A Genius at Work

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By the time they had gotten back to her apartment the sun was starting to rise. Kalish had taken Carla out for a long night. There had been drinking and plenty dancing and now the Carla felt sexy. She was a small blonde and firm and her body looked good while she danced. Kalish didn’t seem to notice that though…

“Didn’t I look beautiful?” she asked him.

He wanted to say no. He wanted to ask her to pay him back for all those drinks he had bought. He wanted to leave, go home and make a sandwich. A peanut butter sandwich, with no jelly and the crusts cut off. But he was too practical. He hated wasting things. (When he peed he didn’t flush. Why waste the water?) He was in a bank. There was money. All he needed to give was his normal gun power.

He pulled out his dick which was still soft but hung down looking thick and strong.

“Open your register!” he told her.

“Your so cute,” she said. “I’m so turned on by you.”

“Of course you are,” he said.

She licked her hand then started rubbing his penis.

“Quality.” Kalish said.

And the girls started to blush thinking Kalish was referring to her hands. Kalish could tell that she had misunderstood him. This happened often. Still, he didn’t bother to istanbul escort correct her. Rich girls heard what they wanted to. Let them romance themselves, he thought. She likes it for all the wrong reasons. She likes that I make king amounts of money off graphic design. She likes that I’m young and successful and responsible. She wants me to throw diamonds at her pussy. Its tragic. She’s too distracted to appreciate the real good, even when it is in her hands. It’s wasteful. Fuck, I’m going to have to give it full power steam engine. I wish I could tare the walls of this place down. Tare down those cheaply framed copies of the New Yorker. I wish I could tare it down. Show her what good is. Give her a second chance. But lightning only strikes once—and that’s if you are lucky. Oh man— Kalish’s at work in a hopeless world. If aliens came down and offered me a ride I would take it. Say ‘sorry mom and dad, but I have to go.’ But that’s all kiddy stuff. Gotta man-up. Stick it in the hole. Got to get back to work. Forget about my hopes for the future.

He grabbed the ass with his large hands. He ripped her clothing off then probed with his tongue. She was clean—Showered avcılar escort four times a day. Never let her pussy smell like a pussy, or her ass smell like an ass. Kalish liked things clean. He kept licking her. The girl moaned. She felt like a pot of soup getting spices mixed into her. He dug in with his dick. It was the size of a butter knife but he used it like broad sword. He scooped the life out of her. And he was focused, mindful, almost Buddhist about the whole thing.

“Oh daddy!” she yelled.

He pulled it out and let her suck on it. As usual it was more visually pleasing to him to see his dick get sucked than it was physically pleasurable.

She worked hard at it—Grabbed it with her tiny hands, Smacked it against her face. She liked it. It was a good dick. A descent size. And circumcised. She didn’t like it uncut( though it made it easier to work with the hands). It made men look like farm animals. She didn’t like that. It seemed to obedient. Like it was just sitting there, tamed, waiting to get milked. Circumcised dicks looked futuristic to her. It represented scientific achievement. She was an upwardly mobile girl. She was living in New York, she was going to law school. She didn’t şirinevler escort do all this work to suck on the ding-dong of a farm animal. No, she had been working hard so that one day she would meet a man like Kalish.

She liked Kalish’s circumcised gizmo. She even liked to gag on it a little bit. And she was sure he liked it too. So she kept slamming down on it, not realizing that the back of her throat hurt the head of his penis just as any hard surface would.

Kalish grabbed her by the back of the hair and pulled her off his cock. She was wide-eyed, looking like she had been hypnotized by the thing.

He smacked her…

“Get a hold of yourself!” he yelled.

He could hear the roommate moving in the next room. Instead of being courteous he went at her with brutal thrusts making it so she made plenty of noise. Sex was the one time when Kalish let himself be rude. All manners tossed in the hole—smashed into the pussy—obliterated, void, deleted, smeared with white out.

When he was done he pulled out and shot onto her back. It dripped slowly.

“There is so much of it!” she said. “You cover me with so much cum!”

“Its half a beer cans worth,” he told her.

(And again he felt like he should be reimbursed. )

At this point it was fully morning. People were just starting to head to work. The work never stops, he thought. Then he thought about his first job. He worked the register at the local five and dime. He worked for five bucks an hour and the boss loved him. Kalish did incredible work. Always. Even if the pay was minimal.

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