A College Boyfriend Draft

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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


Chapter 1 – An Unusual Invitation

The following invitation arrived in many student mailboxes the day school started:

To: All University Football Players, Cheerleaders, and selected Hot Beautiful Women on Campus

Re: A night of sex followed by a boyfriend draft

When: First Sunday after the teams 1st game, 7:00 PM

Where: Indoor football practice facility, past the practice fields

You have been formally invited to attend a night of sex and a boyfriend draft. The willing women that want to participate in the draft will be divided as evenly as possible into 8 sections.


1. Fucking – Women will lay on the floor in missionary position and get fucked by any male that is at the event (2.5 minutes per turn)

2. Ass fucking – Women will be bent over a few pillows and get fucked in the ass by any male at the event (2.5 minutes per turn)

3. Tit mauling – Women will stand up and allow guys to do anything they want to your tits

4. More fucking – Women will assume doggie position and get fucked by any male that is at the event (2.5 minutes per turn)

5. Blowjobs – Women will kneel on pillows giving blowjobs to any male at the event

6. Eating carpet – Women sit on the floor and allow any male at the event to eat your pussy

7. More fucking – Women will fuck cowgirl style with any male that is at the event (2.5 minutes per turn)

8. Lesbians – Women have sex with each other, men watch


1. All males at the event must wear a condom to participate in sections


, , and

2. No abuse of the women at any time.

3. Come clean and smelling good.

4. Do not drink before or during the event, do not smell like alcohol.

5. Males may only perform sex acts as designated in each area. Example, only fuck women in Section


6. Failure to follow the rules will result in being expelled from the event.

Event Explanation

The evening starts with all women taking a numbered hat and wearing it for the evening. Then all women will strip at the same time. Women will then proceed to their numbered station in the 8 sections. Music will play for five minutes; the males may perform the designated sex act at each of the 8 sections. Some sections have time limits to keep the lines moving.

When the music ends, the women will move to the next slot in their section. If there isn’t one, they go to the first slot of the next section. There will be one round of five minutes for each woman in attendance.

At the end of the night the women line up, the men will go to a website (TBA) on their cell phones, then they will start picking women with their favorite first till none are left. Pick the women based on the number on their hat. Example, if you think woman was the best and hottest woman at the event, pick first. If

7, was the second best, pick

7 second.

Men have 15 minutes to vote. The system will flip a coin on all ties. The woman voted the best gets the first pick of the “Draft”. The second highest drafts second, and so on.

When a woman is drafting, she gets to pick any undrafted male that participated in the event to be her permanent boyfriend until graduation. The women will be available for sex at least once a day for 2 hours.

The men will have sex with no other partners, they are exclusive to the woman that drafted them. If a woman is unfaithful or is not available for sex she will be subject to a team gangbang or be kicked from cheerleading and never allowed to date a football player.

If a man is unfaithful or hurts a woman, he will be banned from all women in the club and can quit the team or face being beaten up to the woman’s satisfaction. All women will suspend sexual favors until the sentence has been carried out. Women may trade boyfriends but must register the trade at a website (TBA).

Note to women: Our football team is great and in the toughest football conference. Many players will play professional football. Now is a great time to show them why they should marry you. You keep them happy until graduation and maybe they will make you happy for the rest of your life.

Know your players and their prospects for a professional career. If nothing else, pick one that is a good fuck, at least you will have a smile for a long time and he won’t cheat on you. DO NOT COME AS A VIRGIN! You are going to get fucked silly. Find someone to pop your cherry and have sex at least once a day the prior week.

Chapter 2 – Waking up with Jan

My name is Mike. I am a Freshman field goal kicker on a full scholarship to our state college. For a kicker, I am a big guy, about 6′ 4″, 275 lbs., and in awesome shape. I work out with the football team canlı bahis şirketleri and do cardio with the wrestling team in the afternoon. I played every sport in high school but now it’s just football and mostly I sit on the sidelines waiting for the special teams to practice.

Life as a kicker in college isn’t very exciting. There isn’t much to do, nobody thinks of us as athletes, and if we miss a kick, the end of the world is on us. We make the kick and it’s no big deal, we were supposed to. Upperclassmen play, underclassmen get beat up in practice. Practices are long and boring. Hot in the summer and cold in the winter. If it wasn’t for the scholarship paying for everything, I wouldn’t bother.

I have short sandy brown hair, deep blue eyes, small ass, and a face that women like. I think I am average, but women say I am cute. I would rather be manly or rugged, but I guess it’s better than ugly. Either way, getting dates is never an issue for me.

I just moved in with my sister who is a year older than me. My parents are both successful but divorced long ago. Our mother bought the condo knowing we would get five years use. Yesterday, my dad and I moved my stuff into the second bedroom. It’s small but nice enough. Dad bought some furniture, I now have a queen size bed, dresser, computer stand, and we added two chairs, a sofa sleeper, a bookcase, and a new TV stand for the living room.

The place is nice. It’s small but it works, and my parents can afford it. My sister never showed up to help. With dad in bad health and going out of the country tomorrow, I did most of the moving. I was dead tired from moving and never heard my sister come home.

After a nice sleep, I have a great dream waking up. I am imagining being ridden by my ex-girlfriend. We broke up right before I moved here. It wasn’t unusual to have morning wood, happens every day.

What doesn’t happen is waking up to my sister Jan straddling my waist looking down at me, three inches from my face and saying, “Wake up sleepy head.”

As my eyes slowly clear, I can see Jan looking down at me with a smile on her face. Jan is 6′ tall with broad shoulders, a nice curve to her waist and then it flares out a bit giving her a top-heavy hourglass shape. She has long light brown hair that’s thick. She keeps it in a single ponytail which I like a lot. She has brown eyes and a killer smile. Your average girl-next-door hottie.

She never dated in high school, never cared for it. School was more important to her. She always wore long sleeve blouses, baggy jeans, and gym shoes that were dark, nothing made her stand out. Even her personality was boring. She never got in trouble, always did her homework and was quiet. She reads a lot and has almost no friends other than me.

We still email each other a lot. To me, she wasn’t cute, good-looking, or even a girl, she was just that thing that talked to me occasionally. I didn’t see her much after the divorce because Jan lived with mom and I lived with dad.

Chapter 3 – Personal Trainer

Like I said, I am waking up and Jan is inches from my face, staring at me. Why is she on my stomach?

I scream at her, “JAN! What the fuck are you doing?”

She smiles and says “Yes.”

I inquire, “Yes? Yes, what?”

Jan giggles, “Yes, I am fucking you.”

I am feeling guilty, nervous, I am going to jail, I am going to hell. What the hell is she doing and why?

I yell at her, “Why in the hell are you fucking me, YOU ARE MY SISTER! Get the fuck off me! Now! Before you get hurt!”

Her reaction is to reach over and pick up two sheets of paper. One has my name on it and one has hers.

She asks me, “Don’t you read your mail?”

Mom and Jan reverted last names after the divorce. It never struck me as odd until now as I see the two different last names.

She hands me my paper and says, “Read! You can read, can’t you?”

She is moving up and down my shaft, and it feels good. I can push her off me, something is wrong with her. It feels good, I let her continue.

I read the invitation and only two words come to mind, “Fuck me.”

Jan answers, “OK,” and starts going faster.

She says, “Read the bottom part closely.”

I re-read it.

Frustrated, I ask, “Ok, what the hell is going on here?”

She smiles nicely at me, “Let me finish first, then I will make breakfast and we will talk.”

I roll her over on to her back and started fucking her hard. She is tighter than any woman I have ever been with. She grips me hard and it feels good. Too good. Two minutes and she is on the verge of an orgasm when I stop.

She yells, “DON’T STOP NOW!”

She really needs it, she looks like she is going to cry, I continue. Afterall, she does feel really good and that taboo line has already been crossed. I can only go to hell once.

About a minute later I announce, “I am going to cum, get on your knees so I can cum on your face. Not going to get my sister pregnant!”

Jan tries to explain, canlı kaçak iddaa “But Mikey…”

I pushed her on the floor as I pull out, point my dick at her, and as I am exploding … I fill a condom inches from her face.

“Fuck me,” I say dejectedly as I sit on my bed.

Her cum and blood are staining my sheets.

I am freaking out now, “What the fuck Jan, were you a virgin?”

Sheepishly she nods yes.

Looking adorable she giggles at me, “I will take care of it, Mikey.”

She slowly rolls the condom off and sucks my dick clean. Then to my utter amazement, she sucks the cum from the used condom. She must have a brain injury. Something is very wrong here.

She blushes as she says, “Ah, delicious” and points me to the shower.

I have just taken my sister’s virginity. She pulls her skirt down and runs to the kitchen. I stand there in disbelief, wondering who this person is. Eventually, I walk into my shower and take a long restful, steamy shower. In the shower, I think, damn, what a weird first morning.

I finish my shower and dress for the day. Walking into our tiny kitchen with a real wood oak table, I am served a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Jan sat down opposite me.

All I can say is, “Why me?”

After a few moments, Jan replies, “My intention was to stick my head in your room, say ‘hi’, and then run off to the bar and get some guy to fuck me. However, I saw that huge cock standing straight up. I know it’s big, I have been researching sex for a while now. My problem is that I am too shy around guys.

“I don’t know how to talk to them. When I saw that monster, and knowing I could get you to do anything for me, you seemed like the perfect person. You won’t take advantage of me or spread rumors. I feel safe with you.”

In a flash, Jan looks at me in horror, “Oh fuck, I just raped you! I raped my baby brother! SHIT!”

She starts to hyperventilate and is crying. She can’t look at me anymore and runs to her bedroom to hide after slamming the door. I hear the loud click of the lock. I sat there in a daze for at least sixty seconds. I finish my breakfast, it was great, I was starving. I worked hard yesterday, and this is just what I needed.

After putting my dishes in the sink, I pick up her uneaten plate and a fork, and walk to her door. I lightly knock on the door. Nothing but crying can be heard. I knock again.

I tease her, “Jan, I made you a yummy breakfast.”

More crying behind a locked door.

Now with a forceful voice, I warn her, “Jan, you can either open this door or you can pay for a new one after I turn it into toothpicks. You know I can.”

She unlocks the door, cracks open the door, and then gets in bed and hides under the covers. I push the door open, it feels weird walking into her world. The bed has a white sheet and light blue bed spread. White walls with posters of almost naked men. I rip the blanket off the bed to see her crying. I get up on the bed and straddle her hips. She is on her back, pouting at me, and has tears in her eyes still.

I feed her like a toddler. Just like a toddler, she won’t open her mouth. I start making baby sounds. I start to tickle her and she smiles. Whack, I shove a mouth full of food in her face. She eats it. The next few she doesn’t fight me.

Warmly I explain, “If you are going to treat me to a virgin fucking, you at least get breakfast in bed.”

She smiles at me. It is much easier now, but I do not let her up.

The loving look is back on her face as she says almost dreamily, “Mikey, you were everything I ever hoped for. Thank you! Your breakfast isn’t bad either. I am sorry for what I did.”

Now that we are past that, I continue feeding her, it helped the mood by me being a bit goofy.

I started my interrogation with, “Ok Jan, what’s going on?”

She starts softly but still spoke, “I have one friend on campus, Linda. This place is so big and nobody knows me. I am invisible, just like high school. Even at parties nobody talks to me so I sit in a corner and watch everyone have a good time. When I saw this invitation, I knew it was the perfect way for me to meet guys, have lots of sex, feel sexy, and get my first client. I want to be a sports agent and I need to win.”

She can see the concern on my face, “You already guessed one of my problems. I was a virgin and I need experience before it starts. I don’t want to wimp out, I want to know what I am doing. I need a teacher.”

She looks down, her smile gone, “You are the only guy I know and yes, I am that desperate. You’re a good-looking guy, Linda saw your picture and I know the girls in high school loved you. I was going to ask but when I saw your cock sticking up I lost control, I pulled down my panties and climbed on for a ride. With different last names, I can pass you off as a fuck-buddy till the draft.”

Now her eyes light up, she is warm and friendly, “Will you teach me how to fuck, suck cock, and win this thing?”

That is a canlı kaçak bahis question that doesn’t come up often. Especially from your cute sister. I would like to say that I said no, that I told her to go away, or that she was crazy.

However, with her cute pouting face, her huge tits, the glow of being well fucked, and thinking with my wrong head, all I could say was “Sure.”

What is the matter with me? There are plenty of women here, why risk it with my sister? However, my cock thought it was an awesome idea.

After a minute of thought, I reply, “If you want to win, we need to make some changes and you will listen to me no matter what I say or make you do. As soon as you say ‘No’, we are done. You understand?”

Without thinking she says, “Yes.”

I smile, “You know, you are basically agreeing to become my slave?”

Again, an immediate “Yes.”

Unexpectedly she has a huge smile on her face.

Now I surprise her by saying, “Let’s go shopping!”

Jan is shocked, “You never want to go shopping, are you feeling ok?”

I stand up and command, “Strip, I want to see what we have to work with.”

She nervously starts to take off her shirt.

I yell, “STOP! Look at yourself, what guy wants a woman that covers herself up. You have a nice body, show the guys. Make them want you. Be SEXY! Now try again and smile!”

This time she smiles, rubs her hands on her body, and then seductively unbuttons her shirt before taking it off.

I praise her, “Much better Jan. You want to take longer than everyone else, you want every guys’ eyes on you exclusively at the end.”

She slowly unzips her skirt, shakes it, and it drops to the floor. She has nice long legs and a slender body. Not bad. She starts to unhook the bra.

Again, I yell, “Stop! Take the straps off your shoulders first, this is a show!”

She takes my directions and while looking at me, delicately uses her fingers to push the thin straps off her shoulders, letting them fall to the side. Then she reaches around back and releases the clasps. Jan holds the bra in-place due to gravity, and with a quick jiggle of her body, allows it to drop on the floor.

Again, I praise her, this time more than a brother should, “Oh my, those tits are huge. Why would you ever hide those beauties? They are marvelous.”

She shrugs her shoulders. They must be at least a 36D. They are a nice creamy color, perky, with pink nipples standing at attention. She slowly pushes down each side of her panties, turns around, lets them get about halfway down, turns back around, and slowly slides a leg closer so the panties fall to the floor. She still has the smile but covers her pussy.

I reprimand her, “Jan, never hide your naughty parts, you are too beautiful, and you want guys craving that view. Tonight, and weekly thereafter, you will shave your pussy bare. No hairs or stubble, I want it smooth. Ok, get dressed and let’s go shopping.”

I drive her up to the mall near our house. It is a large outdoor mall where each store looks like the center part of a village in Europe. I love this mall. I start her at a hair salon. I explain she needs a new hairstyle that is chic yet easy maintenance. We move on to Victoria’s Secret when done.

She tries on many outfits and they left little or nothing to the imagination. Naturally, she is embarrassed about being on display. She must show me each outfit meaning the sales girls and a few customers, mostly women, see her. She blushes often. After enough outfits, she became comfortable. Mission accomplished. She bought several items there and I enjoyed every moment in the store.

We moved on to several stores that cater to young females and I forced her to buy bright colored skirts, short dresses, blouses that show lots of cleavage, and high heel shoes. You know, chic young people clothes. Normally I hate shopping but having Jan try on the clothes, I watched her transform into a whole new person. It is slow, but throughout the day she began to enjoy the “new” Jan and loves it.

After the mall, we drive out to the edge of town. It is a seedy shop, nothing like the beautiful mall we had just left. We are in an adult toy store. I found the saleswoman sleazy, too goth and with an extreme amount of metal on her face for my taste. She was very knowledgeable and helpful though and helps Jan select a butt plug training kit, more condoms, and lots of lube.

After arriving home and hauling in all the purchases, I walk into her room. She smiles looking at her loot. She carefully unboxes the items, folds the items, and then gently lays it in her chest of drawers. On seeing me in the doorway, she sprang at me and hugs me hard into her body. She is near tears.

While hugging me, I give her some new rules, “From now on, when you go out, only wear the clothes we bought today. Let the guys see you. When at home, you will wear no clothes, you will be completely naked always. I want you to get comfortable with being naked and being naked in front of others. I believe this will help you tremendously. You are currently too shy and uncomfortable with being naked. I want you to not even think about it. You will answer the door naked. Lots of guys are going to see you naked, better start getting used to it.”

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