About Ass

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About Ass is a story about what happens when an unsuspecting man has the tables turned on him and his ass gets used for a change.


Ally looked out over the spectacular sunset from her place in the outdoor hammock on the large back deck of her country home. She had not a single stitch of clothing on as usual, just like he expected of her. He told her he liked it when she showed off her body with her golden tan and sexy stomach. Having easy access to her smoothly waxed pussy and ass was very important to Brad. Being able to bend Ally over any item of furniture in the house at will left him breathless with anticipation and constantly turned him on.

She heard his car pull into the driveway and could feel herself instantly getting wet. Her heart was thumping wildly with expectation as she felt him moving closer to her with each second. He knew where she would be and no doubt he would cum prepared for their often frenzied daily reunion. She closed her eyes as she heard him open the sliding screen door to the deck. She could taste his kiss even before she felt his lips gently caress hers before an impatient tongue began to probe her mouth. She smiled as she kissed him back and slowly she opened her eyes to look at him.

He had removed his shirt which was always a visual delight. His muscular chest tapered tantalizingly down to a narrow sexy waist and Ally loved the lines of his sculpted hip bones just above the band of his jeans. She reached out one hand and cupped his obvious arousal in her palm. His cock grew even bigger and harder under her hand and she squeezed him, gripping him with a fair bit of strength. His hands massaged her nipples and his gaze bore down into hers. Sometimes they didn’t speak at all. This was one of those times. The sound of his voice often had the power to bring her to orgasm when she was just on the edge and needing release.

With her free hand Ally began running one finger down her stomach to find her throbbing clit. He watched with fascination as she rubbed her clit for him slowly. Then her eyes widened with surprise as she felt something smooth and round press up against her exposed asshole through the net of the hammock. It felt like the head of a large dildo and upon realizing this she closed her eyes to enjoy what he was going to do to her. He had not prepared her ass as he usually did with his fingers and tongue but she trusted him completely and knew he would not hurt her.

Slowly the dildo pushed and rubbed against her tight little hole and she relaxed to accommodate its’ extreme size. She continued to rub her clit as he probed her mouth with his tongue and her ass with the toy. She felt as though she was in heaven when the large head of the giant cock finally popped inside her. Bit by bit it slid further into her asshole and Ally almost came from being stretched so far. His tongue now took over where her finger had been on her clit. Her long nails bit into his shoulders as her orgasm started to take a hold of her body. One more forceful pump of the dildo and he felt her spasms under his tongue.

He lapped gently at her clit as she squirmed beneath him in ecstasy. He loved this part as it sent her over the edge and he could make her cum over and over again this way. But suddenly he stopped and pulled the toy out of her ass. She blinked once and then again and he was off back into the house. She wanted more. This was too good to be over with so soon. Sounds of singing were coming from the direction of the bathroom so she knew he was having a shower now. She slid off the hammock and walked as though on clouds towards the happy sounds she could hear.

He had his back to the door so she could see his terrific toned ass cheeks through the glass of the shower. Her desire for him was so overwhelming and she silently opened the shower door and stepped inside. He knew she was there and grinned as her hands snaked around his stomach and slid down towards his raging hard on. She gasped as her hands connected with his stiff meat. His cock was soapy and she gripped him, working her hands up and down on him. Suddenly he turned around and pinned her to the tiled shower canlı bahis wall. His hands groped at her still tingling ass while his mouth crushed hers in a fierce kiss that left her dizzy.

Before she knew what was happening, he had turned her around to face the wall and was forcing his hard cock into her ass. Every thought left her mind as she struggled to breathe through his forceful fucking, each thrust more powerful than the last. This was the second time her ass was getting used in what seemed like mere minutes and she could feel herself cumming again. Her cries were muffled against the sound of his groans and the running water. He didn’t cum straight away, preferring instead to continue pounding into her relentlessly. This kind of hard forceful fucking usually made her squirt and he knew it.

He could feel her squirting each time he pulled all the way out of her. The feeling of her warm liquid spilling over his knee between her legs thrilled and excited him all the more. Finally he came inside her, releasing a huge pent up load of cum. But he was not finished with her yet. He turned her to face him and pushed her down on her knees to suck him clean. Her mouth greedily accepted him, swallowing him all the way down her throat in one swift movement. He loved the way she sucked his cock. He never felt as if it was a chore for her but rather as if she looked upon it as a pleasure.

Once she started on his cock she didn’t want to stop and he knew she would gladly suck him for the rest of the day. But he had other plans for her so he pulled out of her mouth, helped her back up onto her feet and began washing her body. Ally closed her eyes as his hands slid over every inch of her and especially paying close attention to her ass. She loved how he just couldn’t seem to get enough of her ass. They were a perfect match in many ways but their love of ass play united them most significantly. Ally loved to play with her own ass, using all of her toys, one after the other until she could fit the very biggest one inside her.

Both of them loved to watch ass play too as they were extremely visual so they filmed a lot of the action and got off on watching it together afterwards. Any porno material that involved ass play got them both very excited as well. Ally had always fantasized about playing with a willing ass so for her birthday Brad had once organized a woman with the most gorgeous ass to cum over for a couple of hours. Ally had used her tongue and fingers on the woman as well as every toy she could get her hands on. The only condition was that Brad could watch them both which meant that they could share the experience together. This was their standard condition for all play that involved anyone else. Anything was allowed, as long as they did it together.

Their shower over, Brad turned the water off and stepped out first, passing Ally a big fluffy towel. Their cozy king size bed looked inviting as they stepped into the bedroom together. What both of them loved was that nothing was ever predictable between them. She didn’t know what he was going to do next and he had no idea what crazy sinful act she would want to try next. They stood facing each other with the wide expanse of bed between them. Brad still had slightly damp hair and droplets of water on his chest. Ally longed to lick each drop off.

Brad got onto the bed first and reached for the scented massage oil. Ally let the towel drop to the floor and took the bottle out of his hand. She unscrewed the cap and began to pour oil onto her generous full breasts. As the oil began to run down her stomach she rubbed her nipples with thumb and forefinger until her tits glistened. The light from the setting sun filtering through the timber blinds added a touch of magic to their surroundings. Brad could not help reaching for his aching hard cock as he watched Ally massaging her tits erotically for him. In the warm glowing light with her dark hair cascading around her face and over her shoulders, she looked sexy as hell and he knew he had to have her again very shortly or he’d die.

Ally was now running her hands over the curves of her hips and down over her own bahis siteleri ass. He wished she would turn around so he could see her ass but instead she came over to sit on the bed. She seemed to want to be in control so he just played along obediently. When she gently pushed him face down on the bed and began massaging his shoulders he didn’t complain. He began to get really comfortable as her hands sought out the swell of his ass cheeks and she dribbled more oil onto them. The oil felt great sliding down into his smooth, hairless ass crack, so did her hands as they followed suit. Gently her nails scratched over his hot flesh and her fingers dipped in to finger his tight anus. They both had a regular brazilian wax together because it added more sensations during oral activities.

He didn’t even tense when he felt her snap the first ankle cuff on him. He was fine when she pulled his legs apart to fasten the other ankle cuff on as well. He was in heaven when her hot tongue started to probe at his asshole. He loved her tongue fucking his ass and grinding her face into him. She did it so well and it felt so good, plus, she really got off on doing it. He could feel her getting excited now. Her breathing quickened and her arms hugged his hips to pull him even closer as she inhaled his manly scent. This really drove her crazy as the smell of him turned her on no end.

Ally pulled back and massaged his ass a bit more. Then he felt her finger slip into his asshole, all the way to her knuckle. She groaned with pleasure as she felt how hot he was inside. She pulled her finger out and smelled it, delighting in the heat from his body and his scent. Then she put the finger inside his hole again and wiggled it very gently, groaning again as she felt his muscles clench tightly around her finger. Before Brad could wonder what she was going to do next, he felt a long smooth thin vibrator pushing into him where her finger had been. It felt like a long finger with a slightly fatter end on it. Slowly she moved it in and out of his asshole and watched in pure fascination as the fat end popped in and out of her sight. She could feel his heat whenever her hand came close to him and she knew her pussy was thoroughly soaked with her juice now.

Brad was enjoying the sensations of the ‘finger’ moving in and out of him but when she turned the vibrator on he jumped with surprise. It took him a moment to get used to the feeling of the low vibration buzzing inside him. Once he was getting comfortable with that, she turned the vibration up higher. This was the first time Brad had ever taken anything other than a finger up his ass and he could feel the tip of the vibrator massaging his prostate gland inside. It felt great and he was beginning to understand why men did this while masturbating.

When Ally turned the vibe up fully, Brad suddenly felt like he might cum. His whole body tensed up in anticipation for what was about to happen. Ally noticed where he was at and quickly turned the vibe off and pulled it out of him. He sighed with disappointment and his body slumped back on the bed. She smiled knowingly and reached for a larger vibe, shaped just like a real cock…only about seven inches in length and one inch in width. Brad held his breath as he felt the tip of the rubber cock push against his butt hole. He knew she was an expert at ass play so he trusted her completely and relaxed as he felt his asshole swallow up the head.

The wild clenching of his muscles around the rubber cock caused Ally to start shaking with excitement. To watch his reaction up close was amazing as Ally knew first hand what he was feeling. Now she was feeling the sensations from memory as well as seeing what happened at the same time. It was all nearly too much to take in for her. Slowly she eased the cock inside him, watching for any signs that it was hurting him. He seemed quite relaxed and the cock was sliding in effortlessly. Once it was all the way inside, she left it there for him to get used to. To take his mind off the intensity of what was happening Ally reached for a short flogger with short soft suede tails. She ran the flogger over his skin, tickling bahis şirketleri him with it.

Now she pulled the dildo out of his ass all the way and licked the end of it while he turned his face and watched. She sucked the cock like she did a real one, taking it all the way deep down her throat. Brad wanted to pull his cock but he was pinned down on the bed. After sucking it, she moved it back into place at the entrance to his dark cave. Slowly she pushed it inside again and began slowly fucking his ass with it. He knew he couldn’t take this for very long as the sensations were building up in him again and an orgasm was nearing.

Just then she turned the cock onto vibration and pulled it all the way out. He desperately wanted it back inside his ass again and he pushed his butt up towards her eagerly. She loved his reaction and so she inserted the vibrating cock back into his asshole all the way. He groaned out loud as it hit the target but she withdrew it immediately again, leaving him suddenly empty. She enjoyed teasing him in this way, being the one in control. His butt was pushing upwards so she smacked each cheek once then drove the dildo inside him again. She fucked him with it for a while until she felt him nearing orgasm. Then she pulled it out and turned it off.

Brad so desperately wanted to pull his cock and keep the great feelings happening but he was helpless while tied up. Ally sneakily reached for one of her largest dildos, nine inches long and two inches wide. She could normally make herself cum in seconds when she used this one. She was shivering with anticipation, imagining what this big black cock would look like sliding in and out of Brad’s asshole. She couldn’t wait another second so she coated the cock with lube and started nudging his already relaxed hole. Brad could feel that this cock was bigger than the last but he didn’t mind because he wanted release so badly. The head felt huge as it pushed inside him, stretching him wider than he had ever been stretched before. Astonishingly, it didn’t hurt at all.

Once Ally had worked the head inside she gently massaged Brad’s ass, keeping the cock where it was. She pulled it out and groaned at the sight of his open gaping hole. It began to close up again as she watched with fascination. She worked the head back in again, sliding more of the length inside this time. She left it there as she slapped his ass with her hand a few times. The slight stinging sensations of her slaps, combined with the intensity of the cock stretching, him, was truly wonderful and Brad just wanted more and more. He wanted more slapping and more fucking…just more and MORE. Ally pulled the cock out and bent to lick his gaping asshole with her hot hungry tongue.

Brad bucked and twisted at the sensation of her hot wet tongue on his sensitive exposed asshole. It was an indescribable feeling. He could feel her drooling saliva into his widely stretched hole and then she was fucking him with the gigantic dildo again. Ally was able to get at least half the length of the dildo inside his asshole comfortably and he was taking it happily with no problems at all. She pumped his ass and slapped it, pulling out and tonguing it alternatively, then fucking it some more.

Then Ally released Brad from the ankle restraints and with super strength and speed he shoved her down on her back roughly and made her swallow his thick engorged cock. She took him greedily into her mouth, sucking furiously at his cock and caressing his balls. He swiveled his body so they were in a 69 position with the big dildo still inside his asshole. This way Ally was able to continue fucking his ass with it while she sucked his cock at the same time. The cock in her mouth muffled her scream of surprise when Brad began fucking her ass with the huge toy from earlier while eating her pussy at the same time.

They came together with Brad shooting cum hard into the depths of Ally’s throat. She gagged on it and pulled his cock out so the remainder of his creamy thick cum spilled over her face and eyes. Brad turned to look at her, taking in her flushed skin and cum covered face. She was his perfect little cum slut and he kissed her tenderly, tasting his cum on her lips. Together they walked to the shower and by the evil glint in his eyes, Ally knew he was planning his next attack on her and she shivered with anticipation.

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