A Summer to Remember Ch. 02

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Revised – someone noted a few errors in the writing here and I’ve fixed them. Feedback is good.

* * * * *

I knew it was too late to cover up and act innocent. My mind raced trying to find words to defend our actions but what.

“I can’t believe this!” Anne yelled. “Laura, what the fuck?” I didn’t believe Anne would say shit if her mouth was full of it and now this.

“Umm,” Laura stammered, “It just sorta happened.” Laura gave Anne her best pleading look hoping for a miracle of some sort.

“Yeah right.” Anne said sarcastically her disbelief showing through. Then Anne’s look softened. “I guess I shouldn’t judge considering the feelings I’ve had.”

Laura and I waited for Anne to continue but when she didn’t I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, ummm,” Anne stumbled, “this is a little hard to say but Laura I’ve had feeling for you for over a year now?”

“What? Are you saying you’re a lesbian?”

“No, I like guys but I like girls too.” We were speechless and I think my jaw fell open with Laura’s admission. Suddenly I saw her in a whole new light and my imagination took over. Unfortunately, or maybe not, my imagination show up in my cock as it grew hard once again. Laura had walked over to us but was looking just at Anne. I started to get uncomfortable with the silence and decided it was time to leave.

“Listen, why don’t I leave you two alone.” Finally Laura looked at me and then down at my cock. She smiled as she saw it.

“Why don’t you get us a couple of beers as long as you’re going that way?” Laura asked in her sweetest voice.

I grabbed my bathing suit as I headed for the kitchen. When I got in the kitchen I looked out the window to see if there was any action but Laura and Anne we just sitting and talking. It was too much to hope for I thought. I made a stop in the bathroom to relieve myself, grabbed the beers and headed back out to the pool. I was about to announce my return as I got to the pool area when I say Laura and Anne in what I can only describe as the hottest kiss I had ever seen. Laura was running her hand through Anne’s hair as the two of them kissed and Anne was rubbing her hand up and down Laura side. I hoped she get brave and grab a little tit but it was just about then that Anne saw me.

“Great, you’re back! I’m so hot that beer is going to taste really good.”

“Yeah I can see how hot you are.” I replied sarcastically.

“Smartass!” Anne said half laughing. Her gaze went down to my tented bathing suit. “I guess you liked what you saw.”

I let out a deep breath and said, “Oh yeah!”

“What is it about guys and seeing girls kiss?” Laura asked acting like she was a little put out.

“I don’t,” I said, “but it’s hot.”

“Actually, I have a confession,” Anne said, “I think it’s really hot too.”

My gaze had returned to my sister’s naked breasts and then down to her pussy. I looked briefly at Anne’s a breasts and then back at Laura’s.

“So whose do you like better?” Anne chided.

“I don’t know,” I answered quickly, “I’ve never seen yours.”

“Well I can fix that.” Anne replied and then stood up and quickly undressed herself. Before I knew it she was standing naked before me and then said, “Well?”

“What?” I asked dumbly.

“Whose better?”

The funny thing was they were both built alike as I said earlier. istanbul escort Both had fairly large firm breasts and both were about the same size. They both looked pretty good to me but I did like Anne’s just a little better so I finally said, “I like Laurie’s just a little better.” I said this almost apologetically.

Anne looked a little better by my response. I guess she didn’t expect me to say I favored my own sister’s body over hers but what she didn’t know was I had decided that if I didn’t show Laura favor I might regret it. Years later I did get a chance to fix my response but Anne never did buy it.

“Maybe you just need to feel them before you decide.” Anne said taunting me just a bit and then holding her chest out toward me very suggestively. I wasn’t about to turn down the obvious offer and so I reached out and gently squeezed her breasts and withdrew my hand. “Oh come on,” Anne chided me, “you can hardly tell by that little touch. Do it again.” I wasn’t sure what Anne was up to but I wasn’t about to argue with her either. This time I squeezed her breasts and then ran my finger tips over her nipples. When I did that she shuddered noticeably. Laurie, not wanting to be left out had edged inward toward me and her breasts were only a few inches from my hand. I took it as an offer and squeezed and caressed her breasts just as I had Anne’s. Laura let out a couple of moans. As I was feeling Laura’s breasts Anne took the opportunity to start nibbling on Laura’s neck. In no time at all Laura was moaning a lot.

“Listen,” Anne finally said, “Why don’t we take this inside where we can be more comfortable.” None of us felt the need to say a thing and as I led the way Anne and Laura followed. I thought about taking it to the living room but then I thought a bedroom made much more sense. My parents had a king size bed and Laura and I only had doubles so I figured we needed the room of the king size.

“Mom’ll fucking kill us if she finds out!” Laura said tersely.

“She won’t find out if you do the laundry when we’re done.” I said snappishly to her.

“Why should I have to do it?”

“Stop it you two and get on the bed!” Anne said this as a command and we both followed her order. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just lay down on one side of the bed. Anne and Laura got on the bed facing each other and I was behind Anne. While looking directly into Laura’s eyes Anne slowly ran her hand up Laura’s thighs lightly dragging her finger nails lightly as she did so. Laura shuddered and moaned as Anne did this. When Laura’s fingers reached Anne’s pussy I could see the tip of her middle finger slip between Laura’s pussy lips. Anne now looked down at Laura’s pussy and I could see her finger going slowly up and down between Laura’s pussy lips. Laura had closed her eyes and every now and then let out an “oh!” as I guessed Anne’s finger touched Laura’s clit in just the right was. As Anne continued to rub Laura’s pussy she bent her head forward and started sucking on Anne’s nipples. With the first touch of Anne’s lips to Laura’s nipple Laura let out a much louder “oh!” Laura was now squirming noticeably.

I had inched closer to Anne and I could feel the tip of my cock pressing into the fold of Anne’s ass. Finally Anne said to me, “Don’t put it in there, I don’t like that.” I actually avcılar escort hadn’t thought of putting my cock into Anne’s ass but as soon as she said that I felt a bit of disappointment come over me. This surprised me as I had never had anal sex and it really wasn’t on my list of things I wanted to do and now all of a sudden it was. Still, I wanted to be a part of this and I took the opportunity to put my hand on Anne’s breasts and start caressing her. I snuggled up against Anne my cock wedged firmly along side her ass. I started rubbing my cock slowly up and down her ass crack and the sensation was fabulous. By this time Laura was moaning almost continually. The two women became even more animated and finally Laura screamed out, “Oh fuck I’m gonna come!” Seconds later she did come and screamed in a manner I thought only happened in porn movies.

I had been surprised and a little disappointed that Laura and Anne had not kissed again but as soon as Laura’s orgasm started to subside Anne started kissing Laura. I thought this was just sort of a thank you kiss but then I noticed Anne’s hand moving rapidly in Anne’s pussy and suddenly Laura was screaming again as she came.

Finally, as Laura calmed down I saw Anne withdraw her fingers from Laura’s pussy and then very slowly and deliberately put first one finger in her mouth and then another sucking on each as if she were licking frosting from a spoon. That scene alone almost made me come all over myself.

I actually didn’t hear myself say “oh fuck” but then Anne looked back to me and asked, “Like that?”

“Oh hell yeah!” I replied very enthusiastically. Anne reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock and said, “We’ve got to do something about this before you hurt yourself. What do you think?” She said looking to Laura.

“Huh?” Laura said in a bit of a stupor, “Oh yeah, go ahead.”

“Well, that’s not what I had in mind. I thought you two might,” then Anne paused and continued, “yeah, I’d like that.” Anne rolled over onto her back and pull me by my cock until I was between her legs. I saw Laura roll her eyes but surprisingly to me she didn’t say anything. I was about to push my cock into Anne’s obviously wet pussy when she said, “No, not yet. I want you to eat me first.” Now, I shouldn’t have been surprised by her descriptive language after all I’d just seen but I was. I still had this virginal idea of Anne and it wasn’t leaving very quickly.

I looked down at Anne’s pussy. Her wetness was obvious and my only thought was I hoped she’d like it. A little unsure of myself I first ran the tip of my tongue along the outside of her pussy lips. Then as I pressed my tongue into her folds I felt Anne move her legs apart a little further and her lips opened up to me. I could clearly see her clit now and as I ran the tip of my tongue over it I was surprised at how hard it felt. The first time I ran my tongue over it Anne said, “Oh yeah!” I really liked her taste and scent. Her scent was soft and for reasons I didn’t understand it was very erotic. Until that moment I had always thought Shalimar was the sexiest scent I’d ever known but now that thought had been replaced by Anne’s scent. Her taste was light, gentle. Although I was still unsure of what I was doing I was sure I was enjoying it very much.

I licked and sucked on her pussy for what felt şirinevler escort like a half an hour when Anne finally put her hands on the side of my head and pulled me up a little bit and said almost feverishly, “Put it in me.”

Now only a young inexperienced guy could say what I said next. “What?”

“Put it in me, now!” Anne commanded and I fortunately didn’t require further explanation. My cock was as hard as I had ever felt it and I had all I could do to keep from just ramming it right into her as fast and hard as I could. That probably would have been the better thing to do as it worked out because as I slowly slid my cock into Anne’s waiting pussy the sensation was so great I could feel the swell of cum rise within me almost immediately. I looked down at my cock as it disappeared into Anne’s beautiful pussy and then saw it coming out glistening with her juices. Then I looked over to Laura and saw her staring at the point where my cock entered Anne’s pussy. I suddenly felt my cock swell like it was doubling in size in Anne’s pussy. At the same time it felt like the walls of her pussy were clutching at my cock and trying to keep it inside not wanting it to leave the hot confines of her pussy. “Oh my gawd I’m going to come!” Anne said surprising and relieving me. I pumped my cock a little faster in and out of Anne still doing my best to hold off coming. Then this guttural voice from Anne said, “Oh yes, I’m coming.” I stopped trying to hold back and exploded into Anne’s pussy.

I didn’t want it to end so quickly and so even when I stopped coming I continued to stroke Anne’s pussy with my cock hoping against hope that I wouldn’t go soft. “Suck her tits.” I said suddenly.

Both Anne and Laura responded at the same time by saying, “What?”

I looked at Laura and said, “Laurie, suck her tits.” Laura looked briefly confused and then lowered her head to Anne’s tits and started suckling on the one while her hand played with the nipple of the other. What ever bit of deflating my cock had done it quickly regained all its possible size. I didn’t feel in any immediate danger of coming quickly and felt like we could fuck like this for hours. As my cock ran quickly in and out of Anne’s pussy I could hear a squishing sounded emanating from her pussy as we fucked. Then I saw Laura slide up on Anne and start kissing her passionately.

“Oh yeah,” I said breathlessly, “That is so hot!” I saw Anne looked up toward me briefly and then back towards Laura. I could see the mixture of lips and tongue and then the feel of my come rising in my cock once again and long before I wanted it to. Still I felt confident I wouldn’t come right away. It was then I saw Anne break from her kiss and say, “Oh! Oh yeah.” She was coming and just that was enough to put me over the top too. My second orgasm felt almost as strong as my first but the pleasure was even greater. The scene before my eyes was so hot, so erotic, I felt it would stay with me forever.

I figured this was the start of a very nice long affair between the three of us. It never worked out that way though. The three of us never got together again. That’s not to say I didn’t have sex with Laura and Anne again, I did and many times just separately. At one point Laura actually got jealous of my being with Anne. I reminded her that she was my sister and by most people’s accounts we were just a couple of sick bastards. Laura quickly got the idea and never said anything again. At that point, however, it being the end of August it really didn’t matter. Before Anne and I could have sex again she headed out for Stanford.

Well, there are other stories involving us but those are other stories for other times.

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