3rd Party Fun Pt. 02

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“I’m going to go freshen up,” I tell my sexy boyfriend Zach as I pull my tight red dress back over my just fucked pussy. I blow Zach a kiss as I slide out the employee supply closet at Elevation’s bar- discreet as ever.

I make my way to the lady’s room trying not to appear as naughty as I was feeling as Zach’s cum starts to drip its way down my thigh. In the bathroom I give myself a once over. Yup, I definitely look like I just had a great time. My full lips are even more swollen and puckered. My brown locks are a bit tousled with that nice extra volume you get after a good lay. My dark eyes still have that alluring sparkle. My skin feels hot and I bite my lip as I think about what just happened. Dirty dancing, hot male stranger pushing his big dick against my ass as he touches my pussy, feeling Zach so hard against me. I can feel myself getting wetter, I want more. I throw up my hair, put a little gloss on and soon make my way back out to the bar, Mama needs to quench her thirst one way or the other.

There’s a confident bounce to my walk as I make my way to the bar. I feel hot, wild, and ready to throw wind to all inhibitions. To my not so profound surprise I see Zach and Justin standing at the bar. They look so amicable like old friends meeting after a long time apart. These two sexy men are simply exchanging pleasantries while all my nerves are on fire. Justin glances over and sees me coming, he gives me that slow, sultry grin and his eyes tell me all the scandalous thoughts in his head.

“Don’t you boys look like your having so much fun without me,” I joke as I slip my way between the two of them. Their heat and erotic male must envelope me and make me shudder.

“Oh, I think you are a very necessary part of our fun,” Justin retorts grazing his large hand against my side. My mouth goes dry. I ignore his innuendo.

“So, what are we drinking?” I ask.

“Well tequila makes her clothes fall off so how about that” Zach says looking all too pleased with himself.

“Hardy haha,” I say but order three tequila shots anyways.

“What shall we toast too?” I ask.

“A good ass time,” Zach says. I raise my shot and Zach stops me, “Let’s start with this” he licks my neck and pours a little salt on it. Justin smiles and follows suit. These guys are going to be the end of me. I clench my legs together feeling my clit swell as their tongues glide up and down my neck. I down my shot. The guys do the same but make sure to linger on teasing the salt off my neck a bit longer. Playing along I stick a lime in my mouth and one in my cleavage. Zach goes for the lime in between my breasts moving his hot tongue from my neck all the way down my chest. Justin takes the one in my mouth and leaves me with a steamy kiss. His lips are soft pillows and he presses into me firmly grabbing behind my neck and exploring my mouth with his tongue. I moan against them, my nipples getting so hard I raise them wanting to meet Zach’s mouth.

Our little display does not go unnoticed and we are interrupted by some excited cat calls. I blush matching the color of my dress as I see a group of college men to our right hollering at us.

“We are drawing a crowd,” I laugh.

“I know somewhere better we can continue this,” Justin says. His deep blue eyes look so dark and full of desire for a second, I wonder just what continuing this would look like. “If you want to that is,” he responds looking to me and Zach. Without looking I can feel what Zach’s expression is. He wants whatever I want. The need in my core mixed with the tequila bravado sends a fiery passion in me I can’t deny.

“That sounds like a good ass time to me,” I say, Zach grabs my hand reassuringly and Justin’s face lights up.

“I hoped so,” Justin responds standing up and taking my other hand. “My limo is out front.” Limo? Who the hell is this guy bringing a limo to this little bar? A baller, only a baller would do that. I wonder what he does. Part of me wants to ask and part of me wants to keep this mysterious sexy stranger exactly that, mysterious.

In the limo, Justin hands Zach and I a champagne glass. A girl could get used to this. He tells the driver to go to someplace called Chateau Durand. I’ve never heard of it. Zach seems at ease and if he’s fine then I’m fine.

“You are a lucky man,” Justin says to Zach. “And you are gorgeous” Justin says to me. “I just love these,” he says sliding his index finger under the lace of my garter. I’m aware of how close his finger is to my pussy. I’m sure he can feel the heat of it. I want him closer. I shuffle in my seat and my dress rides up a little higher. Justin chuckles, “Somebody just can’t wait to have some fun” he inches his finger to the hem of my dress. Electricity shoots straight down to my swollen clit, I bite my lip wanting a bit of pain to distract me from the ever-growing need in my core.

“Relax honey, we’re going to take great care of you,” Zach says. He laces his fingers in my hair and tilts my head to the side licking and blowing his hot breath along my neck. I tremble and reach out to grab each one of their thighs. Justin leans over and takes my mouth. This canlı bahis is no gentle kiss. His hot tongue invades my mouth going deep and fast. I almost don’t notice another finger inching up my skirt. But neither one of them touches me, God I want them to touch me, I feel like I’m going to explode. I moan and try shuffling my hips pressing my pussy towards their unrelenting fingers grazing everything but my pussy. I squeeze their muscly thighs and kiss Justin back with a force equal to his own. I want to grab their cocks knowing how big and hard they must be but I can’t reach. Zach moans against my neck making my shiver once more.

“Sir we have arrived,” this mans voice pulls me from my building implosion. Justin pulls away. No, we can’t already be here it was getting so good.

“Thanks Demetri.” He grabs my face and plucks my lower lip with his finger. “Don’t worry you sultry vixen, it’s only just begun.”

Zach helps me out and holds my hand. Justin walks ahead and I see where we have arrived, some sort of mansion type house. It’s not a neighborhood though, some remote area of town I’m not too familiar with, even having lived here for eight years. It has a discreet sign off to the side saying “Chateau Durand.” Well good to know it is in fact an establishment and not some rich dude’s house we’re crashing.

Justin is talking to the man by the huge double French doors. He appears to be a bouncer or a member of the CIA. He is very official in his all black suit with a Bluetooth in his ear.

“Welcome friends to Chateau Durand.” He takes my hand and kisses it and shakes Zach’s hand. “Nobody here leaves displeased, especially when they are accompanied by our very own Monsieur Durand.” Wait a second, this sexy stranger named Justin with his fancy limo and expensive French Champagne is owner of this gigantic mansion?

“Did you forget to mention you are a Prince?” I ask letting my curiosity get the best of me.

“The only throne I rule will be in your pants,” he remarks glancing back at me with that smoldering look as he leads Zach and I through the doors.

We are instantly hit with thundering music, a bass that shakes the walls, and a giant ballroom rumbling with the energy of what seems to be hundreds of people. How come Zach and I never heard of this badass club? The lights are so dimmed you can hardly see a few faces in front of you. All along the walls and ceiling are multi colored lights and some along the floor lighting paths to bathrooms or the bars. Along the way through the dance floor Justin exchanges quick pleasantries with some regulars I imagine. We get to about the middle of the dance floor and Justin stops, “I’ll go get us some beverages,” he kisses my cheek and walks away.

“Who the hell is this guy?” I say to Zach as Justin leaves.

“Where the hell are we?” Zach adds, “This place is awesome.” Zach immediately starts dancing, after a few drinks you cannot keep this guy still. I laugh and start swinging my hips to the beat. Zach spins me in a circle then pulls me against him. “Babe you are going to cum so hard tonight,” he says and brings my hand to feel the bulge in his pants. Glad to know I’m not the only one overly turned on at the moment.

“I can’t hardly wait,” I say and attach his big, pouty lips. His hands are grasping my waist keeping me tight against him as he rocks his hips against mine. I continue molesting his mouth enthralled by the taste of him. Soon I feel another body against my backside. Some guy is grinding hard against my ass. I see Zach smiling and he spins me around to get a look at my assailant.

This man is tall, broad with curly blonde hair. It’s too dark to make out details of his face but there’s a sexy outline to his jaw and he is all muscles that I can see with his short sleeve button down shirt open at the chest. He grabs my waist and continues to grind against my front. I usually appreciate a few passing words prior to being humped but tonight I just go with it. I move my hips against his and reach back to feel Zach’s neck behind me. Zach starts kissing down my neck and grazing my arms with his fingertips. Mr. Blondey moves his body downward pressing on me as he makes his descent. I widen my stance so he can make his way between my legs, all the while I can feel my tight dress riding up. My pussy is throbbing with his closeness.

He makes his way to the floor and starts coming back up. He pauses right in front of my pussy and grabs the sides of my thighs. His face moves towards my body and before I can wrap my brain around what’s happening, I feel his hot tongue against my clit. I jump a little startled from what just happened. Zach pauses his kisses to see what’s going on, “Mmm baby that’s so sexy.” Zach grabs my tits hard. “Tell me what he’s doing to you.”

I bite my lip and look down at this sexy guy between my legs. My pulse is raging, my pussy feels so hot and wet against his mouth. “He’s licking me,” I say breathless. “It feels so good Zach. His tongue is moving in circles around my clit. Oh God, he’s sucking my clit.” My breath comes a little faster and my legs are starting to shake. Zach is caressing my breasts bahis siteleri and grunting in my ear telling me how he wants me to cum. “Mmm I want more,” I say- louder than anticipated- and press my pussy up against this man’s face. He looks up at me with a smile in his eye. The heavy beat of this techno is matching my pulse, building higher and higher as I feel myself getting closer. He plunges his finger inside me and I gasp getting weak in the knees. Zach supports my waist. His finger curls hitting that super sensitive spot and his tongue continues molesting my wet pussy. I start moaning and trembling all over. His finger is pulsing so fast and his tongue feels so amazing. “Yes, oh God YES!” I moan. Zach slips my breasts out of the confines of my dress and rolls each hard nipple between his fingers. I am undone. My orgasm hits me like a tsunami. His fingers, the music, and my climax continue their thunderous beat wave after wave. Zach has to support me again as I finish an incredibly intense orgasm.

I open my eyes and see this blonde stranger pull my dress back down to cover me up, how thoughtful. He stands up and I can see a very large, obvious boner stretching his khaki slacks. He reaches his hand behind my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. His mouth is hot and I can taste my orgasm on his tongue. He presses his hips against me and I can feel the length of him. He slowly backs away leaving me again breathless. “Thanks for that love,” he says with an Australian accent, instantly getting sexier.

I smile, “I think I should be thanking you.” He smiles and I notice his dimples.

“Well I best be off, hope to see you again soon,” he kisses my cheek then walks away grabbing another man’s hand as they sift through the crowd. That has got to be one of the strangest and hottest things that has ever happened to me. I’m suddenly aware that my breasts are still hanging out, I’m also aware of the tons of people all around which I had conveniently forgotten about for the last ten minutes. I can feel heat creep up my neck to my cheeks as I try fumbling my large breasts back into my tight tube top. I try not to make eye contact with anyone but I easily catch the dark eyes of one Justin walking up to us with a handful of drinks.

“You are just turning out to be the star of the show, aren’t you? That was one hot display I’m glad I caught the end of it,” he chuckles handing Zach and I a beer. I’m thankful for the dark ambiance because I’m sure my face again matches the color of my dress.

“That was very unexpected… and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” I retort chuckling myself.

“I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed to not be in Jacob’s place,” Justin replies.

“You know everybody,” Zach says.

“Was that his boyfriend?” I ask referring to the man he walked away with.

“Of sorts,” Justin answers without further detail, “Come on I got us a room.” It figures this place is big enough to also be a hotel. Justin takes my hand and I take Zach’s as we sift through the crowd. I look around as we walk and notice how many people are dirty and I mean dirty dancing. Any combination of men with men, women with women, multiple men and women. Granted no one is obviously as dirty as we just were as far as I can tell. Justin leads us downstairs and it is instantly much quieter, I can hear my ears ringing. I can also hear a myriad of sounds including sexual moaning, shouts, metal clanking, and the ever-familiar sound of a headboard banging against a wall. The lights are a dim red and all the walls are covered with a red velvet fabric.

We walk by some rooms with doors shut and some with curtains. One room only has three walls and what appears to be a set for a fifty shades of grey scenario. Houston, I believe we are in not just a mansion or a club, but a sex club. A woman is chained to the ceiling with her arms in the air and blind folded. A very ripped naked man is teasing her nipples with a long feather. I stop to get a better look. He has fresh, red nail marks all down his back- no wonder she’s chained. Another man is behind her fucking her slowly in the ass. She is moaning and I can’t help but get a little turned on. The first man is stroking his long hard on and rubbing the head of his dick against her pussy. I squeeze my thighs together feeling the blood rush to my pussy. The pounding is getting faster and her moans get louder, the man behind her bites her shoulder while the other man squeezes her tit. She screams in ecstasy and I can see cum shoot from the first man’s dick onto her stomach. The other guy holds her tight against him as they all cum together. Wow. I bite my lip. That was a first for live porn.

“Damn,” I hear Zach whisper. I reach out and grab the bulge in his pants. He grabs my hand against him and pushes it harder onto his cock. “So about that room,” Zach says looking to Justin. Justin simply smiles and leads us on. He apparently is used to this whole thing.

Zach brings us to this suite of a room and it is gorgeous. There is soft music playing in the background. Candles are lit all across the borders of the walls. There is soft, sheer fabric draped down the ceiling bahis şirketleri surrounding a king size bed filled with pillows and a huge down blanket. There is a fireplace lit across from the bed. Rose petals are scattered all over the floor and the bed. This would be a Valentine’s Day dream room. There is chocolate, strawberries, and wine on a table to the right.

“Justin you shouldn’t have,” I say in awe.

“Perks of owning this shindig. Besides, I thought your first time should be special.” He takes my hand, spins me in a circle and pulls me in close against him. His other hand grabs the back of my head and he kisses me. First, it’s soft and so romantic just like this room and then he deepens the kiss with a fierce need that makes my blood tingle. His fingers tug my hair and his mouth ravishes mine. Our tongues dance a fire dance. He hoists me up with his other arm until I straddle his waist. He keeps me so tight against him I can feel his chest rise and fall as his breath gets quicker. He takes me over to the bed and soon we crash into it. My hands are all over his hair, his neck, his broad shoulders. My legs wrap tight around his waist and I grind my pussy up to the firmness of his tight abs. His mouth continues to move with mine, he takes my lower lip and bites it. I moan and pull him in tighter. We roll to the side and I can feel him start to unzip my dress. My breasts break free the tight fabric as he descends the zipper. He stops half way down not being able to reach the rest. I tug the bottom of his shirt and rip it off his head. We break from our make out and I look to appreciate this hot man laying beside me. He is tan, completely hairless and ripped with muscle.

“Mmmm,” I say giving him a look of full lust. His mouth curls up into that sexy half grin. He lifts himself up and finds my zipper. He pulls it down slowly, deliberately, taking the time to graze my skin with his fingertips. I shudder when I feel his fingers graze my ass. The dress finally comes loose. He peels it off my hot skin and I can feel the path of his eyes as they move down my body. I feel flushed all over, not having another man besides Zach look at my naked body in many years. All I have on now is my garter, my lace sheer panty hose, and my heels. His eyes meet mine again and there’s an intense hunger in his dark blues that make me shudder again.

To my dismay he gets up and saunters over to Zach but not before handing me a glass of red wine. I take a few sips and watch the boys suspiciously. What are they deviously planning over there? Zach walks over first holding something in his hand.

“Hey babe, ready to make our fantasies come true?” he says with a devilish grin.

“Uh huh…” I say still suspicious.

“Great, here you go,” he brings up a piece of black velvet cloth.

“Really Zach?” I ask nervously.

“Trust me love, it’ll be better.” Of course, I trust him so I let him wrap the cloth gently over my eyes and tie it behind my tousled hair. He lifts me up to the center of the bed onto these extremely comfortable pillows and then he walks off. I feel anxious, exhilarated, nervous, excited, aroused as I lay on the giant bed not being able to see a damn thing. Every nerve of my body is on edge ready for anything and I feel the pulse between my legs. I hear footsteps coming toward me and then weight on the bed. Someone grabs the wine I’ve been gulping and sets it on a firm surface. I feel a body hover over me and soon some warm liquid drips onto my skin. Every drip leaves a burn and a tingle as it crawls on and around my body. I feel like I’m covered in God knows what. I jump as I feel that hot liquid drip down my pussy. Their sexy torture must be over as I hear a bottle be set on a firm surface.

Soon I feel hot tongues on me, one from either side of my body. I want to reach out to feel who is who put they have my wrists pinned to the bed. They are slowly licking up the liquid from my body. Their mouths are so warm and their breath is a gentle tease on my skin. They’re coming up my arms, making their way to my neck. I feel like the liquid melting onto the bed. Relaxed and excited at the same time. The familiar ache in my core starts to build. I bite my lip and start to moan. Someone’s lips meet my own my body curves up to meet their kiss. They taste sweet and sultry, chocolate mixed with their and mine own flavors. These lips feel like my Zach. He keeps the kiss deliberately slow, roaming every inch of my mouth so I can taste all of him.

My attention quickly diverts when I feel a hot breath and lick on my hip. He is licking the trail of chocolate and blowing over it creating an insatiable hot and cool sensation. Zach breaks the kiss and starts moving down my chest. The ache in my core grows and I squeeze my thighs together wanting some pressure against my throbbing pussy. Hands come to my thighs keeping them apart. A tongue flicks over my hard nipple and I gasp. The other tongue comes down to my pubis, getting so close to my clit. I can feel a poke of someone’s hard on against my side. My blood boils and my wrists try to wiggle through being trapped, God I just want to touch them. A moan escapes my lips as I finally feel that sweet pressure of a mouth meeting my clit. They give me a soft kiss on my lips and my hips arch wanting to meet their face. They flick their tongue over my wet pussy and I shudder head to toe.

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