A Big Love

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Big Tits

It was a Saturday night and I was preparing to go out with a group of friends. Among them was Cara, a women I’d been friends with for four years. She’s nineteen and although she has an incredibly beautiful face ­ perfect eyes and a gorgeous smile ­ I’d never been attracted to her simply because she was a ‘larger’ woman. I guess I was more affected by cultural stereotypes than I’d realised. Like a lot of bigger women, she wore baggy clothes that hid her body.

However, that Saturday night she had a bag slung over her shoulder. The strap angled down between her breasts and the weight of the bag meant that her top was pulled tight over the contours of her body. Looking at her that night, I had an epiphany. Lust surged through me as I was transfixed by the sight of her big breasts jutting out.

As we played pool that night, I flirted with her openly. We always had quite a playful relationship, so I made sure she knew something was different. I kept moving my body against hers and eventually she certainly noticed. As the evening drew to a close, I offered her a ride home and she gratefully accepted. When we got to her house, on a quiet street, we parked under a tree and began to talk. After about half an hour of chit-chat, the conversation turned to love, lust and sex. We talked about our recent relationships and the way we both couldn’t seem to find someone decent.

“It’s harder for me though,” she said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Look at me,” she said, a trifle bitterly.

“You’re beautiful, Cara,” I told her.

“Just my face? Or my body too?”

“Well,” I said hesitantly, “I can say your face with certainty. But I’ve only caught glimpses of your body. And I’ve gotta say, those glimpses leave me wanting more.”

“Really?” she said, a touch of color creeping into her face.

I told her about how I’d felt when I’d seen her top stretched over her body, the instant rush of desire that had overwhelmed me. She still didn’t seem convinced, so I leaned over and canlı bahis kissed her. She responded with such passion I was surprised. She later told me that she’d wanted me for a while before that night, and in the lust that was released in that first kiss, I saw that.

We kissed hungrily, tasting lips and teeth and tongues. Eventually she pulled away. She unzipped her vest and then pulled up her top, revealing her breasts in her bra. They were enormous. I’d never seen anything so sexy. She noticed the obvious bulge in my pants, my raging hardon wanting release. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, letting her huge mounds fall free. I almost came right then and there. Instead, I controlled myself and grabbed onto her delicious tits. I weighed them with my hands, feeling their heft. I squeezed them together roughly and feasted my eyes on the expanse of creamy cleavage I saw. My thumbs moved over her large nipples, stimulating them until they stood straight out.

Her response was to reach down and undo the button of my pants, unzipping them and then snaking a hand into my boxers to grasp my shaft. She wrapped her hand around it and tugged up roughly, squeezing my cockhead teasingly.

“I want you,” I said urgently, “all of you.”

“Let’s go inside,” she said.

She pulled her top down and I tugged my pants up and we headed for the house. Inside, we went straight to her bedroom and collapsed down onto her queen size bed. We undressed each other quickly, until I was naked and she was just in her panties. We were kissing, but I quickly broke the kiss to lick and nibble my way down to her neck, heading eagerly for the beautiful swells of her breasts. I sucked mouthfuls of flesh in, biting gently. My hands roamed all over the gorgeous expanse of flesh, touching and licking every inch of titflesh. She loved me squeezing roughly, taking as much of her breasts into my hands as possible and gripping hard. She loved my curling my tongue around her nipples, me taking them between my teeth bahis siteleri and flicking my tonguetip rapidly over them. I kept all this up as I slipped one hand down the front of her panties. I got a shock. She was shaved silky smooth and my fingers slipped helplessly over her hairless mound to press against her opening. She was already sopping wet. I traced my fingertips along her thighs, brushing against her pussy lips and took one slowly up her slit to tease over her clitoris with my fingertip. She moaned, bucking her hips against my touch.

“I want to suck your cock, Sam,” she said. “I want to feel it in my mouth.”

“Only if you let me taste your cunt at the same time, Cara” I said back, giving her left breast a hard squeeze.

Her answer was a sexy gasp. We changed positions, me lowering my cock over her mouth and ducking my own head down to her smooth pussy. She started by licking sexily up and down my rock-hard shaft, flicking her tongue over my cockhead. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and delicately slithered my tongue into her. The urgent movement of her hips begged for more intense contact and I obliged, spreading her wide and taking a longing look at the glistening pink before I buried my face into her. I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could go, curling and flexing it inside her.

She wrapped her lips tightly around my cock and began to fuck her face with my cock. Her tongue danced over my throbbing erection as she took me deep into her mouth. She got more of me into her mouth than any woman ever had before and I loved it. I could feel her throat muscles contracting and relaxing around my cockhead as she lavished attention on my manhood.

I was alternating between rubbing the flat of my tongue over her clit and vigorously fucking her with as much of my tongue as I could fit when all of a sudden she stopped.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me now, Sam. I want to fuck you.”

I love a woman who takes charge. In seconds, she was guiding my bahis şirketleri cock into her hot cunt. I loved the feelings, the sensation of my cock spreading her pussy lips, stretching her wide. The exquisite feeling of my cock filling her tight wet cunt drove me wild. I started fucking her, with slow hard strokes, moving out so just my cockhead was nestled into her and then with one swift movement, ramming my cock into her so the entire length was embedded into her slick pussy. Again, after a few minutes of that, she interrupted me. She rolled me over, all the while not letting her pussy slide off me. Then she began to ride me. I will never forget it. It was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen, her enormous breasts bouncing as she impaled herself on my cock over and over.

“God, I love this,” Cara said. “I love having your big cock in me. You like my tight little cunt? You like it sliding up and down you, Sam? Yessss, fuck me harder, yes yes yes.”

I reached up and grabbed hold of her swinging breasts, gripping onto them tight.

“Fuck, I’m going to come,” she gasped.

I pinched her nipples, holding them tight. She reached one hand down and began to rub her clit while she fucked me. I tugged one nipple, pulling on it. I could feel my orgasm fast approaching, my cock stiffening and quivering.

“Fuck yesssss,” she hissed, “ram that cock into me, Sam. Fucking come into me.”

“Fuck me,” I moaned back to her, “ride my cock, you look so fucking gorgeous.”

We came simultaneously, or as close as possible, her velvety wet cunt milking my cock as it spasmed, shooting hot streams of semen into her. I pulled her down to me, sucking her breast eagerly, prolonging her sensations. I felt like my whole body was alight with desire.

Afterwards, as we lay beside each other, sated, she seemed to become shy again.

“I loved it,” I told her, kissing her thighs, her belly, her breasts, her neck, her lips.

She smiled down at me. I slid one finger inside her again, feeling my come and hers mixed.

“I could think you were just saying it to be nice,” Cara told me, as she reached down and began to stroke my cock, already getting hard again.

“But this has the deciding vote.”

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