one afternoon a week. That’s how much she likes it.”

“How could she?” Bobby groaned. “She has always been the best person I know.”

“Because human beings are wired to want sex. We both know that she went through some tough times. I guess it was depression. She had no self-confidence. Hardly any friends. And then what happens? Fucking overnight, the scrawny little caterpillar turns into a butterfly. And then, all of a sudden, because human beings are shallow as hell, people started noticing her. Haven’t you ever noticed how really shy girls will go out with just anyone who pays the least bit of attention to them? They’re fucking starved for love and they’ll give anything to get it. That is my take on this thing. What do you think?”

Bobby nodded. “I think you’re right. She loved me because I was nice to her. She always craved your attention, too, so even though your approach was wrong, she didn’t care. She wanted your affection, at all costs. Now, I imagine, she feels guilty. She doesn’t want to disappoint either of us and she, obviously, enjoys it. And there’s no way she can tell either of us about the other one. That would ruin her relationship with both of us and could even ruin our relationship with one another.”

Billy sighed and took a swig of beer. “Fuck, if we aren’t a couple of philosophers. But I think we’re both right about her. She’s not a slut. She loves us both. We have to do something, Bobby. This is going to just get worse and worse for her. Guilt-wise, I mean.”

“So what can we do? Do you want me to tell her I know about you?” Bobby asked.

“No. I want us to both talk to her,” Billy said. “Together.”


During the next week, both twins made sure that neither of them was alone with Amber. As their conversation had continued, they both agreed that neither of them would be alone with Amber, and therefore tempted, before they all had a chance to be together to talk. They both agreed that Amber’s welfare was their chief concern.

Kaley happened to be going out with friends for a movie and dinner the following Thursday. The twins drove together into town and bought what they knew was Amber’s favorite Italian food, then carried it back to the house to surprise her.

Amber was upstairs reading when they got home, but she soon appeared downstairs when she smelled the spaghetti and ravioli.

“What is that delicious smell?” she smiled as she came into the kitchen, dressed in a tee shirt and short shorts. It was apparent that she wore no bra, but that was her usual habit when she was home. After all, she thought, both her brothers must be used to seeing her unfettered breasts by now!

“We bought your favorite!” Billy said. “Sit down. I’ll get you a Dr.Pepper.”

She sat and looked, hesitatingly at her brothers as they sat the table and then sat in their kaçak casino own chairs.

“What is up?” she asked. “Is there some occasion? Why did you buy me food? I mean, besides the fact that I’m awesome?”

Bobby laughed. “Well you are awesome, that’s for sure. Right, Billy?”

Billy nodded. “I think so, yes,” he agreed.

“Anyway,” Bobby continued, “You’ve been helping us out so much with the lawn care stuff that we wanted to show you our appreciation.”

“Awww!” she smiled. “For real?”

Billy covered her hand with his. “We got to talking and we decided that we don’t tell you enough how much we love you.”

“And we know that we are lucky to have you as a sister,” Bobby continued.

Amber looked suspicious. “I don’t know what you two are up to, but this stuff smells great and I’m starved.”

The siblings ate their dinner with great relish, laughing and talking about recent things that had happened in what they referred to as the ‘Lawn Mower Circuit’. Afterwards, the twins insisted that they would wash the dishes while Amber picked out a show for them to watch on TV.

When they were through, they sat in chairs opposite her, around the coffee table. Billy took the remote and turned the TV off.

“Hey! I thought you wanted to watch something!” Amber protested. “Is this some kind of intervention?” she laughed.

Bobby sighed. “We need to talk to you, Amber,” he said. His voice was so full of emotion that he could barely speak.

“What is it? Is there something wrong with Mom? What happened?” Amber asked, panicking.

“No, no. Nothing like that,” Billy assured her. “Amber, we’re just worried about you.” He started to say something else, decided not to, and nodded at Bobby.

“Amber, we both know,” Bobby said.

Total silence as she looked from one brother to the other. “You both know? What? What did I do?” she demanded.

“About each other and you,” Billy said.

Then it dawned on her. She sat there, astounded, her mouth open, not knowing what to say. Then she broke down, crying, and slipped off her chair to the floor, laying her head on the coffee table and sobbing hysterically.

“I’m sorry! Oh what have I done?” she groaned. “Oh I’ve ruined our family! Please, please, please forgive me! Please forgive me!” she begged as she looked up at them, tears streaming down her face.

Her cries were heart-breaking. Both boys slipped to the floor, one on either side of their little sister and put their arms around her.

“I love you!” they cried in unison. “We love you!’

“I wanted to stop. I wanted to stop lying,” she groaned. “Oh I hate lying so badly. More than anything,” she tried to explain, looking from Billy to Bobby, tears dripping off of her face. “I didn’t know what to do! I am such a slut and such a liar!”

“NO!” they both said together.

“Amber, we understand,” Bobby said, reaching his hand to move her face to look at him. “We know how lonely you were. We are the ones who are at fault. Not you!”

Billy said, “We took advantage of you when you were vulnerable and we didn’t love you in the way we should have when you needed it most.”

“When someone is lonely and feels helpless, they accept affection in any way they can. That’s what you did, Amber. We knew better, but we took advantage of you,” Bobby explained.

Amber sobbed. “It can’t be undone, but you don’t even know what a burden you have taken from me.” She reached for a Kleenex and blew her nose. “To know that you two forgive me and that I don’t have to lie to either of you again. It just…I love you both, so much!” She pulled Billy to her and, surprisingly, kissed his lips, then did the same to Bobby.

“There are a lot of episodes in life, Baby Sister,” Billy said. “This is just the end of one of them for us.”

“End of lying you mean,” she sniffled.

“Well, that and… you know… the other stuff,” Bobby said.

Amber smiled. “Who said we have to stop that? What fun would that be?”

The twins looked at each other, then at Amber, then back at each other. Then they laughed and pointed at Amber.

“Good one, Sis,” Bobby said.

Amber wasn’t laughing. “What? Do you guys seriously want to stop that? I mean, are you jealous of each other, or what? There’s enough of me for both of you.”

“You’re not serious,” Billy said.

“Let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you how serious I am,” she smiled. “Unless y’all don’t want me any more… or are too embarrassed.”

“Amber! I know you’re joking,” Bobby said, not believing a word that she was saying. This was one of her jokes. Wasn’t it?

“I tell you what. You guys give me a few minutes to take a shower. If you aren’t interested, I’ll just read my book. Otherwise, meet me in my room. One or both. But no more lying about it.”

Amber jumped up and ran upstairs, leaving the twins to stare, open-mouthed, at each other.

“Do you think she’s shitting us?” Billy asked.

“This could be really embarrassing… if she is. We shouldn’t even be thinking about it, anyway,” Bobby replied.

“But you know we have to call her bluff, right?” Billy grinned.

“Is she saying she wants a threesome? I don’t know that I want to do that!” Bobby grimaced.

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