3 Families Vol. 02 Ch. 05

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Volume Two: Home Away From Home

Chapter Five: All Good Things

“Oh my… Alex could you please put some clothes on dear.” Aunt Maggie said turning her head as she covered her face having just walked in on their post sexcapades.

“Yes ma’am.” Alex shrugged as he got his pants and boxers off the floor. She stood in the doorway as he did. About that time the bathroom door opened.

“Miss Maggie.” Alex heard Jo say, he felt like the fox that had just been caught raiding the hen house; literally getting caught with his pants down so to speak with three different women, two of them Maggie’s own daughters.

“Oh my. Well it seems you kids have worked everything out between yourselves.”

“More or less.” Jo shrugged.

“Okay I am decent.” Alex said buttoning his pants.

“You’re not mad are you?” Candy asked.

“No dear you’re all adults, just please tell me…” Aunt Maggie began to say before Kitty cut her off.

“Yes we used protection mom.” Kitty said sounding a little annoyed. It was understandable that Aunt Maggie would worry about another unplanned pregnancy.

“I am going to go change, I spilt coffee all over my dress; Alex or Jo if you like you can use my bathroom after you’re done with whatever this is.” Aunt Maggie smiled as if she hadn’t even just caught them all. At least they hadn’t been right in the middle of it, Alex thought. He knew he hadn’t heard the last of this, no doubt mom would hear.

“Okay, thanks Aunt Maggie.” Alex smiled. She nodded and headed down the hall.

“Oh my god.” Kitty laughed rolling on the bed.

“Well that could have gone worse.” Candy smiled looking for her clothes.

“Yeah your dad could have been the one who came up like last time.” Jo shrugged. He would have flipped his shit for sure then Alex thought.

“Speaking of showers I am going to jump in ours. I was hot and sweaty before.” Candy smiled; she hopped up and gave Alex a kiss on the cheek before heading out of the room and closing the door behind her.

“Okay.” Kitty nodded as she left. “Hey about what we talked about, like I said. Just think about it.” She turned to Alex.

“About what?” Jo said and stopped gathering up her stuff.

“Me and Alex seeing each other, if it doesn’t bother you that is.” Kitty asked looking at Jo.

“Why would it bother me?” Jo shrugged.

“Because you and me dated.” Kitty frowned. Sometimes it seemed like forever since they had dated though it had only been a year.

“Trust me, I cared about you Kitty, a lot, always will but I think we burned that bridge down last year.” Jo smiled, though Alex knew her well enough to know that fire might still have a few embers left.

“You mean I did.” Kitty frowned.

“No we did.” Jo smiled.

“I think I need to talk to Izzy first.” Alex said. He hadn’t thought about it earlier not knowing how things would turn out with Candy but she had been a little flirty.

“What, Why?” Kitty spoke up.

“I kind of got the impression she was hitting on me earlier. I mean she is a lot more subtle then you are.” Alex shrugged.

“A bull in a china shop is more subtle then Kitty.” Jo teased sliding on her shirt.

“Well we’ve got a little Betty and Veronica action going on.” Kitty grinned.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Rich girl, poor girl love triangle.” Kitty shrugged looking between them. “What neither of you never read Archie?”

“Only those little Gum wrappers when we were kids.” Jo smiled.

“Oh sure remind me of when I had those damn braces.” Kitty made a playful pout before walking to the dresser and digging through it.

“She asked me to teach her to swim this summer. She could just want to hang out with her cousin.” Alex shrugged.

“Or she could be trying to work up the nerve to finally make her move.” Jo added.

“Well if I am going to lose, I rather it be to her.” Kitty grinned sliding on a pair of panties.

“You would really be okay with it.” Alex asked.

“Unless you do something to hurt her; then you got to deal with both me and Jo on your ass.” Kitty grinned pointing to her and Jo. “At least I got to fuck you at least once.”

“I am going to jump in the shower.” Alex shook his head at her.

“Okay.” Kitty smiled. Alex made his exit closing the door behind him.


“You’ve changed.” Jo teased Kitty.

“What?” Kitty smiled at her.

“You just seem more, I don’t know, a little mellower.” Jo shrugged. Of course Kitty had changed. She looked out after Izzy and had taken care of Candy over the past year. Jo always could see the good in Kitty though it had taken a little while to get through all the layers. She knew the difference between who Kitty was and who she pretended to be. Jo wished she could have met this Kitty a year ago. They might still have been a couple.

“Your one to talk, a whole year and you haven’t hit or punched anyone.” Kitty teased. “You’re getting soft in your old age.

“Yeah it’s been really frustrating.” Jo laughed.

“You sure you’re not just being Lazy.” Kitty grinned. Jo wished she could bahis firmaları be. Between track and school not to mention dorm life Jo couldn’t remember the last time she had just taken things easy. “I need to give you something.”

“Hum.” Jo smiled.

“I bought this for you, I was going to give it to you the day we broke up; you know when we should have been enjoying the post sex afterglow stuff but…” Kitty walked over and handed Jo something.

“But then your dad found out and I hit him.” Jo said as she took it. It was a dog tag necklace.

“Yeah that.” Kitty said. “I know you’re not really the jewelry type but you have a thing for wolves and stuff because of your dad.”

“It’s beautiful.” Jo smiled seeing the wolf on it, Jo actually felt like crying. “Thanks.” Jo stood up off the bed and hugged her. She wished things had been different that day. She had loved others since then but Kitty would always have a place in her heart. They hugged for what seemed like forever.

“Okay. This whole half naked hugging thing is sending mixed messages.” Kitty laughed. “Unless you want to go for round two?”

“You’re so bad.” Jo said pushing her away.

“What! I am sure Alex wouldn’t mind if we were friends with benefits, he can watch.” Kitty grinned. “Unless you want him to join in, that’s okay with me to.” She teased. Kitty was the only person she had told about that drunken night with Alex. Alex had been a perfect gentleman though Jo wished in some ways he had not. Forgiving Alex would have been easier than questioning the, what if, of it all.


“Aunt Maggie.” Alex knocked lightly on his aunt’s door, wondering if she was still changing.

“Yes. Come in.” She said through the door. Alex walked in catching a brief glimpse of her underwear as she pulled up a new dress having taken off the old one. She wore a bra and panty set that looked like the kind most women would wear on a special occasion. How she had remained single all this time after the divorce surprised Alex since she was still a damn good looking lady. It was weird to see her in old photos back in her younger days, thinking about his aunt in jeans and a t-shirt was just something he couldn’t get his head around. Candy took after her in that respect, always liking to dress nice. Getting Candy in a pair of jeans was like trying to get Jo in a skirt.

“I was wondering if I could borrow your shower like you said.” Alex shrugged.

“Yes, of course dear. Can you zip me up?” She turned showing off the zipper of her dress.

“Um sure.” Alex said as he walked over.

“Oh come on don’t be shy, now of all times. I mean you were just in bed with three women half my age.” Aunt Maggie teased. Alex walked behind her fiddling with zipper. “So this mean you and Candy are back together?”

“No it was more of a one last hook up, not sure how it turned into that.” Alex said putting his hand on her hip gently to hold the dress as he zipped her up.

“If I had to guess I would say Kitty.” Maggie turned and smiled, she knew her daughter pretty damn well he thought. “Thank you dear.” She kissed him on the cheek. “Well I can think of worst ways to end a relationship. I still think Candy is a fool for letting you go but I don’t exactly have any room to talk in the relationship department. My own marriage didn’t end so well.”

“Your husband’s fault for not seeing what a beautiful woman he had.” Alex grinned.

“Thank you Alex.” She kissed his cheek. “Well I am late, help yourself to the shower, towels are under the sink. Just clean up when you’re done sweetheart.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Alex smiled.

Alex walked into the bathroom, went over and turned on the shower letting it heat up as he stripped and got in. After taking so many showers at the dorm being in his Aunt’s shower felt strange because of its size. Hell a whole family of Mexicans could live in here he thought.

He stuck his head under the shower letting the water run over him as he thought about today, his sister’s not so subtle invitation for sex, Izzy flirting, Kitty wanting to be boyfriend and girlfriend or friends with benefits or whatever she wanted, hell even Candy kind of hinted at a friends with benefits relationship while he was home. Jo often teased him that he was to indecisive at times and that he thought way too much. Alex just didn’t want to hurt anybody.

Alex turned as he heard the shower door open.

“Mind if I join you.” Joanna asked.

“No I guess not.” Alex shrugged. Joanna stripped off what little clothing she was wearing and climbed into the shower. Alex took a second to admire her body, not that he hadn’t got a good look before, but it was a little hard to focus on with three naked women in the bed at once.

“Can you wash my back?” She said picking up the soap.

“Yeah sure.” Alex smiled taking it from her.

“Okay what is it?” Jo turned away from him showing of her tone back and nice round ass.

“What is what?” Alex shrugged.

“You were brooding.” Jo smiled back at him.

Alex told her everything, well except the Nicky problem though he had kaçak iddaa come close. Of course as he did he couldn’t help but admire her body as he ran his hands over her. Wanting to reach around and grab her breast or let his hand slid down past her waist and grab her ass though he might have tested the boundaries a little as he rubbed her lower back trying to decided where the border was. Given they were showering together and just had sex in the same bed, but not with each other, the borders had never been less clear. He felt himself getting aroused again which wasn’t surprising. Jo stepped back as she washed one of her legs and Alex felt his hardening cock touch the inside of her leg, or at least he hoped it was her leg.

“What the hell Alex.” Jo jumped looking back at him. “Really again already?”

“Sorry, I am in the shower with a beautiful woman, yes you may be my best friend but you’re still a beautiful woman. What you expect, I can’t help it if he agrees.” Alex shrugged as he grinned.

“Didn’t realize I was on your list.” Jo shook her head at him as she gave him a little push.

“You’re at the top of my list, always have been Jo.” Alex said. Hell if she wanted him, there wouldn’t be a list he thought.

“Okay this is going to sound totally girly.” Jo laughed as she covered her face. “Can I touch it?”

“What?” Alex asked more than a little surprised. He couldn’t wrap his head around the question she had just asked him; of course she could be fucking with him.

“I just… I am curious okay.” She smiled. It was always funny to see Jo show her more innocent and bashful side, even to him.

“I guess.” Alex shrugged. Jo hesitantly reached out wrapping her hand around it holding it for a second before she slowly began to stroke it. Alex was pretty sure he was still asleep back in his dorm room because there was no way in hell this was happening, though he’d be pissed as hell if he woke up right now.

“Damn.” Jo laughed. “Still trying to figure out how the hell this fits.”

“You know you girls do stretch.” Alex laughed at her.

“So does a wet suit but you can’t fit it a sumo wrestler in it?” Jo grinned at him as she stroked him pulling it toward her like the handle of a pinball machine. It felt so good when her slender hand ran over the head of his dick.

“Am I doing this right?” Jo smiled up at him. “I mean…” Jo blushed.

“More like this.” Alex said taking her hand, turning it around and guiding it to his dick. She stepped closer as she took it and began to stroke it. She leaned against him her breast brushing against his chest and arm.

“Yeah I don’t want to be in front of it again if goes off.” She smiled as slowly stroked him.

“I can’t help it if Kitty has really bad aim.” Alex laughed though he was only partially listening to what she said and concentrating more on what she was doing.

“Or really good aim knowing her.” Jo laughed. Then came a knock at the door and Jo pulled away. “Yeah.” Jo said looking out the shower door a little flustered. Alex could make out Candy’s voice but not what she was saying over the shower.

“Yeah he is. He will be out in a second.” Jo yelled out the door. “Sorry, I am done; looks like you might need a second though.”

“Okay.” Alex nodded. Part of him wanted her to go back what he was doing but knew it probably took ever nerve she had to go this far. She stepped out. “Alex, thanks.” She said turning back to him.

“For what?” Alex smiled coming closer.

“Being patient with me, whatever you choose to do with Kitty and Izzy I know you will do the right thing.” Jo smiled. “Though I don’t think either of them have any idea of what they got on their hands; but Kitty got a good taste of it earlier.”

“Go get dressed.” Alex laughed.

“Just don’t hurt them.” Jo smiled.

“That is the last thing I want to do.” Alex nodded. Jo leaned in giving him a kiss on the lips. Jo smiled and closed the door and Alex stuck his head back under the water as Jo toweled off and got dressed and left.


Jo left the bathroom closing the door and put her back against the door as she smiled. She touched her lips as she did, wondering what it would be like if they could be together, if she could get over her own hang ups. Part of her wanted to tell him to pick Kitty because of what she had said about the whole threesome thing but also to protect Izzy but Izzy was a big girl now and Alex would show her the same patience he had shown Jo a second ago. She grinned as she touched her palm trying to remember the feel of it, his cock.

She shook her head and headed out to find Candy in her own room getting dressed. The shower was going in the bathroom so that must be where Kitty was.

“Hey, you were in the shower with Alex?” Candy grinned.

“You know, were friends, he washed my back, I washed his.” Jo grinned to herself. She didn’t say what of his she had washed she thought after the fact so she hadn’t lied.

“Can I ask you something?” Candy smiled.

“Yeah.” Jo nodded.

“How do you tell a girl you like them?” Candy bit her lip.

“I kaçak bahis don’t know the same way you tell a guy I guess, me and Kitty it just sort of happened. By the time I was in college I was used to being out so I just sort of, Hi I am Jo and I will be your lesbian for today.” Jo shrugged. College had been a fresh start for her and no one knew her, except Alex. “Why who you have in mind.” Jo grinned.

“Um, nobody in particular.” Candy bit her lip again.

“You’re as bad of liar as Alex.” Jo grinned. They both heard the doorbell ring.

“Wonder who that is?” Candy said sliding on a sock.

“Probably another girl here to apply for Alex’s harem, I will get it.” Jo grinned and headed down stairs. She peeked through the keyhole to see some blonde she didn’t recognize at first but then quickly opened the door.

“Angel.” She smiled; Angel looked just as surprised to see her. Jo grabbed her and hugged her cousin tightly. “You look good. Love the hair.” Jo teased. She had dyed it blond except for the sheer area that was growing in and used to be shaved. Angel also had ditched all the earrings in her ears. Hell she could almost pass for a normal girl Jo thought instead of her typical post-apocalyptic look. The other girls had Girl-a-fied her.

Fall 1999

“You sure I can’t change your mind.” Alex said driving his SUV down the road making a little detour before they left town. They were packed up and heading for college.

“They are my family, I just want to swing by and say good bye.” Jo smiled.

“I will wait in the car.” Alex shrugged.

“Are you still mad they picked on you as a kid?” Jo teased. Jo cousins and Alex didn’t get along when he was younger. The two younger boys constantly harassed and teased Alex. Samuel the oldest was okay but Jacob and Henry where assholes as teenagers. Both were bigger then Alex and liked to team up on him. They were the whole reason Alex had taken up boxing and Jo just kind of followed after for her own reasons. Alex never got to actually try any of it on them though.

“No.” Alex said shaking his head; he really didn’t care one way or another about that crap now. Hell now he could probably take both of them. They hadn’t got too much bigger after high school but Alex had. They seemed to have mellowed a little last time he saw them but they were not the kind of people he typically hung out with. He had an IQ requirement for his friends and Sam was the only one of the three boys with a lick of sense on him, enough that he had his own job away from the garage. Alex liked Sam but Alex’s dad not so much after he had caught Sam and Nicky fooling around when they were younger.

“Well here we are.” Alex said pulling up to the garage. It was a fairly large operation to be a privately owned auto shop. Bear must have done fairly well in his criminal days and saved up for a rainy day.

“Thanks I won’t be long.” Jo smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek and jumped out. Alex turned up the radio as he watched some of the guys work. Alex could tell some of them might have done a little time on the inside though Bear believed in second chances. Alex looked up to see Bear coming out. Alex was sure he had a real name but had called him Bear for so long he had forgotten it. Alex got out greeting him.

“Hey Bear.” Alex went to shake his hand but Bear pulled him in for a hug. The big burley man still looked pretty tough for his old age but he was the nicest ex con you could every meet. If Mister Rogers put on a hundred pounds you would have Bear, though he was never afraid of a little tough love, gladly smacking his boys on the back of the head if they got out of line.

“How you been boy?” He said patting Alex back before he let him go.

“Good.” Alex smiled.

“I think it goes without saying but take care of our girl.” Bear smiled at him.

“Will do sir.” Alex smiled.

“And don’t sir me. I feel old as it is.” Bear laughed.

“Business good these days?” Alex asked as he sat on the front bumper of his SUV and Bear leaned against it as well.

“Good enough.” He shrugged. Alex noticed the guys around the shop had seemed to have picked up the pace now that the boss was watching. “You know if this whole college thing doesn’t pan out you can always come work for me. I could use someone smart and hard working for a change. I usually can find one or the other but never both.”

“I appreciate that, but if it does work out you can always come work for me in a few years.” Alex joked.

“I will keep that in mind; hell knows you might be right. Though I don’t know what good these old bones will be by then.” Bear laughed and patted Alex on the back. It was good to have an older male to talk to like this, making him think of bull-shitting with his old man out on the boat. “Here comes trouble.” Alex looked up to see a woman ride up on an old but ‘rebuilt to new’ Harley. When she pulled off the helmet he recognized Angelica immediately. She had the strong features of her Native American heritage which anyone who met her could never forget. She put her helmet down and unzipped her jacket and walked over. She looked good, in a vogue meets mad max meets the matrix kind of way, now grown up into a full bodied woman. Alex’s eyes glanced down at her nice round tits. Damn she didn’t have those the last time he saw her he thought.

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