A Governess for Two 20-Somethings Ch. 03

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This story includes mention of bodily functions, so if that offends you, do not proceed. All characters are well over 18.


Samantha Harris left her office late and wanted to get home in time for dinner. Life had been proceeding quite well so far as she was concerned since she had hired Grace Vincent to serve as governess for her two children who had returned to live at home. Dianne and Jason, both in their 20s, had low-paying jobs so they had been subjected by their mother to being ruled at home by the 35-year-old Grace.

Both of the 20-somethings had been disciplined in rather embarrassing ways by their new governess and both now understood that they needed to follow her rules if they wished to avoid further doses of her thin cane.

Samantha was in a hurry and she quickly jumped into her cute little Mazda MX5 and moved out of her parking space at the prestigious institution where she was a senior manager. But she took the turn out of the lot a bit too quickly and in so doing, knocked off her mirror assembly and also bent the side gate.

She knew that she would have to report the gate matter to her office and there would be consequences, mainly a significant sum would doubtless be deducted from her pay check to repair the gate. But she was not at all happy about the mirror assembly which would be quite expensive, she was sure.

Entering her home, she was clearly distraught. She first ran into Grace, who noticed that her employer was unhappy about something so asked, “Samantha, has something happened that upset you?”

Samantha hesitated but then told the governess she employed what had happened. Grace smiled understandingly but then added, “You may decide that under these circumstances you might well agree that you should be subjected to the discipline imposed on your children when they misbehave.”

The 45-year-old divorcee blanched at the suggestion but merely nodded to Grace and then pressed on to her bedroom, where she hurriedly changed out of her business clothing and before putting on something far less formal, stopped quickly in her private bathroom to relieve herself. Sitting on the toilet as her bladder gushed out the contents that had been straining for release, Samantha realized that forgetting to pee at the office before she left was another reason why she was in such a hurry and did not drive as carefully as she should have.

She began to think that she really had behaved badly and that accordingly, Grace had the right idea about disciplining her even though Samantha knew that this probably would fire up Grace’s ego immensely were Samantha willing to allow her employee to put her through her paces. In a strange way, though, she felt she needed to be embarrassed as she would be in front of her children, much less Grace.

She was spending longer on the toilet than usual because she soon felt the impending need to defecate as well as urinate. Finally she managed to excrete a small piece, pulled up her panties, canlı bahis and changed into a light blouse and skirt for dinner.

As she changed, Samantha thought more about what might happen next. She realized that she was getting wet just thinking about the younger strict woman making her bare her bottom or even worse, making her bend over and then pulling down her panties. Dianne and Jason would see everything, even the hair between her pussy and bottom-hole which she found embarrassing for anyone to see. And if she took the spanking badly—probably a caning too, she horridly realized—it would be difficult for her to assert her authority over them again.

Finally, dressed in more comfortable clothes, she got ready to go down for dinner. Her stomach was now queasy with the thought that she would be punished, just like it was at home when her mother told her she would be spanked later on.

At the dinner table, Dianne and Jason were complaining as they usually did about the demands put on them by their low-paying jobs. They were clearly envious of their mother, who had a really highly compensated position and even Grace, who was a teacher during the day and earned enough to keep her in good shape, not counting what she made for serving as their governess after school and on weekends.

Dinner proceeded as usual, and everyone but Samantha seemed to be in a better mood. The weekend was on them and both Dianne and Jason had plans. Grace too was involved with a young man. Samantha had been dating now and then since her divorce and had a few good men friends with whom she enjoyed spending time and even whole weekends.

After they had started dining, Samantha nodded to Grace indicating that the governess’s suggestion was acceptable. Grace smiled and was inwardly delighted at the opportunity she would now get to discipline her employer, a well-placed woman who was more than ten years her senior.

“Dianne and Jason, I wanted to say in front of your mother that I’ve been quite pleased with your behavior this week,” Grace stated. “However,” she went on quickly, “your mother has told me about something she just experienced that will result in her being disciplined.” With that sentence unleashing a torrent of anticipation in Dianne and Jason, and now well-justified fear on the part of Samantha, Grace turned to her employer.

“Yes, Grace,” Samantha said simply, “I behaved badly today.” She proceeded to relate to her surprised progeny how she had been in a hurry and damaged both her car and the company’s lot. Then she looked over at Grace and concluded, “I hope you will discipline me appropriately for my misbehavior, Miss.”

Before the shocked two children, Grace rose and with her index finger beckoned Samantha to follow her. When the august Samantha was standing in front of her, Grace ordered her curtly to lift her skirt above her waist. Samantha seemed in a fog but complied with Grace’s instruction and was then directed to bend over the side table and grasp the bahis siteleri other side of it.

Samantha has a large frame, and her prominent bottom, still encased in her shiny white panties, now was the focus of all eyes in the room as she bent over the table. Grace stood behind her employer and put her thumbs in the waistband of the panties and slowly lowered them to Samantha’s knees. Samantha’s broad bottom disclosed to her children that she has definitely entered middle age with the tell-tale wrinkles on her cheeks.

“You will keep your legs far enough apart to keep those panties from falling further,” Grace intoned in her best governess voice.

“Yes, Miss,” Samantha replied in a small voice. When Samantha spread her legs, her children saw her most private place—the dark-brown crinkly hole ringed with short hairs. And they even could see the pouch and slit of her cunt showing through her spread legs.

Now Grace bent to examine the gusset of Samantha’s panties, turning it inside out so she and everyone could view the crotch.

“You apparently were unable to hold your pee until you reached the toilet,” Grace lectured Samantha as all could now see the large yellow stain in the gusset of the white panties.

“I guess, I think I must have peed a little when I had the accident with the car,” Samantha explained with a sob. “I’m sorry for soiling my undies. I hadn’t noticed I had stained them.”

Grace took in the pleading explanation and then pointed to the panty crotch. “It looks like you also didn’t wipe all that well the last time you id Number Two,” she said coolly. “When did that occur?”

Now Samantha blushed deeply and said, “I went to the bathroom just before dinner. I suppose I was upset and didn’t bother to wipe myself the way I normally would.”

She now felt totally humiliated. But Grace had not ended her inquiry.

“Perhaps we will need to accompany you to the toilet in the future to make sure you wipe properly,” she suggested in a very condescending voice. “These panties look like they had been worn by a careless young girl, not a mother of two grown children.”

Now Grace pointed to the shelf near the dining table on which she had placed a small child’s potty.

“For the next day, Samantha, you will be using this potty to do your business,” she declared. “When you need to go, you will come to me and tell me whether you need to wee-wee or plop-plop, using those words.”

Now Samantha began to cry, realizing that she had provided Grace with a major opportunity to lord it over her but that it was too late to stop this train.

Grace sat down on an armless chair and told Samantha to leave her panties down and come get over her lap. Dianne and Jason watched in amazement as their imperious mother quietly put her bare bottom across the young governess’s skirted lap.

Grace now began to spank Samantha, alternating cheeks and occasionally embarrassing Samantha greatly by running her finger through the furrow between bahis şirketleri Samantha’s legs and commenting on her wetness there.

After Samantha’s bottom had become quite red, she was ordered to go back to bending over the table with her legs apart. She duly followed the instruction.

Grace retrieved her small thin cane from her handbag and laid it across Samantha’s commodious bottom. The governess took her time drawing back the cane, flicking her wrist and laying down a neat stroke that drew a scream from Samantha. Five more strokes produced the stripes that now lined Samantha’s bottom.

Finally, she allowed Samantha to stand but directed her to hand over the soiled panties. Samantha reached down and complied with this most humiliating order.

Grace once again inspected them and said, “You will go without panties for the next day as well as request permission to use the potty. I’m surprised a girl of your age isn’t yet properly toilet trained.”

Finally, Samantha was permitted to let her skirt down and return to the table. Dinner proceeded without further interruption.

That night when a bruised and exhausted Samantha finally was able to undress for bed in her own bedroom, she put on her pajamas and thought about the events that had occurred. She realized as she quietly stroked her clit and slit that she needed what Grace had provided. She had been careless and engaged in just the kind of behavior that she hated to see in her children.

Then she heard a knock on the door. She stopped playing with herself and said calmly, “Come in.”

It was Grace, who was also in her pj’s and had a worried look on her face.

“Ms. Harris,” Grace began, “I hope I wasn’t out of line tonight. You did respond to my suggestion that I discipline you, so I tried to do that in a way that would provide what you seemed to be saying you needed.”

“Oh, Grace,” Samantha said with a smile, “you were wonderful and I hope it made an impression on Dianne and Jason. I did need that and I may indeed need it again. But would you be nice enough to come in here with me and make me feel better after that ordeal?”

Grace responded with a grin, as she had no objection to same-sex playing and she crawled under the covers and held Samantha in her arms.

“I’m so sorry I had to punish you so severely, sweetie,” she said calmly, “but you were naughty today and you actually told me you probably needed that kind of disciplining.”

“I was a naughty girl and I did need it, Grace,” Samantha replied, “and thank you for correcting me so…correctly. Now hold me tight, yes just like that.”

Samantha sensed that Grace liked this kind of thing so she lightly began to massage Grace’s breasts under her pajama top.

“Oh that feels good, Ms. Harris,” Grace cooed.

“You may call me Samantha,” Samantha answered, “and you can also touch me down there, you know, and make me feel better.”

Grace reached under Samantha’s pj bottoms and ran her fingertips around the older woman’s engorged labia before dabbing her finger on the very tip of the aroused clit.

“Ooh, that’s just right,” Samantha managed to say, as she felt Grace’s probing finger slip into her wet vagina.

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