A Swingers Surprise

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Let me start out by tell you a little bit about myself and my lover.

My name is Dan and my lover is Diana, everyone just calls her D.

Diana is short, just 5 foot 1. She has a little extra paddle and 44E breasts. She got set of killer legs and a nice tight ass. Her bedroom green eye change cooler when she really turned on.

We’ve been together about four years and began exploring the lifestyle two year ago.

Like most we started out with soft swap.

At first it was difficult for us to get involved with other singles and couples, since Diana had kids in school, our need to be discrete combined with the fact we live in different towns.

We did manage to have our first threesome with a women D met on line and have met several time for Coffee. I on the other hand had only chatted on line a couple of times when D and Jane decided we all meet at a hotel by me.

Jane had talked about how much she enjoyed being with another women and was disappointed when it came time for the other women to go through with it.

Diana assured her that she was all in and was looking forward to their getting together.

When they arrived at the hotel, D asked Jane if it would be ok for her to blindfold her. Jane agreed.

D and I had planned to make this all about Jane and I was to remain quiet and assist in undressing Jane,

D was then going to take her to the bed and make sure that her first orgasm was from D. The plan was work fine Jane and D entered the room, I came around behind Jane and as D began to undress her I was working from behind. First D unbuttoned Jane blouse, I slid my hand into her open blouse, Jane gave a slight jump at my touch.

She then giggled “nice to meet you Dan” I said nothing but pull her blouse off her shoulder and let it fall to the floor.

I proceeded to unhook her bar and D slipped her hands under the straps and slid the bra off. Jane giggle again” I never imagine this”, D replied there a lot more to come, we going to make this all about your pleasure. Jane replied “O MY” Soon Jane was standing naked in the center of the room.

D led her to the bed and had her lay on her back.

D began by kissing the inside of Jane’s ankles and worked her way up her calf’s and upward to her inter thighs,Jane was beginning to breathe heavier and there were slight moans of pleasure escaping her lips.

I sat on the edge and watch as my lover Diana began lick and sucking on her first of what would be many wet pussy’s.

Jane was thrusting her hips and rolling form side to side as she got closer to cumming.

I slid up on the bed a rubbed my cock across Jane’s cheek and then pressed it to her lips. Jane quickly began to lick the tip and open her mouth so I could slip my cock into her wet mouth. That was enough she came almost immediately.

As Jane started to recover I slid between her legs and D guided my cock into her hot and soaking wet pussy. I easily slid into her to the hilt.

Jane moaned loudly, wrap her legs around my back and grab hold of my waist. I slid in and out of her a few time and nodded to D. that was her single to removed Jane’s blindfold. Once her eyes adjusted to the light she look up at me and smile. I said “nice meeting you Jane, want me to stop, so we can talk a little, get to know each other a little better?”. Jane burst out laughing and said “don’t you dare I want to come again”.

After our threesome D and I were both hooked and had to experience more.

After a lot of disappointment, from the player who just wanted to get into D pants and the no shows we finally manager to hook up with our first couple.

From there we have become much more active in the lifestyle, lately finding time to party about once or twice a month and the group of couples has expanded greatly.

One evening, everything changed me and D and I will never forget that evening. It was our July 10th 2009.

We had made plans to attend a party. It was being held at our friends John and Beth’s home. This was really was nice since they had 4 bed rooms all with king beds and a large family room for even more group fun.

This evening I was running late getting to D apartment. D was getting a little upset. I could tell from her calls every five minutes to find out where I was. D liked to socialize a little before the fun begins.

I quickly jumped into a shower and we were off as soon as I got out , my hair was still wet as we left D’s apartment.

We got to John and Beth’s about an hour late. We rang the bell and a second later were greeted by John.

The party was in full swing and Beth and another couple were sitting in the front room naked and stroking bahis firmaları and kissing one another.

I apologized to John for being so late. John said “no problem come on in and grab a drink, things are moving pretty fast tonight”. W e asked him “who’s here tonight”, John replied all the usual people but, he noted that there was a new couple who was joining in this evening. He told us they were friends they had met a week earlier.

D and I striped off our clothes placing them on one of the chair and went over and got a drink. We began to wander through the house checking out the action.

The first room we hit was the kitchen where Joe and Brenda were talking, we gave them a little wave and headed down the hall toward the bed rooms.

As we began to pass the master bed room, it was dimly lit but, we could see Gary and Trish and another couple on the bed.

Gary and Trish were our first couple and we had been with them a number of times over the past months.

They had introduced us to the others in the group.

So we were very comfortable participating and watching them with others. We stood in the door my arm around D waist watching a little of the action.

Gary was sitting on the bed leaning against the head board, there was a women kneeling between his legs, her ass facing the door and high in the air, it look really appetizing. From the motion her head she was giving Gary a great blow job. Form what we could see the women looked to be in her late thirties.

Trish was next to them in a sixty nine position her head toward the door and we could tell she was enjoying the attention she was getting as much as she was giving. We watch her as she sucked the man’s cock deep into her mouth.

Gary was the first to notice us standing in the door and wave us into the room. As we entered Trish raised her head and gave us a little grin and went right back to sucking the cock before her.

D and I looked at each other, we did not need to speak we knew we would be joining them for a little while.

I climbed on to the bed half sitting and half laying at Gary’s feet and directly behind the women going down on him, I don’t think she even notice my weight on the bed.

D climbed in between the man’s legs and met Trish face to face at this man’s cock. Trish raised her head off the cock she was sucking so diligently and began kissing D, stopping after a few seconds and going back down on her partner. I watch to see her repeat this several time before she began to share the cock with D.

With that I reached up place a hand on the women’s ass, she gave a little jump with surprise but, did not stop sucking Gary cock. As I slid my hand between her legs, she spread them a little to give me easier access and began to give me a little wiggle to show her acceptance of my presence.

Trish and D were enjoying alternating their sucking and kissing.D had her hands cupped around the guys balls and would take him all the way down her throat each time it was her turn. I so enjoy watching her take the cock deep down her throat.

It was now time for me to begin to enjoy myself so began to slide my finger through the women’s wet lips of her pussy and up to her clit. When I reach her clit I could hear her muffled moan and feel her pushing back against my hand.

I continued teasing her this way for a little while and her moan became louder and more frequent. She never even took a breath while sucking on Gary cock.

I know she was really getting into my playing with her, she was soaking wet by the time I figured that I would introduce myself by sliding my cock into her wet pussy.As the tip of my cock touched the wetness she moan yes, the yes was barely audible with the Gary’s cock deep in her throat. I slid my cock all the way into her until my balls were press against her public bone.

She finally raised her head and gave a half hissed and moan as she pushes back hard onto my cock. Then back to sucking Gary’s cock.

I slowly slid my cock in and out of her. But, other than a few low moans she was paying little attention to me fucking her. This was getting me a little irritated, that Gary’s cock was more enjoyable then my fucking her. So I began to fuck her as harder as possible slamming into her and withdrawing slowly.

After the sixth or seventh time of ramming my cock into her she arched her back and raised her head again and hissed out the word “YESsssssssssssss”.

That was enough for me and I continued my assault on her pussy, several times she threw her head up and down and began meeting my thrusts.

We fuck for a couple of minutes, me slamming in and slowly pulling back. I could feel the her pussy kaçak iddaa pulsating and figured she was close to cumming, she finally raise her head up and yelled out “YES…… Fuck Me Hard…… Yes……Fuck ME!”

I knew that voice as well as my own and exclaimed “KIM!…..?”.

The women’s head whipped around and for the first time I got a look at her face. Our eyes met and we both were frozen for a second or two.

Almost at the same moment we both yelled out OMG! and pull away from each other.

I jumped off the bed and was standing at the edge my moth hanging open. She slid up into a sitting position at the head of the bed trying to cover her breasts with her hand and arm, her legs pressed tightly closed. Other than Gary the others paid us almost no attention.

Kim had her hand over her mouth as if she was going to scream and then slowly and stuttering badly said “Dan……. What…..What are you….you doing………..”all most immediately D and Trish lifted up and were looking at her. She turned bright red and the word “here” finally escaped her lips.

I wanted to say “apparently fucking my little sister” but the only thing that came out was “hum…….”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye as the other man had pushed Trish off of him and it was my brother-in law Ben who was hidden down between Trish legs.

Trish was the only one moving as she got off the bed and my eyes kept darting from D to Ben to Kim. No one spoke for what seemed like hours but, I am sure it was just a few seconds at most.

Ben was the first to anything as he slid over to Kim’s side and whispered something in her ear while looking at me. Kim looked up at him and then back at me then back to Ben.

Ben slowly slid his hand down and between Kim’s legs. Kim eyes were locked on mine, until I felt a hand slip across my side and take hold of my cock.

I look down and there to my side found Trish stroking my cock, she mutter ” you two know each other?” with the biggest smirk on her face……. I nodded and looked back at Kim, thru her hand Kim mumbled “he’s my big brother”

Trish stroked my cock faster and harder and said “well this is interesting….Dan did you like the feel of your little sis’s pussy wrapped around your cock”.

I looked back at Kim who had shifted down into more of a laying position and her legs were now slightly apart enough to see her pussy and Ben rubbing her clit.

With Trish stroking my cock and the sight of that pussy glistening in the dim light I quickly rose to full erection. Trish said “well I guess we can all take that as a yes”.

I looked over to D as if to ask what we should do now. She simply smiled.

When I looked back, Gary was now sucking on Kim’s breast, her eyes were closed. She was kissing Ben deeply and wildly.

I was then that her legs fall even wide open I could see Ben’s finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Trish still stroking my hard-on, said “I thinks she like having something in her sliding in and out of her pussy”.

“Wow she looks hot and horny”.

She looks good enough for me to eat don’t you think Dan”.

I looked at her and she looked back at me and said “or would you rather keep fucking her?

With that I looked over to D for help but, she had already moved over to between Ben’s legs and again had Ben’s cock down her throat. The two of them were paying little attention to me and what was happening.

Trish pulled me by my cock closer to the bed and then gave me a little shove that made me fall between Kim’s legs with my face landing just above her stomach.

Kim’s hand reached down and onto my head. I looked up and she was laying there her eyes closed and I could hear a slight moan coming from her lips as Gary was continuing to suck on her nipple. I could see that Kim’s hand was now stroking Gary’s cock.

Trish leaned over and whispered in my ear “go ahead Dan slid that cock into her”…”make her come”.

My eyes were fixed on Kim’s eyes which were still close all the while.

Trish continued to urge me to slide my cock into Kim’s wet pussy.

I don’t know way but, I began crawled up Kim’s body, kissing her stomach, upward to just below her breasts and then her breast and her nipples. Her nipples responded almost instantly becoming fully erect and her areola’s got small and tight.

I was straddled above my sister now and my cock was pressed against her pussy.

looked over at D who was now sliding her pussy down over Ben’s cock and the look on her face was pure pleasure, she look over at me and just gave me a slight smile through squinted eyes.

Trish was rubbing my ass and down to my balls. kaçak bahis Continuing to egg me on and muttering “Hum doesn’t that feel good….. don’t you want to bury your cock in that hot wet pussy?”

I looked back at Kim and she was now looking up at me. Her breathing was quick but, labored from my weight on her.

I whispered “Kim are you sure?” There was no response from her mouth or reaction on her face but, I could feel her push her hips up to meet me and then she hand reaching between us to my cock.

I don’t even remember doing it but, I lifted up. Kim took my cock into her hand and guided it to her pussy’s entrance.

Her eyes got wider as the head of my cock pressed between her outer lips. Our eyes were again lock onto each other and she pressed her hips upward to get more of my cock inside her. A s I began to slide deeper into her there was a change that came over her face, one I have seen on D and other women faces. You know that look when they really want to be and are really enjoying being fucked.

I could not hold back any longer, I slid all the way into her. I stopped, stayed there buried deep in my sister’s pussy for a few second without moving waiting for any sign that what was happening was ok.

Kim began to rotate her hips to get movement and was already beginning moan. She was reaching for my ass to pull me further into her. I was still unsure what to do. H ere I was my cock buried deep in my sister’s pussy. My lover and my sister husband watching to see what would happen next. I

laid down on Kim still buried in her. I was trying to concentrating on anything other then what was happening.

I tried to focus on D, who was now riding my brother-in-law hard and both of their eyes were fixed on Kim and me.

D and I just looked at each other for a while and then I noticed that familiar look I get from D when we are playing that assures me it’s ok, to do what I was about to do.

So while watching my lover ridding up and down on my brother-in-law’s cock, I began to slide my cock in and out of my little sister. It was not long before I could see that D was getting close to cumming.

Watching D and feeling of my cock sliding in and out of that hot pussy, I could feel my juices beginning to swell.

I started fucking Kim as fast and hard as I could. Her moans became screams “Yes fuck me, yes harder, fuck me harder Danny” her eyes wider then I have even seen and her breathing as fast as mine.

I exploded, spilling every drop on my cum deep into her. I looked down at Kim, her eyes were closed again but, there was a smile on her face and the pulsating around my cock was unmistakable, Kim had cum as well.

I just stayed there raised up on my arm and hands, buried deep in my sisters pussy looking down at her.

After a few second she looked up at me, smiled and muttered “HUM…………that felt wonderful” I smiled back, rolled off Kim and on to my back.

Kim curled up next to me with her head on my chest just like she did when she was little.

Gary and Trish were both standing next the bed, and Gary said “now that was hot” and crawled in behind Kim saying “now it’s my turn to get some of the pussy” as he slid his cock into her.

Kim responded with a moan and rising one leg to give Gary better access to shove his cock deep into her.

The two of them were going hot and heavy within a few second. Trish crawled between Kim and me and began licking Kim clit as Gary’s cock slid in and out my sister’s cum filled pussy she reach out and began to stroke my cock again.

You could hear the fluid being forced out of Kim with every thrust and Trish lapping it up just as quickly and it was pushed out.

D slid over to my side with Ben looking over her shoulder. She began stroking my cock in unison with Trish as the three of us watch Kim taking on our two friends.

D said “your little sister sure looks like she is enjoying that cock in her, almost as much as yours”.

I look at her and then back to Kim and Gary. D lowered her head and began sucking on my cock. Ben moved in behind her and pushed his cock deep into her ass. D moan and pushed back to get Ben deeper in her ass. D loves to have a cock buried deep in her ass. D took my cock deep into her mouth. I could feel her moan even with my cock down her throat, with every thrust Ben made.

I can’t tell you how long we fuck one another that night. But I can say that little sister and I fucked at least two more time that evening, once a three way with me in her pussy and her husband sliding in and out of her ass. I also remember once with her going down on D as I took her doggy style.

While I do not recommend that anyone do this. And I had not planned for it to happen. But it did and for the past several months we continued to include Kim and Ben in our lifestyle. It sure has given whole new meaning to our family game nights.

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