A Holiday Wish. . .

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Double Penetration

Stormy sat listening to the Christmas Carols on the radio as she sipped hot cocoa, in a few days her family would be there to celebrate Christmas. She watched the new guy who just moved into town walking down the side walk, actually. More like slipping and falling on the ice. Stormy could not help but to laugh at the tall lanky young man in his middle thirties with short brown hair and brown eyes. Finally after twenty more falls he made it to the café’ sitting across from Stormy’s table.

“Not use to the ice-covered side walks are we?” She asked trying to start up a conversation with her new neighbor.

“Spare me. Any idle chatter Miss.” He snapped at Stormy whose brown eyes showed the humiliation he sent through her body.

She pushed her long brown hair from her face as she cleared her throat. * Excuse me Mr. Grump and may you fall even harder on your ass jerk* She thought to herself.

“Sorry for bothering you.” She told him and looked down into her cup.

That night Stormy dressed in a red santa’s dress, and grabbed her coat and skates as she hurried out of her apartment and ran down the hall to catch the elevator. She turned the corner and did not see the young man who snapped at her earlier turning the corner at the same time and they collided knocking each other down on their tushes. She looked at him with such shock until she realized it was Mr. Grumpy.

” Gee do you walk much?” She asked picking herself up.

“Me? You were the one running kadıköy escort through here like a wild Indian.” He snapped.

“I think you need prune juice because you’re so unpleasant.” She told him standing over him as he tried to get up.

“You young lady, need to be spanked.” He snapped as he tried to get up off the floor.

“Excuse me? I am thirty years old. I’ll have you know.” She said watching him fumbling with his brief case.

“Then grow up!” he yelled at her as he stormed off.

Stormy could not get Mr. Grumpy off her mind as she ice skated with the others and could not believe it when she saw him on the ice with her friend Tommy from work. They were skating her way and Mr. Grumpy’s face became tortured at the sight of her.

“Tommy you’re late. ” She said trying to ignore his friend.

“Sorry sweety Cliff had a run in with one of our neighbors.” He told her laughing.

“She is the half wit I was referring too.” Cliff told Tommy.

“Oh please get over Your self will you?” Stormy told him as she skated away holding Tommy’s hand.

“I think you two are really going to hit it off.” He said laughing rolling his eyes and trying to catch his balance.

Later that night the three friends walked through the winter wonderland decorated with lights and Christmas decorations. Tommy got a call on his cell phone and suddenly had to leave. Stormy wanted to die as much as Cliff when he left the two alone. üsküdar escort They were silent as they walked along the path when Stormy came up on snow angels someone had made in the snow.

“Have you ever made a snow angel?” She asked him in a child like whisper.

” Goodness no.” He snapped at her.

How can he be a friend of Tommy’s she asked herself.”It’s really fun.” She said laying down on her back and she began moving her arms and legs up and down.

” I think not. You look ridiculous.” He said walking away.

Stormy had just about enough of Grumpy Grinch and pelted him with a snow ball in the back of his head. He turned looking at her with bulging eyes. She looked at him with an ear to ear grin.

“Damn that felt great.” She said with a slight giggle.

“This is war!” he yelled and grabbed a hand full of snow.

Stormy turned her back then wiggled her ass as she began running through the snow dropping her skates from her shoulders. He began to chase her, pelting her with snow balls. She ran and ran through the snow men and Christmas figurines as he kept a close chase on her. Stormy was beginning to laugh and did not see the tree branch that caused her to fall on her face in the snow. Cliff caught up in the moment of play tackled her and smashed the frozen snow ball into her face as they tumbled around in the glistening snow, forgetting how cold it was. Once they stopped rolling around Cliff was on top of Stormy tuzla escort and began to kiss her, she returned his hungry kisses and welcomed his roaming hands over her body that craved his touch as much as his kisses. His tongue licked her lips softly and entered her mouth slowly feeling how she so naturally began sucking on his quivering tongue and how his erection was throbbing between her thighs wanting to escape his pants.

Their heavy breathing looked as if a raging smoke storm was beginning as his hand was on her nylon-covered thigh that moved up under her dress and to the wet spot between those gorgeous thick thighs of hers. His hand roamed up to the waist band of her Nylon tights and he ripped them so he could free her now glistening pussy that his cock had to have right there and then. Her hands were busy releasing him from his pants, and before they actually were aware of what was happening he had her legs over his shoulders. His cock rammed her pussy hard and kept ramming it over and over going deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Her pussy throbbed with the desire of taking his hard raging cock into her saturated pussy that dripped with her own hot juices and covered his hard thick cock in it. Her pussy walls throbbed on his cock as her clit swelled oozing her thick creamy white juice from it until

Their juices exploded together and their eyes rolled back into their heads. Stormy’s fingers sank into his back covered with his shirt while he sucked on her neck squeezing her plump ass cheeks as their moans mixed into the glistening nights air.

The next morning they met in the hall way on their way to the café’ not a word was said as they waited at the elevator hand in hand with satisfied smiles on their faces.

A Holidays wishes to all.

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