A Curious Liberty

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No portion of this work may be reproduced for sale or profit without the express, written permission of the author. But you can give it to your over 18 friends for free!

This is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

This is an erotic story between consenting adults over the age of 18. If this will offend you please do not continue reading.


They were walking back across the carpark away from the roadside cafe.

Bluntly Mark began; “Why didn’t you want to bump into that guy?”

“I just didn’t,” Susanna replied. “We were friends in primary school, I don’t want to know him now, I’ve moved on.”

“At 25 I’d hope so. What’s so bad about friends from primary school?

“Nothing, We used to play ponies together, its weird seeing him now.”

The conversation broke as they reached the car, Mark clicking the remote as he got into the drivers seat. They sat in silence for a second before he turned the key and eased the car out of the carpark and back onto the highway. The silence continued until the car had settled into cruse control.

“Play ponies?”

“Yeah, play ponies. Didn’t you ever play, you know, Action Man or something?”

“Yeah, we ran around the house as super heroes. I was always Spider Man. But it doesn’t bother me now. When I run into a friend from primary school I can look him in they eye. I’m not ashamed of myself or anything.”

“I’m not ashamed. I’m just embarrassed. We played ponies together, meeting him now is just weird, I feel silly.” She looked down, blushing a little under the eyes.

“Weren’t you just being kids. How do you play my little pony anyway?”

“Well you know — you just run around on all fours, and neigh and stuff. Really kid stuff, it just embarrasses me now.”

She trailed back into silence, Mark watching the road, Susanna looking down and away at the speaker set into the car door. Her brown hair flowed down over her shoulder and onto her floral print dress, hiding her face from him.

Turning to face him as she did so she said quietly, “I used to really like ponies when I was a kid,” He glanced from the road, catching her childishly naughty smile.

“There is something liberating about being a pony. You do what you want, you don’t have to meet social standards. You’re not expected to behave like a good little girl. You can just do what you want”

He laughed. “Honey, you can be a pony any time you like.”

Mark opened the car door, stood up and stretched, talking a long yawn which ended in a sudden exhale. Leaning on the door he surveyed the road ahead, warm morning sunshine giving it a silver gleam as it cut though the lush farmland. Susanna opened her door as well, popping her black stockinged legs out and crunching illegal bahis her shoes into the gravel road edge. They waited, relaxed.

Drawing her words out in a mock whine, Susanna broke the moment: “Its just too beautiful a day to be stuck driving.”

Mark turned, wagging a finger as he spoke, “I didn’t ask to drive four hours to spend the weekend with my mother in law. Not this guy.”

Picking up a handful of gravel she slowly began dropping stones one at a time to form a small pyramid at her feet. Mark ambled around the back of the car to the fence separating road and pasture. Her pile grew bigger while he unzipped and watered the grass beyond.

He finished, but still with his back to her called out; “Do you think that’s wisteria growing up the side of that old barn?”

She raised her eyes to the derelict building which stood alone in paddock.

“You and your damn flowers.”

He moved back to the car as she stood up and stretched – hands interlaced above her head and breasts pushed out against her dress. She gave a coquettish tilt to her head. “I’ll race you to your wisteria.”

For a second they held each others gaze across the car. He closed his door. She slammed hers and bolted for the fence, laughing. Her crossing was less than graceful. She struggled, laughing, half straddling, half rolling over the top wire. Across, she began to pick her way as quickly as she could the hundred or so meters to the barn, her slightly healed shoes sinking a little into the soft ground. He was more restrained, stepping over the fence and breaking into a slow jog twenty meters behind her.

Reaching the barn first she ducked out of sight around the open wall, before turning an peering back at him around the corner, just two glittering eyes and a grin, her hair falling over most of her face.

In a sing song voice she called back, “I beat – you!”

He slowed to a walk as he approached. Like a cat trying to look innocent she clasped her hands behind her back and stepped out to stand in front of the purple blossoms that coiled their way up the corner of the building.

“You know its not a barn. Its a stable.” She grinned.

He laughed, “so nou going to show me how to play ponies?”

She looked at him sideways and gently bit her lower lip, “Maybe.” She took a few steps forward onto the soft grass.

“How do you play?”

She she slowly got down on her hands an knees. Crawling towards him she kept her gaze on his face. He couldn’t help but turn his head and laugh. He glanced back at the road where car passed in a rising then lowering hum.

“Aren’t you going to play.”

He smiled in embarrassment, casting another glance at the road and then at the deserted field.

“Come on,” he smiled and opened his hands in resignation, “its a bit ridiculous.”

“I’m a pony. I don’t care about social standards.”

He illegal bahis siteleri got down on his knees, then dropping forward onto his hands, felt the soft ground on his palms. Inches apart, she nuzzled him and then after gently biting his nose, leant back. They kissed, gently, then faster as she leant forward, pressing her lips into his, sucking oh his lower lip.

Sideling around beside him so that they were shoulder to shoulder she bit and kissed his neck, then took to nibbling and sucking on his ear lobe. She gently head butted him under the arm, quietly snorting.

He couldn’t help laughing but almost choked when she grabbed his shirt between her teeth and tugged it out from his belt.

“Hey, come on!”

She ignored him, giving him a nip on his exposed belly.

“Ah!” He was still smiling, glancing back towards the road. “Sombody will see us.”

“Ponies don’t care who’s watching.”

They stared at each other. From this vantage point Mark could see straight to Susanna’s breasts, temptingly hanging loose in her dress. He leaned forward to kiss the top of them as she nuzzled into his soft, curly hair. He continued down, pushing her bra our of the way with his nose and sucking her pink, flushed nipple into his mouth. He sucked, squeezing it between his lips, then biting it softly. She breathed onto the back of his neck before nipping it. He filled his mouth with her breast, swirling his tongue around and then flicking her hardened nipple. She let out a soft moan into his curls.

“Now you’re being a good boy pony.”

Pulling back a little she she ducked underneath him and using her mouth undid his fly. Leaning on the elbow of her other arm she had to use her hand to free him from his underwear. His member was swollen, jutting downward hard and erect; he could feel her breath on its head. She licked upwards to take a drop of pre-cum which had formed on the tip. Then she took him in her mouth, her gaze drifting out beneath him over the fields and towards their car. She moved up and down, sucking harder on the up strokes, still watching the vista. He forgot all about the approaching-then-receding buzz passing traffic.

As she sucked him she could feel him expand, and tense, but she didn’t let him cum. Instead she moved to his balls, taking both gently into her mouth. She massaged them with her tongue, rolling his scrotum in a gentle circle, the hairs ticking the inside of her cheeks. With a sucking pop she let them go.

Mark was blindly excited now. He crawled behind her, bending his neck down to get under the folds of her dress. An amber light shone though the floral pattern onto her white cheeks, her pink underwear framing them as soft and shapely ovals. He pressed his face into her warm, damp crouch, smelling her musky scent. Carefully biting just her underwear he pulled backwards and dragged them over her black stockings canlı bahis siteleri and shoes, dropping them onto the grass. Back under her skirt he was struck with that sweet fragrance. He began his meal on her bare outer labia, craning his neck to lick from bottom to top. He couldn’t help but suck her inner lips into his mouth, tasting her wetness. She pressed back into him, grinding his face into her. He his tongue travelled down to circle her clit, making her gasp and sigh. Sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with is tongue she began to quiver slightly. Flushed and panting she looked out over the field as yet another car passed. With Marks face buried in her cunt she rocked backward and forward on all fours, her breasts swinging and heaving from her moans. Being shaken by a powerful convulsion her arms buckled, bowing her head as she rested on on her elbows. Before she could get closer to orgasm he pulled his lips from her clit and withdrew from under her dress.

With half dazed eyes she looked back at him, pushing herself back onto her hands, mud smeared up her elbows. He bunched up her dress and mounted her, his muddied hands pressing into her lower back, curving her hips towards him. His cock nudged the wetness of her bald slit, gently moving up and down the opening, becoming slick with her juices. Enjoying the softness and the heat he pushed in slowly and deeply. He could feel the suction of her soaking pussy as he withdrew, her body clinging to him. He returned, deeper but still slow, a sense of increasable fullness moving up her body with his thrust until she could feel him pressing firmly against those soft white ovals of her rear. He drew himself up, pushing that little bit deeper inside her until he could feel the wetness of her bald labia resting against his scrotum.

Very slowly he began to fuck her. In and out, his rhythm matched by her panting. She began to gasp and then to moan, lost in her pleasure. His hands moved forward to her breast, gripping them roughly, smearing mud on her dress. He could feel the pressure building at the head of his cock. The pleasure building, he tried to hold his orgasm back. She began to buck back against him, her pussy contracting in waves, gripping and releasing his member. He couldn’t hold it any longer. With the release of an almost aching pleasure he pumped his cum deep into her body. That was enough to take her over the edge. She collapsed to her elbows, and, in a series of moans that were almost shouts, announced her orgasm to the world. He kept pumping until her moans became shallow breaths, slowly coming to rest pressed against her.

She was brought back by the feeling of their mixed juices running down her inner thigh. He was resting on top of her, still inside. As he withdrew and lay beside her another trickle escaped, staining her stockinged legs.

Nestled against her and looking up at the blue sky Mark let a slow half sigh half chuckle.

“So now I know why you’re embarrassed about playing ponies with that guy.”

She turned her head to look at him, and her red lips, still bright from arousal, curled into her childishly naughty smile.

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