A Mistress for Valentine’s Day

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*written for you know who you are… Hope you enjoy!*


Clinton and I were in a happy relationship. We had been dating for a couple of years and for the most part we really clicked. We enjoyed the same things and were comfortable being ourselves around one another. We shared mutual friends and we were both fairly open minded as far as the bedroom was concerned. Clinton and I had experimented with several things over the years but there was one thing he really wanted that I just wasn’t comfortable with. Clinton wanted me to dominate him and to play with his ass. I was use to being the submissive and the idea of dominating anyone terrified me. It was WAY out of my comfort zone. The idea of playing with his ass also freaked me out. I was afraid that a line might get crossed and I cringed whenever he brought the idea up, wondering if it was his way of telling me that he was bisexual or getting ready to come out of the closet altogether. I did EVERYTHING else under the sun for him and NOTHING was off limits except for that fantasy. I just didn’t think I could go there.

We were approaching our third Valentine’s Day together and I wanted to do something special for him. There wasn’t anything that he really wanted or needed. I kept playing with some ideas but nothing seemed special enough for the guy who was my world. I wanted to blow his mind. I wanted to show him just how much I loved him. I debated with my inner fears for a couple of days before deciding that I would give him the thing that I had been denying him. I would make his fantasy come true.

Valentine’s Day arrived and I was a nervous mess. I sent him a text that morning telling him to meet me at the hotel where we had first had sex. I gave him the details and told him it was a surprise.

That morning I took longer than usual getting ready for the day. I carefully shaved and made sure my pussy was silky smooth. I lathered on my favorite lotion and out perfume on the nape of my neck, my wrists, and a drop between my breasts. I curled my auburn hair and tied it so it hung loosely over my shoulder. I slipped into my favorite black thigh high tights, my black lace garter belt and matching bra, bostancı escort my black four inch heels, and my little black dress that had a slit up my thigh, clung to my curves, and showed off my milky white shoulders.

I framed my emerald green eyes with a smoky shadow, smoldering black eyeliner, and full lashes. I painted my lips with a just bitten pink lipgloss and after a quick twirl in front of the mirror I nodded my approval to myself as I left for work.

The hours passed slowly and the anticipation built. By the time my lunch break finally arrived my pussy was so wet I was sure it was noticeable to anyone I passed.

I arrived at the hotel right after Clinton and nervously made my way to the room. I knocked timidly but all my fears were erased when Clinton opened the door. He took my hand and pulled me into the room, pushing me against the door and kissing me deeply. All my misgivings were forgotten.

I knew what he wanted so before he took over I pushed him away and took on my most seductive and authoritative voice.

“Get on your fucking knees you little sissy boy.” The look of lust that clouded his eyes as he kneeled before me made my pussy even wetter.

“Yes ma’am!” He looked up at me with his deep chocolate brown eyes. I wrapped my fingers in his hair and pulled his face towards me.

“Eat me out like the good slut boy you are!”

Clinton moaned as he pushed the slit of my dress apart to reveal my bare pussy framed by the garter belt. He leaned in and blew gently on my sensitive clit before lifting my leg over his shoulder and placing kisses up the inside of my thighs.

“Stop teasing me and eat me out,” I demanded as I grabbed him roughly and brought his face to my pussy. He moved his mouth to my pussy and started licking it all over. I pushed against his warm mouth. He took the hint and began to nibble on my clit. I continued to grind into his face, holding his head firmly then with more force he thrust his tongue into my wet pussy, fucking me with his tongue in long, fast thrusts. I began to build speed as I ground my pussy against his face. I began to moan loudly as I came on his fatih escort tongue, whimpering as he sucked my juices from my pussy.

He smiled up at me, his face shiny with my juices. “What do you say to me for that treat Cockboy?”

“Thank you Mistress!”

I smiled at Clinton. I could see his cock was standing at full attention in his pants. I pulled them down allowing it to spring free and lifted his shirt off.

“What do you want sissy boy?”

“I want you to fuck my ass Mistress! Please!” The pleasing in his voice was sexy as hell. I lifted my dress up and tossed it aside. I grabbed my purse and smiled wickedly at him as I presented him with my surprise… A long, thick strap on. I could see his cock throb as I took it out of the packaging. I removed my garter belt and slipped on the strap on.

His breathing was heavy as I pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed.

“You better get it nice and wet because that’s the only lubrication you are going to get while I fuck your slutty little ass.”

He laid down on his stomach, starring directly at the large strap on.

“Suck it bitch!”

He reached his head forward and sucked the strap on into his mouth. I shuffled forward, forcing his throat open and pushing the strap on into his mouth all the way to the base. I began pounding the strap on into his throat as I smiled at Clinton. He was gagging and slurping noisily on the strap on. He was orally impaled on the strap on and seeing it stuffed down his throat was the biggest turn on of my life. I pulled the strap on from his mouth with a smile on my lips.

“Bend over and spread those cheeks for me!”

“Yes ma’am.” Clinton did as he was told and I couldn’t help myself as I leaned forward and began eating out his ass, nuzzling my nose in his crack as I darted my tongue into his ass, moaning as I did so. He groaned and it was all I could do to stop.

I stuck my finger in his mouth making him get it nice and wet. I stood back and positioned my finger at his hole and began to push in, finger fucking him. Once I got all the way down to my knuckle I stopped and wiggled my finger around. I removed my bağcılar escort finger from his ass and brought it back around to his mouth making him taste his ass on my finger. I slid another finger in making him get them both wet. Then I quickly moved them back to his hole, pushing them bout into him as he squeaked in pain.

“Prop your ass up on the headboard!”

Clinton obeyed. His ass was on display for me. His rock hard cock was pointing up at his face. I positioned the strap on for entry. I began to apply pressure, slowly spreading his hole apart, forcing him to accommodate to the massive intruder. He cried out in pain but I didn’t stop. I increased the pressure on his hole sliding it in further. I kept going, applying steady pressure until the entire length of the strap on was buried in his ass.

“Good boy! You are the perfect cock slut! You took it all without crying! You were born to be my cock boy!”

Clinton moaned as the strap on pressed against his prostate. “Oh God Mistress! I love being your cock whore! I’ve never felt anything so fucking good in all my life!”

I drove the strap on down into his ass, thrusting it hate and fast into his ass as he moaned and begged for more. I reached down and began to stroke his cock furiously as I pounded his hole.

“Oh fuck Mistress! I’m going to cum! Oh god! Please let me cum!” He begged.

“Open your mouth and cum for me slut!”

In just a few short strokes his cock erupted. His cum rained down on his chest, his face, and into his mouth. As the last spurt of cum shot from his cock I rammed the strap on into his ass as hard as I could before pulling out with an audible pop.

“Scoop that cum into your mouth slut!”

Clinton wiped each drop of cum from his chest and face and held it in his mouth.

“Kiss me!”

He sat up and slowly slid his tongue into my mouth, sharing his cum with me in a sticky, sloppy wet passionate kiss.

“Mmmm! Good boy!”

I kneeled between his legs and sucked his cock clean.

“Oh God! Thank you Mistress!”

Clinton pulled me up to him and cradled me in his strong arms. We stayed like that, enjoying the feeling of contentment and satisfaction for awhile. I felt like a new woman and I knew our relationship was never going to be the same. I knew deep down that it would be better than either of us had ever dreamed.

“I love you Lydia,” Clinton whispered in my ear.

“I love you too! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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