Adventures of a Sales Executive Ch. 06

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This is chapter 06 of a series, stories should be read in their order to successfully follow the development of the characters.


Jane is spending the weekend at Sarah’s large house in Hampstead From Friday evening and Saturday she had been pleasured countless times in Sarah’s playroom. She had been put to bed during the afternoon to rest before her next adventure, which was to visit to the Dungeon, a sex club known to Sarah.

Saturday Evening.

‘Come on, sleepy head, time to get up and dressed. I have laid out a schoolgirl outfit I want you to wear to the club for me.’

Jane dressed, and looked in the mirror at her reflection. She wore a sheer white blouse that clearly showed her 34b breasts with her nipples clearly outlined as they poked at the material. Her midriff was bare, and a loosely knotted tie hung between her breasts. Her dirty blond hair was tied in a pony tail. She wore an extremely short tartan skirt that barely covered her ass. Standing in 6 inch killer heels her normal height of 5’9′ was increased. Her long toned legs were highlighted. Her blue/green eyes sparkled as she took in her appearance.

‘Gosh, I look so young,and so fucking HOT’ she thought.

Sarah entered the room, she is a 42 year old Domme with the stunning figure of a much younger female. She was wearing a sparkling black sultry glitzy romper that barely covered her backside and accentuated her strong thighs. She wore a pair of strappy nude colored heels and a pair of long hooped earrings. She looked much more than just sexy, both girls looked extremely HOT.

‘WOW! Darling you look so fuckable, I could take your cunt right now, but I am going to wait until you are sexed up at the club.’

They took a cab to the Dungeon club. Sarah took Jane by the hand as they entered. She deposited her bag which the receptionist locked in a safety deposit box.

‘Now darling, we have to step into this room and remove all of our clothing, everyone will be naked in the club. Here let me help you.’

Sarah helped Jane undress taking the opportunity to run her hands over the young girls body and feeling her up as she did so.

‘Oh you wonderful piece of exotic, sexual art I could fuck you right here right now.’

‘Do you want to?’

‘Oh I do, but I’m not going to yet, I want to take you on a tour of the club.’

It was as the name suggests, laid out as a dungeon, with doors leading off a main passageway. On either side of the long passageway were several couples kissing and fucking. Jane saw a girl pinning her partner against the wall and was finger fucking her roughly, another girl was kneeling and eating her partner’s pussy. A girl was walking toward Jane and Sarah but stopped when she reached another girl who was standing and being tongue fucked in the ass. She knelt and took the girls cunt with her mouth.

Watching the six or seven couples openly enjoying themselves Jane felt herself becoming aroused.

‘Your little pussy getting hot and damp, darling?’

‘Mm, yes, a little Sarah.’

‘Come, let us see what is going on in the other rooms.’

As they entered the next room Jane saw a girl bound to a cross and being whipped. Jane immediately thought of the whipping Sarah had inflicted on her. Sarah squeezed her hand.

‘Remember how I whipped you my little cum slut?’


She whispered, blushing at the thought.

They walked through some more rooms. In one a girl was tied to a bench and four girls were having their way with her, taking their pleasure how, and wherever they felt like it. The girl was being fucked in the ass by a tall redhead, while a Spanish looking girl sucked on her clit. Another had straddled her face and was rubbing her cunt onto the bound girl’s face, and moaning. The fourth girl was licking and sucking her breasts.

Walking through this room and into the next one, they saw another girl strapped to a bench with her legs pushed up to her chest and secured with ropes, totally exposing her ass and pussy to the room. A machine was set on the floor and two dildo cocks were attached to the machine at slightly different heights.

One cock was fucking her pussy, the other was pounding her ass relentlessly. An older woman maybe in her late forties was controlling the machine.

‘Ah, we have a delightful audience Jackie, I will set the control to full.’

Instantly the two cocks increased speed and rammed her ass and cunt at a furious pace. Jackie instantly came hard and squirted. The machine just kept fucking, and the girl kept cumming, and squirted twice more. It was so hot to watch. Sarah ran her hand up the inside of Jane’s thigh, and she felt her cunt, wiggling her finger.

‘Oh my, you horny little slut, you are wet. Turning you on is it?’

‘Oh Sarah, she is having so many orgasms, omg.’

‘I have a machine just like it in my playroom, I must let you experience it if you are a good girl.’

‘Yes, I would like to give that a try she is just having one orgasm after another each one more intense than the one before.’

Sarah canlı bahis şirketleri led Jane through to another room. Two stunning girls were spanking a third girl who was bent over a bench and bound by her feet and arms splaying her ass out, which was a deep crimson.

‘Oh hi, Giselle, and Nikita.’

The two stopped spanking their captive and walked over to hug Sarah. Jane could see that both girls were stunningly beautiful, and obviously twins.

‘Hi Sarah, my, who is this gorgeous creature, she looks divine? May we greet her properly?’

‘Of course my lovely twins this is Jane.’

Giselle stroked Jane’s nipples and kissed her deeply forcing her tongue into Jane’s mouth. Nikita stood behind Jane, and she sensuously licked her neck whilst running her fingers up and down the girls ass crack. Jane was instantly turned on by these two blond amazons.

‘Mm, she tastes nice Sarah, what do you think Nik?’

‘Yes, very fuckable I think G.’

‘Do you think we could join you Sarah, we are bored with spanking.’

‘Of course you may darlings, I was going to take a private room but another couple would liven things up.’

‘What a great idea, we could always find another couple if your up for some fun?’

‘That would be good.’

‘What room will you be in Sarah?

‘We will be in number 6.’

‘Oh what a good choice, come Nik.’

The twins left the room. Sarah took Jane’s hand and led her to six chalet type structures. Walking to the last one she lifted a key from a hook and unlocked the door ushering Jane inside. It was a mini version of Sarah’s playroom.

‘Jane, you are going to be so popular in the club.’

The twins came into the room with two other girls. Jane recognized the redhead who had been fucking the girl on the bench in the ass. She was still wearing the strap on, but it was clean and freshly lubed. Behind her was another girl who was introduced as Nina. The redhead was called Helen.

‘My, you are such beauties come and meet my new and very special pet plaything Jane.’

They did not need any more prompting as they quickly surrounded Jane. Giselle looked into Jane’s eyes and gave her a long sensuous kiss. Nikita stood to one side stroking her hair and smelling Jane, she licked her neck up to her ear lobes, causing Jane to shiver. Helen, the redhead began by dragging her nails from Jane’s shoulders all the way down to her ass, at the same time rubbing her girl cock up and down her ass crack.

Jane moaned, Nina had knelt in front of Jane and began to lick her labia. Jane was very aroused. Giselle twisted he nipples causing Jane to cry out. Sarah joined in gently biting Jane’s shoulders, she kissed and licked her way down to her buttocks where she knelt and licked from Jane’s ankles up the back of her thighs. Giselle was now licking and nibbling her breasts and nipples. Nina’s tongue was working it’s magic on Jane’s cunt.

Helen indicated for Nina to stop for a moment, and as she did so she rammed her girl cock into Jane’s cunt. Jane shuddered and climaxed. Helen withdrew the dildo which was coated with Jane’s cum juices. Sarah got up and clapped her hands.

‘Girls I want Jane secured on all fours on the bench over there. Helen your cock is nice and wet you can fuck Jane’s ass or cunt, your choice. Nina put on this strappy and fuck her as well. Giselle and Nikita, let Jane pleasure your cunts. Then you can swap with Helen and Nina. There are more strap-ones on the sofa. That way everyone gets to fuck her and she eats everyone’s pussy.’

Sara was quickly rewarded, seeing Jane secured, with her ass and pussy on display so beautifully. She selected a whip with nine leather fingers on the end. Flicking her wrist she landed a blow ensuring the fingers of the whip wrapped around Jane’s midriff.


A couple more strokes on Jane’s ass and cunt had the girl moaning.

‘OK, Helen and Nina, Jane is now ready for you’

Helen wasted no time in ramming her girl cock into Jane’s ass. Jane could only moan into Giselle’s cunt, as the girl had moved in front of Jane and was rubbing her cunt onto Jane’s face. Nina squirmed underneath Jane’s body on her back, and holding her girl cock she guided it into Jane’s wet pussy. Jane was now being double penetrated with cocks pounding her ass and cunt with only a thin membrane of skin separating them.

The two girls built up a rhythm, synchronizing their thrusts. The effect was driving Jane wild and she quickly climaxed as they continued pounding. Nikita was licking Sarah’s cunt. Jane, in the throws of her orgasm licked, sucked and bit Giselle’s cunt and clit.

‘Oh fuckkkk, Sarah your new pet knows her way around pussy, ccuuummmmmmminggggg.’

She flooded Jane’s face as her cunt oozed her girly goo.

‘Nik, swap over, I will finish Sarah off, you must let Jane bring you off you will love her tongue.’

The two swapped places. Sarah loved the fresh tongue invading her cunt, she was so close from the sensations Nikita had inflicted on her, now Giselle canlı kaçak iddaa was starting to bring her to a climax. She was also very aroused at seeing Jane being used in this way, and obviously enjoying several orgasms.

Jane was busy exploring Nikita’s pussy and although in a daze she did a good job and was rewarded with Nikita flooding her face as she shuddered with her orgasm and squirted.

‘Giselle, I’m cumming.’ Sarah climaxed.

‘OK girls let’s take a break. I will order some refreshments. Jane needs a rest, untie her girls.’

Sarah picked up the internal telephone and placed her order. The girls released Jane and carried her to one of the sofas. They softly caressed her and bathed her with a bowl of warm, soapy water.

After they had enjoyed their refreshments Sarah ordered Giselle to lay on the bed on her back with her girly cock sticking up.

‘Now Jane, straddle her and ride her cock.’

Jane did as she was told

Sarah whispered to Helen and Nina to go and help Jane. They knelt either side of her, lifting her and pushing her down firmly ensuring the girl cock was driven in deep. Jane gasped, Giselle thrust her hips and with the two girls helping, Jane was fully penetrated. It was not long before she was gasping and panting. Nina sat on Giselle’s face with her body facing Jane she started twisting and tugging on Jane’s nipples. Jane was in ecstasy with a mixture of pain and immense pleasure she came, screaming as she shuddered to her climax.

‘OK Nikita, your turn to fuck Jane,’

Nikita, laid down on her back, her girl cock pointing at the ceiling, Giselle straddled her and lowered her pussy to her twins face. Helen and Nina resumed their roles of helping Jane ride the cock deeply embedded in her. Giselle toyed with Jane’s breasts enlarging her nipple by tugging on them.



She smacked them hard. Jane screamed. She rode the girl cock really hard, while Giselle tortured her breasts. It was not long before Jane was pushed over the edge again and shuddered to another climax.

‘OK girls, let’s form a daisy chain. Jane, I am going to lay on the floor, you get between my legs and tongue fuck me. One of you girls get your cunt on my mouth. Each girl quickly understood what was expected of them. They formed a large circle on the floor each one tonguing and being tongued.

All six girls were soon writhing and moaning on the floor as they all individually climaxed. Jane was exhausted and Sarah decided they had enough fucking for one day and took her home to bed.


After showering and breakfast, Sarah asked Jane how she was feeling.

‘A little sore darling, but OMG, I never had so many orgasms, and they all were so intensely mind blowing,’

‘Right, one more treat for you Jane, come into the playroom.’

Jane watched Sarah set up a sex machine called The Cowgirl.

‘Jane, last night you watched that girl enjoying multi-orgasms. Now this machine is the ultimate. I want to cuff your hands behind you, as I will be controlling the machine by remote, while sitting over there watching. This baby has a hand crafted, slip resistant saddle, with a silicone cock that can swivel 360 degrees.’

Sarah cuffed Jane’s hands behind her back, and helped her straddle the machine and secured her legs. Jane lowered herself onto the cock feeling it filling her cunt and stretching her. Sarah took a vibrator and sat in a chair with her legs splayed running the vibe over her cunt lips. She picked up the remote and turned the machine on.

Jane gasped, as the sensations quickly made her pussy wet. She loved the feelings she was experiencing. Sarah had the settings on low, as she started to rotate the cock. Jane began to moan as her cunt and clit were invaded, with no part of her pussy being neglected.

Sarah increased the speed whilst using the vibe to fuck herself. She watched Jane begin to orgasm, and turned the speed to full.

‘God, she looks so fucking gorgeous, with that superb body being fucked every which way.’

Jane moaned loudly, her whole body shaking as the powerful vibrations took over her body. The cock had found her g-spot and was mercilessly vibrating it hard and fast.


Once Jane started to orgasm, she found she was on a roller coaster of intense orgasms one after another.

The machine taking control of her body, she was powerless to resist the cock which was relentlessly pumping her cunt.

Sarah had decided to give herself a long slow fuck, while enjoying watching Jane cumming and squirting. Jane was moaning, and screaming every now and then as the cock rotated inside her spasming cunt.

Sarah was fucking herself with the vibrator, turning up the speed every now and again, pulling it out of her cunt and rubbing her clit with it.

‘Mm m, oh Jane, fuckkkkkk I am going to ccccuuuuummmmm.’

When she had calmed down, she turned off Jane’s machine. She was slumped over absolutely drained. Sarah went next door and ran a canlı kaçak bahis bubble bath. She returned and helped Jane into the bath, gently soaping her all over.

‘Oh God, I have no idea how many times I came.’

‘There there, you wanted to try it darling, so yet another new experience for you. When you are ready we can have a nice relaxing lunch, and you can make your way home.’

‘I need an early night Sarah, what a weekend this has been.’

After lunch they parted with a warm hug and some deep kissing.

‘Here is your cab Jane, I will be in touch soon.’

Jane sank into the back seat of the cab thinking back of the pleasures she had enjoyed over the weekend.


It was mid morning, and Jane was working, heading for her first sales appointment of the day. Her mobile rang. She answered using her hands free.

‘Hi Jane,’

‘You little slut.’

‘What! Who is this?’

‘This is Abigail’s Mother. You have seduced, and, sexually abused my daughter. I am reporting you to the school and to your Boss.’

‘Whoa, just a minute. Your daughter is over 18, and she instigated what happened, and thoroughly enjoyed it as I recall.’

‘You cheeky cow, I will ruin you.’

Jane went cold. This could ruin her position in the company of Key Account Manager. The school would ban her from any career fayres, and goodness knows what her Boss would think .

‘Look, I am sorry, I don’t know your name, but surely we can avoid all of this unpleasantness?’

‘You should have thought of that before you took advantage of a young schoolgirl.’

Jane pulled over. She was working up a sweat wondering how to handle this situation.

‘Look, it was not anything like you are making it out to be. Has Abbi made a complaint about me?’

‘No, I found her diary and a vibrator which it seems you gave to her. I am furious and you, my girl are in deep shit.’

‘Oh, look, could we meet up, and at least listen to my side of the story? I like Abbi very much and I certainly would not harm her in any way.’

‘I will give you a chance to explain, but it won’t alter the fact that I am livid. If Abbi’s father gets to hear about this, you may very well find all sorts of people will know how you prey on children.’,

‘Please let’s talk this through sensibly, your daughter although at school is over 18, that is what she told me, is that correct?’

‘Yes, she turned 18, 3 months ago. Meet me at my house at 10.30 AM Wednesday. You know your way here, you gave Abbi a lift here. Have you been in my house?’

‘No, of course not I would not presume to do that.’

‘Wednesday 10.30 or I contact everyone, NOW!

‘Oh, I will be there, please don’t do anything until then?’

‘I will give you this one chance but do not think I will change my mind Jane Marchment.’

‘Oh, you know my name?’

‘ You gave Abbi your business card.’

‘May I know your name?’

‘Gina, but that is irrelevant. Wednesday.’

‘OK, Gina I…

‘She put the telephone down, Oh fuck this is all I need.’

Jane rearranged her appointment and rang her friend Linda Stevens who has an apartment in Woking where she was the Manager of one of Sarah’s Restaurants. The two had become friends and occasional lovers since meeting each other. The telephone rang.

‘Hi, Linda speaking.’

‘Linda, it is Jane, I have a problem I need advice on. Are you free if I pop round? I am not too far away I could be there in about 45 minutes?’

‘Jane darling, of course, always lovely to see you.’

A little while later Jane rang the doorbell, Linda opened the door.

‘Hi, Jane love.’

They hugged. Linda stepped back and admired Jane.

‘Wow! Sex on legs, you always look so fuckable.’ She giggled.

Jane smiled.

‘Well, look at you Miss Hot Pants.’

Linda is 5’6′, slim build, with a good figure. She wore a blue tee shirt that clearly showed the outline of her breasts, and nipples standing firm and erect without the need of a bra. She wore a very skimpy pair of white shorts, which hugged her tight ass and showed her legs to good effect.

‘Come into the lounge, darling, coffee?’

‘That would be lovely Linda.’

When they were relaxed with a coffee each, Linda took Jane’s hand in hers.

‘Now darling, whatever is wrong?’

Jane briefly bought Linda up to speed regarding meeting Abbi at a school career fayre and their subsequent evening together, then she relayed the telephone conversation with Abbi’s Mother.

‘Mm, I don’t think you have too much to worry about the schoolgirl side of things, her Mother confirmed that Abbi is over 18, so legally no problem.’

‘I know but she could give me a lot of problems work and career-wise.’

‘Yes, I can see that. So, you need a damage limitation scenario. How about you promise not to see her again?’

‘I suppose, but she is so hot, I do want to see her again, and I know she feels the same.’.

Linda giggled. Jane looked up quizzically, raising one eyebrow.

‘Just a thought, maybe you could fuck Mother and Daughter?;

Jane looked horrified.

‘Joke, darling, but if Abbi’s Mum is a looker, it could be interesting,’ she giggled.

‘Look, Linda, this is serious.’

Linda threw her hands in the air.

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