A Moonlit First

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There are so many things that I remember about the night He took me. I remember the way the flowers perfumed the air in an almost cloying way, the way the moonlight glinted on the panes of the windows, the way the material covering the couch felt soft against my skin. I remember the screams of protest in my head, but not in my heart. I remember seeing the girl in the mirror getting ready to do things that I would never do, but she prepared to do them anyway.

He was specific in His instructions. He mandated that my hair be down, clean, straight and simple; He demanded that my body be scented and shaven and unadorned, no jewelry, no clothing; He stressed that I be ready for Him in every way, to do to me as He pleased. I followed those instructions to the letter, taking pride in the things I was doing to prepare for Him. I felt honored to perform these small tasks to accommodate His need, with no regard for my own.

I brushed my hair and pulled it straight until it was soft and shiny and the light played on its blonde luster. My face was clean with only a soft liner on my eyes, to accentuate their deep brown expressiveness. I shaved my pussy, making sure each fold was soft and velvety, free of anything to inhibit His attentions. I sprayed myself with a soft honeyed fragrance that would be almost imperceptible but pleasant in an unremarkable way. I creamed my long legs, my pale breasts and my soft belly so that my skin would feel smooth and supple under His touch.

After making myself ready for Him, I poured a glass of a dusky merlot and waited for the time to pass. He would come to me before long, but the minutes seemed to drag themselves by me and the clock had become immobile. The glass seemed to drain quickly though and I poured another.

I heard His key in the door and rose from the couch, immediately dropping to my knees. I had been naked all day, but I suddenly was self-conscious of it. As He strode through the door, I looked up at Him, my heart in my throat, my breath shallow. He was so beautiful, even as masculine as He was, He was beautiful. I felt plain next to Him. His eyes a complex hazel, his strong jaw making Him look determined, His long legs powerful and lithe. His dark hair curled up against His broad shoulders. He was elegant and quick, stronger than anyone I had ever known. His hands could wrap almost completely around my waist, but they were graceful as well as strong and calloused. It almost made me grateful to be in His presence, to watch Him walk or move in the ways only He could. There would never be another that produced such a physical as well as emotional reaction from me and I knew it, which was why I would do anything He asked.

He came to me, walking straight to me, pulling me gently from my knees. “No, no. Not tonight. Tonight you will join me,” he said. He brushed the hair from my eyes, looking deeply into them. His face was so sincere, his voice so soothing. My body responded to Him immediately, my pussy flooding at the sound of His words. He pulled my arms up to His neck and I wrapped them around Him, breathing His scent deeply so I would never forget the wonderful way He smelled. I kissed His neck, my tongue tracing the muscles and hollows of it. My lips crushed against it, desperate to feel His skin, to taste that intoxicating smell.

He sat on the couch, pulling me into His lap. Ever so softly, he let his hands wander over my body, gently caressing me, rubbing canlı bahis the tensions away that I had let affect me. His lips drifted over my shoulders, my neck. Softly his kisses rained down upon my skin and I felt as if each kiss was going to send me over the edge. His lips found mine and He kissed me deeply, his tongue slipping into my mouth, sucking at me gently. I wanted to stay like this forever, to let the world end with His mouth upon mine, my head resting against His chest, His arms protecting me from the world.

After what seemed like days, He pushed me gently away, standing up. His eyes never left mine as He unbuttoned His shirt, letting it fall from His body. His belt was unbuckled in a swift, smooth motion and I didn’t even realize His jeans being pulled off. All I noticed were those eyes, those deep, loving, penetrating eyes. He reached His hand out to me, guiding me to join Him as He settled onto the floor.

I lay down beside Him, reveling in His attention. He laughed with me as we talked of my day and His own. His hands never left my body, stroking me, rubbing me or gently tickling me. We spent our time together, as any other night, happy to be with another that made us complete. He ate of the fruits I had prepared for him, teasing me with the strawberries and gobbling down the grapes. We watched the candles burning down and he told me how beautiful I looked in the warm light. My eyes devoured His naked body, knowing that a great artist could not have sculpted Him any better.

As the night passed, my worries subsided. As His kisses became more passionate, I found myself kissing Him back with fervor, my tongue boldly licking His lips, urging Him. When His hand found my breast, I grabbed it and crushed it to me, my body beginning to feel a deep need. He lowered His mouth to my breast and sucked on my nipple, gently at first, then harder and harder, coaxing it to become hard and erect. His tongue lapped at the soft breast, his teeth nipping first at one nipple then the other. My back arched up to His mouth, the familiar ache of need tearing through my body; His fingers sliding down my belly just making me more aware of the ache.

As His fingers passed over my mound, I found my hips thrusting up to Him, begging His hands to touch me. His calluses were rough against the soft shaven skin, and His fingers were strong like steel as they parted the lips of my pussy. As He kissed me, He slid a finger deep into my pussy, thrusting it past the opening and into the tight depths of my cunt. I moaned softly, the feel of His tongue against my neck and the finger buried deep within me making me wetter. He stroked the tender flesh, bringing me to the brink, but stopping before I could cum.

He continued to kiss me deeply, his tongue lashing at mine, while His hands began to rub my ass. I tensed a bit, suddenly reminded of what He planned to do, but I soon forgot again as I was caught up in His kiss. He found the oils that I had placed on the table for Him and poured them over my ass, rubbing them into my skin. My mind raced, but I could not concentrate, His kisses overpowering me. My arms twined tightly around His neck as I kissed Him back, wanting to be with Him, wanting him to take my body. I rubbed against Him seductively, His cock clearly ready for me. He pushed me away, however, continuing His gentle massage of my ass.

He rose from the floor and picked me up, sitting me down at the edge of the couch. bahis siteleri I finally knelt beside Him, ready for what He wanted from me. He pushed my shoulders down to the couch, bending me at my waist, never stopping His soothing massage. His rough hands flowed over my body, touching me everywhere, feeling as if He were painting me with His now lustful passion. I felt him pour even more oil over my ass, it washed over the cheeks, running down the cleft, and I gasped as I felt it find its way to my virgin hole. My mind once more cried out, rebelling at the thought of what He was going to do, but my body craved and begged for it.

His hands still caressed my ass, His fingers now sliding down the cleft of it, touching me in places that had never been touched. His touch was so gentle, so soft, his fingers seeming to swirl in eddies over my body. His finger, once again, entered my pussy and I gasped at the ferocity with which it entered me. He pushed it in deeply then pulled it out, over and over and my pussy got wetter with each stroke. I wanted Him; I wanted to feel His cock inside me. My body rose to meet His touch and throbbed with need. His mouth dropped to my clit and sucked it, the blood rushing to engorge it under His kisses. I heard myself moan softly and then louder as his finger dropped from my pussy and entered my ass.

It was a foreign feeling that was not entirely welcome and I found myself tensing as it barely slid in. He kept kissing my clit, however, lapping at it with His tongue while He held His finger so very still. I wanted to pull away, but I could not bring myself to leave His warm goading tongue. I, once more, found myself relaxing under His touch and His finger in my tight, virginal ass began to move, slowly. He pressed so gently, His finger sliding in the smallest of increments. I knelt there with His chest pressed against my back, His hips against my ass, His finger lodged inside me. My mind was no longer screaming out, it was swirling out of my control, submitting to the will of my flesh. I wanted Him in any way He chose to take me.

Slowly, His finger pulled worked in and out of my tender ass, opening it. His finger pulled out slowly, but was quickly replaced with two. I jerked, but He held me tight. “No, no, I can’t.” I whispered to Him. “I know You want to, but I just can’t.”

“Shhhh. Yes, you can. I will be easy.” His voice was like a tranquilizer, soothing away my protests. “It won’t hurt too much, I promise.”

“Please, can’t we wait until another night? I’m not ready.” I looked back at Him with pleading eyes, but His fingers moved inside me.

“You can do it. Don’t you remember? You were the one who wanted to.” He looked directly at me, standing His ground. He wriggled His fingers inside me once again, my ass opening against my will… or maybe not. My mind was so perplexed and my body was betraying me as my pussy was almost dripping onto my thighs. My body was on fire, but I did not want it to be.

“No,” I tried to brush His hand away with my own, but He caught it, kissing my shoulder softly as He firmly placed it back on the cushion of the couch. “I don’t think I can.”

“Oh, honey,” He wrapped His arm around me, his fingers never leaving my ass, “you can. I know you can, and it will be just like you said it would, something just between us.” He thrust His fingers deeper into my ass. I cried out, but found myself pushing back against Him. His hips bahis şirketleri moved upward and I felt His cock at my pussy, sliding into it, so long and hard. His fingers began to move in my ass, in and out, slowly. My mind tried to wrap around the fact that I was going to cum harder than I ever had. Those fingers moving in my ass seemed to set my cunt on fire. He thrust in me, my ass and my pussy, in a rhythm that sent me quickly over the edge and I came. I came with a vengeance. The juices washed over His cock buried within me, but He was only just beginning.

His cock kept stroking me; my wet pussy was merely a playground for Him. He slid in and out of me so easily and I no longer felt opposed to the fingers in my ass. Everything was so wet and so slick and it felt so good. I reached out for Him, but he kept His hand on my hip where He could guide Himself in and out of me with ease. His strokes kept getting more and more urgent and I thought He was on the brink of climax, but He pulled His cock from my pussy.

I felt the head of His cock at my ass. I felt it slide smoothly in the crack up against my tiny anus. I started to protest but He pushed the head in as I cried out, my hips pinned between Him and the couch with no where to go. He stayed so still within me, only His hands stroking my hair and pinching my nipple. Tears sprang into my eyes, as the pain registered, but He kept soothing me. “Shhh, baby, shhh. It’s okay. The bad part is over, shhhh,” He kept saying.

I was panting, my body trying to cope with the sudden invasion. His fingers reached around to my clit, gently dancing over it and I found that the pain subsided very quickly. He stroked my clit while His cock slid further into my ass, and I pushed against the couch to take Him even deeper. I wanted Him; I wanted His cock in my ass, opening me in a way I had never seriously considered before. His thick cock started pulling out of me and I tried to follow His hips so he could not, but He pulled his cock out until only the head was still inside me. He pushed back in slowly and I found my body welcoming it. Each time He pulled out, He pushed back a little faster. He put His hands on my hips, holding me and I let my fingers rub the clit that was yearning to be touched. He fucked my ass slowly but deliberately, His balls slapping against my pussy with every stroke. I felt myself tensing and I rubbed my tiny clit harder until I came, my pussy throbbing and flooding. The cum dripped and wet my thighs and His. My anus tightened around His thick cock and I heard Him moan.

My body shook but still His cock stroked my ass. Each stroke got faster and I felt His cock stiffen. He pushed brutally into me one last time and held me as He came in my ass. I could feel His cum washing deeply up into me and I clenched a little against it. His hands gripped my hips even tighter and He moaned deeply as I collapsed into the couch, burying my face in desire and shame and satisfaction. Finally, His cum stopped shooting up into me and He lay His head on my shoulder.

When He pulled His soft cock out of me, it came out without pain and a bit of His cum spilled out of me. I crawled up on the couch with my back to Him, not wanting Him to see my shame, but He sat behind me and held me tightly. He stroked my bare back, letting His hands fall like a feather on the cheeks of my ass before moving back to my shoulders. He kissed the back of my neck sweetly.

“You did it, baby. I knew you could,” He kept crooning in my ear over and over, and I had. I had finally done it, given Him every part of me. Now He claimed everything, the things that had been taken before and the things that hadn’t.

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