Afternoon in the Park Ch. 01

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I’m not sure there will be a Chapter 2. Depends on where we go from here. We have a “date” for tomorrow night. We’ll see what happens…


I did something today I’ve never done before, and may never do again.

I exchanged blowjobs with a stranger at a public park in the middle of the afternoon.

As I write this, I can still taste his semen… salty, sour, musky, tangy… overwhelmingly delicious!

Almost every day, I drive to our town park on the Hudson River. I park facing the water, read a few chapters of whatever book I’m carrying at the time (“Keeper of Lost Causes” by Jussi Adler Olsen in case you’re wondering), watch the boats and tugs and barges as they make their way up and down the river, enjoy the hourly Amtrak train as it commutes along the far shore, occasionally glimpse an eagle majestically soaring overhead as it glides to the highest branches of a nearby tree.

Sometimes I stay in the car. Sometimes I break out the lawn chair. Rain or shine, cool or stifling, it’s a wonderful opportunity for relaxation and contemplation. And, as it now turns out, getting my cock sucked.

The last few days, an older gentleman (my age) has parked nearby and taken one of the picnic tables, where he immerses himself in a book or magazine. Short, slender, gray-haired, seemingly fit, I gave him more than a cursory look the first day, though I don’t know if he noticed me.

The second day I said “hi” as he passed by my lawn chair and settled in at the picnic table some 20 feet away. “Hello,” he replied with a faint smile. When he hesitated for just a second I thought maybe he’d stop to chat, but he continued on to the table. I glanced at him frequently as he sat reading; once or twice he looked up and our eyes met. Being probably the biggest coward on earth, I quickly looked away. At one point, I walked across the soccer field to the pavilion and the rest rooms, hoping (nervously) that he’d follow. When I got back to my chair, his car was gone.

The third day he was there before me and I wondered if he would think I was stalking him. As I unfolded the lawn chair, he turned and smiled and said, “Hello again.” I smiled, said “hi” and mustered the courage to walk over to where he was sitting. “Beautiful day,” I said. “I see you here a lot.”

“One of the perks of retirement… relaxing and reading. I see you here a lot too.”

“Oh… it’s sweet that you noticed! I”m retired too.” Ohmygod, I thought, did I really say “sweet?”

But he just smiled, scooted his little butt about a foot down the bench, offered me his hand and said, “I”m Alan. Would you like to sit down?”

I took his hand, held his soft grip for a beat longer than necessary while I settled on the picnic bench, and said, “Hi Alan. I’m Chet.”

We compared quick notes on the books we were reading and watched silently while a well-appointed cruiser with flying bridge churned up a heavy wake as it headed downriver. Without really thinking, I reached over and touched his arm and joked, “That was supposed to be mine, but my casino şirketleri 401k crapped the bed.”

My heart was beating faster and it definitely kicked up a notch when he laughed, reached over, placed his hand on my arm and said, “I can afford a kayak. How far do you think we’d get?”

Wow. This was looking good and feeling good but I’m on the edge of panic trying to come up with an answer that was cleverly suggestive but not too over-the-top. “Bahamas would be nice, but I think my arms would fall off before we got to Poughkeepsie!”

“I’ll pass on Poughkeepsie,” he laughed. “Bahamas would be very nice.” He virtually purred when he said “very nice,” and shifted on the bench to inch just a bit closer. He’s definitely flirting, I thought to myself. My heart is pounding now, my dick is twitching, and I can’t decide whether to lean over and kiss him or run to the safety of my car when he asked, “Have you ever been to the video store across from MacDonald’s?”

Taken aback, I stammered a bit but found the nerve to place my hand on his forearm which was resting on his lap. “Once,” I admitted. “I looked around for awhile but never made it back to one of the rooms.”

“Why not?” he asked. He was smiling and our eyes were locked.

“Guess I was afraid of what I’d find.” I shrugged, kept my hand on his arm and waited for the next question.

“What were you hoping to find?” he asked, quietly, insistently.

I laughed nervously, moved my hand off his arm and folded it on my lap, covering a well-hidden but throbbing cock that seemed to suddenly have a mind of his own. “Would you think I was a slut if I told you I was hoping for a nice cock to nibble?”

Before he could answer, I asked, “Have you been there?”

“No. I’ve read some posts about it on Craig’s List. Not sure I’d want to hook up with someone through a glory hole. And, no, I wouldn’t think you were slut.” As he spoke, he cupped the hand that was resting in my lap.

“As opposed to hooking up with someone at the town park?” I didn’t mean to sound challenging or mocking and hoped he wouldn’t take it that way. He didn’t.

“The park thing seems to be working out pretty well,” he said quietly, almost in a whisper.

I didn’t say anything at first, didn’t feel I had to. I just moved my hand from beneath to on top of his and let it settle on what was now a full-fledged hard-on. I heard him take a quick, sharp breath as he moved closer and rested his head on my shoulder so that our cheeks were touching.

“There’s hardly anyone here today,” he whispered.

He was right; our end of the park was empty. Our parked cars shielded us from anyone who might be driving or walking along the park road. Only a passing boater or someone on the far shore with really strong binoculars could see what we were about to do.

“I’d love to suck your cock,” I murmured, brushing his cheek with my lips as he folded his fingers around my dick as it bulged against my shorts. In a wonderful feat of speed and dexterity, he found my zipper and opened it, unbuttoned casino firmalari my shorts and, with both hands, pulled my shorts and briefs down to my thighs. I lifted my butt to help, my cock bobbed free, he buried his face in my lap and kissed and licked from my balls to my cockhead before feeding it all into his mouth. I gasped and moaned as he sucked and slurped and twirled his tongue around the sensitive underside of my helmet.

He was a cocksucking genius!

I gazed at the grass, the trees, the water… trying to take my mind off of the glorious blowjob my new friend was performing. I wanted it to last forever – or ten minutes at the very least – and just when I felt that first wonderful urge to blow a load of warm sticky jizz, he lifted his head, let my cock “pop” out of his mouth and, with a smile of intense satisfaction, said, “I think it’s your turn now, my dear.”

His blue Nike sweats didn’t have a zipper or buttons, so while he stood briefly I grasped the waistband and yanked them down to his ankles. To my surprise and delight, he was wearing panties – pink cotton bikinis with little white flowers (the kind you just happen to notice while taking a shortcut through the girl’s section at Macys) – with an obvious wet spot where his cockhead pressed against the stretching fabric. I eased them down below his knees, he settled back on the bench, leaned back, spread his legs and offered me the tastiest snack I’ve had in years.

I licked and kissed his balls and tried to maneuver lower to taste his asshole, but the picnic table bench kind of limited our maneuverability. So I licked his shaft and worked my way up to his cockhead, then slurped it into my mouth and swallowed until his pubic hairs tickled my nose. He was large but not huge, with thick veins and a very pronounced purple head. I remember wondering if I could comfortably take it up my ass (if, someday down the road, he wanted to fuck me).

We worked into a comfortable rhythm, he thrusting his hips as I jerked his cock with my mouth. His taste and scent were mildly pungent, but in a most pleasant way. I was in heaven, not giving a thought that someone might wander by. I wanted it to last for an hour, but after only a few minutes he tensed up, shuddered slightly, let out a low long moan, and blew a rope of cum into my mouth, followed by three or four smaller spurts, more watery than the first… tangy, sour, like whipped urine blended with heavy cream. I swallowed most of it but when I let his cock slip out of my mouth so I could clean off the head and slit with my tongue, a gob of jizz dribbled down my chin and hung there like a tantalizing drip from an ice cream cone.

“Honey, I’m sorry, I should have stopped and made it last longer. I didn’t know you’d be ready so soon.”

Panting, he shook his head. “I couldn’t help it. I came too fast. I’m sorry… it was just so fucking hot…”

Then, with a grin, he leaned forward and with his tongue flicked at the gob of semen hanging off my chin, then pressed his lips against mine, slid his tongue güvenilir casino into my mouth and frenched the few remaining pools of jizz that I hadn’t swallowed. When we were finished, we both sported a sheen of cum and saliva that covered our lips and chins.

Without a word, he pushed me back and devoured my cock. It had begun to soften a bit from inattention; he remedied that with few quick sucks. He deep-throated my slender pole, gagging once when he swallowed too quickly, but recovered and worked my rod relentlessly and expertly. I was so turned on by the taste of his cum, the risk we were taking out in the open, and his constant murmurs and sighs as he nibbled and sucked at my shaft and helmet, that I didn’t last much longer than Alan had. With a groan and spasm that seemed to erupt from my very soul, I came hard and fast into his waiting mouth… so hard, so intensely that it almost hurt… so hard and so intensely that I wanted him to stop while hoping it would never end.

Alan didn’t swallow, at least not right away. With a smile, he opened his mouth and showed me the pool of grayish creamy jizz that was collected on his tongue. He let some of it dribble out of his mouth and down his chin, but my lips were on his in a flash, our tongues dancing and dueling as we swapped my greasy, slippery load until, with a smile and laugh, he threw his head back and swallowed.

We cleaned each others dicks for a few minutes before pulling our pants back up and glancing around to see if anyone had seen the show. It wouldn’t have mattered. For those few minutes, we were one and alone, oblivious to everything but the amazing episode we just shared.

We spent a long time after that, on the park bench, hugging, kissing, whispering… “Do you like the way I suck your cock?… We are such cum sluts… I didn’t know if you liked to swap so I just took a chance… It was perfect… I’ll be tasting you all night… Can I try on your panties sometime?… I wanted to lick your asshole but I couldn’t get there… Next time baby, we’ll get nice and clean and I’ll rim you for an hour… Your cum tastes so good… You are such a perfect cocksucker… Do you think you’d ever want to fuck me?… I’ll never say no to you… So when is the next time?… Tomorrow?… Here?… No, your bed or mine…”

We’re both in our 60s and after today I’m not sure how much “juice” we’ll have tomorrow. But after too many years of disappointment and desperation, I’ve found a friend, maybe even a “boyfriend.” And I’ve never been happier to be queer!

NOTE: By the time I get this posted, “tomorrow” will have come and gone. I’ll probably know whether this was just a wonderful “moment” or something that might last. I have a good feeling about Alan; he seems so sweet and kind and gentle… honest, lonely and vulnerable. We talked on the phone for a long time tonight, trading secrets and dreams and desires. I liked him more with every passing minute. I suppose I should have some doubts about a man who sucks my dick in public 30 minutes after we meet. He may be wondering the same about me. We’ll find out. I don’t know if I’ll share any more of this journey with my Literotica friends. And I don’t know if I’ll ever let Alan read this. I DO know that I’m exhausted but still feel like edging for a few minutes before my head hits the pillow.

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